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Respect and Appreciate are the Keywords for the 28 Gemini 43 New Moon on June 19th

As we are at the very beginning of the twenty first century and the time seems to be rapidly approaching the next century, we need to realize that nothing is ever going to have its usual or regular cycle that we will have become accustomed to, as that reliability has seem to have flown out of the window.  The norm or the customary has lost its allure to the cyber generation, whom are always seeking the new, innovative, and the must have.  So the erratic and the unusual will become their common place to hold their interest and attention, which is not surprising and to be expected in this world, which is changing as quickly as the velocity of sound.  This can be seen with the economical situation which seems to be winding its way up and down in an instant of a moment’s notice and the weather patterns seems to be taking their cue from the financial sector and is reacting without rhyme or reason with surprising and dismaying effects at every turn.

With this surrounding atmosphere and within a few days of the approaching summer equinox, the 28 Gemini 41 New Moon at 9:03 am PDT pm June 19th 2012 is expressing to us, to respect and to appreciate our essential good in all of creation.  With the essential dignities pointing to and concentrating on Venus conjunct Jupiter and the new moon phase in trine to Saturn and Neptune square Mars, it is asking us to acknowledge and to honor what we hold dear to our hearts.  What we consider the highest standards we choose to live by and the philosophy to guide our every step needs to take its position in the spotlight, and become a living testimony to what we really stand for and believe in.  We need to break out of our peer pressure and the preoccupation we have for processions, which we think will define us in the twenty first century.  To being true to our dreams, wishes and who we really are that have been buried deep within ourselves, which makes life worth living and at the same time fulfilling our purpose and destiny in this life.

“The Sabian symbol for the 29th degree of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 29  The first mockingbird in spring  This is a symbol of the contribution of aesthetic experience to the strengthening of self at core, given emphasis by the skill in imitation through which any vicarious participation in life is enhanced.  Here man’s aspiration becomes articulate far in advance of his self-refinement, and as a result the promise in his given case may be manifest in achievements of which he would be quite incapable in normal course.  At the least he is called to attempt a self-revelation which will add real stature to his role in everyday living.  The keyword is quickening.  When positive, the degree is consistent stimulation to others in all human affairs, and when negative, annoying self-assertiveness.

This symbol speaks to us of an awakening of who we are, our ability, and our philosophy which is our foundation, and that which we may find support and help from, when all else fails.  It is a wake up call for action and urgency to pay attention to the talents and assets we have let lie dormant for inspiration and motivation of oneself to accomplish what we thought was once, impossible.  This symbol empowers each one of us that the creative power is within, and if we work with the laws of the Universe, our wishes will become reality.  It also is subtly reminding us not to allow our intuition in this day and age of the internet to lose sight or the use of it and the significance it has in directing our lives in the right direction.  So as we experience and meditate on the arrival of the 28 Gemini 43 New Moon on June 19th 2012, may we respect and appreciate all that the Universe has given us.

“A Good Horary Question or Reading has an Ending, a Beginning and a Surprise Middle”

My love for astrology and its different predictive methods has been a long love affair with many happy, gratifying, and satisfying moments.  One that comes to mind happened recently that gave me reason to rethink and to reevaluate in how I see, think and reason things out.  Horary astrology has always been an interest of mine, especially since I discovered and joined an egroup devoted to the subject.  As I read their discussions, it continues to confirm and validate my belief that everything in the Universe is connected and is responding and working with one another.  As my studies are on going, I began to realize that horary was not going to be easy for me to master at this time, but I hope to sometime in the future.  Horary is like a birth of a new born baby, in which one needs to anticipate the preparation, the care and the precautions to provide the best circumstances to ensure a healthy child.   This is very true when one is formatting the question to be asked, one needs to take safeguards and keep in mind, to be clear in our thoughts and to be precise about the information we are searching for. 

With this in the back of my mind, when I came across a situation that I was not able find a solution for, I sought help from an expert Christine N. Davis of “Ask Christine Astrology”, whom I greatly admire from reading her articles in the Mountain Astrologer magazine.  Horary is the art of prediction, by giving birth to a question concerning the problem or situation, by noting the time and the place when the situation was understood by the astrologer.  Horary charts were the major delineation used over natal charts during the early days of astrology, as the destiny of one’s life was depended on one’s place in the social hierarchy one was born to, which pretty much determined one’s fate at the time.   When I formed the question and sent it on, I was surprised and upset with myself when I received a reply from Christine that the query was confusing.  In relooking at the inquiry, I was disappointed that I allowed my stress to interfere with my thinking from being more precise.  This taught me a lesson and made me reorganize what was bothering me, and to what I really wanted to know was happening. 

The funny and queer thing about the whole situation was that after arriving at a more precise and clearer question, my stress eased and I felt better about the whole thing.  It seemed to me that as soon as I was clear to myself, what was actually bothering me; the path became clearer in want I needed, which eliminated some of the fears and unknown factors which was plaguing my thoughts.  Although I didn’t have the answer at the moment, the surprise was the amount of relief which came from understanding my real position concerning the matter.  This gave me hope that with any circumstances I will encounter in the future, if I could understand what was troubling me, the answer may not be clear, but the path I need to take will be.  This would be my first step to success and in accomplishing my goals and hopes.  In summing up, when one decides to ask a horary question, obviously something is near the end and something is on the horizon and the astrologer is going to give one, the possible outcome.  The surprise middle comes from the querent, in how one will deal with the solution in one’s thoughts and one’s actions.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and if you would use this predictive method in your life when needed?

“The Wisdom and Solutions is Within Illuminates the 14 Sag 13 Lunar Eclipse on June 4th 2012”

All around the globe in the ancient world, eclipses of any sort has frightened, confused and excited mankind for millennia.  Today we have become so blaze that we no longer cower in the wake of it, but see it as phenomenon to behold as a side show from the Universe.  As the night winds begins to blow, cooling the evening from the scorching rays and heat of the sun during the day, the second eclipse of the year in the form of a partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sagittarius 13 at 4:11 am PDT on June 4th 2012 is happening.  The moon is stating and illuminating the fact that the wisdom and solutions to our difficulties and problems, may lie within, instead of looking outside of ourselves.  With this phase of the moon in trine to Uranus, square to Mars and in opposition to Venus and to Mercury, it is reminding us, that it is in  how we think, view and take action in any situation that confronts us, that will be the difference from success and failure.  Our successful accomplishment may not be apparent to ourselves or to others, but our inner self will know what path we have taken or need to take.  We may not win, but neither will we ever lose, if our purpose is connected with noble and spiritual ideas.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 15 degrees of Sagittarius and for the Sun in 15 degrees of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 15  The ground hog looking for its shadow  This is a symbol of the creative interest of the immediate set or drift of the potentialities on which he must depend.  Here is his direct rehearsal of experience through an anticipation of eventualities, or an unhesitating and thoroughly practical trial and error.  Implicit in the symbolism is a consistent sensitiveness to straws in the wind, and a willingness to make any amount of self-adjustment in order to capitalize on the situation of the moment.  The keyword is reassurance.  When positive, the degree is a natural talent for determining the proper course of action or reaction in any given issue, and when negative, lack of self-stability and ingrained timidity.

Gemini 15  Two Dutch children talking  This is a symbol of the creative interest of man in the broad range of potentialities on which he may draw.  His rehearsal of experience  here becomes vicarious and a matter of childlike or unconditioned familiarity with the simple contributions of the self to its milieu at root, thus facilitating a more effective grasp of life on every practical or everyday level.  All relationships are reduced to common elements of background and skills.  The keyword is clarification.  When positive, the degree is self-confidence of spirit by which man is able to establish himself advantageously at ease in any possible situation, and when negative, extreme provincialism and inability to communicate ideas of any moment.

This symbol connects and works so closely with the message from the aspects occurring in the night sky, in that it is saying to us to trust our higher intuition and its keen sensitivity in seeing beyond what the physical appearances allows us to understand and to comprehend.  In so doing we connect with our subconscious in our attempt to see into the future or predict possible outcomes.  In this way we develop the willingness, flexibility and the ability to make whatever changes that are needed to accomplish our objectives, wishes and hopes.  The keyword here is investigation, to look before we leap into the abyss.  In this way it gives us a head start in the right direction.  Our special capacity and ability to connect and bond with others with the same interest and concern, will help us to improvise something together to achieve a successful conclusion, we would not be able to achieve alone.  Our greatest gift from the Universe is our ability to grow and learn from challenging difficulties and situations.  As we experience the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, may we go within our own holy quiet place and remind our selves that the wisdom and the solutions are within.

No Pain No Gain Shouts the Natal Midheaven Conjunct the Solar Return Ascendant”

As my study and research into interpreting solar returns continues (which is a chart to determine the influences for the coming year) especially with the writings of Morin and his contemporaries, more questions than answers come to mind.  One author implied that when the natal midheaven conjuncts the solar return ascendant, this would designate change, promotion, or something beneficial involving the career or standing among the community, will befall the individual in question.  This made sense as the midheaven appears to move towards the ascendant instead of vice or versa which in my opinion should make this beneficial aspect be experienced without too much effort or difficulties.  This I did not find to be the case in several charts I have been studying which I do not mean to imply something good did not happen, but the recognition and monetary rewards was connected with doubt, fear, anxiety, difficulties and hard work.  This befuddled me, until I followed the first basic rule of Morin to always compare the natal to the solar return when coming to any conclusion of what the New Year will bring.  I noticed that aligning the two charts that the solar return ascendant was square the natal, and bingo the light bulb turned on. 

I began to give this situation more attention, since I noticed that in some instances it may be possible for the aspect to be a trine or a sextile, making it easier to achieve recognition for one’s effort, then with a square.  Would the amount of difficulties each individual experienced in achieving the accolades of praise, color their feelings about it?  Did one work harder from the very beginning, and the other was just at the right place, at the right time?  All kinds of questions were whirling in my thoughts, and no answers were forthcoming.  All was a mystery to me, and I was beginning to wonder if I had just opened a can of worms.  As I continued to ponder, I slowly came to the realization that it depended on the sign these two points or angles were in, and the degree of the rulers and the aspects they were making with one another.  The essential dignities and what houses were involved and interacting with the situation.  All this needed to be considered before one could make a judgment whether either aspect is better than the other.  Both brought the same honors, but the degree of difficulty and the amount of joy and satisfaction may have been different for each, or was it?

The thick and thin of it is that I believe each aspect has its own difficulties, tribulations and hardships in reaching the recognition and the rewards.  One with the square had worked hard and that it needed to justify the decision made.  Where as the other may have been in the right place at the right time, but needed to prove the honor given was well deserved and not misplaced.  With the natal midheaven approaching the solar return ascendant, it gives us the indications that the time of fulfillment has come.  As Morin always emphasized, the chart only indicates, and as individuals, we make the final decision.  Remember this important point that the Universe may present us with the opportunities, but we must have the ambition, the wisdom and the knowledge to work with it to achieve our desires.  In conclusion I have come to the realization the square is the better aspect to have and to deal with, if I had the choice.  Because, after all the hard work, what we learnt and what we achieved through experiencing these difficulties can never be taken away from us.  That the deterrents and hardships in the long run will enrich our lives, and the honors we receive will be most appreciated because of the obstacles being placed in our path have been overcome.  This square aspect teaches us to appreciate and to have gratitude for all the good that comes to us, no matter what we achieve.

Take Action or Fall Short with Visionary Imagery Echoes the May 20th 2012 Solar Eclipse”


Solar eclipses are like all new moons, which signals endings and beginnings, but unlike the regular phase of the moon they are major influences that are felt in different degrees depending on the astrological aspects and the sensitivity of the individual.  For some of us the change and the revitalization are obvious, and for others the transformation is hardly noticeable, but others may sense it inwardly.  As one season begins to fade and a new one is about to start, this period’s significant lunation at 00 Gemini 20 with its mystical and magical influences are about to be release on the global atmosphere on May 20th 2012 at 4:48 pm PDT echoing that we need to take action with our visionary imagery and see what possibilities exist.  By ignoring or missing the message it may have for us, we will be falling short of fulfilling our wishes, hopes and dreams for the future.


This Gemini eclipse conjunct the south nodes trine Neptune and Chiron with close proximity to Jupiter, Mercury, and Ceres, is intimating that past events are effecting, and are needed to be incorporated in turning our present and future decisions into reality we hope for and would like to see happen.  The results from our past actions seem to have come back to haunt us.  This explains and gives meaning to the words Karma and Dharma in that we need to choose our thoughts, expressions and actions with care and caution as they may return to us as unwelcomed quests.  The world of imagination and fantasy has opened its portals during this time period to be available at our fingertips to help us see beyond our normal capabilities into the creative thinking of tomorrow and beyond, to solve some of the obstacles, problems and difficulties facing us today.  This threshold if used properly with wisdom may become a window to opportunities. 


 “The Sabian symbol for the 1st degree of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.


Gemini 1  A glass-bottomed boat in still water  This is a symbol of man’s alertness to every ramification of experience open to him, and of the necessity that he take definite action his own account if he is to capitalize on any particular opportunity.  The emphasis is on an objective inactivity of value to the individual as it becomes a poise through which he is able to regrasp his destiny at each point of advantage, and as it gives him a readiness of touch with the transient stream of everyday affairs.  The keyword is curiosity.  When positive, the degree is high competence in the estimation of life’s potentialities, and when negative, a lack of effective participation in reality because of continual indecisiveness.


This symbol speaks to us of a heightened awareness, that can be attained by our curiosity and sincerity through new ideas in whatever forms or disguises, which are presented to us for our consideration and use.  The need to develop our perceptions, emotions, and detachments with objectiveness to any new concepts is essential in seeing and accomplishing new vistas.   Our ability to recognize the potentials of any conceptual idea is greatly enhanced by our ability to adapt and improvise in any given situation and to the degree of confidence and trust we have in our higher intuitions, inspirations, and imaginations.  We need to remind ourselves of the energy and potential that is directed towards us with this Solar Eclipse in Gemini echoing the significance of our actions and the prospects that may be achievable in our visionary imagery in its connection with the mystical and magical world, bringing into reality new concepts and possibilities in fulfilling our dreams.

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