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“Attainment is Passion Mixed With Knowledge Says the 18 Gemini New Moon on June 8th 2013”

As the year subtly unfolds, one can observe through the weather patterns, the political situations, and the financial climate, something is amiss. The writing is on the wall or should I said in the stars, if only we could decipher without any illusions, what is about to befall us. With three eclipses right in a row behind us, the forceful energies of these aspects should be as clear as night and day. Our ability to see the true circumstances of our situation is hindering our perceptions, our understandings and our accomplishments. In the age of the computers we no longer see eclipses as messages and signs from the Universe to help predict what the months ahead will hold. In this climate, the 18 Gemini New Moon on June 8th 2013 at 8:55 am PDT is saying that any attainment is made up of passion mixed with knowledge. An old planetary aspect the kite seldom talked about involving Venus and Pluto is reminding us that reason and knowledge mixed with wisdom and passion is the only way to create those things that will rejuvenate our being, but it is important to persevere to the end. We need to stay the course even when we see the end, in sight.

The Sabian symbol for the 18th and 19th degree of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 18 Two Chinese men talking Chinese This is a symbol of an everyday exclusiveness on the intellectual side of experience, the individual strengthened not as much by actual distinctiveness, as by a continual co-operation with fellow enthusiasts in various special area of interest. A species of uniqueness is idealized as a corrective for self-diffusion. There are here the potentials of high erudition and of an exceptional refinement of the personality along original or unusual lines. The keyword is difference. When positive, the degree is the effective mobilization of self and others for life’s more specialized objectives, and when negative, a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

Gemini 19 A large archaic volume This is a symbol of the ultimate indestructibility of experience, so that any path once traversed may be taken again with a greater ease and a broader self-discovery. There is here the assurance of illimitable resources in wisdom, and the suggestion that this heritage may be made manifest at any time in an immediate and practical guidance. The past always provides an illumination of the present, and man achieves best as he cultures a real sense of obligation to his own roots. The keyword is background. When positive, the degree is a special capacity for the recovery of prior advantages or the effective disentanglement of present involvements, and when negative, a slavish worship of tradition and authority.

This symbol speaks to learning and obtaining knowledge, but is it intimating that knowledge is power? Or is it asking us that we need to put this knowledge to good use? That knowledge alone stored up, is like old books on the shelf, never being read. Knowledge like any procession needs to be worked and used. This new moon is telling us we need to take what we learn and what we believe in, and mix it with our passion to create the world we want. That passion is the fire under our knowledge that will kick start new ideas into the realities we are searching for. That passion keeps us going when hope is thin, and will also see us through to the finish line. At the same time that we nourish our ability to learn, we need to nourish the right passions to keep us going when the going gets rough. This moon phase is reminding us that our thoughts are the foundation of who we are, but without the actions, it does nothing. It is telling us to walk our talk, if only for our own edification and approval. That any attainment we achieve will be a mixture of passion, wisdom, knowledge and reason.

“The Quest for Change Begins with the Self Murmurs the Sag Lunar Eclipse on May 24th 2013”

As time seems to be flying by as if by magic, the predictions for 2013 as a year of the unusual, unexpected and sudden windfalls of change in the political, religious, climatic and economical areas are subtly unfolding. The year of the snake has made it presence known and the next move can only be guessed at. In this atmosphere, one of the most potent and powerful moons of the season, the 4 Sagittarius 6 Lunar Eclipse on May 24th at 9:26 pm PDT makes its appearance, murmuring that the quest for change begins with the self, first, and second with our thoughts. A perceptive notion created in harmony with a divine plan expressed through the aspects of the night sky. We are not able to have the vision for change, or make changes or see the changes as viable, if we don’t first make the change in ourselves. Uranus and Pluto make their third square, combined with the fact that this lunar eclipse is a super moon, indicating its closeness to the earth in a tight square to Neptune is storing up and focusing the energy for whatever we wish to bring into our reality.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 5th degrees of Sagittarius and for the Sun in 5th degrees of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 5 An old owl up in a tree This is a symbol of the necessary element of steadiness in human affairs, and of the extent to which the demonstrated and widely accepted values of the life must have their full and functioning part in the immediate reality with which an individual may be seeking to come to terms. Here is the power of man to give an eternal stability or a universal compulsion to whatever seems to call to his own deeper and private potentialities. Emphasized especially is the real dignity of self respect. The keyword is normality. When positive, the degree is exceptional wisdom or effective self-restraint in each detail of personal accomplishment, and when negative, self-betraying intellectual and emotional smugness.

Gemini 5 A radical magazine This is a symbol of the necessary element of change in human affairs, and of the extent to which the remote or the nonpossessed and entirely potential will have its full and functioning part in any immediate reality with which an individual may be seeking to come to terms. Here is the power of man to give high exaltation and dramatic force to whatever succeeds in stirring him deeply with himself. Emphasized in principal and important part is the supremacy of inner over outer compulsions. The keyword is tangency. When positive, the degree is personality in its highly effective capacity for putting its stamp on everything it touches, and when negative, a perverse determination to quarrel with everybody.

This symbol is very appropriate with its message as it speaks to the fact that when we begin to make the necessary changes, stability and staying center to our beliefs will be some of the benefits. It symbolizes our ability to use wisdom, emotional detachment and self control in emphasizing our ability in demonstrating our self respect and our ability to keep silent when it is necessary. It represents our maturity and confidence one gains when adapting to life’s trials and tribulations that are laid in front of one’s path in life. It echoes the need to have the courage to make dramatic changes and to defend what we believe and who we really are. It will make the difference from just succeeding to a successful completion. As we approach the energies of this Lunar Eclipse we need to remind ourselves, if we want to make changes, we must first begin with the self and then with our thoughts.

“A Step in the Right Direction is to Avoid Starting A Project During the Moon Void of Course”

My first teacher made very little fuss over the moon being in void-of-course, and said it was similar to Mercury going retrograde, where one should avoid starting a new project. At the time she emphasized that one needed to take time out, to contemplate and to rethink what was going on. One was required to become aware when the event would take place, and to pay heed to the effects it may have in one’s life. Little else was mentioned. I never gave it much thought, as my concerns turn to other areas of astrology that caught my attention and interest. Throughout my years of study I read about the fears one should have, but for some reason it never titillated my interest. Until recently, when I experienced my own thoughts on the matter, as the void of course was on going. It so happen as I was reading a discussion on a horary question on one of my egroups, my thoughts wander about what would happen if the moon was void of course in one’s natal chart? Would the promise that might be indicated by the delineation be the same as in a horary? That nothing will come of it?

As I searched the internet for information I came to the conclusion very little was actually written on the subject, and although there were many sources, most said the same thing. Nothing really extensive, but many sources were very concise to the possibilities and the headaches that could be in store for one. What little I came across for the delineation of the natal chart were quotes taken out of the works of Dorotheus, Firmicus, Al-Biruni, William Lilly and others. I have always found the translations of these great writers, very black and white, with very little grey areas for our modern world. Usually I find that I need to reread the text over and over, in order to feel I might begin to understand what is being said. Sometimes I find myself reading a modern text, and suddenly realized an old text I read months back, finally made sense. Realizing I have to spend more time and research on the effects of the void-of-course on the natal, before I can really work it in my delineations. I decided to renew and to review my knowledge and information of the effects it may have in our daily lives.

The Moon in my own chart is in Gemini, because of this, there are times I see the planet in an intellectual way, and at other times I feel it very emotionally. This is one reason, every month I write about the ways, the new and full moon affects each one of us. To me, the moon’s energy is the subtle background music in our lives that affect our feelings and our actions without us really being aware of it. As I feel the energies of the different moon phases with its subtle influences on our lives, I am beginning to see how the void-of-course energies in its own ways may be just as important. The moon makes a complete cycle through the twelve signs every 38.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign. Void-of-course is the period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while it is transiting in a sign and the moment it begins to enter the next sign. There is a moon void-of-course every couple of days, but the length of the period of time varies widely according to the aspects. The length of time can last a few minutes or hours, or a day, or even more. I actually do compare this cycle, to the Mercury Retrograde period, only that it is more frequent, more subtle, and more enjoyable to experience and to learn from.

I think of the moon as reflecting the lights and energies of other planets especially of, the Sun. That isn’t to say that the Moon is not as important of a light or is not equal to the Sun. Where the Sun is concern with itself, the Moon is concern in nourishing and being the support to others. So when the Moon is not in aspect, it appears alone and is not doing what it can do best. It works with the other planets and brings the best out of them. Having no one to care for before it enters a new sign, its main purpose is with its own welfare at the moment, and this is new and confusing for the Moon. Insecurity and carelessness mark this period of time and the Moon seems to have lost its grounding in making major, important and tangible decisions. Setting aside the decisions, this is an excellent time for insights, relaxation, fun and exploring the world around oneself. For me, I took to rereading a very difficult spiritual book which suddenly became clearer, not that I understand it, but I was able to appreciate the content more.

In conclusion, it seems to me, a step in the right direction in dealing with the Moon void-of-course is to avoid starting any project. This is not to say we cannot revisit and review other projects that are already in the works. What it does mean is that we must take care of the information we have and to be aware that we may not have the full picture at hand. Any decision needs to be done with care and caution, especially at this time. Expecting that things may turn out differently than what we hoped for and dealing with it, is crucial if we are to succeed. However, with the right attitude, this period can be quite creative, exciting relaxing, restful, meditative and resourceful. This is mot the time to make a decision, but if one must, make it with thoughtfulness and vigilance. With as much wisdom one can muster up, is a help. Thinking consciously instead of carelessly is essential. We can get through the Moon Void-of-Course with flying colors by being intentionally aware of how its energies work and to work with it.

“Wanderlust is the Springboard for Changes with the Moon in the Tenth House”

It has always been a proven truth and fact to me that bits of knowledge on a subject can be more of a curse then a blessing, when trying to put into practice what little one has learnt.  It is important to have the basics down before working with it.  Partial knowledge can be just as dangerous as being ignorant.  Getting a complete analysis and understanding of the situation is more important then jumping in without being prepared or at least have an open mind to assess the situation before making any final decisions.  This was a lesson I was to learn many years ago when I was trying to establish myself in the career I thought would be my life’s work.  At the same time I was struggling and sacrificing to establish myself, I began taking astrology lessons to relax and take my mind off the difficulties of a very competitive vocation I had chosen.  In class one day I was told that my Gemini Moon in the tenth house meant changes in my career, and the possibilities of several different callings I might follow and work with.

I felt as if a big rock fell on top of me, and as if I was a balloon, and the air that kept me afloat had all gone, and I was a deflated has been.  Being told that information with all the hard work that I had done at this point in my career was not what I wanted to hear.  In class I showed a stiff upper lip, trying to pretend I was delighted with the interpretation that I didn’t truly understand at the time.  With the situation at work getting very hectic, I forgot all about my disappointments and fears about the moon, until I began to see the energies of the moon working in my life.  I went from one company to another, hopping to find one that I would call my home.  As I continued my studies I began to wonder if the changes indicated by my moon meant I was to go from one company to another in search of the right one.  And not that I was changing the profession I had chosen.  Although each company I worked for I was happy with, there always seem to come a point I felt that I needed to leave for whatever reason.  Was this my Gemini or the Moon in action, I asked myself? 

At one point I was offered a position in a career I was not trained for or even thought about, but having my Sun in Taurus I wanted to stay on course.  As I look back on my life I feel sorry about not taking that side trip, if only for the experience and what I might have learnt from it all.  Now that I understand my chart better, I realized I had missed an opportunity that was offered to me at the time.  My biggest regret is not understanding the delineation of my Moon in the tenth and working with it, to get the most out of it.  I have no unhappiness of how my life has turned out, because of my fears that I could have looked forward to what was about to happen, then to have the apprehension I had.  The word change was my stumbling block, and it could have been my springboard to a new world of growth.  What I have learnt through the years is that I have associated change as difficult and not seeing the transformation as growth and a possible blessing in disguise. 

That change can be positive, and can contribute to our growth and our expansion into new areas we have not thought about before.  With a Gemini Moon I am always capable of having an interest in many things, and have no fear in discovering what may lie ahead.  The truth of the matter is that I actually have a wanderlust that makes me look for excitement in everything I am willing to investigate, and I usually am well rewarded.  Although I have learned through the years that change of some sort is always associated with the Moon in whatever house it is in.  With me, change of any kind, even a transformation in the tenth house has become a springboard and a stepping stone to a better future, and to discoveries of myself I would have never expected.  It doesn’t matter what career I have, as long as I continue to enjoy doing what I do, which is essential and important in my life.  I can attest to the fact that change can be beneficial and not just a hassle and an annoyance.

“There is no Such Thing as a Free Lunch with Saturn in the Natal Ninth House”

I have always found that when I can apply an astrological principle to my own natal chart that the definitions of the planets become alive and colorful, to such an extant that it begins to take on a life of its own.  This I find very true with Saturn in my ninth house that seems to discipline and control the way I think and at the same time gives me the freedom to roam where I want to go.  A paradox in many ways, in that the planet is my teacher and at the same time the pupil I am instructing, and where it is a major malefic, it is at the same time a major benefic in my life.  It is hard to explain as the meaning of Saturn to me encompasses time, boundaries, limitations and structure, but yet at the same time it encompasses timelessness, no boundaries, no limitations and no structure.  Saturn instills in me the faith that what I think is impossible may be possible, and that within the restrictions, unlimited possibilities are at my disposal.

This planet, like all the planets are the foundation and the building blocks to our future, it begins to release its energy, power and knowledge for our benefit at the moment of birth and we will need to become responsible as we work with it.  Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I have come to the conclusion that with Saturn, there are no free lunches.  One needs to work and be accountable for all of one’s actions and thoughts, and there are no excuses for blaming the stars for one’s predicament.  We are the cause, and the effect is our responsibility, and the planets, especially Saturn are only the indicators of our possible actions.  We still have the choices that need to be made and to be answerable for the choices we have made.  The truth of the matter is, no matter what house Saturn is placed in, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Saturn is the way shower and points the way we need to go, but at the same time he is relentless in showing us that we need to have determination and perseverance to accomplish what is needed to reach our goals. 

My Saturn in Gemini in the ninth gives me the ability to see many sides of an idea or thought, but at the same time I need to organize my thoughts and work with them, until they are strong enough to stand on their own.  Saturn teaches me that our thoughts and ideas are like children we give birth to.  We bring them into this world and we need to nourish and protect them, until they are able to fend for themselves.  Saturn does the same for us as he guides our steps and at the same time gives us a structure to work with, in order to achieve our goals.  Although resilience is important, wisdom and the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice are some of the hidden assets of the planet.  Form is a limitation the planet has given us, but once we have master it, we are allow to go beyond it to new horizons.  Mastering what is given takes hard work and many hours of trials and errors before we are able to have the confidence to explore new areas of discoveries that are within our reach. 

Saturn gives us the ability to face the most difficult situations and turning points in our lives, but at the same time he has given us the choices to choose whether we would take that road or take another path, which might be easier.  Whatever option we decide on, Saturn is there to make us responsible for our choices.  Saturn has guided my choices and the philosophies, ideas and standards I have decided to adopt as my own, but the road there has not been easy, and is full of trials and errors.  Even at this point in my life, it is a continuing journey of discoveries to whom I am and to whom I am going to become are a constant surprise for me.  Without Saturn, the guiding light and enforcer, instructor and disciplinarian, I would have lost my way a long time ago.  My experience with Saturn has only taught me that there are no free lunches where this planet is concerned.  In a way I am happy there isn’t, for without the struggles I would not have the confidence to encounter the unknown, of what the future still has in store for me.

“In the Shadow of Our Secrets is the Answer Says the 6 Gemini 46 Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 2012”

Eclipses of any kind are major and powerful transits that can openly or ingeniously effect us, depending on how it aspects our charts, either directly influencing us or forcing us to move onward and forward, increasing our awareness that our survival depends on our growth.  Even if we are not directly affected by the aspect, the essence of its energy and power subtly moves through our actions and thoughts.  With the night sky moving into an aspect representing pent-up energy about to be released, like a sleeping volcano about to be reawakened and with Mercury Retrograde finishing its cycle for our calendar year, the message is loud and clear.  As the 6 Gemini 46 Lunar Eclipse makes its appearance on November 28th 2012 at 6:46 am PST, it is telling us that in the shadows of our secrets is the answer we need to help us through the good and bad times we are about to experience.  In the shadows lie our presumptions, our fears, our hurts and our doubts that keep us from stepping courageously into the unknown and seeking for the light and the answer at the end of the tunnel of life.  Until the light dims, only then are we able to step out of the limelight and to see who we really are and where we really want to direct our efforts to obtain the joy and satisfaction, we truly seek.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 7th degrees of Gemini and for the Sun in 7th degrees of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 7  An old-fashion well  This is a symbol of the unimpeachable source of life on the side of personal self-renewal and simple organic integrity.  Implicit in the symbolism is the purity of everything adding up to any individual character, and the curious capacity of man to remain himself whenever he enters in relationship with others and encourages the assimilation of their reality into his own.  He draws in and gives out the substance of himself continuously, and is rewarded by nature as he expends himself in this process of continuing to be.  The keyword is recompense.  When positive, the degree is absolute self-reliance and uncompromising faithfulness, and when negative, insensibility and ineptness in all human contact.

Sagittarius 7  Cupid knocking at the door  This is a symbol of the unimpeachable resources of life on the side of social self-renewals and psychological self-fulfillment.  Implicit in the symbolism are the incurably romantic leanings of mankind and the consequent willingness of the individual to refine or alter every aspect of his own being as a means for entering into self-quickening relations with others.  He associates with his fellows and then breaks the ties he makes with them, but in time he achieves a spiritual integrity.  The keyword is allurement.  When positive, the degree is an insatiable appetite for enlarged experience and highly self-consummative intimacies and when negative, self-exaltation and unbridled desire.

This symbol speaks to us of the source that nourishes and maintains life as we know it through regeneration and revitalization.  It reminds us that in order to sustain life with what we know is the source of well being; we must make sure that it has not been contaminated, before we make use of it.  The same is true with our thoughts and ideas which are the foundation of our philosophy and integrity, in that it is not infected by our fears, our hurts and our doubts.  Implicit in the meaning is the need to give of ourselves to the good of all that has been created, or be like water that has become stagnate that brings diseases or dries up in time.  At the same time it points to a need to have passion in what one believes in.  Being passionate indicates a willingness to change or improvise one’s attitude and one’s behavior in order to achieve one’s goals and wishes.  Our greatest advantage lies in being willing to put aside our disappointments and failures and to make the needed improvements and to be prepare for the next opportunity that comes along.  This Gemini Lunar Eclipse is telling us that in the shadows of our secrets are the answers.  The answer is facing up to our fears, our hurts, and our doubts and the solution will follow.

“Revisiting Saturn in the Natal Ninth House betwixt Delay, but not Deny”


Many months have passed since I written an article entitled “The emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never”, and had many comments, which have confirmed my thoughts on the subject, but has also made me dig deeper into what else lies hidden in this quirky planet in this position in the chart.  I began to realize I have a love, hate relationship with Saturn, Gemini and the ninth house.  It is strange how Saturn evokes an intense emotion which seems similar and more appropriately assigned to the characteristics of Pluto.  I love it in Gemini and in the house it is in, but at the same time I hate it intensely and wish it could be simpler.  It has confused me and has made simple things complex, and made me execute things beyond the call of what I expect of others and myself.  It becomes a problem, when one interprets and delineates Saturn’s qualities with what the ninth house represents and what Gemini has to say for itself with the concept of delay, but not deny. Saturn demands structure, steadfastness, limitations, conscience, stamina and consistency.    The ninth house denotes foreign lands, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, higher studies, legal systems, information, and teaching.  Gemini represents communication, inquisitiveness, adaptability, versatility, and an interest and curiosity in everything.


I began to revisit the subject as I realized that what I discovered was missing late in my life, had begun a passion with an energy and force of its own, and a satisfaction, joy and confidence I had never experience before in my life.  It was so amazing I began to wonder if I could have discovered this excitement and its magic earlier.  Or did I have to wait for the right time, as everything in the universe seems to be were it should be, when it should be.  Was I right, in trying to use astrology to see if I could have been able to uncover my passion sooner?  Looking at the ninth house and the planets within, which should have given me a clue, but instead I missed it.  Was it because I wasn’t to know before the right time, or was it stupidity and misjudgment on my part?  I have always known that I had an active imagination with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth, but I never related it to a possibility that it could ever be connected with something I would enjoy doing and using.  Was I seeing the descriptions as just words with a set meaning and not giving them a broader and wider interpretation, my down fall?  For example was I seeing the word teacher as a description of a person in a classroom, and left out the possibilities of teaching through other communicative possibilities, like story telling for example in a relax environment? 


I am sure there are more ways than one to see the word, such as a guide or a creator, rather then just an authoritative figure of the subject.  A dancer may instruct and inspire by only the movements in a performance, without ever saying a word.  Now that is a very different way of seeing teaching as an idea, through sight.  Since it seems in my chart that it indicates that I had flexibility with my decision and directions in life and was not set in my ways.  Could I have had the opportunity to have developed my passion earlier, even if I had not recognized its importance of it at that moment in my life?  Thinking about it seriously I have to say no.  Knowing myself, since I felt I had no skills in this area until I was forced into it.  Discovering the possibilities it could offer to me and opening doors to opportunities I never imagined, expected or hoped for, spurred me on to work with it.  Although I have always felt that the Gemini in me, always loves to show off, especially the skills it is proficient in.  It tends to be very shy and unsure of it self when treading on unfamiliar grounds.  Having unfamiliarity and no confidence in the subject was a big stumbling block.  Would I had discovered my passion, had I not be pushed up against a wall?  The answer is no.  What I think happen, was that the force that pushed me was Saturn.  Saturn does its thing when it wants to, and at its own pace.  So my belief is that Saturn may delay until the time is appropriate, but not deny it, if we are open to accept and receive it.  What are your thoughts?

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