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“Total Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini 20 on Dec 21st 2010, a Major Crossroad Crisis?”

The total Lunar Eclipse in 29 Gemini 20 at 12:14 a.m. PST happening December 21st 2010 is the third of the five Full Moons in a row that form at the last degree of a sign.  Besides being predisposed to the sign it is about to leave, it is starting to be influenced by the sign it is moving towards.  As this Full Moon is also a total Lunar Eclipse, the need to work with these energies, is of the upmost importance, as it amplifies our opportunities for transformation, rebirth and regeneration.  With the aspects of the planets and their relationship with the asteroids Pallas, Juno and Vesta, the zodiac is pointing to a major crossroad that we must tread upon lightly with wisdom and discernment, if we are to avoid a major crisis.  As this is the last eclipse for the year, the aspects of the past year have been nudging us to make some changes.  Indicating there is a turning point on the horizon in which we must take advantage of now and not miss the occasion presented.  This maybe the last time the Universe allows us the chance to make the changes in our lives, without interference from outside forces and situations.  Pallas the Warrior Queen is telling us we can no longer blindly follow others, but that we need to arouse the wisdom within and to defend what we consider important in our lives.  The survival instinct needed comes from using wisdom mixed with the right emotions to make things happen.  With the energies of Juno and Vesta, understanding the need to construct and sustain the right relationships and partnerships, will create and maintain the environment we wish to generate around us.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 30 degrees of Gemini and for the Sun in 30 degrees of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 30  Bathing beauties  This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of purely natural endowment, and of the soul as wholly inadequate except as it is able to meet some needs of everyday experience with the elements inherent in its make-up and so free from any or all responsibility to anything other then itself.  Here individuality gains a needed assurance through the phases of its being which prove immune from change or loss.  A person becomes himself as he is able thus to stand radiant and reliant among the total of his fellows.  The keyword is charm.  When positive, the degree is a special capacity for bringing the familiar desires and interests to an enduring representation of worthiness, and when negative, regression to childish vanities.

Sagittarius 30  The Pope  This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of the special values exalted in the various social and political hierarchies of modern civilization, and of man’s ambition as entirely inadequate except as he is able to meet some exceptional of everyday experience and so proceed to dramatize whatever abilities he may have developed in climbing to the position in which he finds himself.  A person is strengthened within himself by the appreciation he succeeds in winning from his fellows.  The keyword is sanctity.  When positive, the degree is and effective and spectacular sacrifice of self in some enduring service to the race at large, and when negative, inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power.

Within each one of us is instilled the innate talents, assets, and wisdom that will create the world we want from the trials, tribulations and chaos that is engulfing our society.  Before we can make use of these gifts, we need to give them the respect and sanctity they deserve, deleting any negative thoughts and knowing with certainty when called upon that they will come to our aid without hesitation and give their all.  Our responsibility is to realize that we are at the crossroads, and that we need to use all the gifts the Universe has given to us, to make the right choices.  To admit there is a major decision that needs to be made is the first step in deciding the right direction as we approach the crossroad of life to reach the destination we hope for.

“Mercury Retrograde on Dec 10th 2010 tells us to Review and Revise the Moment”

As the winter months are on their way, so is the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, is almost upon us happening on Friday December 10th 2010 at 5 Capricorn 54 through Thursday December 30th 2010 at 19 Sagittarius 37.  Especially during this period we need to be cautious, vigilant and alert to everything that is going on around us, if we are to be spared the frustration and stress that Retrograde may have in store for us.  With the Holidays almost here and with the additional activities involved, we need be particularly aware of how we choose our actions and response with care and consideration.  Paying attention to details and not rushing to finish a project will help us to avoid having to redo any situation or task at hand.  Having experienced this phenomenon many times, I can attest to the fact that if one is cautious, alert and aware of what is happening at the moment, one has nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Many times during these periods when a computer, car or electronic instrument is going haywire, our biggest problem is the frustration and the time involved.  Or when a letter, agreement or contract is involved and we did not pay attention to the small print or what was being said at the time.  We get a surprise which we did not foresee because our attention was elsewhere, and we should have lived the moment when it was happening. 

What disturbs me with this interlude is that we as astrologers tend to emphasize the negative aspects, rather then the positive actions we can take to avoid the frustrations and delays related to retrograde.  Instead of avoiding certain situations, being prepared mentally and being alert for whatever comes our way, is a way to avoid the pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde.  Knowing that delays and unexpected outcomes are possible, our attitude toward the situation should be more of calmness, rather then agitation.  As we meet each negative situation with a positive action, we begin to create a positive force around us that begins to attract more positive vibes.   In this way our thoughts are creating less frustration and stress during this time cycle.  Mercury in Capricorn retrograding back to Sagittarius is telling us to review our thinking and action of the past, and if need be, revise our thinking, so that our actions can relate to that which we wish and want for the future.  Mercury is reminding us that we are the messenger to our hopes, wishes, and the philosophy we live by, and if things aren’t going the way we expected, we need to make some changes.  During this retrograde, Mercury is allowing us the meditation period to go within and bring out the answers we have within our higher spiritual self.  Mercury is the messenger from our higher spiritual self to our conscious and subconscious self.  We need to use this time to reflect, reorganize, review, revise, focus and resolve issues to keep our life on track to achieve its goals.

“The Sabian symbol for the 6th degrees of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 6  A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom  This is the symbol of the illimitable resources of self in preserving its own integrity through the varying fortunes of everyday living, and of the satisfaction anyone may know through a conscious direction of his own destiny.  Personality comes to fulfillment as it realizes that its function is an unending exploration of its own potentialities.  Man remains unimpeachably himself because he is able to extend himself indefinitely.  The keyword is thoroughness.  When positive, the degree is high competence in the interpretation of life’s purposes or unusual persistence in employing its ramifying potentials effectively, and when negative, fear of experience and bondage to mystery.

This Sabian symbol reinforces the thought that Mercury the messenger has in its secret vaults, limitless resources for achieving our goals and wishes.  The first thing that we need to do, is to take time out of our busy schedule and review and revisit that which is important to us and that which gives us, our reasons and joys to continue our journey.  This is what I believe Mercury Retrograde does, it is giving us a brief period of time in our busy schedule to slow down and live each moment as if it would be our last.  In this way we have a chance to reflect and reorganize what really matters to us.  What we learn as we experience the frustrations and delays that Mercury can provoke, is that some of those things we thought were so important seem to fall by the way side.  By living each moment as it arrives, we begin to see what really matters to us, and this is the message Mercury Retrograde is trying to convey to us.

“13 Sag 28 New Moon on Dec 5th 2010 Reminds Us to Attempt the Impossible Dream”

The more I meditate on the moon phases and write about them, the more I realize, how powerful these subtle energies are in directing our thoughts and directions, then we think, even if they do not aspect our natal charts.  These meditations bring a magic all their own and a ritual as powerful as any magical talisman will bring to its wearer and creator.  As we meditate on the New Moon at 9:36 a.m. PST at 13 Sagittarius 28 on December 5th 2010, it reminds us to reach for and to attempt the impossible dream.  As we are apparently finishing up with some of the difficult aspects of the past year for the time being, some still remain behind, reminding us that the trials and tribulations are not over and done with, just yet.  If we are to move on to greener pastures we need to make some dramatic changes in our thinking, as indicated by Mars in Sagittarius in sextile to Neptune and Chiron and square to Jupiter and Uranus.  It is reminding us that we have been through a lot so far, but not enough to make it any easier to adapt to new ways of thinking and doing things.  With Mercury conjunct Pluto the aspects are forcing us to stretch and be more flexible then we have ever been before.  If we thought we had to think out of the box before, the patterns in the night sky is telling us we must reach further out of the box and be open to new and different possibilities, we never dreamt of working with before.  This is not the time to continue as we have, because if we do continue as we have been, it will only be the same as we always had.  To break old habits is as difficult as changing to new ones which carries with it, trials and errors.

“The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 14  The pyramids and the Sphinx  This is a symbol of the ultimate criterion of reality provided by the common or physical world of normal experience, here at the extreme of man’s enduring works in material substance.  There are myriads of testimonials to human genius across the surface of the globe. And these provide the fabric for a friendship of creative capacity and give even the least of individuals an assurance and a self-sustainment as he continues to make his new or better mark on the face of events.  The keyword is certification.  When positive, the degree is effective practicality through a gift for bringing real imagination to everyday living, and when negative, ridiculous efforts to fill the shoes of giants.

It is through reaching beyond what we think we are capable of, that we achieve something so incredible, that it proves to our conscious and subconscious, that the best can be accomplished.  By not settling for the mediocre, we come to perfect that which was once only in our imagination, into actuality.  With purpose and the ability to organize our thinking, we can accomplish and materialize with perfection into reality, our dreams, wishes and visions.  It is through thinking out of the box that the ancients built the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt and the Temples to glorify the Universe by the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas and the other great wonders of the world.  To us they are great achievements, but to the ancients they were reaching for the impossible dream to fulfill their vision and purpose in this world.  If the ancients did not allow their fears or doubts to stop them from achieving their goals, how do we have any excuse, not to attempt to reach for our dreams?  This is where the energies of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron will lend their support and give us the courage to have the conviction that we will achieve the impossible dream, but first we must reach for it.

“E-Z Steps to the Essence and the Intentions of the Solar Return Chart for the Year”

A Solar Return chart is my favorite method in determining the essence and the intentions for the coming year for my self, friends and clients.  As with the natal chart, if one is to delineate the chart with precision and accuracy, one follows certain steps to achieve the best results.  The trouble with steps and procedures is that sometimes certain parts of the astrological chart is so intriguing and exciting, we throw caution to the wind and concentrate our attention in that area which caught our interest.  This may cause a setback because we may have lost the subtleties that may only be deciphered by following the rules.  My first teacher emphasized to me that she would rather calculate a chart by hand, because she was able to see aspects that she might have missed through a computer generated chart.  This made sense to me in the same way as a famous writer expressed, “I write so that I may know what I think”.  Unless we proceed in an organize manner our ability to delineate the chart will be hindered by not seeing all the possibilities.

The steps I am about to lay out are from my favorite author astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche.  The first rule would be to locate in which house the Sun is in the Solar Return chart, as this would indicate the central focus and major issues that will need to be worked on.  See where the ruling planet of the sign the Sun is in, and how it aspects the Sun and the influence it may have, and how it may color any situation.  Next we need to check to see the Solar Return Ascendant and the Natal house it is in, to determine the personal themes and the way the individual will deal with any circumstances.  The modality of the sign will determine how much energy will be spent in getting something done, or will the individual continue as he has been, or will he seek other avenues of approach, and be open to chart new areas of investigations.  Any planet conjunct or in aspect to an angle will give energy and importance to that planet.  The solar Return Midheaven like the Natal Midheaven denotes worldly status, career and public involvement.  Seeing what house the ruler of the Midheaven is in and how it aspects the other planets will determine the subtle influence that will affect the career during the coming year and how the individual sees himself through his peers.

The other important planet besides the ascendant, in understanding the individual is to locate the Solar Return Moon and its relationship and aspect to the Natal Moon as this will determine the emotional life in the coming year, and the ability of the individual to adapt to any situation that confronts it.  How different are the two Moons and are they in beneficial aspects to one another, will determine how flexible and capable the individual will be able to deal with, what ever life’s problems are thrown in the way.  Again one needs to see what house the ruler of the sign the Moon is in and how it aspects it, to determine what issues will color the emotional state of the individual for the coming year.  The other important planet is Mercury and the sign it is in, and its’ relationship to the natal Mercury as it will indicate how well we will communicate with ourselves and others and our ability to learn new things and ideas in the coming year.  The other planets are also important, but I feel these first steps are the most important as they deal with the personality of the person and the way the person will deal with each situation.  As long as we understand the subtleties these planets and signs brings into our consciousness and work with them, and only then, can we benefit from their energy and wisdom.  It is being open to their influence, that their energy can work their magic in our lives.

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