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“There is no Such Thing as a Free Lunch with Saturn in the Natal Ninth House”

I have always found that when I can apply an astrological principle to my own natal chart that the definitions of the planets become alive and colorful, to such an extant that it begins to take on a life of its own.  This I find very true with Saturn in my ninth house that seems to discipline and control the way I think and at the same time gives me the freedom to roam where I want to go.  A paradox in many ways, in that the planet is my teacher and at the same time the pupil I am instructing, and where it is a major malefic, it is at the same time a major benefic in my life.  It is hard to explain as the meaning of Saturn to me encompasses time, boundaries, limitations and structure, but yet at the same time it encompasses timelessness, no boundaries, no limitations and no structure.  Saturn instills in me the faith that what I think is impossible may be possible, and that within the restrictions, unlimited possibilities are at my disposal.

This planet, like all the planets are the foundation and the building blocks to our future, it begins to release its energy, power and knowledge for our benefit at the moment of birth and we will need to become responsible as we work with it.  Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I have come to the conclusion that with Saturn, there are no free lunches.  One needs to work and be accountable for all of one’s actions and thoughts, and there are no excuses for blaming the stars for one’s predicament.  We are the cause, and the effect is our responsibility, and the planets, especially Saturn are only the indicators of our possible actions.  We still have the choices that need to be made and to be answerable for the choices we have made.  The truth of the matter is, no matter what house Saturn is placed in, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Saturn is the way shower and points the way we need to go, but at the same time he is relentless in showing us that we need to have determination and perseverance to accomplish what is needed to reach our goals. 

My Saturn in Gemini in the ninth gives me the ability to see many sides of an idea or thought, but at the same time I need to organize my thoughts and work with them, until they are strong enough to stand on their own.  Saturn teaches me that our thoughts and ideas are like children we give birth to.  We bring them into this world and we need to nourish and protect them, until they are able to fend for themselves.  Saturn does the same for us as he guides our steps and at the same time gives us a structure to work with, in order to achieve our goals.  Although resilience is important, wisdom and the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice are some of the hidden assets of the planet.  Form is a limitation the planet has given us, but once we have master it, we are allow to go beyond it to new horizons.  Mastering what is given takes hard work and many hours of trials and errors before we are able to have the confidence to explore new areas of discoveries that are within our reach. 

Saturn gives us the ability to face the most difficult situations and turning points in our lives, but at the same time he has given us the choices to choose whether we would take that road or take another path, which might be easier.  Whatever option we decide on, Saturn is there to make us responsible for our choices.  Saturn has guided my choices and the philosophies, ideas and standards I have decided to adopt as my own, but the road there has not been easy, and is full of trials and errors.  Even at this point in my life, it is a continuing journey of discoveries to whom I am and to whom I am going to become are a constant surprise for me.  Without Saturn, the guiding light and enforcer, instructor and disciplinarian, I would have lost my way a long time ago.  My experience with Saturn has only taught me that there are no free lunches where this planet is concerned.  In a way I am happy there isn’t, for without the struggles I would not have the confidence to encounter the unknown, of what the future still has in store for me.

“Saturn in the Ninth House is a Teacher or a Preacher”


I find studying astrology very exciting, especially when one discovers something about oneself, which is hidden somewhere deep inside.  When it is discovered it is like a treasure found.  The other exhilarating thing is when you realize why you do what you do, and then you discover that wasn’t the reason after all.  At my first astrological consultation, I was told I would be a teacher, teaching astrology.  I never gave it much thought as I was pursuing a career totally different and I was not interested in teaching any subject at the time.  Certainly not something that I thought would ever become my strong interest and hobby.   The strange and funny coincidence was, when I was attending middle school, the teacher enrolled me in a teaching program to see if that would become a direction I would take when I would begin my college education.  I realized early in the program that I enjoy working with people, but teaching was not my forte.  Beside that, I did not enjoy or feel comfortable standing in front of a group and lecturing to them.  To this day I feel uncomfortable and tend to fall apart even among friends even if all I had to do was to stand up, without saying a word.


Everyone who has ever looked at my chart has told me the same thing that I would be a good teacher of astrology, and I have never felt comfortable with the idea.  It has always been a sore spot in my conversations with my peers, as I was always being enlisted in helping them in this area, in which I have always declined.  I always wonder if they missed something, or was I deceiving and deluding myself, and that teaching was my true calling.  Fortunately or unfortunately, no matter how I thought about it, I could not see myself as a teacher.  In fact I was being interviewed on a radio show, explaining the methods I used.  After hearing the recorded tape, I couldn’t wait to destroy it.  I have realized a long time ago that I do have the patience of a teacher and am very good at laying out a plan to teach certain fundamentals of a subject matter, but teaching full time is a different story.  Like a teacher I enjoy the discipline one needs in organizing one’s thoughts in a game plan, it is another matter to express it to others.  It seems to me that teachers need to have many qualities to be good and the one requirement they need, I don’t have is the ability to speak well in front of others.


In trying to understand why I prefer not to be a teacher, I began to wonder if there was something wrong with the delineation of my chart, or was there a subtle influence that was missed or overlooked.  My Saturn is in Gemini in the ninth house which I hope might give me a clue, in that it was a mutable sign.  Was that the problem or the cause of the misunderstanding?  I decided to check all my books and the internet to see if I could discover any light on the matter.  Luckily I ran across the keyword associated with the planet in this particular position which fits me to perfection, and I suddenly felt I was no longer in need of seeking further.  The word was inadequacy.  I definitely have the feelings of being inadequate in performing the duties of the teacher.  It occurred to me that Saturn did represent me in a way I never thought about, since this position could represent someone seeking or teaching the spiritual or philosophical ideas.  That really wasn’t me either, so I decided to play around with the word preacher, one who teaches or proselytizes spiritual ideas.  Suddenly the light turned on, and I realized that I was a proselytizer of any ideas that worked for me.  If I found something worthwhile, I wanted to share it with everyone in hearing distance.  I wasn’t teaching others, but I was sharing the good news which where the concepts and the ideas I found meaningful and helpful in my life.


“Revisiting Saturn in the Natal Ninth House betwixt Delay, but not Deny”


Many months have passed since I written an article entitled “The emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never”, and had many comments, which have confirmed my thoughts on the subject, but has also made me dig deeper into what else lies hidden in this quirky planet in this position in the chart.  I began to realize I have a love, hate relationship with Saturn, Gemini and the ninth house.  It is strange how Saturn evokes an intense emotion which seems similar and more appropriately assigned to the characteristics of Pluto.  I love it in Gemini and in the house it is in, but at the same time I hate it intensely and wish it could be simpler.  It has confused me and has made simple things complex, and made me execute things beyond the call of what I expect of others and myself.  It becomes a problem, when one interprets and delineates Saturn’s qualities with what the ninth house represents and what Gemini has to say for itself with the concept of delay, but not deny. Saturn demands structure, steadfastness, limitations, conscience, stamina and consistency.    The ninth house denotes foreign lands, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, higher studies, legal systems, information, and teaching.  Gemini represents communication, inquisitiveness, adaptability, versatility, and an interest and curiosity in everything.


I began to revisit the subject as I realized that what I discovered was missing late in my life, had begun a passion with an energy and force of its own, and a satisfaction, joy and confidence I had never experience before in my life.  It was so amazing I began to wonder if I could have discovered this excitement and its magic earlier.  Or did I have to wait for the right time, as everything in the universe seems to be were it should be, when it should be.  Was I right, in trying to use astrology to see if I could have been able to uncover my passion sooner?  Looking at the ninth house and the planets within, which should have given me a clue, but instead I missed it.  Was it because I wasn’t to know before the right time, or was it stupidity and misjudgment on my part?  I have always known that I had an active imagination with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth, but I never related it to a possibility that it could ever be connected with something I would enjoy doing and using.  Was I seeing the descriptions as just words with a set meaning and not giving them a broader and wider interpretation, my down fall?  For example was I seeing the word teacher as a description of a person in a classroom, and left out the possibilities of teaching through other communicative possibilities, like story telling for example in a relax environment? 


I am sure there are more ways than one to see the word, such as a guide or a creator, rather then just an authoritative figure of the subject.  A dancer may instruct and inspire by only the movements in a performance, without ever saying a word.  Now that is a very different way of seeing teaching as an idea, through sight.  Since it seems in my chart that it indicates that I had flexibility with my decision and directions in life and was not set in my ways.  Could I have had the opportunity to have developed my passion earlier, even if I had not recognized its importance of it at that moment in my life?  Thinking about it seriously I have to say no.  Knowing myself, since I felt I had no skills in this area until I was forced into it.  Discovering the possibilities it could offer to me and opening doors to opportunities I never imagined, expected or hoped for, spurred me on to work with it.  Although I have always felt that the Gemini in me, always loves to show off, especially the skills it is proficient in.  It tends to be very shy and unsure of it self when treading on unfamiliar grounds.  Having unfamiliarity and no confidence in the subject was a big stumbling block.  Would I had discovered my passion, had I not be pushed up against a wall?  The answer is no.  What I think happen, was that the force that pushed me was Saturn.  Saturn does its thing when it wants to, and at its own pace.  So my belief is that Saturn may delay until the time is appropriate, but not deny it, if we are open to accept and receive it.  What are your thoughts?

“Mercury and Jupiter is the Yin and the Yang of Thinking and Ideas”

As far back as I can remember I was instilled with the thought “knowledge is power”.  How that thought came to become so powerful in my life was a mystery to me at that time.  It has been a motivating source of energy that seems to originate from my childhood trying to blend two different cultures into a viable one.  The fact that I was called a nerd because I needed to wear eyeglasses when I was four years old isolated me into my own world of imaginations, fantasies and books.  This started me on the road to educating and broadening my mind.  Although I have always considered myself intelligent, I have never considered myself an intellectual.  In making this statement, you the reader may find this a contradiction or an odd statement, at best.  I am capable of inductive and deductive reasoning, but to explain how I came to the final conclusion is hard for me to articulate.  The problem I have, is I am not sure how much is my ability to reason, or how much of it is my intuition, which goes into the decisions and choices I make.

It was during my sojourn into the study of astrology that I became aware that the ruler of my ascendant and my midheaven was Mercury in the signs of Virgo and Gemini, respectively.  This was like a light bulb that just got turn on, allowing me to begin my journey into understanding how I think, and where my philosophy of life comes from.  Astrology gave me the keys to why I do certain things the way I do.  It opened doors to new vistas of doing and solving problems in my life.  To me to understand how we think and operate, are the first steps in achieving one’s goals and ambitions.  Suddenly I realized that my curiosity into knowledge and information was already foretold in my natal chart, and that was a pleasant and a wonderful surprise, proving that astrology works.  Morin, my mentor in traditional astrology always connects the dots by comparing and relating the opposite houses, planets and signs to get a broader interpretation in what is going on in the natal chart. 

An example in my chart, Mercury in Gemini in the ninth house faces an empty house in the third in Scorpio.  Mars the ruler of Scorpio is in the sixth house in Pisces, and the ruler of this sign is Jupiter, which is in Cancer on the cusp of the eleventh house.  Connecting the dots, one realizes one can’t just delineate and interpret Mercury without seeing how Jupiter colors it by revealing that it is the mirror image of each other; an eternal circle with variations of thought that go to one end of the spectrum, and then returning back to the other end.  Mercury makes me see things in a practical and pragmatic light, and my philosophy of life is not just ideas, but a way of life that fulfills itself.  Jupiter in Cancer makes me develop a philosophy that will not only work for me, but includes the welfare, dreams and wishes of all those I am connected with.  The way I see life is the way I see a perfect circle, no beginning and no ending.  As the saying goes “all for one, and one for all”, declares that one must walk the talk as shown by Mars.

One realizes that one cannot interpret Mercury, without considering Jupiter as the yin to the yang.  When seeing the Zodiac as the traditional astrologers have, one sees Mercury in Gemini in the third house of communications opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius in the ninth house of philosophy and ideas.  The strangest coincidence, or is it, with Virgo in Mercury in the sixth house of service and health opposite Jupiter in Pisces in institutions and the sacred mysteries.  If we look at the planets with its’ inner opposites, the delineations become clearer with complexities that give many dimensions to the individual.  Combining Mercury and Jupiter together, paraphrases what Agatha Christie’s greatest detective always comments about “we need to let the little grey cells do their work”.

“Saturn, Always in the Limelight May Deny and Delay with a Twist for Showmanship”

The longer I live, learn and experience life, I realized how much I have misunderstood and misinterpreted the planet Saturn with its attributes, talents, problems, frustrations and its ability for retaliation if not obeyed and conformed to.  It is a Planet that the ancients have feared and have been cautious with as they consider Saturn malefic, and when I was a young student in the study of astrology, I was in awe of its power and destruction in one’s life.  With modern astrology the planet has taken up the role of teacher, denier, and the unexpected role of demonstrating the need for patience in our modern world.  Experiencing Saturn in my life with all its repetitions and cycles, my thoughts and feelings have come to the conclusion that the planet should also be consider the way shower to all things, and a delayer of accomplishments of the desired results with a twist for drama and showmanship. 

The need to understand how and why patience is important in our success is the key or magic word that will open the door to unlimited happiness and satisfaction.  Saturn’s main blessing, if one can call a malefic a blessing, is that the blessing of patience helps us to develop the needed skills.  It also teaches us through our ability to use our intuitive skills to decide when the time is right.  The right time which some people call luck, is the ability of waiting until we have perfected our skills and being able to demonstrate our skills to an agreeable and acceptable audience.  This makes Saturn appear to deny and delay our dreams, but as of late I am beginning to feel that timing and waiting for the right time is the key.  That Saturn is not necessarily the planet that denies and delays, but is the planet that knows when it is the right time, and here is where patience is needed, so we don’t jump the gun, and lose the right moment for success.

Saturn in some natal charts tends to allow success in some areas much later in life, making us feel that Saturn delays and possibly denies our dreams.  My thoughts as of late on this matter is, it is better late then never.  Yet I feel that the right time was when it happens, because the Universe knows when we are ready and if we are not.  Saturn in a chart does not necessarily promise a good or bad outcome, it is how we use Saturn’s resources and energy that determines the conclusion.  Saturn restricts and makes us use whatever resources, talents and ideas we have in our bag to come up with something that will make a difference.  The restrictions Saturn lays in our path helps us to decide what is really important to us and gives us the reasons and determinations to pursue goals and ambitions we really never thought about before.

Saturn is like Jack in the box, when one opens the lid, jack comes jumping out full of drama and showmanship.  I have noticed in several charts of people who have achieved other successes later in life that the talents and abilities seem to come out of nowhere.  The truth of the matter is that the talents and abilities have been undergoing development for a long period of time, before we see the finish product.  Saturn fools others by letting them think, that there is no work, frustrations or delays involved to achieve the finish goal.  An example in my own life is with Saturn in Gemini conjunct Uranus in the ninth house which might imply I would like to convey my outrageous imagination through writing.  Since I have artistic tendencies in design I never ever thought about writing, especially since I have always felt inadequate in grammar, and composing complex ideas within a paragraph, was out of the question.  Just writing a thank you note would bring fear to me, that I would find all kinds of excuses to avoid it.  It was not until I was pushed into writing this blog because of a stupid bet in order to explain why I love studying astrology and my particular view of the art as a hobby and a career, that thoughts about writing changed.  Saturn in any chart is always in the limelight and one needs to discover where Saturn out shines in drama and showmanship in one’s natal chart.

“A Hidden Time Bomb is in the Sequences of the Conjunctions of the Planets!”

A few weeks back I read an article of interest and importance in which afterwards I felt like kicking myself for not thinking about the subject matter before.  I began to wonder how many of us have insightful moments and then felt foolish and stupid at the same time?  Having had this fleeting period of inspiration, I began to embellish and incorporate what I learnt to other areas of astrology to give me a better understanding in delineating a chart.  I was extremely thankful for this piece of information as I always feel that I am ever learning and growing in the studies of the stars and the secrets it has to reveal.  The article was in my favorite magazine “The Mountain Astrologer” issue 152 august/September 2010 entitled “Sequential Conjunctions” by Frank C. Clifford an astrologer-palmist in the United Kingdom.  This article made an impact on me as I have a stellium of five planets in Gemini, and when I was a beginning student I was taught that this was a concentration of energies in one sign so one can achieve one’s directions and goals.

One really needs to read the article first hand as I always feel we as readers and listeners to ideas and thoughts, as we tend to take what we need, and see it from our perspective and biases.  To simplify, what was being said was the importance and the consequences that comes from the sequences in the Zodiac in a conjunction or a stellium of planets in the same sign.  For example I have a conjunction of Uranus and Mercury in Gemini in the ninth with less than a one minute orb with Uranus in the lead.  Would there be a difference if Uranus followed Mercury?  In the article, and I quite agree that there definitely would be a difference in how we would approach ninth house matters and possibly the differences in handling situations that would be in the aspect by other planets in their houses and their concerns.  The author was speaking about the natal chart, but I began to wonder if this could apply for all types of predictive charts such as solar returns, lunar returns, horary charts, et cetera?  In examining my other personal predictive charts where this aspect appeared, I did feel there was a slight difference that could make a big difference in the outcome, proving my theory that we do have choices in our destiny, and that we are not ruled or condemned by our planets.

One example that came to mind that convinced me of the validity of the consequences of the sequences of the planets was representing the planets as real people in a life situation.  Suppose the Universe had brought together Bill, Tom and Nancy, so that one would be her intended for life, and both were equally well suited for her.  One may be more outgoing and apparently outwardly more fun then the other.  Would there be a difference of choice, if one came into her life before the other?  What if the sequence of events were reversed, would there be changes in the outcome?  If both were likely candidates I am sure the timing sequence would make the difference in the final choice.  Timing is essential in the successful completion of our goals or wishes.  This was an important lesson for me to see, that depending on the sequences and the planets involved, slight differences or major eruptions can be seen in these aspects.  The major problems would depend on the planet and the sign it was in, and whether it was supporting or weakening the other planets and its sequence in the line up.  Having had my eyes opened on the subject I realize it may not make a real difference in most cases, but the one it will affect most will be the difference of existing and living life to its’ fullest.  This is another tool to make us all better astrologers in a world that is still skeptical of the art.   One can see how the sequence of planets hides the time bomb, which may help build or destroy upon that which we are working towards.  The final conclusion is that the timing and the sequence of events is more important in the difference of being mediocre to being outstanding in leading us to a final successful outcome.

“The Emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never!”


I always find studying any subject, is a never ending learning and practicing period of time, and many ah ha moments that knocks one off their feet.  This I find especially true with astrology, particularly if one is open minded to all the diversity that the art encompasses, from Modern, Traditional, Midpoints, Western and Eastern Astrology, et cetera.  One can never have a dull moment, and every day there are new revelations that gives one motivation to keep one going, where one reaches a turn in the road and realizes the path never ends.  This happened to me several weeks ago, when by chance I read an article on the web entitled “Saturn through the houses” published by a person with the user name of “moonlightshadow”.  The following I quote from the article that gave me an ah ha moment, and to realize that the Universe always knows what is best for us.  “Saturn always leaves us in a much better place then when he found us.  We will learn that growth may be painful but worth it in the end as things begin to settle down for us and the world as a whole.  This change will not happen over night.  Saturn in the ninth house is one of the best houses for this planet to be in as it represents higher sub-consciousness.  The same thought process that defines us as individuals, and apart from the animal species.  This thought process will kick in at a later part of life as the closed and conservative type of mind has developed.  This is our perception of reality.  What Saturn will do in this house break up the stagnated reality we have been living in whether it being religion or philological views and make way for the seed to be planted with new ideas.  This is also the house of long distant travel and Saturn will delay, but not deny.”

The article made me realize that I really didn’t see my true self, until later in life and that was okay, because I needed Saturn to help me grow in several areas before I would develop the patience, Saturn was trying to instill in my personality.  I have Saturn with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth house in Gemini, being the ruler of my ascendant and my mid heaven, which made me like to do many things at once, without completing anything, before I went on to the next.  For many years I would have hundred of books with bookmarks, and although I have completed some books, it may have taken me many years to do so.  This had always upset me, but I excuse myself by saying that the Gemini in my chart, made me do it.  I had several careers, and although I was happy in all of them, I never felt I was doing what I came here to fulfill.  It wasn’t that I felt emptiness about it, but I wondered why I felt something was missing.  In the last few years I realized that my spirituality, astrology and divination has taken a step in front of all my other interests because of the lessons, trials and tribulations that Saturn has laid in front of my path.  Learning from Saturn I began to see what was important in my life and that which energizes me, to keep going.  Reading the old classics in astrology have given me new information to help me in my life and delineating charts, and has taught me not to give up on the old manuscripts that started it all, for what is supposedly new and perfect for our modern world.  I have also found this true with my spiritual readings, not to give up on the old classics because of these new age gurus that are actually rehashing the old masters’ words and philosophy.

This article made me realize that who I really am and want be, may be expressed with the fact that success among our peers, is different from the success and happiness we want for our selves.  And though success and inspiration may come later in life, it is better late then never.  The strange thing is a friend of a friend of mine told her that although he has been very successful for these past twenty years, that what he really felt was he has been floundering all this time.  And believe it or not, he has Saturn in the ninth house, and that he is thinking of changing his life.  Unbelievable isn’t it?  If anyone is reading this article and has Saturn in the ninth house, and would like to share their thoughts and experiences, please do.

“Mercury in 4th Degree of Gemini is Highly Over Active!”

When I first started learning astrology in a small group of six students meeting twice a month in the teacher’s brownstone, one of the first things we memorize was the critical degrees that would affect a chart.  To my horror and fear I had two planets in critical degrees in my chart with one planet in conjunction.  “What was I to do”, I asked my mentor, and she said “the Universe may give us obstacles, but at the same time the Universe gives us assets and talents to overcome these negative situations”.  At the time the answer was sufficient, but as time went on I realized I really did not know how these aspects would really affect me and what the consequences would be in my life.  I had to deal with a chart with two planets in critical degrees, and in time I would experience my first Saturn Return and Pluto square.  As I began to approach my first Saturn Return, a sense of dread hung over me as I didn’t know what to expect.  Continuation of my studies began to show me that I was approaching these difficult aspects with fear instead of with the hope that I would learn and grow from it.

For the longest time the only thing I knew about critical degrees was that they were points on the zodiac spaced 12 ½ degrees apart beginning with zero degree in which the native would experience obstruction and frustration, depending on which planet and house it was in.  The critical degrees are: 0, 13 and 26 degrees of cardinal signs; 9 and 21 degrees of fixed signs; and 4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs.  I have learnt from my studies and by my experience these critical degrees are neither benefic nor malefic but are the area in which one’s greatest potentials lies.  Critical degrees are like planets near an angle in the chart, they are the first to be activated as they are sensitive points which bring energy  into reality and form.  The critical degrees tend to express the energies of the planets in their signs from the negative to the positive with all the shades of grey in between.

My planets in critical degrees were Mercury and Uranus in the ninth house and Neptune in the first house.  Mercury in the critical degree either makes me a chatter box and at times not a word would come out of my mouth when in a social gathering.  I am very sociable and many consider me an extrovert, but in reality I consider myself an introvert.  With the conjunction of Uranus I always think out of the box and need new excitements to keep me going, or I tend to be very rigid in my thinking.  Neptune gives me insights and intuition which at times ran rampant and the need to save the world, and at other times the world to save me.  What I have realized is that the Universe has shown me in which areas my potentials and greatest efforts lies, but I need to adapt and improvise it, to work with the talents and assets I came into this world with.  I need to understand and work with the planets to control the energy it releases.  Working and studying astrology has helped me take these sensitive points and energies, and focus on what is needed to make and create the things I need to be happy.

If one has no planets in critical degrees in their natal chart, just bless your lucky stars that you possess flexibility and adaptability and the knowledge that you will achieve your goals with a positive attitude with few obstacles in your way.  If you are like me and have a planet in critical degrees, you still should bless your lucky stars that you have been given the gift to know in what areas your abilities lie, and though you need to persevere to reach your goals, the satisfaction and joy will come with the knowledge that you did it on your own with the help of the Universe guiding you.  The most important lesson I have learnt is that the planets in critical degrees are sensitive points for growth and will indicate where potentials of success are, and are not obstacles to foil our happiness.  My only regret, is not having understood this sooner, so I could appreciate and be thankful for the steps I was taking for my growth and learning in this life.

“Traditional Versus Modern Astrology or to Unite and Reorganize Our Thinking?”

As the 2010 begins to roar and start on its path through the Year, the pageantry of the old traditions to bring in the New Year comes to mind.  With all the gadgetry the twenty first century has given to us, many of the old traditions and pomp still has its’ magic and hold over us.  Many of the traditional rituals and customs which are very familiar to us will be difficult for some of us to give up.  I began to wonder, do we need to give them up, or is it important to keep the rituals going, so that we can remember where we came from.  And to remind us that in these modern time, these old traditions and rituals really still work and have their magic.  The funny thing is if we look around us we seem to be turning back time and reviving old rituals into new ones to fit into the new age.  I am not sure if the financial downturn has caused it, or are we trying to return to things, thoughts, and activities that once bought us into a comfortable state of mind.  Thinking about this I was beginning to surmise that this might be the reason traditional astrological writings from the earlier centuries are making a comeback with modern day astrologers.  I am not sure it was because of the internet, but the interest in old manuscripts is spreading and I for one, hope to take advantage of all this knowledge floating around.  We may have many modern things to take us into the future, but we need to remember many of the old ways of doing things still have validity in time.

That I find holds true with everything, especially astrology, and I think if we want to understand the stars, we must remember not to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water, as we update the astrological information and knowledge for the future.  One example is the traditional definition for a conjunction of a planet in a chart, made more sense to me and gave my delineations a crisper and clearer picture of the individual.  Modern astrology considers the aspect, a benefic and a help to the other planets.  While traditional astrology says the same, it explains the planets as two people standing side by side giving the meaning and definition that the two planets support each other, not necessarily backing up each other as in the benefic aspect of a sextile or trine.  Although the meaning might not seem to be that different, it is different enough to change the delineation, especially when considering the chart as a whole.  Particularly when one of the two planets is a malefic, the other planet may have apprehension of what kind of support it will get and if it might be destructive to its plans.

In My chart I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the ninth house, which I always thought that the two planets were inseparable and always needed to work together if they were going to benefit me.  But looking at it from a traditional sense, I realize the two planets can work alone, knowing that they always have the support of the other, giving them the confidence to accomplish things by themselves.  Or when the need arrives they work together as a unit, and succeed in combining their efforts to come up with something quite unusual.  Seeing it in this light one becomes more attuned to which planet’s energy is influencing one, at any one time.  At times, one will notice it to be a double or triple whammy, depending whether the planets are working separately or together.  This is only one example why one should be open to the traditional astrological material, as it will help us to be more proficient as a practitioner of the stars.  This is my opinion, but my real feeling is, if you are one or the other, and it works for you, that is all that really matters.  Combining the two systems not only makes me happy, but works for me, and gives me a deeper and clearer meaning of myself.  So what side you take isn’t really important, as long as it works for you, and that one realizes that astrology works and it also proves there is a Divine Power.

“Jupiter and Mercury Made Me Do It!”


It has almost been six months since I began this blog, and I have begun questioning what natal planets were involved in this project that was so much work, but was much more beneficial to me then it appeared on the surface.  When I began this blog I was hoping to express my thoughts on astrology and what works for me, not realizing in doing so I was clarifying and redefining how much astrology meant to me.  In the mean time I was hoping that someone else would benefit from my thoughts, and maybe the light bulb would go on within them, and make something clear that wasn’t before.  My hope was to be a beacon to even just one person, as all the astrologers before me were beacons to me.  I had just seen the movie “Pay it forward” and it made a deep impression on me, that I needed to give more of myself to others, and what a better way in reaching people who might be interesting in hearing what I had to say.

Many years ago in New York City I had an astrological reading by Mr. Zoltan Mason (practitioner of the Morin method), which in hindsight I realized I wasn’t ready for, and did not received the benefit I should have.  I was a struggling fashion student hoping to hear about my big career on the runways, and instead heard about studying astrology, the spiritual and occult path, and the obstacles I would be facing in the future.  He wanted me to read a theosophical book on the etheric body, which I now deeply regret, but the Universe is always forgiving and has given me another chance to fulfill my destiny.  The strange coincidence or maybe destiny is that about three years ago, I again ran across Jean-Baptiste Morin, and have become in the modern English a groupie of his works.  The cycle has come to a full circle, where I should have been many years ago.  The old adage “better late then never” is worth its’ weight in gold as I am still given the chance to fulfill my purpose and calling in this life.  Although I still am a modern astrologer I have incorporated many traditional aspects in my own form of astrology that works for me.

My Mercury in Gemini is in the ninth house sextile Pluto in the eleventh house, and Jupiter in Cancer is on the eleventh house cusp sextile the Sun on the cusp of the ninth house.  As you can see I had no fighting chance to do what I thought I wanted to do, but to fulfill my destiny because this is what I really love to do.  All my life with Jupiter on the eleventh I would be letting all my friends know of anything new that worked for me.  With Jupiter and Mercury I was always able to stand back from any problem and to look at all sides of the situation, and then to decide what direction one should take, not necessarily always deciding on the right one.  All through high school and life I have been able to listen to my friend’s problems and to show another side to the situation.  This I am hoping I am accomplishing with this blog, is to see another side and opinion to what astrology can offer in this hectic and fast pace life we are leading today.  Especially with the downturn and the major hard aspects in the coming years, a need to see positive approaches and attitudes is necessary in the coming years, to fulfill our dreams.  My approach to astrology is strongly influenced by my interest in New Thought, self help, tarot, numerology, spiritual and occult thoughts, and Feng Shui.

So I hope you visit often and if something here, turns on your light bulb to a better life, be thankful for the help you receive from your natal Jupiter and Mercury and become your own messenger to pass it forward to help someone else in life.  Also remember the saying “better late then never” and to nourish and pass on the good to others what you have learnt and what works for you.  The truth is when we serve others we are really benefiting everyone, including ourselves.

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