“With the Aspects of Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, the Keywords are Trusting Change!”


Being a western astrologer, who has an unquenchable thirst and curiosity about everything, I tend to incorporate every system I am aware of, in my analysis, to come to some truth that makes sense, to me.  Since, I strongly believe that everything and that means everything, is somehow connected and yet independent of one another, that every system has it its truths and connections.  So why not, use whatever makes sense at the moment to come to the truth or as close to the reality, as possible?  It was obvious to me when I realized that 2013 was the year of the snake in the Chinese system, that I needed to understand in my own way, what that really meant.  What did the snake represent and mean to me and how did it relate to my western thoughts?  What astrological planet seems to represent this creature God created?  Was there a planet or planets in the western system that said it all, without a thousand words connected with it?  It came to me in my contemplation that Uranus, Pluto and Saturn fitted the bill.  Was I right?  As the year is almost over, I must say that the Universe filled me with the right inspiration, and with the aspects of the planets to one another, only confirms that the keywords for the year and forever, is to trust that change will be ever constant.

 Was this a revelation and a pivotal point in my thinking?   A definite yes, would fill the room and for miles around.  Why, you may ask?  Being human and with my Sun in Taurus, I am happy to have things stay the same way forever.  Change of any kind tends to interrupt the habit and routine I am comfortable with.  That is probably one of the reasons I began my studies into astrology, it was to anticipate what might be in store for me and to work with it.  This has helped me to foresee, but it never has made me feel comfortable with the changes or the disruptions it bought into my life.  I always felt hesitant and worry when I saw difficult aspects, or what I thought to be trying times about to arrive at my door step.  Once I began to realize and to accept that change is ever constant, a new attitude has developed in me, and that I am always were I need to be.  And that change of any kind is what I need to look forward to, instead of seeing change like mercury retrograde, which I might feel apprehensive about as it is about to begin its sojourn through the night sky.  Seeing change as constant is like seeing the necessity of sleep in one’s life.  I have come to the eye-opener that the success or failure in making the change in our lives is not as important as what we learn from the experience and the moment.  To realize that life as the I Ching has always stated in its hexagrams that change is always constant.  That we can always depend and trust that change is ever with us.  By learning to work with it, we will learn to create the life we want.   

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  1. Posted by Pisces Rising on October 19, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    The only things constant in life are change, taxes and death. Whether we like it or not. I also incorporate a little of all the astrological philospohies into my life. I am a fire monkey with Chinese astrology, a Virgo Sun Aries moon Pisces rising with Western and Vedic Aquarius (Purva Bhadrapada nakastra) with Leo (Magha Sun) and Aries (Aswini moon). It’s strange how each still tells me accurately about myself. Life is always about learning.


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