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“Redefining One’s Priorities Reinstates the Sun in the Solar Return Second House!”

Delineating a chart is like reading a well written mystery novel giving one many clues and keeping one’s interest involved until the very end to see if one has discovered the culprit among the characters.  The joy and satisfaction does not come from just the end of the story, but with the journey itself and the many discoveries along the way.  This I found very true when it comes to delineating a solar return chart, especially one where the Sun is located in the second House of the return.  I have always associated the Sun to Mercury in that it is neither benefic nor malefic until its associations and aspects with the other planets are defined.  The Sun may be comfortable or exalted in a sign, but because of its association and situation it finds itself in, will not be operating at its fullest potential, or vice versa. After many years of observation with the Sun in this position, I have come to the conclusion that the chart indicates a redefining of the individual’s priorities during the indicated year concerned, not necessarily benefic or malefic.  The action of the individual is one of independence from the influence of any individuals, events, circumstances and situations that makes the individual feel hemmed in.  

As the financial downturn does not seem to be making any progress in getting better, a fellow co-worker related his plans for the coming year which included retirement.  He felt the situation the company was experiencing would in time force him to retire, and he wished to do it on his own terms.  This made me wonder if the Sun was in his solar return second house in the year in question, and not surprisingly it was.  The Sun was conjunct Pluto trine Jupiter which indicated the situation was more thought out then he related to me, of beating the company to the punch.  Using Morin’s method of deduction and working with the essential dignities, one realizes he had given it a thorough going over in his mind before deciding on the final outcome.  Although I feel he will come out of it with flying colors, I don’t think his main concern was financial, it was more important that he was the deciding factor, of the destiny that was ahead of him.  His priorities have taken a turn around, and those things which were once very important took a back seat to the new vision he had.

In delineating a Solar Return chart, one always needs to consider the natal chart at the same time.  The natal indicates the assets and talents we came into this world with, and the Solar Return is how we use these talents in the New Year.  Our accomplishments depend on how well we use the gifts the Universe has endow us with, and with what degree of determination we have to bring it into reality.  What house the solar return second is in the natal, will determine the area the individual has financial anxieties.  Normally the Sun in this house does not necessarily indicate an increase or decrease of funds.  The individual may feel under paid and unappreciated during the year. The sun in the solar return second creates a need to reassess our standing among our peers and the amount of respect we feel we deserve.  This is the year where it is essential for the individual to reassess what will bring happiness and satisfaction.  With the Sun in the Solar Return Second, it emphasizes and reinstates our obligation to redefine our priorities if we are to fulfill our wishes and dreams in the coming year.

“No Planets in the Solar Return Second House Says to Look Before You Leap!”

The most important concept I have learnt in life, and have always believed in, is to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  As a student of the art who believes astrology can predict the future, some may see me as pessimistic, in anticipating the possibilities of what might come into fruition.  Maybe that is the reason why I have come to behave in the manner that one should always be prepare for whatever situation one encounters.  “Be prepared” was my key word I learnt in the cub scouts.  My birth chart disposes me to see the optimistic side, to a point of being unrealistic, this aspect in my personality caused me to be concern when a fellow worker expressed his apprehensions for the financial situation in the coming year. 

Normally I would not give this a second thought because of the times we are going through, but having studied his natal chart with Jupiter and Venus on the angle of the first house which gives him the ability to see through the darkness to the light of any situation, I began to wonder what in his solar return in the coming year would indicate his concern.  His solar return chart for the New Year shows an empty second house, which immediately instilled in me a sense of caution, telling me to look before I leap to any conclusions.  Before studying Morin, I might assume that the finances would not have been a major issue to be considered in the pursuing period. 

Following Morin’s steps in delineating the solar return, it becomes obvious that the matter is nagging on him, but differently then what appears to be the reason.  The chart has almost returned back to the original position it was in, in the natal.  Venus and Jupiter have returned to the same angle, with Saturn in Libra also conjunct an angle.  The ruler of the second finance house is Venus, in a sign it is happy in.  The Sun has returned to the eleventh house of wishes, goals and friends who help him in accomplishing his goals.   All these factors points to a very important year, where things can be accomplished as the assets, the talents, the promises and the gifts given at birth will be at his finger tips, during the coming year. 

Generally a good period for everything involving profession, occupation, reputation, fortune, finances, and investing. With the natal second on the solar return ascendant, it shows concern in the area of his finances, in his possessions, in relationship to his feelings, in his abilities to nurture, in his willingness to protect and in what he considers to be within his domain and interest.  Care, caution and consideration are a necessity when he gets involved in the sharing of ideas, in working with contracts and in the signing of legal documents.  During this time the thoughts floating through the individual’s insight may appear far fetched and even quite abstract even to himself, but he needs to trust his instinct and follow his feelings, as success will be in reach, even though it doesn’t seem apparent.

New interests, unexpected directions and projects will force the individual out of his familiarity and comfort zone, leading him into new vistas, testing his confidence and intuition.  This experience will be giving him new areas in which to explore and surmount any situation in the way he does best.  The time is now for personal reassessment of the rules he judges himself by and the clarification and revision of his objectives and vision in which to integrate his rational thinking with his emotional feelings.  In this way he will be able to turn his concepts and thoughts into the reality he understands and can appreciate and work with.

With any delineation of any chart, the stars indicate the directions and energies; the individual has the freedom of choice to decide to fulfill the promise or allow the cause and the effect to make their own choices.  Whether the future indicates benefic or malefic outcomes, how we choose to live will determine the degree it will accomplish in its end results.  As the gifts and the blessings may be indicated, the final outcomes depend on the actions of the individual involved.  Even with the stars working with the individual, the person in question needs to take control of his life and to be consciously alert and to be articulate in his thoughts and action.  As with the astrologer in delineating the chart, the consultant in carrying out and fulfilling the promise of the chart, needs to look before he or she leaps into action, if success is to be achieve.

“Uranus in the Solar Return Tenth House Says to Expect the Unexpected as the Norm”

As an ardent student and follower of astrology, I have always felt if something important, whether good or bad is happening in one’s life, it should show up in a chart.  With the financial downturn, some businesses are having more difficulties in making a turn around, or just keeping afloat, then others.  A week ago, the General Manager of the company I work for, suddenly announced he was retiring.  This caught everyone by surprise and the rumors began to fly.  What made it worst was the fact, that he left the company one week after the announcement.  I assumed the decision came from the main office and I began to wonder if he suspected and anticipated it, or was it a personal health problem he was dealing with?  Fortunately he took action while he had the advantage to get the most out of the situation at hand, instead of waiting for the foreseeable future.  Luckily I had his birth data, and I wanted to assure myself, the facts would show up.  My emotions were racing as I watched the chart unfold on to the computer screen, and as I studied the chart, I began to understand the situation and the decision he made.  The obvious indication was Uranus in the Solar Return tenth house hinting at unexpected changes in his job situation.

The interesting thing, he was about three weeks away from his birthday when he gave his resignation, indicating how quickly his chart was fulfilling the scenario of the possibilities of the coming year, and the paths he might take.  The solar return ascendant was in the natal second house of finance with the solar return tenth house in the natal eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes.  With Uranus in the house of careers, the unexpected is to be expected, not necessarily as malefic as one might assume, but more beneficial when considering future outcomes.  With Mars and the Moon in the first on the edge of the second house, trine Uranus and sextile the natal Sun in the fourth house of home and final outcomes, and with the Sun in opposition to Uranus, the circumstances and the decision he would make would appear to be beneficial in the long run.  It seems from the surface of the aspects that the decision from management did not come as a surprise to him.  With Mercury sextile his Moon, he needed to get in touch with his feelings and emotions, in deciding what was important to him and his future and to deal with the inevitable that was approaching sooner or later.  The key and the aspect I feel that made him to decide on the path he decided on was Mars and the Moon on the cusp of the second trine to the Sun pointing to a financial settlement to his satisfaction.  This I found out later through a reliable source was the turning point.

My thoughts on Uranus, having seen it in many Return charts, is the unexpected and unusual things that occur with one’s career and professional life, is not necessarily an unpleasant situation or occurrence for the individual involved.  Sometimes there is a career change instigated by the individual or the surrounding conditions, which are more often at this point in time the repercussions of the collective events happening globally.  With this aspect one must grasp opportunities and solutions almost impromptu without long reflection, or perhaps independently of such thoughts.  As our impulsive action on our first intuition, may bring more fruition, happiness and satisfaction then we realize at the moment.  Uranus is like going through Mercury Retrograde, one never knows what to expect.  Uranus needs to be handled with caution, sensitivity, and carefulness to avoid misguided decisions.  We need to react to circumstances and situations spontaneously to achieve and to maintain the career success we are aiming and hoping for.  I do believe much of the frustrations and stress we experience with this planet in the tenth house is sometimes caused by our own carelessness in paying attention, or not paying attention to the particulars.  My final thought is that we will experience Uranus in a better light if we treat the unexpected as the norm during this period of time, and not fear it.

“Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover Whispers the Solar Return Second House”

Living during these times is very exciting as the world is spinning so rapidly into the future, that every second of the day, something new is always being discovered and developed.  The idea behind the statement, “do not judge a book by its cover” is a concept we need to deal with in a new light and in a new way.  At onetime it meant to keep any preconceive ideas or prejudices of an individual or situation from being conceived in our mindset, but with all the new innovations, it includes almost anything and everything we see or come into contact with.  Experiencing today’s world we know that nothing is static, that everything is in constant change, and what something seems to be reality today, maybe a distant memory tomorrow.  Or what appears to be one thing, maybe something totally different, or not function as one would expect.  This is extremely important when it comes to delineating the second house solar return during these trying financial times.  In this fast paced world we live in, jumping to a conclusion, without further investigation is an easy step to fall into because so much information is vying for our attention.  As uncertain and unreliable as the times appears to be, it is important and a necessity that we make sure we don’t create unnecessary fears and stresses by misunderstanding and misinterpreting the events indicated by the return chart.

This is definitely true when we see Jupiter or Venus in the solar return second house, as we may quickly surmise that good things are coming our way during the coming year.  Or seeing Saturn or Mars, we might quickly come to the conclusion that hard and frugal times are on the horizon.  As quickly as the assumptions are made, it may just be as quick to reverse our decisions, as we take a closer and more detailed look at the chart.  As this world is changing so rapidly, we need to adapt and to improvise to the ever varying circumstances, because following the same old procedures does not seem to be working.  We as astrologers, who are advising ourselves and others to the state of affairs that might be in store for us, need to use every tool we have at our disposal to be as accurate as possible, which will give some indication and direction.  I have noticed that the essential dignities that were once the basic foundation of our studies, having been laid aside for more modern and quicker techniques.  Sometimes we use them, and at other times we are in such a hurry we forget they exist.  Using computer software to calculate our charts has made it easier for us to overlook some basic steps that should always be used for a thorough and precise delineation of any chart 

The essential dignities are like the horse and buggy, we know they are important, but at this point in time they are like the Model T Ford automobile.  They get you to where you want to be, but are very slow compared to our modern transportation and they just don’t fit into our lifestyle of today.  This is a big mistake in my thinking as the essential dignities are part of the basic foundation of astrology, which is similar in concept of the wheel which has not drastically changed through the years.  We must remember to use these basics and revitalize them for today.  Essential dignities will be the key ingredient to give color and dimension to our delineation.  We also need to begin to realize and to understand how the planets mimic and behave through the different signs as they travel throughout the zodiac.  Whether the planet is a benefic or malefic, is it happy and comfortable in the sign it is in?  Is the degree of the sign and the aspect it is making a hindrance or a help?  Is the planet in its exaltation, triplicity, face, term, fall, detriment, et cetera?  All these rules and concepts colors how well the planet will perform.  I have quickly learnt my lessons with my own solar return when I misjudged Jupiter and Saturn by not paying attention to the basics which created fears and stresses which could have been avoided.  The lesson at this juncture is never judge a book by its cover before reading and understanding the contents.

“As is, is No Longer the Norm with Uranus in the Solar Return Second House”

It appears that the financial recession is taking a lot longer to bring to an end then the financial experts have hoped for.  This is no surprise to astrologers, especially those in the field who specialize in the financial aspects of the art, as they have been predicting a slow recovery from the very beginning.  Even being an astrologer and having foreknowledge, one is not immune to the stress and frustration the global community is experiencing at the moment.  I decided to take a quick glance at my solar return for 2011 and found Uranus in the Second House, which gave me some uneasiness and alarm.  I did not fully comprehend the chart at the time and the stress and fear began to build up until I resume my study.  That was my big mistake, which I wish to at this time to forewarn my readers not to jump to conclusions before doing an in-depth study of any chart.  As a student of the art I should have know better, but the climate of the time has created the environment we respond to, even if we have the knowledge to react in a more constructive manner.  After giving my self the time to really research Uranus in the Second, I realized that what we think we see, is not always out in the open, and that we need to look beyond and underneath what we see, to get to the nitty gritty of the matter at hand.

Uranus in the second house of the solar return chart indicates a change or disruption in one’s earning power and financial situation with minor or major alterations that can be either positive or negative which may occur more then once during the coming year.  One’s priorities, ideas, philosophies of life, attitudes, morals and values are changing and are surprising us by the unusual and unexpected directions it is taking.  The changes and disruptions in the person’s life are initiated and or approved by the individual, rather then by outside circumstances.  Some of the keywords associated with the planet are uncertainty, sudden change, disruption, upheaval, liberation, restraints, innovation, shattering old structures and thoughts, et cetera.  Uranus in this house creates the need to bring about change, not necessarily for an increase in financial benefits, but for the sake of change.  Whether these changes we place into action are considered minor or major, and or for better or worst is depended on the aspects of Uranus in the natal chart in comparison to the solar return chart.

The first steps one needs to take in order to realize whether Uranus in the solar return second house is benefic or malefic, is to understand the condition and environment it is in, and the aspects it has with the other planets in the natal and return charts.  Which house is it in, in the natal chart, and the aspects it is making with the solar return Uranus?  Is the planet working at its full potential in either chart, if not, how does it affect the final outcome?  Is the ruler of the sign of the natal Uranus compatible and in what aspect is it making with the ruler of the sign of the solar return Uranus?  Is there any aspect to the angles by any of the planets either in the natal or solar chart that would strengthen the influence of Uranus to determine the final outcome? 

Working with the above thoughts I was able to determine that in the long run I will eventually benefit from having this planet in my second house.  I do want to state that it really isn’t important whether Uranus appears to be a benefic or a malefic, as any kind of change or disruption we have in our daily routine brings frustrations and fears.  When going through upheavals of any kind, whether minor or major, the situation works on one’s nerves and it is difficult to appreciate the outcome, until the finish is insight.  I must say that knowing the outcome will be beneficial, does encourage one to continue to the finish line.  One thing I have noticed that when Uranus tends to be more malefic in a person’s chart, that at the end of the year the person still feels he or she has accomplished something, even though he or she did not achieved the goals hoped for.  The so called failure of the project becomes a stepping stone for future endeavors.  With the planet Uranus in the solar return second house life is never as is, but is a challenge to create a better future.

“Neptune in the Solar Return Second House; Aspirations, Disillusionment or Vision”

Being a student of astrology when one sees injustice in a situation, one wonders what purpose the Universe has for the individual and whether the conditions, reasons and possible outcome would show up in an astrological chart.  This question came to mind recently when a fellow co-worker was being mistreated by his superior with a reduction of salary and more work.  I was certain doing a horary chart would describe the situation, but would it give an answer to the outcome of his troubles?  Or could the chart give clues to the different avenues of approach one needed to work with?  As I am more at home with solar returns I decided to set up a chart for the coming year to find out what I would see about his circumstances and finances.  To my surprise and delight, not only did it show the conditions as they are, but in my opinion gave clues that would help the problem come to a better finale.  It gave me the keys to what the individual would need to do to rise above what was happening in his life, and at the same time venture into new areas for exploration.

When one first looks at the solar return chart, the planet Neptune stands out in the second house of finance indicating monetary uncertainty caused possibly by the individual or by outer circumstances.  Looking at the lord of the sign of Neptune and its aspects, one surmises that the fears, frustration and anxiety is more in the mind and emotions of the individual, rather then the surrounding reality.  I am not saying the period is not difficult, but the fears are guiding him into a survival of the fittest state of mind which will be the individual’s saving grace to move forward to success and growth.  Frustrations comes from the Sun in the second house expressing his need to improve his self confidence, his feelings of being underpaid, a need to reassess his worth, his feelings of instability and his need to map out a plan for financial security for himself and his love ones, especially his children is evident.  Morin always places emphasis on any planet conjunct an angle, and the natal house placement of the solar return ascendant and midheaven.  Solar return Pluto conjunct the first and on the angle, creates a need for transformation, reinvention, power, strength, and the motive and determination for real change.  With a definite attitude adjustment for the better, and a possible career and company change, one or both is in the air. 

Another important factor is if the natal midheaven conjuncts the solar return ascendant, as it does in the individual’s chart, it brings optimism, hope and improvement in his status and career.  In this case, whether the situation at work will improve or an outside position is offered is still in the offerings.  The real cliff hanger is that Pluto is forcing his hand in making him take more control of his destiny, by no longer going with the flow, but using his talents and assets.  In his natal chart his intuition and instincts are highly emphasized and his ability to see situations in an unusual light, especially when it comes to investments and taking chances is to his benefit.  Not allowing fears or thoughts to complicate his first impressions and intuitions will be to his advantage as Pluto works its magic.  In the third house with Jupiter, the conscious and unconscious levels of thoughts and his ability to think in and out of the box will be his key to accomplishing what he desires.  He needs to avoid the anxiety and nervousness activated by Uranus which will cloud his judgments in gathering information and facts before making a final conclusion on any matter at hand.

My final thoughts on Neptune in the solar return second house are that it does encompass aspirations, disillusionments, visions and intuitions.  Whether we use one or all of them is depended upon the individual charts and their aspects.  Neptune in the second is the planet of hopes and wishes to be accomplished, such as becoming self-employed, doing major home improvements, saving for the future, et cetera.  The fears, frustrations, and anxiety are created from the limited and restricted financial funds available to work with at this time.  The planet’s energy is showing its handiwork with the recent recession with many companies cutting salaries and hours.  The global consciousness is showing up in individual’s charts by representing and expressing the global fears and anxiety as their own doing.  Understanding how Neptune works, and making positive and realistic moves towards our goals and dreams is our hope for smooth sailing, as the waters are not as rough and dangerous as they appear.

“Is The Part of Fortune in the Second House the Pot-of-Gold?”

The Part or Lot of Fortune, sometimes called Fortuna is the most popular Arabic Part which are sensitive points in a chart, and are calculated using specific formulas whereby two planets or points are added together, and a third planet or point is subtracted producing the final result or prediction.  The Part of Fortune is compared to the pot-of-gold and is considered to be a most beneficial point in the chart indicating how we will achieve our wishes, hopes and financial fortune.  Even curious folks who have little background in astrological studies will ask where their Part of Fortune is and what it means as far as their financial status in life.  I have never been too happy with the interpretation as it appears too vague for indicating how one would amass one’s finances in life.  My Part of Fortune is in Scorpio in the second house indicating I might be materially blessed if my endeavors to accomplish that which I truly desired with keen perception and insight.  This disturb me as I felt this aspect should give me a clue in what was needed and in what direction one needed to pursue to obtain financial security.

In analyzing the formula I realized it dealt with the ascendant, moon, and the sun, all indicating the essence, emotion, energy and the personality of the individual.  So in my opinion, the fortune of the individual depended on the person, and not some force outside the individual.  The person may be born into wealth, but how he or she maintains it, again depends on the individual.  This was an eye opener, as I realized if I could comprehend which of my talents and assets where the deciding factors in obtaining satisfaction, joy, and material stability, then I would have more direction into materializing it into reality.  The Part of Fortune is more then material wealth and processions; it indicates the area we feel we have accomplished and completed something that gives us joy, satisfaction and peace of mind.  Now I have decided to reassess my chart with the Part of Fortune, and to see what conclusions I will come up with.  My ascendant is Virgo, the moon in Gemini and my sun is in Taurus, with the Part of Fortune in Scorpio in the second house, and the depositor Mars in the sixth house.  Using Morin’s method of relating everything back to each other and to use the opposite house and the ruler of the cusp, my delineation was mind blowing.

Scorpio is intense and does not enter into lazy compromises and with the energy, stamina of Mars represents the strength of will to persevere until the final goal has been accomplished.  With Virgo as the ascendant, Mercury kicks in with its’ intellect, communication skills, knowledge, analytical and logical thoughts, and the Moon in Gemini with its’ clever mind, methodical actions and metal flexibility.  Scorpio in the second with Venus, the ruler of eighth cusp in the tenth house conjunct the Moon, seeing the big picture in it’s’ entirety is important.  To come to the point, if I really believe and love the cause or project, even if I have no knowledge or experience in the matter, I will make it happen.  The keyword here is, “I will make it happen”.  Another example to show how this works, a friend has her Part of Fortune in Scorpio in the third house with Mars in the eleventh house with the depositor, Moon in the tenth.  As I was talking to another friend about my thoughts on this method, I explain that her Part of Fortune was her “networking skills” with her friends and acquaintances.  My friend, who knew this friend better then I did, said I hit the nail on the head.  Using this method on other charts, I have come to the conclusion as long as it is giving results that are helping others to use the Part of Fortune to their benefit, I will continue the effort.  This Arabic part is the Pot-of-Gold as it gives us the tools to reach the end of the rainbow and receive the rewards we are working towards.

“The Second House of Finance Equals the Gate of Hades”


Being Asian I have a tremendous respect for my elders and their wisdom, especially the ancient wise men of old who recorded their knowledge that we may have use of it.  I also find it difficult to throw out the old ways just because they seem antiquated in our modern world.  Although I am a modern astrologer I love reading the older writings to understand how we came to the set of rules that we delineate a chart with.  What I have found with our art is that we have kept all the rules, but have forgotten the reasons how we came to them.  The other day I started to reread “Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice – Matheseus Libri VIII by Firmicus Maternus translated by the Jean Rhys Bram” and it stated that the second house of finance was called by the Greeks the Gate of Hell.  This aroused my curiosity and interest in understanding why the ancients came to this title.  I believe the ancients were very careful in choosing their symbols, glyphs and titles, so that the meanings would stay clear to all generations after them.

I first thought the old adage “Money is the root of all evil” and that “Money can’t buy happiness or love” might have triggered the thought that money will bring you under the spell of Lucifer or Satan.  This made sense, but it was too simple to connect money to evil, as I feel money and possessions can do good as well as evil.  I went searching on the internet, but came up with pretty much of the same thoughts, plus that the second house is opposite the house of death and that the second may indicate death.  None of this really made me feel the title “The gate of Hell” was justifiable.  Then it dawned on me that in a sense when it comes to worshiping money and honors that we become like Lucifer fallen from the grace of God.  It is like the robber barons that became so rich, that they thought they were gods, and were trying to control the lives of others.  The moment we think we can do anything we want because we think we are god, we will be driven from paradise and be placed behind the Gate of Hades.

What this should teach and remind us is that money and thoughts are possessions and it is not how much we have, but how we put it to use.  The moment these things become our gods, we become prisoners and the gates are not to lock us in, but to keep out others from stealing our things.  Greed, selfishness and fear kindle the fire of our own hell.  So be aware of what you wish for, and if you do get what you want, that you have the wisdom to use it correctly.  When consulting an astrologer, it will be nice to know what your finances will be like in your life time, but make sure that he lets you know what your assets and liabilities will be in handling these resources.  This meaning for the Gate of Hades makes more sense to me because it forewarns the querent that this house can bring happiness and at the same time a living hell on earth, that will be a prison of our own making.

“Pluto in the Second Solar Return House is to Rediscover Oneself”


Some may think I am concentrating on the second house because of the financial downturn we are experiencing, but it is one of the reasons and not the only one.  I feel that the ascendant expresses what we want others to see us, as individuals, but that the second house expresses who we really are.  For what we process in the material world is the reason why we surround ourselves with these things.  Our need with Pluto in the second should not be to impress others with our worldly riches, but to surround ourselves with the things we love, to reinforce who we really are.  Pluto in the Solar Return second house denotes dramatic changes in one’s finances, whether favorable or unfavorable according to the aspects to the sixth and tenth houses.  The important message of Pluto in the second is not whether we gain or lose, but rather, will we make the necessary dramatic changes in our lives for a better future.

Pluto’s keywords is rebirth, regeneration and starting over.  Although I think these keywords epitomizes what Pluto is about, I also think we have missed the true meaning of this planet in the second house.  In The Revised English Bible in Matthew chapter 18:3 “Truly I tell you: unless you turn around and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  You don’t need to be a Christian or spiritual to realize the truth to the statement which can be applied to anything we wish to obtain.  Unless we get rid of all the useless fears, distrust and insecurities we have, we will never see anything in its true light.  We came into this world with an innocent and joyful soul and we add to our yoke all the hang ups of our fore fathers and our misunderstandings of how we perceive life’s situations.  We need to see our life as we would have done as little children with all the wonderment and amazement that goes with a positive view of accomplishment and with a joyful and grateful heart.  With Pluto in this house we are not to be reborn as a new person, but to rediscover the true spiritual soul and our purpose in the first place.  Rediscovering ourselves without the doubts, fears and mistrust we gain along the way.

Some with Pluto in the Solar Return second house will need to decide whether material security is what one is seeking or is it satisfaction of doing what one really wants to do in life.  Some will find both is important and will need to discover what will accomplish that for them.  Pluto wants you to clear up all the clutter, so that one can see clearer the path one needs to take.  Some will take charge of their own lives and begin the makeover, where as others will allow outer circumstances to make the first move.  As more people are loosing their jobs, the first move was made by the Universe; the next move will depend on each individual.  Pluto will not allow you to sit on the fence, and the need to get off and choose a side will come up sooner then one thinks.

One needs solitude to discover what we really want in our lives, and not to choose paths just to make others happy.  The problem of discovering our true needs, is that we have clutter in our lives with so many wants and wishes, that our true feelings are under piles of clutter, so hidden away, we don’t know they exist.  And true solitude is hard to find in this world with the technical innovations that are happening in our lives.  There is always something to clutter our mind with, so that we get side tracked from seeing what really is important to us.  In closing, with Pluto in the second House, we need to rediscover the child in ourselves that we have lost and allow it to be reborn along with the innocence we once had to guide us to a better and happier future.

“Mercury in the Solar Return Second House ▬ Look Before You Leap!”


The three most asked questions an astrologer receives, deals with money, love, and career.  Money is asked more as an evaluation of accomplishments and self worth, unless the individual is going through financial difficulties.  Even during a financial downturn, having the ability to use your money wisely and keeping it, is a tell tail sign to others of your accomplishments.  The old saying “Money Talks” is evident with Mercury in the Second Solar Return house which is associated with financial planning and monetary decisions for the coming year.  Mercury is the messenger, the communicator and the observer and having the ability to grasp any situation and to adapt and hopefully to work towards a successful finish.  Mercury is a neutral planet who tends to take on the characteristics of planets it aspects, and we need to consider the aspects of the natal and the solar return Mercury to the other planets to arrive at a complete picture for the year as far as the money house is concerned.  Mercury in the second house of the Solar Return does not promise one will make or have money, but is interested in eliminating wasteful expenditures with money saving ideas.

Mercury in this position is in a situation that is more dangerous and malefic than Saturn, because we know where Saturn stands, but Mercury appears to be sitting on the fence deciding which side has the greener pasture.  Mercury can cloud the situation and bring underlying currents which might undermine your financial plans for the year.  Mercury does not plan ahead, it works one day at a time, and improvises as it goes along.  Unfortunately with Mercury in the second your feelings can be hurt, if your efforts are seemingly, not appreciated.  This can harbor resentments which can overturn everything you have been working towards.  You may be misreading the situation or others misreading your intentions, can make Mercury in this house a Joker in a deck of cards.  Mercury wants the world to know how well you are doing and wants the world to appreciate how far you have gotten.  Needing the applause is Mercury’s downfall and needing to be appreciated will hamper the ability to make correct decisions.  With Mercury in the second, it is like having Mercury Retrograde, one has to be careful and cautious and all will end well.  It is like the fool Card in the tarot deck where you think the person is about to fall off the cliff, but he is well aware of where he is going.  The person is embracing the adventure of life with an open mind open to new suggestions and ideas and is aware of everything around him.  His adage is “Look before you leap”.  As long as you know of the pitfalls Mercury will have as it journeys through the second house, you like the fool will avoid falling off the cliff and finally arrive at your goals.

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