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“Aim for the Bull’s-Eye is our Mantra for the New Moon at 18 Degrees Leo”

Each New Moon period begins a new start, a new beginning, a new view of an old view, but this particular New Moon initiates the first of three Super New Moons in a row which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth.  During this time I personally feel the energy is subtly felt and experience by those who normally don’t feel the affects of the Moon, and those who normally feel it, as a period of extra inspirations and intuitions in their lives.  This New Moon at 17 degrees 24 Leo on August 9, 2010 at 8:09 p.m. PDT is urging us to look within and without ourselves, to begin to see what our thoughts, emotions and possessions signify in the big picture.  We are being called to put our house in order to be prepared, so when the time comes, the difficult aspects of the planets which will manifest themselves into reality in the next couple of years will be solved intelligently.  We will have the foundation, personality and emotions to deal with the tribulations and trials that will lie in front of us.  It is telling us to step back and to take a real look at our selves and pinpoint areas that we need to strengthen and to improve, to help us overcome any adversity.  In other words find the bull’s-eye of our Achilles heel and either change the situation or build a protective shield.  The Universe has given us a time period to retrench and to rebuild our defenses to help us deal with what we need to experience in the coming months.

“The Sabian symbol for the 18th degree of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Leo 18  A teacher of chemistry  This is a symbol of the human mind’s illimitable power for penetrating into the deeper mysteries of an everyday world, and of the growing ambition of man to gain an effective control over all the processes of nature.  Here is high organization of the intellectual faculties, and a special skill in the practical adaptation of scientific principles to commonplace problems.  The individual is given a full sense of his creative responsibilities.  The keyword is instructions.  When positive, the degree is exceptional self-confidence and a delight in subjecting all experience to the test of immediate application, and when negative, unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

If we replace teacher of chemistry with the teacher of the spiritual, religious, occult, or guru and replace instructions with the laws of the Universe, we begin to understand what the Sabian symbol is trying to communicate to us.  By living with and abiding with the Universal Laws we gain wisdom, knowledge and success in our daily lives.  In understanding how the old sayings came about, it is through repetition through the ages that their truths have become known to us.  Working with and understanding the laws of the Universe, we will get through these trying times with flying colors.  So take aim and focus your efforts on those areas that might, are, and will give you trouble in obtaining your dreams and wishes.  Be prepare like the scouts, by remembering the mantra, concentrating your attention and energy on the Bull’s-Eye of our Achilles heel, with understanding and knowledge, working with the Laws of the Universe, and the world will then be at your feet.

“Is Saturn the Malefic with the Eclipses Misunderstood in Modern Astrology?”

As I continue my studies and readings in astrology I realize how important it is to go back to the classics to get a handle on this subject that makes sense to me.  The more I have interactions with nonbelievers of the art; I recognize the need to understand the basis as to why I study and have an interest in astrology, and why it works for me.  It is not important if others accept my ideas and beliefs, but that I can explain in intelligent terms why I see this study as important.  As in any other subjects, if one is to become proficient one must continue to practice everyday and review the classic materials to get a real understanding of where one is coming from, and where one is going to.  The other day I came across information that a few of the great jazz musicians of our time had their basic training in classical and other forms of music in building the foundation for greatness in the venue of the music of their choice.  This only confirms that I should be open to all areas astrology encompasses, plus the classical writings that started it all.

After experiencing and writing about the eclipses in June and July 2010, I received a comment about my remarks that the earlier practitioners of the art believed these aspects to be malefic which brought on earthquakes, weather patterns, et cetera.  The writer thought this was totally unbelievable for this day and age.  I shrugged it off as I watched T.V. news reports that my statements were confirmed with what ensued in Asia after the total eclipse in 2009.  I began to wonder about my thoughts, and began to think, that what took place in Asia after the eclipse could be explain as normal occurrences happening for that time of year.  An example of how malefic an eclipse can be is a co-worker and I had the total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 conjunct one of our natal planets which made me hopeful of the results.  I wasn’t over bearing, because the underlying reflection that I never seem to feel or experience anything directly from a transit was in my belief system.  The day came and went and nothing extraordinary happen except a good feeling with expectations, which I felt was my own doing.  Where as my co-worker had a bad day and made up for it the next day, the way I thought he should have experienced the moment.  I on the other hand, experienced the Solar Eclipse conjunct to my Jupiter with a mind blowing experience a week later, to how I see myself and how I think of myself.  For the first time I am able to see and express the many different sides of my personality and be happy and comfortable with it.

Experiencing this first hand caused me to realize that I did not take in to consideration in the delineation, that the planets and aspect were malefic.  This is not to say something beneficial would not result from the aspect, but that caution should be applied when delineating a chart with negative overtones.  In modern astrology Saturn is the foundation of the structure of our thinking and actions.  Although this is beneficial to our growth, what we forget is that too little or too much structure can be destructive which then can be considered malefic.  The ancients may have considered the Eclipses as malefic in certain aspects, and if we treat it like a quincunx, with hard work and determination, we can change a difficult situation into a blessing.  Then what was considered a malefic, transforms into a beneficial aspect and vice versa.  Today if we proceed with caution and understand what a malefic can do, we can avoid some of the lessons these malefic aspects may unfold.  As modern astrologers we must respect these malefic aspects and work with their energies to bring positive results into our lives.  In this way we bring our misunderstanding of the rules that were established by Traditional Astrology into new heights in the twenty first century. This will give Saturn and the Eclipses a place of respect in Modern Astrology in helping us achieve our goals and aspirations.

“Welcome to the Twilight Zone with 3 Degrees Aquarius Full Moon July 25th – 26th 2010”

One will realize if you have been reading my articles, that I anticipate and work with the moon periods, and I especially await with hope and expectation the Full Moon at 2 Aquarius 59 on July 25th 2010 at 6:38 p.m. PDT which also sextiles and trines Saturn conjunct Jupiter opposite Saturn.  This aspect is welcoming us into a brief time period to the Twilight Zone were we can appreciate, sympathize, and empathize with the trials, tribulations and the circumstances that are going on around us.  For one brief moment, if we take the time to attune to what is going on around us, we will acquire glimpses of the solutions and directions that will not only open doors, but give us new insights to our present situation, and how the recently past eclipses have their impact on us individually.  That brief instant we may not agree with what is happening and may with inspiration choose a different path, but at that split second we have the respect and honor for another person’s opinion or situation, and realize that everything that is happening has its purpose and reason.  With respect for others, we can begin to respect and honor our own choices that will make differences in our lives.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 3 degrees of Aquarius and for the Sun in 3 degrees of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 3   A deserter from the navy  This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme rebellion against things as they are, here emphasized in a disregard of all consequences for the sake of an immediate liberation of the spirit.  There is a demand for a more rewarding expression of individuality, and the reversed symbolism suggests that any late acceptance of full and personal responsibility for life is better than none at all.  Except as man creates his own allegiances, his destiny holds no depth.  The keyword is defiance.  When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

Leo 3  A woman having her hair bobbed   This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme self-examination, here emphasized in a desire for greater participation in the momentary trends and heightened values of the social milieu.  There is open invitation to every possibility of personal experience, and a willingness to grasp the least promising opportunity in order to achieve and enlarged significance.  The soul accepts every minor modification of itself in order to perfect the channels of self-expression.  The keyword is decision.  When positive, the degree is exceptionally effective self-mobilization for the sake of personal ambition, and when negative, wholly inadequate appreciation for the self and its destiny.

The planetary formation at this period of time is only confirming the need not only to make changes that will make a difference, but that these changes need to strike a chord in our soul and personality in what we believe and stand for.  Our actions need to become one with our thinking so that we are willing to make a statement to break away from peer pressure.  With Pluto in aspect to this Full Moon, it is expressing to us the need to get it right, or the difficulties we may be experiencing now, will need to be repeated without the wisdom and energy of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.  What ever we decide is the right direction, must be made with forethought and involvement, so that we do not appear indecisive or fickle, or just going with the flow.  When one enters the twilight zone, it isn’t how long one experiences the moment, but how quickly one can adapt and work with the energies and astuteness the Universe has laid in our path for our success in everything we desire and hope for that was predicted in our charts.  The twilight moment is fleeting, and one can not think twice before participating as it will never return again, and when it does, it will never be the same.  So when this Full Moon takes place, make sure, you are ready to grasp the moment in the Twilight zone.

“The Emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never!”


I always find studying any subject, is a never ending learning and practicing period of time, and many ah ha moments that knocks one off their feet.  This I find especially true with astrology, particularly if one is open minded to all the diversity that the art encompasses, from Modern, Traditional, Midpoints, Western and Eastern Astrology, et cetera.  One can never have a dull moment, and every day there are new revelations that gives one motivation to keep one going, where one reaches a turn in the road and realizes the path never ends.  This happened to me several weeks ago, when by chance I read an article on the web entitled “Saturn through the houses” published by a person with the user name of “moonlightshadow”.  The following I quote from the article that gave me an ah ha moment, and to realize that the Universe always knows what is best for us.  “Saturn always leaves us in a much better place then when he found us.  We will learn that growth may be painful but worth it in the end as things begin to settle down for us and the world as a whole.  This change will not happen over night.  Saturn in the ninth house is one of the best houses for this planet to be in as it represents higher sub-consciousness.  The same thought process that defines us as individuals, and apart from the animal species.  This thought process will kick in at a later part of life as the closed and conservative type of mind has developed.  This is our perception of reality.  What Saturn will do in this house break up the stagnated reality we have been living in whether it being religion or philological views and make way for the seed to be planted with new ideas.  This is also the house of long distant travel and Saturn will delay, but not deny.”

The article made me realize that I really didn’t see my true self, until later in life and that was okay, because I needed Saturn to help me grow in several areas before I would develop the patience, Saturn was trying to instill in my personality.  I have Saturn with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth house in Gemini, being the ruler of my ascendant and my mid heaven, which made me like to do many things at once, without completing anything, before I went on to the next.  For many years I would have hundred of books with bookmarks, and although I have completed some books, it may have taken me many years to do so.  This had always upset me, but I excuse myself by saying that the Gemini in my chart, made me do it.  I had several careers, and although I was happy in all of them, I never felt I was doing what I came here to fulfill.  It wasn’t that I felt emptiness about it, but I wondered why I felt something was missing.  In the last few years I realized that my spirituality, astrology and divination has taken a step in front of all my other interests because of the lessons, trials and tribulations that Saturn has laid in front of my path.  Learning from Saturn I began to see what was important in my life and that which energizes me, to keep going.  Reading the old classics in astrology have given me new information to help me in my life and delineating charts, and has taught me not to give up on the old manuscripts that started it all, for what is supposedly new and perfect for our modern world.  I have also found this true with my spiritual readings, not to give up on the old classics because of these new age gurus that are actually rehashing the old masters’ words and philosophy.

This article made me realize that who I really am and want be, may be expressed with the fact that success among our peers, is different from the success and happiness we want for our selves.  And though success and inspiration may come later in life, it is better late then never.  The strange thing is a friend of a friend of mine told her that although he has been very successful for these past twenty years, that what he really felt was he has been floundering all this time.  And believe it or not, he has Saturn in the ninth house, and that he is thinking of changing his life.  Unbelievable isn’t it?  If anyone is reading this article and has Saturn in the ninth house, and would like to share their thoughts and experiences, please do.

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