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“Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover Whispers the Solar Return Second House”

Living during these times is very exciting as the world is spinning so rapidly into the future, that every second of the day, something new is always being discovered and developed.  The idea behind the statement, “do not judge a book by its cover” is a concept we need to deal with in a new light and in a new way.  At onetime it meant to keep any preconceive ideas or prejudices of an individual or situation from being conceived in our mindset, but with all the new innovations, it includes almost anything and everything we see or come into contact with.  Experiencing today’s world we know that nothing is static, that everything is in constant change, and what something seems to be reality today, maybe a distant memory tomorrow.  Or what appears to be one thing, maybe something totally different, or not function as one would expect.  This is extremely important when it comes to delineating the second house solar return during these trying financial times.  In this fast paced world we live in, jumping to a conclusion, without further investigation is an easy step to fall into because so much information is vying for our attention.  As uncertain and unreliable as the times appears to be, it is important and a necessity that we make sure we don’t create unnecessary fears and stresses by misunderstanding and misinterpreting the events indicated by the return chart.

This is definitely true when we see Jupiter or Venus in the solar return second house, as we may quickly surmise that good things are coming our way during the coming year.  Or seeing Saturn or Mars, we might quickly come to the conclusion that hard and frugal times are on the horizon.  As quickly as the assumptions are made, it may just be as quick to reverse our decisions, as we take a closer and more detailed look at the chart.  As this world is changing so rapidly, we need to adapt and to improvise to the ever varying circumstances, because following the same old procedures does not seem to be working.  We as astrologers, who are advising ourselves and others to the state of affairs that might be in store for us, need to use every tool we have at our disposal to be as accurate as possible, which will give some indication and direction.  I have noticed that the essential dignities that were once the basic foundation of our studies, having been laid aside for more modern and quicker techniques.  Sometimes we use them, and at other times we are in such a hurry we forget they exist.  Using computer software to calculate our charts has made it easier for us to overlook some basic steps that should always be used for a thorough and precise delineation of any chart 

The essential dignities are like the horse and buggy, we know they are important, but at this point in time they are like the Model T Ford automobile.  They get you to where you want to be, but are very slow compared to our modern transportation and they just don’t fit into our lifestyle of today.  This is a big mistake in my thinking as the essential dignities are part of the basic foundation of astrology, which is similar in concept of the wheel which has not drastically changed through the years.  We must remember to use these basics and revitalize them for today.  Essential dignities will be the key ingredient to give color and dimension to our delineation.  We also need to begin to realize and to understand how the planets mimic and behave through the different signs as they travel throughout the zodiac.  Whether the planet is a benefic or malefic, is it happy and comfortable in the sign it is in?  Is the degree of the sign and the aspect it is making a hindrance or a help?  Is the planet in its exaltation, triplicity, face, term, fall, detriment, et cetera?  All these rules and concepts colors how well the planet will perform.  I have quickly learnt my lessons with my own solar return when I misjudged Jupiter and Saturn by not paying attention to the basics which created fears and stresses which could have been avoided.  The lesson at this juncture is never judge a book by its cover before reading and understanding the contents.

“Reevaluating and Understanding Bounds in Astrology Creates New Insights”

As an ardent student of the astrological arts in all its forms, I am very grateful and thankful to the Universe for my eternal curiosity and my ability to be open minded to all thoughts and ideas.  This I am confident to be attributed to my Mercury conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the ninth house trine Jupiter in Cancer on the cusp of the eleventh.  As for all beginning students, one needs to memorize certain symbols, thoughts and aphorisms which are the foundation of any subject to be mastered.  This is definitely true with astrology and one subject matter to have under your belt is the essential dignities which include the Domicile, Joys, Trigons (Triplicities and its ruler) and Bounds, also known as Terms.  Memorization is not one of my strong points, and the Bounds gave me trouble as they are irregular in length and different in each sign and they only utilize the five traditional planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, leaving out the Sun and the Moon.  My problem with the word Bounds, is that I didn’t understand the meaning in terms of how the planets reacted with their sign, and if a planet was weak and detrimental in a sign, how could it function normally within a limited space in the sign?  For years I avoided the subject matter as I could not find any explanation of how to use the Bounds that satisfied my ability to understand how it works.

I ran across two articles written by Douglas Noblehorse on the subject matter which was well written and gave examples by comparing and synthesizing the inter-relationships of any astrological point or planet in charts of couples with the possible fundamental connect or disconnect that would contribute to the harmony or disharmony of the relationship.  I still was not able to work with it, as I was still confused on the role of the planet and the role of the sign.  It was not until I read a discussion on the role of the signs and planets in one of my astrological egroups I belong to, that the light bulb came on.  Unfortunately I was half paying attention, and the information was stored away in my subconscious, until one day it pop out and I am not sure if I got it right or was I confused by my active imagination.  The jest of the matter I think was that the planets don’t choose the sign, but the sign which represents a constellation in the heavens grants sanctuary and freedom to the planet as it travels through the night sky.  This really made sense to me, as in my mind the planets were visitors or refugees and the signs were countries that gave the planets safe haven and a place of there own, to be who they were as long as they were in their allotted and limited space (bounds).  Wow was the only word I could voice as my thoughts race to see how I could put this idea to work and come up with a delineation of my own chart which would make common sense.

I decided to start with the ascendant, Moon and the Sun which would describe who I am and if it worked out as I was hoping, then try to describe what the other planets and angles have to say.  Using the Bounds according to the Egyptians, the Gemini ascendant (with Mercury as its ruler) falling within the Mar’s bound, made real sense to me, in the energy and accomplishment I place on things I believe in.  It describes me to others, as my actions speak louder then my words.  The Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini in the tenth house (with Mercury as its ruler) falling within Saturn’s bound which describes the structure, limitation, restriction, responsibility and organization I apply to my emotions, career and vocational objectives.  The Sun in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Cancer on the cusp of the eleventh house falling within the bounds of Jupiter convinced me this system really and truly gives a subtle insight that makes a difference in the delineation of a chart from being good to great.  This explains why I always want to see the good and positive side to everything and where I look for ways in which to turn a disruptive and destructive situation into something less malefic.  This method allows us to explain why apparently some people with signs that should really be compatible, but because of the difference in the degrees and the signs, falls under different planets. causing some tension and difference to an otherwise well-matched situation.  The bounds are used in Horary and I am sure it can be applied to transits, solar and lunar returns, and the directions.  I have applied the Bounds in delineating my friends’ charts, and have come up with new insights in giving a more subtle and clearer interpretation of the nature of their being and their future.  Try it and see what you think and let us all know how it works for you, and if it gives you new insights in interpreting charts?

“The Planets and their Meanings”



Self-Issues of identity – physical vitality – will – personality – self-expression

5th house ▬ Leo


Emotional development – instinctive – intimacy – home and family – mother.
4th house ▬ Cancer.


Thoughts – beliefs – learning – communication – short journeys – siblings
3rd house, Gemini ▬ 6th house, Virgo


Taste – attitudes – values – self-indulgence – beauty – lover – muse
2nd house, Taurus ▬ 7th house, Libra


Hero – energy – drive – sexual desire  
1st house, Aries ▬ 8th house, traditional ruler of Scorpio


Expansion of consciousness – limitations –  self-actualization – confidence – philosophy – theology – faith – optimism

9th house, Sagittarius ▬ 12th house, traditional ruler of Pisces.


Limitations = structure – goals-  emotional security – responsibility – image of the father.

 10th house, Capricorn ▬ 11th house, traditional ruler of Aquarius


Radical thinking –  rebellion – disruption of status quo – unexpected

11th house, Aquarius


Transcendence – spiritual experience –  addiction – merging of boundaries – inspiration.

 12th house, Pisces.


Transformation – breakdown of reality – destruction leading to rebirth – power issues – sexuality – compulsion

 8th house, Scorpio

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