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“The House Through Its’ Lord and Ruler Sees the World Through 3 D Glasses!”

As I continue my journey into astrology, it continues to prove there is a Supreme Being that governs this universe.  With the study of this occult art, when one comes to the end of the road, a new path in the shrubs appears, and if one is courageous enough to plow through the bush to the other side, a whole new world is on the horizon, awaiting one.  With the study of the stars one must not only be adventurous in exploring the new areas, but also remember where we came from, and to study the old classics.  In this modern fast paced world, it is easy in ignoring and simplifying the steps to reach a final conclusion.  I must admit that when one applies all the rules and aphorisms that come with the old school in this modern age, the answer may not come fast enough before the deed is done.  But giving up on the time honored method is not a solution either and we need to improvise without loosing the essence of the delineation of the chart.

One of Morin’s rules for the solar return is to always look for the ruler of the ascendant to help point and clarify what might be important in the coming year.  I have used this rule for all the houses in the natal chart and it has given a subtle and accurate prediction of the situation that which I never expected.  It seems to me that looking through the eyes of the Lord and Ruler of the house and sign it is in, is like looking through 3 D glasses, a whole new world is revealed.  How the Lord and Ruler see his subjects, and how his subjects, the planets in the house, see and react to their Lord.  I have never been able to really relate to the word, Lord or Ruler, but when I replaced the word with CEO, manger or supervisor, suddenly stories of what is happening in the house is made plain.  Is the manager happy in its position, and in what department or division is he working with?  Is the manger working well in the house he is in, and is he in good relations to his workers?  Do the workers feel the manager is working on their behalf and for the company?  Is there some sort of reception or aspect between the manager and the workers?

As one can see by exploring these areas in a more detailed and modern way, one’s delineation of a chart becomes more colorful, clearer and dimensional in what is happening to the individual and his complexities.  The outcome is never simply black and white, but the whole hue of the colors of grey, which in this day and age is a truer interpretation of what is going on in our lives.  Another thing I noticed is that when a transit aspects the Ruler, even though it is not in its own house, the house is somewhat effected.  I have also noticed that if a transit aspect a planet that is either malefic or benefic to the Ruler, the house will be affected slightly in ways not expected.  It is like the manager that has been given a bonus for work well done, how do the workers feel?  Are they also rewarded?  Or if the manager is laid off, how does this affect the worker under his supervision?  Seeing the planets and their reaction in this light, gives us a clearer picture and a delineation of the chart with insight and compassion.  So my advice for a chart interpretation for others or yourself is to prepare the delineation with empathy, concern and wisdom, by putting on your 3 D glasses and to see through the eyes and mind of the Ruler and the Lord of the different houses.

“What You See is What You Get Whispers the 27 Libra 44 Full Moon on Apr 17th 2011?”

The third of the Super Moons (which indicates that it is at its closes distance to the Earth) to grace their presence in 2011 will come about as a Full Moon at 27 Libra 44 on April 17th at 7:44 pm PDT, opposite a stellium (three or more) of Planets in Aries.  This phase of the moon is quietly whispering in the coolness of the night the words “what you see is what you get, or maybe not?”  Like the Full Moon, that does not hide any of its assets and illuminations, this moon period is asking us to expose ourselves for our own understanding and public scrutiny.  There is a necessity and urgency to understand who we are and what we are able to do at this time.  The words theirs and mine, needs to change to ours as we move further into the twenty first century, as we begin to realize that we are all into this together, if we are to survive as a species.  With five planets in Aries the need to make things happen and materialized into reality are a recurring thought.  Thinking out of the box is more important as we need to improvise on short notice, to avoid problems or to make things happen.  The usual and ordinary seems to have lost their way, and the unexpected seems to be the norm as we journey on.  The social, economical, political, and environmental unrest which is happening globally is bringing unexpected and unusual events into reality and to the forefront of our attention.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 28 degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 28 degrees of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 28  A man in the midst of brightening influences  This is a symbol of the enduring rewards of life whenever it is taken seriously in its own fundamental terms or accepted with a realization of the underlying friendliness of the world at large.  Implicit in the intangible symbolization is an encouragement on which any individual may count, knowing that his unflagging courage in pressing forward on his pilgrimage from darkness to light is the best of all guarantees of his achievement.  Circumstances here are seen as they dramatize his mood and confirm his potentiality.  The keyword is responsiveness.  When positive, the degree is a complete spiritual fellowship with human kind, and when negative, self-stultification through wishful thinking.

Aries 28  A large disappointed audience  This is a symbol of the transiency of the rewards in a life taken too literally and narrowly in its more superficial terms.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the disillusionment that comes when an individual learns that he cannot depend on the applause of his fellows, or make the momentary mood of the masses any proper guide for the values he should pursue.  There is here the call to a selfhood which can rest secure in its own creative potentiality, catering to nothing exterior to itself.  The keyword is disjunction.  When positive, the degree is complete spiritual independence, and when negative, a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.

Our potentiality to fulfill its destiny is given a greater chance when we allow our spiritual side and thoughts to take on a major distinction and direction in our lives, and where our wishes and desires encompasses the hopes and desires of mankind, instead of seeing our own desires come first.  Five planets in one sign harnesses the energy and the power behind any ideas and thoughts, and gives the chances for success a greater boost.  With group action, the determination and the ability to focus to the finish, instead of giving up before the end, are in sight.  The Universe in its wisdom have given us this stellium of planets at this time to help us to fulfill our wishes and hopes, our responsibility is to appreciate this gift from the Universe with gratitude, by using these forces for the benefit for all.  A stellium may predict and point to trials, tribulations and destruction, as in the case of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but at the same time we can use this cluster of planets for beneficial purposes.  By directing our prayers for solace, peace, comfort and immediate relief for the victims of this tragedy to the planets, and harnessing the energy and power as one force, the end result will be greater and quicker then one will realize or understand.  The planets will predict events and situations, and at the same time, allows us to use their energy in our daily lives to our benefit.  This Full Moon is definitely whispering “What you see is what you get or maybe not”, and it is telling and commanding us to look beyond the cover to get the true picture.

“Does a Stellium of Planets Indicate Difficulties or Blessings or a Lesson in Life?”

As the world turns and the events and dramas of the global community plays out through the social networks and news agencies around the planet, we begin to realize how small our space has become.  The financial and social unrest that is happening everywhere is creating some changes, is slowly spreading across the continents in countries we would least expect to hear about.  The unrest began in the west with social outcries and demonstrations with the financial cuts due to the economical downturn, here in America and in Europe spreading to Tunisia and Egypt and eventually globally, as economical, social and political instability.  As an astrologer, these changes can be predicted with the difficult aspects we have been having within the last few years and with the upcoming aspect of Uranus entering the sign of Aries and Neptune into Pisces.  One other aspect which caught my attention during the recent unrest was the stellium of planets (three or more planets in one sign), which I found interesting and intriguing as I have this arrangement with five in Gemini in my natal chart.

I first stumble upon this aspect with my introduction to astrology with my first astrological reading from a very competent astrologer.  He explained to me that once I was convinced of something I would be very determined to finish the project with a lot of energy and effort and that it indicated a major theme which would continually appear and be present in my life.  He also told me that whether it was good or bad news, it would always hit me like a thunder bolt, all at once, one after another.  Having to live with this all my life, my thoughts of how beneficial or malefic this configuration is, has left me breathless and speechless, as I feel this aspect incorporates difficulties, blessings and lessons for me to learn from.  The three are separate, but yet united as one, because one is not experienced without the others, involved in some way.  One may experience them in a different lineup and at different times, but eventually all three will show themselves. 

The stellium reminds me of being born on the exact day of a holiday where gifts are given, instead of receiving gifts given to you twice a year; one is overwhelm with gifts all at once.  One needs to experience this phenomenon to understand what is going on with the individual when an aspect, good or bad is generated.  The problem with experiencing everything at once, one doesn’t really live the moment, one is just carried through the euphoria, without understanding, learning or gaining wisdom from the experience.  It is through hindsight that wisdom and gain is generated from the incident, especially in my case.  Experiencing everything at once is like having all your wishes granted for one day, and you don’t know which you will try first in the limited time you have.  It is also like the three wishes that will be granted by the genie, how wise will we be in our wishes?  Unless one has to go through a moment of choice without a second chance to change one’s decision, one will never comprehend how wise or foolish we might be, until we are tempted.

In relating this to what is happening globally and personally, this concentration of energy and determination brings the subject matter to a climax with an urgent need and responsibility to see it to completion and success.  With everything aim in one direction, the cause and completion of the project takes on its own energy and life to the end, and begins to take us along for the ride.  This force of energy may help us to complete our objectives, but we need to override the exhilaration and be responsible for our decisions and have the foresight, of the end results and its consequences.  If we are responsible and take charge of the moment, whether the results are favorable or not, we will have learnt and grown from the experience.  This aspect is guiding us to concentrate and accomplish a major wish or desire that has been on the back burners, to be materialized into reality.  When we see this stellium of planets in aspect to our natal chart, we must be aware of the concentrated energies, and work with it.  Knowing the force is with you, and realizing that difficulties, blessings and lessons come with it, you have lived the moment and grown.

“To Thine Own Self Be True Echoes the New Moon at 13 Aries 29 on April 3rd 2011”

The aspect of change as indicated by the stars and planets is in the air, the manifestations has taken forms that has surprised some and confirmed the predictions for others, which indicates that more surprises are yet to come.  As change in some areas of the world has taken on the form of revolution and unrest, the New Moon at 13 Aries 29 at 7:33 a.m. PDT on April 3rd 2011 echoes to each of us individually the words of Shakespeare “to thine own self be true”.  With six planets in the sign of Aries and the New Moon conjunct Jupiter in opposition to Saturn, the importance of understanding, arranging and organizing our thoughts will give us the basis to make sensitive and sensible decisions for our future.  The important ingredient is being honest and truthful to ourselves to whom we really are and want to be, and to what we really want in life, and to how we are going to achieve the final results in this world.  The time to implement the change is now.  With Mercury Retrograde the need to be cautious and meticulous in what we listen to, to what we read, the directions our thoughts take, and the conclusions we finally end up with, is of the utmost important at this time.   Besides going within our sacred portal to find our true self, we need to be alert and have the wisdom to use all our assets and talents to achieve and reach our real desires and wishes.

“The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 14  A serpent coiling near a man and a woman  This is a symbol of the threefold nature of man, in its aspect of a high competency on the subjective side.  There are here the emotional and rational elements of selfhood as they achieve their unity through creative ordering of a universal wisdom.  Implicit in the phallic significance is a fullness of being following on the everyday satisfaction of ordinary human appetites, but only as these are made manifestation of a higher appreciation and a greater self-dedication.  The keyword is revelation.  When positive, the degree is exceptional self-discipline in the continual acquisition of a very real understanding, and when negative, a surrender to lower or transient impulses in every area of personal experience.

To begin to understand who we are, and to work with the best of what we are, we need to comprehend the threefold aspect of how we see ourselves.  To begin with, we consider our selves to be the mirror image of the Divine Creator working with a material body with our ordinary human appetites and desires in which we deal with on a daily basis.  At the same time our higher Self is reaching and exploring areas we need to fulfill and accomplish to carry out the reason for our existence in this lifetime.  The revelation and the truth of the matter is that these separate parts of our nature are one, but we need to recognize and work with that truth.  Once we realize and recognize that the separate aspects of our self are all working for the good of the individual, and then we won’t see them in opposition.  Once we find our true self and understand who that person is and wants to be, the paths begins to merge into that one road which leads to the accomplishment of our dreams and desires.  As we find our true self, we will achieve the message of this New Moon “to thine own self be true”.

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