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“Is The Ascendant Me or the Me I Want Others to See, or Things I Can Not Change?”

As an astrologer who realizes that one is studying a subject that seems never ending as one continues the journey, one begins to take for granted the steps one has put to memory, and uses almost daily.  This came to my attention recently when I was asked the question: Please define the ascendant and explain how it is connected to astrological theory.  A simple question I thought at first, but then when I actually thought about it, I realized it wasn’t as simple to answer.  If I were asked the same question when I first started in my studies, my answer would be different.  How I see it now, and what I was taught seems to be as different as the shades of gray from black to white.  It all depends where in the shades of gray really defines what you mean.

The ascendant or what we as astrologers normally call the rising sign is the zodiacal degree and sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of the birth of whatever type of chart we are studying.  The chart could be calculated for the birth of an individual, horary question, an event, or a beginning of a project.  In one word, the ascendant indicates the time of a beginning, and the description of that beginning.  Since the ascendant is specific in its calculation, its description, environment, conditioning and the circumstances particular to that particular moment and place is expressed and revealed.  The ascendant is important in the delineation of any type of chart, as it gives a quick summary of what the situation is at the moment without synthesizing the whole chart.  One should never give an opinion of a chart without completely studying it. 

If one is considering a natal chart, it describes the physical appearance and the overall health of the individual and those qualities which the individual deem important to express in his everyday dealings with others.  The ascendant is how each individual has learned to express those qualities in order to cope with unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances.  The ascendant becomes a shield and a mask as a defense mechanism to make life easier and to guard the sensitive areas that make up our character and personality.  In describing a horary, question, an event, or a beginning of a project, the ascendant describes the surroundings, the atmosphere, the location, and the state of affairs happening at the moment.  Especially with a horary, the description if accurate, will determine if the calculation of the chart was correct, and give the delineator confidence that the interpretation is on the right track.  This is also definitely true and important in working with a natal chart,

Unfortunately, most people think the Sun sign or the ascendant will give a true picture of the individual, but the truth of the matter, they only give one side of the personality, and not the whole picture.  It is like looking at one side of a building, one is not getting a full picture of what we are seeing.  The same is true in delineating a chart, one needs to synthesize everything to come to the true picture of the individual.  Originally I felt like other astrologers that the ascendant is what the individual in question wants you to see, and not necessarily who the individual really is.  And the tenth house is the individual that the person wants the world to see in public.  I have slowly begun to change my opinion of the ascendant, in that I still feel, it is what the person wants others to see.  But, that the ascendant also shows those characteristics the person wishes to hide, but the person can not, for what ever reasons that exist.  For example, if we are taller or shorter then we wish to be, our height is something we can not hide.  I have noticed through my delineations that the ascendants exposes more than what we wish others to see.  In summation, the ascendant expresses the person, the individual wants others to see and those he may wish to conceal, but can not hide or change.

“Reenergizing By Keeping Retrospection Alive Says Mercury Retrograde July 14 2012”


Many things that happen in this life are very cyclic and they seem to come around before we know it, and least expect it.  This Mercury Retrograde has definitely sneaked up on me, if not all of us, and will begin on July 14th 2012 at 12 Leo 32 R until August 7th 2012 at 01 Leo 26 D.  Every retrograde one experiences, needs to be considered with caution, carefulness and with perception and foresight in order to avoid glitches, personal misunderstanding, flawed, disrupted, and delayed communications with ourselves and others.  Although I know there will always be delays and disruptions that we can not avoid during this period, much of the frustrations and stresses we will experience are caused by our own carelessness and thoughtlessness.  I have always believed we need to take action in place of reacting to any situation for our advantage, if we are to get through this period of time with flying colors.  With retrospection we can review and relive the moment preparing alternative endings that will reenergize how we see things.  It will prepare us to improvise and to come up with the right decisions to avoid any stress or tribulations one normally experiences during this period of time.  


“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 13 degrees of Leo and for the Sun in 2 degrees of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.


Leo 13  An  old sea captain rocking  This  is a symbol  of man’s great love for reliving his experiences in memory, and of his gift for achieving a mastery in  advance of whatever new situations he may face by bringing all the ramifying relationships to a focus in a personal and competent grasp of their more pertinent potentialities.  He fights the battles of the world in his imagination, over and over again.  He knows that events repeat themselves, and so may be brought in leash.  The keyword is retrospect.  When positive, the degree in each person’s unlimited capacity for calling up afresh the powers he has gained in his struggle toward self-fulfillment, and when negative, insensibility to present reality in a full surrender to the past.


Leo 2  An epidemic of mumps  This is a symbol of personal capacities wholly out of hand, and of the momentary appeal of escapist ideas whenever the self fails to remain alive to its own immediate needs or ultimate interests.  The reversed symbolism emphasizes the absolute necessity laid on every living spirit, that somehow it retain a passionate sensitiveness to the practical import or organic usefulness of everything it encounters in its everyday situation.  Here is life poised in sharp susceptibility.  The keyword is infection.  When positive, the degree is continual self-dramatization as the basis for participation in current affairs, and when negative, retreat to self-deficiencies in a frantic effort to avoid experience.


This symbol speaks to us that our maturity and our experiences, on any matter we are concern with at the moment, are a few of the assets that are pertinent as the turning point in avoiding mistakes during this retrograde period.  The past proves everything is cyclic and will give us the clue when they are about to happen again, or we can stop them before they get started when we see the first signs that are about to begin.  The emphasis is that history repeats itself and occurs in cycles.  By remembering the events that have happen in the last retrograde we will be able to foresee the possibilities.  This is the time to return to our inner thoughts and to anticipate, live and be conscious of each moment as it happens.  In the reflection of the past, we can imagine and construct a better tomorrow.  Applying this to the retrograde, we can avoid similar mistakes and go through this period without the degree of difficulty and stress normally associated with this interlude of time.  With Mercury in Leo we need to make sure we do not allow our ego, creativity, pleasures, and self-expression to get in the way of paying attention to the details and to what is actually happening at the moment.  If we do that, this phase will go by more smoothly and without the incidents normally associated with it.  This Mercury Retrograde can be reenergized by our retrospection.


Mercury Retrograde Begins July 14 2012 12 Leo 32 R
Mercury Goes Direct August 7, 2012 01 Leo 26 D
Mercury Retrograde Begins November 6, 2012 04 Sagittarius 18 R
Mercury Goes Direct November 26 2012 18 Sagittarius 11 D


“The 12 Capricorn 13 Full Moon on July 3 2012 Says the Tip of the Iceberg is Sinking”


For the last few years the difficult aspects of squares and oppositions have been making their existence felt, here and there.  The shouts of change have filled the air, but the results have been very dubious with very little results, that actually made any difference in the global situation.  The conjunction of Pluto with the moon starts a new cycle of radical transformation with a square to Uranus initiating a foremost turning point, something we haven’t seen for a quite awhile.  With these aspects the 12 Capricorn 13 Full Moon makes its appearance on July 3rd 2012 at 11:53 am PDT saying to everyone that the tip of the iceberg is sinking.  This is indicating to us that the situation is getting worst and the actions we need to take can no longer wait.  To react as we have been, has done nothing so far.  The Universe is about to push us into a situation, where we no longer have a choice, but to make some drastic changes in a creative and courageous way.  Within about a week and a half, both Mercury and Uranus will be turning retrograde, forcing us to look within ourselves for the answers.  


“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 13 degrees of Capricorn and for the Sun in 13 degrees of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.


Capricorn  13  A fire worshiper  This is a symbol of man’s inner strength through his realization of an inviolable  tie with creative power of the universe itself, dramatized by hiss continual outreach to the divine in a spiritualizing of his aspiration and a dedication of his talents and possessions to the over-all reality.  He knows he must demonstrate his ultimate independence of his circumstances or else surrender his own potentialities forever.  Here is ideality brought to the point of miracle.  The keyword is magic.  When positive, the degree is extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation of self and the consummation of its ambitions, and when negative, consistent overestimation of personal capacity.


Cancer 13  One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb  This is a symbol of that belief in his inherent supremacy over all other orders of nature by which man is characterized most fundamentally, dramatized by his quite normal confidence in his ability to deal with every eventuality of day-by-day activity and relationship.  Any individual must rule his environment or surrender his own potentialities forever.  Here is practicality brought to the point of ruthlessness.  The keyword is determination.  When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of the moment, and when negative, unnecessary aggressiveness and a self-defeating shortsightedness.


This symbol is empowering us because of the knowledge and wisdom that with the miracle of spiritual transformation we are inseparably linked with our creator.  The emphasis is on the devotion, on the hope, on the faith and on the inspiration that our creative power is within, and is connected with the Creator, to generate that which we desire.  This symbol points to our devotion, and our belief that everything we have and are, is because of a higher power.  This speaks to us of the exceptional discipline, control, responsibility and strength we have within, with our unshakeable confidence in our ability to handle whatever problems and tribulation that comes our way.  This symbol is reminding us to reconnect with the creator, to go within our sacred abode, that the solutions are within and easily accessible.  The tip of the iceberg is sinking and disappearing says this Capricorn Full Moon, as it is a wake up call that we can no longer avoid to find the solutions to our problems.  There can be no more delays, as we need to make some drastic changes before it is too late and are forced into it.

“Revisiting Saturn in the Natal Ninth House betwixt Delay, but not Deny”


Many months have passed since I written an article entitled “The emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never”, and had many comments, which have confirmed my thoughts on the subject, but has also made me dig deeper into what else lies hidden in this quirky planet in this position in the chart.  I began to realize I have a love, hate relationship with Saturn, Gemini and the ninth house.  It is strange how Saturn evokes an intense emotion which seems similar and more appropriately assigned to the characteristics of Pluto.  I love it in Gemini and in the house it is in, but at the same time I hate it intensely and wish it could be simpler.  It has confused me and has made simple things complex, and made me execute things beyond the call of what I expect of others and myself.  It becomes a problem, when one interprets and delineates Saturn’s qualities with what the ninth house represents and what Gemini has to say for itself with the concept of delay, but not deny. Saturn demands structure, steadfastness, limitations, conscience, stamina and consistency.    The ninth house denotes foreign lands, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, higher studies, legal systems, information, and teaching.  Gemini represents communication, inquisitiveness, adaptability, versatility, and an interest and curiosity in everything.


I began to revisit the subject as I realized that what I discovered was missing late in my life, had begun a passion with an energy and force of its own, and a satisfaction, joy and confidence I had never experience before in my life.  It was so amazing I began to wonder if I could have discovered this excitement and its magic earlier.  Or did I have to wait for the right time, as everything in the universe seems to be were it should be, when it should be.  Was I right, in trying to use astrology to see if I could have been able to uncover my passion sooner?  Looking at the ninth house and the planets within, which should have given me a clue, but instead I missed it.  Was it because I wasn’t to know before the right time, or was it stupidity and misjudgment on my part?  I have always known that I had an active imagination with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth, but I never related it to a possibility that it could ever be connected with something I would enjoy doing and using.  Was I seeing the descriptions as just words with a set meaning and not giving them a broader and wider interpretation, my down fall?  For example was I seeing the word teacher as a description of a person in a classroom, and left out the possibilities of teaching through other communicative possibilities, like story telling for example in a relax environment? 


I am sure there are more ways than one to see the word, such as a guide or a creator, rather then just an authoritative figure of the subject.  A dancer may instruct and inspire by only the movements in a performance, without ever saying a word.  Now that is a very different way of seeing teaching as an idea, through sight.  Since it seems in my chart that it indicates that I had flexibility with my decision and directions in life and was not set in my ways.  Could I have had the opportunity to have developed my passion earlier, even if I had not recognized its importance of it at that moment in my life?  Thinking about it seriously I have to say no.  Knowing myself, since I felt I had no skills in this area until I was forced into it.  Discovering the possibilities it could offer to me and opening doors to opportunities I never imagined, expected or hoped for, spurred me on to work with it.  Although I have always felt that the Gemini in me, always loves to show off, especially the skills it is proficient in.  It tends to be very shy and unsure of it self when treading on unfamiliar grounds.  Having unfamiliarity and no confidence in the subject was a big stumbling block.  Would I had discovered my passion, had I not be pushed up against a wall?  The answer is no.  What I think happen, was that the force that pushed me was Saturn.  Saturn does its thing when it wants to, and at its own pace.  So my belief is that Saturn may delay until the time is appropriate, but not deny it, if we are open to accept and receive it.  What are your thoughts?

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