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“Are the Movies Ruled by the Stars a Coincidence or Astrological Magic?”

I have three important loves in my life, which includes my spiritual and occult philosophy of life, astrology and the movies.  So it was very exciting and interesting for me to run across an article in my favorite magazine “The Mountain Astrologer” issue #156 April/May 2011 entitled “The Archetypal Eye at the Movies” by Matthew Stelzner.  The author is not only an experienced and practicing astrologer in the field of Archetypal Cosmology, but a movie buff like my self with a website and blog entwining his two loves with a lot of very interesting articles.  My spiritual and occult thoughts are the essence of my being, my astrology is my meditation in life, and the movies are my comfort foods when I feel stressed or need to relax.  Unlike Mr. Stelzner, when I watch a movie I am doing it to relax and to get away from it all.  If I do analyze the film at all consciously, it would be like a movie critic on its content and how well it was executed.  After reading his piece, I will never look at the movies again without relating my astrological knowledge and wisdom to it.

Mr. Stelzner revolves his piece around three of the important movies of the year 2010, starting with “The Social Network” with its archetypal connection with the Jupiter and Uranus aspect, relating the themes of sudden rapid success and expansion (Striking It Rich), glorification of technology, success with technology, the celebrated genius, victorious rebellion/revolution, the ego-inflated rebel, etc.  “The King’s Speech” with the Mercury and Pluto aspect emphasizing the premise of “Finding your Voice” and all the implications this aspect expresses in relationship of the King to his father, family, friends and to the responsibility to his country as sovereign.  The “Black Swan”, he connects with the Venus and Saturn aspect with a touch of Pluto, showing the transformation of Natalie Portman from the White Swan to the more passionate and sexually charged Black Swan, because of her determination, fortitude and passion.  One needs to read the article in full, to come away from his piece of writing with awe and amazement of how everything in the Universe is connected, synchronized and related to each other.  After reading this article by Matthew Stelzner, I assure you, that one will never see the movies or astrology in the same light again.

This article made my little grey cells, to do some non-stop thinking about how else I could apply astrology to the movies, and I wondered if Mr. Stelzner had set up a chart for the date of the premiere of each movie, to see if the archetypal planets were in strategic positions for the honor and accolade that each film received?  Then I wondered why can’t I set up a chart, or had any astrologer created a birth chart for the date of the first official opening of a film?  It sounds silly, but we do set up charts for countries and companies, why not for a film?  Why not, was the repeating argument in my mind, as to understand what impact the movie would make with the public and the most important thought; will it be successful and profitable for the producers and all involved?  My problem I have with most people who set up election charts (the right and favorable time to begin anything) is that we want a yes or no or black and white answer, instead of looking and delineating to see what the problems and assets are connected to the situation.  Sometimes the official opening of a film or any project for that matter is not within our control, so having a chart of the event will give us a clue to what is and might be happening.  As I have always said, being forewarned is being forearmed.  I have never felt that astrology predestined our lives, what I am certain is that it gives us the freedom of choice within boundaries.  Understanding our circumstances, liabilities, and assets gives us the control to choose the direction and outcome we want to achieve.  I don’t feel there are coincidences in life or the movies, but the outcome is always through the magic and wonderment of the stars.

“A Good Astrology Reading is had when we Comprehend the Reason for the Question!”

My favorite astrology magazine has a continuing section called “compare your skills with the Pros, TMA’s Chart challenge”, and in “The Mountain Astrologer issue #188 Feb/Mar 2011, the question was suggested by a participant “I would like some insights into my Saturn Return and the current transits to my natal cardinal t-square”.  With her birth chart in hand, the question then is given to two astrologers and their conclusions are in another section of the magazine, giving the reader a chance to come up with their own scenario.  I always enjoy reading the different view points of the two astrologers in this section of the magazine as they arrive at their conclusions from different sides of the question.  Some look from the front door, others from the back and others from the windows or from the top of the ceilings.  The important thing is that they arrive at the same conclusion. 

This particular question made me wonder if the question was not correctly understood by the querent.  Not that the question was not understood, but the specific question was not voiced by the question.  In a horary reading the time of the chart is expressed when the astrologer comprehends the question the querent has given him.  Maybe the questions we ask are sometimes too vague to warrant a good answer.  My first thought, was the question was too general, and not specific enough.  Why was she asking the question?  Was something happening that she thought might have been brought about, by the up coming Saturn Return and the T-square?  Was her fear about what the return would bring about, in her consciousness that brought about the question? 

My thoughts came about as both astrologers and I came up the conclusion that relationships and their meaning and purpose was making a lifestyle change for the individual.  Saturn Returns brings about transitions, processing and reprocessing situations and reinvention and rejuvenating one’s style of living.  This does not necessarily mean a divorce, if the person was still married or together with someone, but the ideas and concept of their relationship might take a new turn in a direction, not explored before.  Obviously she understood and experienced the natal cardinal T-square and was wondering how it would be reactivated in her life now.  Seeing that thoughts about relationships seem important to her at this time, I thought to myself if her question was more concentrated in this area, her ability to successfully work through this Return period would be more to her satisfaction and happiness. 

This made me think that when we ask questions of astrologers, or even look at our own charts, are our questions too vague to receive a good answer?  Or are the answers we are seeking, not the same as the questions we asked?  If so, are we deluding ourselves that by being more general in our questions, the answers will still show up in the charts?  It seems to me if we are more specific and certain about what we want to know about our circumstances, the more accurate the answer will be.  Then it came to me, it is not how specific we are with our question, but whether we really comprehend our own questions and what answers we are looking and hoping for, that is important.  When we decide we want to know something about our natal chart, are the little voices so numerous in our mind that the real questions gets overloaded with so many thoughts, that the simple direct question disappears? 

I think this is what happens, we come up with a direct question, but our doubts and frustrations color our thoughts and we no longer recognize our direct and simple thought we originally had.  This can be illustrated by a reading I gave a friend several months back because she had been out of work because of illness and death in the family and thought she wanted to know when she would be employ again, even though she did need to do so immediately.  The solar return chart indicated something else was the priority, and during the session my friend admitted that this was so.  The key is if we want an answer to help us, we need to comprehend what we really want to know.  The reason for the question and the question itself, becomes more important then the answer.

“A Hidden Time Bomb is in the Sequences of the Conjunctions of the Planets!”

A few weeks back I read an article of interest and importance in which afterwards I felt like kicking myself for not thinking about the subject matter before.  I began to wonder how many of us have insightful moments and then felt foolish and stupid at the same time?  Having had this fleeting period of inspiration, I began to embellish and incorporate what I learnt to other areas of astrology to give me a better understanding in delineating a chart.  I was extremely thankful for this piece of information as I always feel that I am ever learning and growing in the studies of the stars and the secrets it has to reveal.  The article was in my favorite magazine “The Mountain Astrologer” issue 152 august/September 2010 entitled “Sequential Conjunctions” by Frank C. Clifford an astrologer-palmist in the United Kingdom.  This article made an impact on me as I have a stellium of five planets in Gemini, and when I was a beginning student I was taught that this was a concentration of energies in one sign so one can achieve one’s directions and goals.

One really needs to read the article first hand as I always feel we as readers and listeners to ideas and thoughts, as we tend to take what we need, and see it from our perspective and biases.  To simplify, what was being said was the importance and the consequences that comes from the sequences in the Zodiac in a conjunction or a stellium of planets in the same sign.  For example I have a conjunction of Uranus and Mercury in Gemini in the ninth with less than a one minute orb with Uranus in the lead.  Would there be a difference if Uranus followed Mercury?  In the article, and I quite agree that there definitely would be a difference in how we would approach ninth house matters and possibly the differences in handling situations that would be in the aspect by other planets in their houses and their concerns.  The author was speaking about the natal chart, but I began to wonder if this could apply for all types of predictive charts such as solar returns, lunar returns, horary charts, et cetera?  In examining my other personal predictive charts where this aspect appeared, I did feel there was a slight difference that could make a big difference in the outcome, proving my theory that we do have choices in our destiny, and that we are not ruled or condemned by our planets.

One example that came to mind that convinced me of the validity of the consequences of the sequences of the planets was representing the planets as real people in a life situation.  Suppose the Universe had brought together Bill, Tom and Nancy, so that one would be her intended for life, and both were equally well suited for her.  One may be more outgoing and apparently outwardly more fun then the other.  Would there be a difference of choice, if one came into her life before the other?  What if the sequence of events were reversed, would there be changes in the outcome?  If both were likely candidates I am sure the timing sequence would make the difference in the final choice.  Timing is essential in the successful completion of our goals or wishes.  This was an important lesson for me to see, that depending on the sequences and the planets involved, slight differences or major eruptions can be seen in these aspects.  The major problems would depend on the planet and the sign it was in, and whether it was supporting or weakening the other planets and its sequence in the line up.  Having had my eyes opened on the subject I realize it may not make a real difference in most cases, but the one it will affect most will be the difference of existing and living life to its’ fullest.  This is another tool to make us all better astrologers in a world that is still skeptical of the art.   One can see how the sequence of planets hides the time bomb, which may help build or destroy upon that which we are working towards.  The final conclusion is that the timing and the sequence of events is more important in the difference of being mediocre to being outstanding in leading us to a final successful outcome.

“Pluto Situated Close to an Angle Is Intense and Will Reinvent Itself”

The Mountain Astrologer magazine issue #149 Feb/Mar 2010 had an excellent article on Pluto by Lawrence Grecco delineating the chart of RuPaul Andre Charles.  I found the article stimulating not because of the celebrity, but because the planet Pluto is so close to the fourth house angle, and his delineation of how RuPaul used the Pluto energy to reinvent himself and stay in the limelight of success.  I was really interested, by coincidence almost at the same moment in time I came across four charts with Pluto, each conjunct the four cardinal angles of the chart.  About two weeks before I received my issue of the magazine I gave a reading to a young client with Pluto conjunct the ascendant, and what an eye opener it was, letting me see and experience all the energy and characteristics of the planet being expressed by the individual.  As I was reading, digesting and analyzing the article, I began to wonder if Pluto wasn’t so close to the cusp, would RuPaul’s life had been as dramatic and colorful as he is?  Would the energy had be as intense and transforming, and the career as successful?  I think the aspect would have still given him the success he deserved, but the intensity and transformation would have been less dramatic.

I have noticed from the many natal charts I have studied that planets on the angles tend to have an influence on the characteristic and traits of the person.  Some planets like Pluto are more persuasive and with the high energy and determination are inclined to color the other planets, especially the ascendant and how others perceive the persona.  With Pluto on the ascendant the individual is highly charged and is in a state of constant change and revision, and is capable of multitasking and often appears to be overcharged and over energized.  Pluto near the fourth cusp, the transformation and action is in the form of their environment and their perception of their image and security.  The intensity of their actions is felt by those close to the individual, rather than being noticed by the general public.  The vision and reinvention we give to Pluto on the cusp of the seventh house is how others appear and react to us, is ever changing and the associations dynamic.  The relationships may appear eclectic and unusual and radical to the norm.  In the tenth cusp the success we have is always reinventing and surprising others in how innovative Pluto can be and how we achieve our goals are never mundane.  The only thing we can be sure of, with Pluto on the angle is there can never be a dull moment and the energy and intensity is long lasting.  With all aspects such as this one, it has its’ benefic and malefic effects on the individual, depending how the person works with these forces.

“Astro*Carto*Graphy© mapping for Success and a Global Feng Shui!”

When browsing through The Mountain Astrologer issue #147, I came across an advertisement and review of a book entitled “evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy by Elliot Jay Tanzer, which I found quite interesting as I was given a map as a gift by a friend many years ago.   Unfortunately, the brochure that came along to explain the map was unclear and I quickly lost my interest in this area of astrology.  Reading the review by Mary Plumb and the advertisement renewed my interest and I could not wait to get the book and the map to rediscover what I never knew about the subject matter.  There was a delay in the publication which prompted me to go to Mr. Tanzer’s website, and check out what he was all about.  To my surprise, not only was he an astrologer, but also a Feng Shui expert, and his explanation of how mapping the natal chart was an expansion of the Asian idea of being in the right location and in tune with the Chi, which he calls Global Feng Shui.  I now wanted the book; more then ever because I realized that the author, not only had knowledge of the Chi, but was certified to explain relocation charts.

During this financial downturn, many of the unemployed would be taking any job available even if it means relocation, and this information would be important to help the individual to make smarter and wiser decisions for their future.  Accepting a job in a new city, is one thing, but understanding the under currents that city might have in your life, will give one a head start in avoiding problems, and in what area you will be the most successful at.  As I have always said “Being forewarned is being forearmed with the necessary knowledge for success”.  If one doesn’t think relocation would make a difference in one’s life, one only needs to listen to the on going debates of solar return astrologers whether the place one is at during one’s birthday makes a difference in the forecast for the year ahead.  Some astrologers seeing some unfortunate problems in a coming year will advice clients to spent time on their birthday in another location to produce the desired result for the coming year, and bypassing any problems that might have occurred.  To me it really doesn’t matter whether relocating at the time of your birthday really works, as long as you believe it.  The mind is very powerful, and what it thinks is happening will be created by the mind in my opinion.  So if one becomes in tune with the Universal Mind or Chi, one will learn to work with the forces to achieve one’s happiness and success.

The following are some edited comments which explain what is in the book; you will find the complete advertisement and information in the magazine.

  • How to prep an ACG Map to bring it visually alive, assisting one to zero in on  the best areas, while making it clear which areas are not in ones favor.
  • How to use Latitude Crossings to fine tune one’s Map evaluations to indicate within the good areas which areas are even better.
  • How to go beyond the superficial, overly simplified evaluations that say “Go to Venus to find love.  Go to Mercury to write a book.”  One will learn the pros and cons of each planet’s effect on different personality types.
  • How the quality of a relationship changes for the better or for the worse on different planetary lines.

To my thinking even if one was not moving, understanding the planets, as to where we make our home would be a great benefit, and if we could fine tune the area that we have chosen to live in, would be an even greater benefit.  If moving north, south, west, or east, or even only twenty miles from where I now live, would make a difference, I would do it.  Remember knowledge is power, but learn to use it.

“Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun – Illuminating”


As long as I have studied astrology in groups and under some great teachers, I have always been told and instructed to be careful during Mercury retrograde.  The other day I read an article by Greg Bogart entitled “The Cycle of Mercury” in the Oct/Nov 2009 issue #147 of The Mountain Astrologer magazine where the author gives credit for this system to Alexander Ruperti.  If I never learn anything else about Mercury Retrograde, I am extremely grateful for this information to broaden my understanding of this misunderstood aspect of this particular planet.  After this short review and my comments and thoughts and ideas about this system, don’t walk, but run to get the magazine or a copy of the article.  You will bless your lucky star for the information.

Mr. Bogart relates Mercury retrograde to the four phases of the Moon, from the New Moon to the Full and back to the New Moon.  Mercury has five phases and is divided into four major modes of mental activity; the first is Mercury going along his merry way towards the beginning of retrograde, which he denotes as Diffusive Intelligence in which we go beyond concepts and theories, and let the mind be unfocused and undirected until it turns inward and contacts the source of consciousness itself.  To diffuse is to become widely dispersed or spread out and to disseminate.  The first phase is when Mercury goes retrograde, which he denotes as Investigative Intelligence in which one is concerned with data-gathering and getting the information.  To investigate is to observe or inquire into in detail systematically.  The second is Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun where he assigns as the Inferior Conjunction and denotes as Illuminative Intelligence which is concerned with the discovery of meaning, or of a significant pattern in the information gathered, and its elucidation in some form of distinct theory, concept, or belief.  To illuminate is to make understandable or clarify.  The third is when Mercury goes direct which he denotes as Discriminative Intelligence which enables us to analyze the solution or concept developed through illuminative intelligence and tests its adequacy with discernment and precision.  The last phase is the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury where he assigns as the Superior Conjunction which like Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, he denotes as Illuminative Intelligence.  

For this article I am very interested in exploring the inferior and superior conjunctions which deals with Illuminative Intelligence.  A couple days before I read the article, on September 19th I was having trouble in explaining to myself a thought I had about the planets in its scheme of things to our world today and the time of the ancient ones, and on the 20th a whole story appear to me to settle my own doubts and fears.  On September 21st I open the magazine to read the article and noticed that on the 20th was the inferior conjunction with Mercury and the Sun.  It might have been a coincidence, but what I went through certainly made me feel the intensity of the discovery of the meaning of my thoughts and to the distinct pattern it made in my thinking.  Experiencing this first hand is causing me to anticipate the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury on November 5th 2009, and to keep notes and a diary on Mercury retrograde, now and in the future.

In thinking and dissecting Illuminative Intelligence, I began wondering what meaning the conjunction of these two planets has in the different houses.  My experience with the inferior conjunction was in my first house conjunct Neptune trine my natal Mercury.  That says it all and confirms the meaning he gives for this mental activity he calls Illuminative.

The following are my thoughts of the Inferior and Superior Conjunction through the houses:

1st House        

          Understanding our issues, actions and to resolve and master them

2nd House       

           Our values, attitudes, and skills are our possessions

3rd House

            Processing and communicating creative information and thoughts

4th House

            Our heritage, environment, and our private thoughts in unity

5th House

            Expressing ourselves in a loving, creative and fun lifestyle

6th House

            Repairing, improving and maintaining our health and service to others

7th House

            Being diplomatic and relating and sharing our values with integrity

8th House

            Bonding, sharing and respecting self transformation

9th House

            Grasping, understanding and expanding loftier ideas

10th House

            Projecting and understanding our position with our peers

11th House

            Our community and how we respond and react

12th House

            Our secrets, hidden resources, and guilt understood

As I continue my journey through the Mercury cycle with my head held high, I hope I peak your interest to continue your journey too, and to the wonderful possibilities ahead of us with Mercury retrograde. 

“Planet in the 8th House – More to it, then meets the Eye”


My credentials in the study of astrology comes from authors and writers of the early twentieth century and with Dr. Plummer of the S.R.I.A., just before the modern astrological revolution began with the new modern astrologers forging new areas of expertise.  Since I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the ninth house, my studies and interest in astrology can be very diverse and seem to have no connection.  Like most astrologers, my readings and studies into this ancient art never stops, from studying works of early western writers as early as the twelfth century, including William Lilly and Morin, and as diverse as looking into other systems as well.  So it was very interesting to me to read an article by Hank Friedman in the August/September 2009 issue in The Mountain Astrologer entitled “The Ruler of the Chart in Vedic Astrology’.  Luckily I had read “Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Astrologer by James Braha” which gave me a foundation to build on and to understand what I was reading.


In Western astrology, the ruler of the ascendant or first house is called the ruler of the chart, and in Vedic astrology the ascendant is called the Lagna and the ruler, Lagnesha.  As my ruler in the Vedic systems falls in the eighth house, I have extracted the following meaning from his article with my comments.  “The 8th house is often seen as the most challenging house in Vedic astrology, and the Lagnesha here can therefore indicate a life replete with many obstacles, traumas, and personal issues.  However, a person with the Lagnesha in the 8th house may also guide others through their life difficulties, in roles such as hospice worker, crisis counselor, bankruptcy attorney, or private investigator.  In addition, a strong Lagnesha in the 8th house denotes someone gifted in ancient traditions, e.g., an herbalist, astrologer, healer, acupuncturist, etc., as well as those who are in the sex industry or have sexual charisma.  The 8th house also represents chronic issues, such as long-term financial problems, lingering illnesses, compulsion like addictions and gambling, and sexual intrigues and scandals.”


I not only found this to be very interesting and that it could sum up what has been happening in my life, I was wondering if I put this same system to work in a western chart and come up with a delineation that would be predictive and make sense?  Applying this method to my own tropical chart the ruler would be Mercury in the ninth House.  The meaning of the ninth also made sense as my Sun, the essence of my chart was in the eighth house.  In traditional astrology like the Vedic system the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses are considered malefic.  The reason the eighth house is considered malefic is the fact that it makes no aspect good or bad to the first house.  The following is an excerpt for the ninth “The Lagnesha in the 9th house can bring to the individual many opportunities, great teachers, uplifting experiences, good fortune, higher education, a powerful intuition, and a deepening understanding of life and spirit.  A well-placed Lagnesha here can indicate a person who is charitable, spiritual, ethical, virtuous, honored, supported and respected.”  Thank you Hank Friedman for your thoughts.  Depending on other factors and aspects of the natal chart, how much of the definition may apply to each individual will need to be analyzed.


As far as my own chart, I have always been asked, if I would like to be told of the hardships that might come up, and my answer is a thousand yeses.  The problem is without understanding what detours that are laid in our path; our ability to make the right decisions is hampered.  Also by going through these difficulties we not only learn what we want or don’t want, we also begin to anticipate the problems before they manifest.  Although the difficulties of life may have been many, would I want to change the course I had, and my answer would be no.  So instead of being afraid of what the malefic can bring into one’s life, be ready to learn and grow from them.  So for those reading this article, with their rulers being in the eighth or ninth house, be happy and make the best use of it, for it is a blessing in disguise.   

“August 20th New Moon in Leo – Let the Lion in us Roar!!!”


On August 20th 2009 the first New Moon at 27 Leo 31 occurring at 3:02 a. m. Pacific Daylight Time following three eclipses in a row, will be a very special time to start or continue any new project.  Like all new Moons I feel it is a special time to remember and to renew our dreams, and to visualize our prosperity and happiness for the future.  This is not like the aphorism “Is the glass half empty or half full”, in a New Moon period it is the pouring of the liquid into the glass, so it is definitely increasing.  Especially during these difficult times, if we are to survive and prosper in the future we must built a firm foundation in our mental attitude and actions that would suggest to the Universal Mind, and to remind ourselves, of the goals we are working towards.  This is the right time to write that check of abundance (refer back to my article “Law of Abundance – For What Its’ Worth” posted April 30 2009) and to meditate and visualize our wishes and dreams.

The following quote is by Stephanie Austin published in the Aug/Sept issue of The Mountain Astrologer.  It expresses my sentiment, and I couldn’t express it better.  “The New Moon highlights the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius, reminding us that the more we become who we really are , the easier it is to find our team – those who are playing by the same rules and aiming for the same goal.  This rare conjunction marks one of the major milestones heading toward the Age of Aquarius – the age of liberty, equality, and freedom for all, the age of unity in diversity.  Unity does not mean uniformity: it is the synergy generated from the expression of each unique individual.  United, we experience peace and abundance: divided, we fall into discord and destruction.  Jupiter in Aquarius increases understanding and tolerance, making it easier to see beyond superficial differences of gender, race, or religion.  Chiron in Aquarius helps to heal the wounds of ignorance and fear.  Neptune in Aquarius dissolves the barriers, borders, and beliefs that keep us from recognizing our interconnectedness and our divinity.”  “The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 28 Leo tells us that we have numerous options: “Many little birds on a limb of a big tree; a wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities”.”  Thank you Stephanie Austin for your enlightening thoughts.

This is telling us, if we are to achieve our desires, we either keep our wishes and dreams to ourselves, or to surround ourselves with people of like mind who will help strengthen our determination to reach our goals.  Those like minds of our peers striving towards a unified goal, does not mean our individual goals are not attainable.  The best way to really see what we really desire, is to begin to understand who will really are, and where we are going.  This is one of the reasons I began my study of astrology, to get better acquainted with the real me, and it has been an adventure, which has never been dull.  Remember during this period there are many options and potentials to choose from, and if we keep a clear mind and surround ourselves with people of like minds, the path will be evident and the goals accomplished.  So in this New Moon in Leo, let the lion in you give out a big roar and bring your hopes and dreams into reality.

“Can Feng Shui tie the knot with Western Astrology?”


Bagua from The Spirit to

A few days ago the total solar eclipse of August 2009 happened, and I thought it was important to write this article during the new moon period to receive the benefits from this exercise and practice. In the August issue 2009 of The Mountain Astrologer, there is an article entitled “Astro Feng Shui: making Magic in Your Home” by Simone Butler which I especially found very interesting and enjoyable since I come from the culture which nurtured it.  Some adherents to traditional Feng Shui would always use the compass to find the direction in which the map would be place on the house floor plan.  As you read through the article, one realizes that she used a group of chosen clients and friends which experimented with her method for over a year, and found some very good results.  I thought the choices she made in corresponding the Feng Shui map division to the astrology houses was shear brilliant intuition and maybe, guidance from the Universal Mind.  She lays the Bagua Map down on the house floor plan with the career/life path at the front door; from this point I differ to divide the house differently in showing you another method of the floor plan which will work too.  The Following is how she matches up the Bagua Map houses and their significance with the astrological houses.

Career / Life Path                    Black – – Water            1st House

Helpful People                        Silver / grey                 11th House

Creativity / Children               White – – Metal            5th House

Love / Marriage                       Pink                             7th House

Fame / Reputation                   Red – – Fire                  10th House

Prosperity / Abundance          Purple                          2nd and 8th House

Family / Foundation                Green – – Wood           4th House

Knowledge / Wisdom             Blue                             3rd and 9th House


I have divided the houses as follows, but I am using her house system:

Career / Life Path                    Front door area – Foyer and greeting area

Helpful People                        Kitchen and dining area

Creativity / Children               Hobby, play and entertainment room or area

Love / Marriage                       Bedroom or sitting area away from living room

Fame / Reputation                   Opposite the front door where the honors, certificates hang

Prosperity / Abundance          Office and the area where one pays the bills

Family / Foundation                Living room where the family gathers

Knowledge / Wisdom             Library, the bookshelves, or the reading area

Now what to do is the question, the first thing is find out what house does the new moon happen each month in your chart and clean that area of clutter and enhance the area using your intuition with the keywords.  For example the new moon is in the second house and you wish to increase your abundance, you may wish to include something purple, green, or gold to enhance the prosperity of the area.  After this is done, one can sit quietly for a moment with a lighted candle and meditate how clean and uncluttered and calm the area seems.  This is a form of meditation to nurture the seed for the creation of your dreams.  Your subconscious will do the rest and help to direct the Universal Chi to do its job.  The Universal Chi is neither good nor bad, it is energy that creates and energies whatever it comes into contact with.  There will be times when you need to fix a certain problem, just see what house that it is in, and begin to work with those forces.

In Feng Shui, everything is alive and related, and where visualization and intention are the keys to directing the Chi to create the results of the desired goals.  Besides the above little ritual of meditation, please reread my article (in the archives) entitled “Law of abundance – For What it is Worth” and write out a check, paid in full to yourself, signed Law of Abundance.  Maybe the East does meet the West, and ties the knot of happiness to a better future.


The four Blessings Symbol

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