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“Empathy Versus Sympathy Spotlights the 18 Leo 32 Snowy Full Moon on Feb 7th 2012”

I have always thought the full moon is infinitely more interesting than the new moon with its never-ending number of possibilities one can participate in, because of the dynamics of the opposition of the lights fighting for one’s attention.  It is like seeing the glass half full or half empty when one is reevaluating and rethinking about the accomplishments we have accumulated from our decisions we have made during our sojourn in this life.  It depends on the situation and the condition of how we see and interpret the circumstances, which determines how we view the contents of the glass.  This Snowy Full Moon at 18 Leo 32 at 1:56 p.m. PST on February addresses this by spotlighting the attributes of empathy versus that of sympathy.  The aspects are subtly pushing and pulling us, in their effort to convince the subconscious its need to take the lead for those who mean something to us.  The moon phase is emphasizing that during this pivotal period all our actions and reactions need to be done with feeling and being, if we are to see our wishes and dreams become reality.  It is directing us to go beyond our intellectual state of sympathy to understanding the underlying circumstances into the emotional state of empathy.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Leo and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Leo 19  A houseboat party  this is a symbol of creative relaxation as a prelude to effective effort, and of man’s normal capacity for achievement through an everyday rehearsal of co-operative relationships with his fellows.  There is here a sealing off of some pleasant pocket of life for an intensified culture of the skills and inspiration which can implement a contribution to the world at large.  Any dull routine of existence may be exalted as a common adventure in self-expenditure.  The keyword is congeniality.  When positive, the degree is a gracious eagerness of participation in the more worthwhile or enduring aspects of human affairs, and when negative, thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare.

Aquarius 19  A forest fire quenched  This is a symbol of regenerative relaxation after extraordinary effort, and of man’s exceptional capacity for achievement through the whole-giving of himself in am emergency.  Here is the dynamic co-operation by which the individual gains a high peak of self-expenditure, and in the moment’s intensification rehearse potentialities he would never discover otherwise.  What can be misfortune to be suffered can as easily become a successful adventure in broad social responsibility.  The keyword is concern.  When positive, the degree is special skill in bringing personal interests to some larger point of effectiveness, and when negative, a fear of experience and a sublet delight in calamity.

The Snowy Full Moon, also known as the Hungry Full Moon was named by the native tribes’ ofNorth Americabecause they considered February, the month with the harshest weather conditions.  This helped to forewarn and remind them that this particular month’s weather conditions made hunting very difficult to provide for the sustenance and for the livelihood of the community during the bitter part of winter.  The Sabian symbols are suggesting that not only through the good, but even during the difficult and trying times to create an occasion for relaxation and creative play.  The emphasis is fellowship that becomes the means for cultivating the resources in which all accomplishments of lasting value is achieved.  In this environment one discovers personal skills and abilities previously unrecognized, and the aptitude to rise above any situation or crisis one encounters.  We need to remind ourselves that this kind of activity is nourishment for our soul and spirit in which to help us to create a shelter from our own negative thoughts and feelings when they come upon us like the falling snow.  This Leo Moon is allowing us to develop new inspirations and adventures, by spotlighting and demonstrating the results we can achieve with empathy and sympathy.

“Uranus – The Rebel Without a Cause”

As the planet Uranus has been connected with the changes and the difficulties affecting the global consciousness at this time, a sense of awe has come over me with the realization of the incredible power the planet has within its reach.  As its energies continue to affect our consciousness with its grip upon us, and with its staying power lasting longer then we thought it would.  This caused me to review and to analyze what has transpired during the last year, and I came to the conclusion of the magnitude of destruction or creation which lies within the power of Uranus, which continues to haunt me with trepidation.  I have always felt friendly with Uranus as it conjuncts my Mercury in my natal chart, and though I have never felt antagonistic to the planet, I have not always welcomed its embrace in my life or in my actions.  I have always found Uranus erratic and unconventional in its approach and how it deals with any condition which develops.  It always needs to display an independence from the norm that stretches beyond the acceptable behavior of the day, and to find a place in the Sun, in which it can call its own.  

I have been taught that the planet is considered malefic and at the same time represents a higher more spiritual version of Mercury.  Where Mercury is the messenger and delivers the message as it was conveyed by the sender.  Uranus delivers the message with its own interpretation and meaning with a need to prove a point that the moment for action is imminent.  Uranus presents many sides to the situation and is willing to substantiate any claims as being the only way to correct the situation at the moment.  Uranus agitates until it gets its way, and when we finally respond, the action taken at the moment may be without any forethought of the consequences.  For this reason I have begun to suspect that Uranus is a “rebel without a cause”, which encourages us to act with a double-edged sword.  The sword representing all the reasons we need to take action as the circumstances present themselves, but without any real solution to correct and adjust the situation.  In my opinion Uranus is the impetus for change, but not the solution to solve the problem or distress at hand.  It is depended on the aspects and the helping hand from the other planets that leads us in the proper direction for the answer. 

The response and clarification of the situation can only come with the effort of all the planets working together for one purpose. This is definitely exemplified by what is happening around the globe with the outcry of rebellion in different forms, but with the same need for change.  And as it has been demonstrated, although a transformation may have taken place, unless we are clear and united in the final objective for everyone involved, it too may topple and turn into chaos until we get it right.  So what does this mean for each of us, if Uranus aspects our chart fostering a need to do things differently and to think out of the box?  How can we use the energies of this planet to bring our wishes and desires into focus?  When acting and responding to the energies of Uranus for change, that we do not take action for the sake of change, but to consider our situation with purpose and reason.  If not, we need to quickly reestablish our real objectives and begin to improvise what is needed to achieve it.  By studying our chart we can begin to understand what planets will work and help Uranus to achieve the transformation and change without losing the direction and the objective of the end result we want to be accomplished.  Then the rebel without a cause will have a cause.

“A Template for Action Stresses the 2 Aquarius 41 New Moon on January 22nd 2012”

With the dark cold winter nights making their impact on our lives and the financial situation which seems to continue to linger with the backdrop of the prediction of 2012 hovering, a sense of disquiet is in the atmosphere surrounding our every movement.  Within this climate the 2 Aquarius 41 New Moon on January 22nd 2011 at 11:41 p.m. PST makes its appearance stressing that the pattern in the night sky is a template for action.  With Jupiter and Saturn squaring the New Moon, the aspects are not asking us, but pushing us into action, even if we are not mentally or emotionally ready for whatever is on the horizon.  The feeling that permeates the air is that action of any kind whether beneficial or malefic to the situation, is better then no action at all.  Jupiter trine with Pluto is indicating that any endeavor with thought behind it, is a step towards the right way, and that each step combines to make one giant step closer to our final objective with joy and satisfaction.  Each stride and activity will reenergize, revitalize, reinvent and will make the final transformation that much more adaptable to whatever we put our mind to.  Putting actions behind our thoughts and ideas and bringing them into reality is the keyword for this moon phase.

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 3  A deserter from the navy  This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme rebellion against things as they are, here emphasized in a disregard of all consequences for the sake of an immediate liberation of the spirit.  There is a demand for a more rewarding expression of individuality, and the reverend symbolism suggests that any late acceptance of full and personal responsibility for life is better than none at all.  Except as man creates his own allegiances, his destiny holds no depth.  The keyword is defiance.  When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

This symbol is reinforcing the message that something needs to be done about our state of affairs, but caution is indicated that our choice of action must be well thought out, if we wish not be in a position that creates more of a problem then it solves.  The image depicts a need to escape the circumstances by running away from it.  At the same time it shows courage to correct the mistake that was made, even it if in the long run the resolution is not helpful.  This reinforces the need to pay attention and think thoroughly through any situation, before making a decision that may impact our lives in ways we may not have the foresight to foresee.  Taking responsibility of our choices is the first step in increasing our chances that we will acquire more care and thought in any action we take on.  Remembering and using the law that “every cause has its effect” will prevent us from making hasty decisions we may later regret.  This also infers that to every ending has a new beginning and that every beginning has its ending, and with this in our subconscious our decisions will be more purpose driven.  This Aquarius New Moon is allowing us to work with the energies of the stars and planets to create the momentum for action by thoroughly thinking through the situation for our wishes and goals to be accomplished.

“Seeing and Using Profection in One’s Delineation in a New and Different Light”

One of the reasons I enjoy the study of astrology is the amazement I have when I have discovered and uncovered a new secret about myself that the chart reveals.  One may argue that because I may be looking for it, that I made the aspects work for me, to give me the response I was looking for.  This may be true for some things, but I disagree on the truths I least expected to find and discovered about myself.  Or the wow moments a person one just met experiences when delineating their chart.  One may cherish the thought that in delineating a chart one has a fifty to fifty chance to get it right or wrong, and this statement would only be true if we as astrologers, don’t make every effort and use every tool at our fingertips to be as accurate as possible.  This is the one reason Morin feels that in predicting important influences in a coming year, one needs at least three aspects confirming the situation in question, as a necessity to validate one’s validity.  My favorite method in determining the influences for the coming year is with the Solar Return chart, but there are times, even when one is sure what the influences are, one wishes there was another method that would confirm and backup one’s conclusions. 

The reason I am convinced it is a good idea to have a general consensus of what is in our future, is that I whole heartedly believe in the aphorism that being “forewarned is forearmed”.  I have experienced more openness and flexibility when I am prepared for whatever might happen.  In this way I was able to take advantage and to use the situation to my benefit.  Had it come upon me as a surprise, my reactions and decisions may have been determined by the moment and the situation, and not by my higher intuition, thought or my emotions.  I have tried other methods such as transits, progressions, et cetera, but was not comfortable with any one of them.  It so happens that an astrologer in one of my traditional astrological egroups who I totally respect, gave a short summation of why she was so enamored with the use of profection in connection with a solar return chart and how it would improve one’s accuracy in the delineation of any chart.  This is a very old and traditional method of the progression of the house through the ascendant each year. 

The meaning is taken from 

Profection is a time lord system, based on a progression in the order of the signs from a given point.  There are annual, monthly, and daily profections for each planet or lot (Arabic part).  A profection is simply a jump from one sign to the next.  For instance, an annual profection jumps from one sign to the next on your birthdate every year.  If Fortuna was in Gemini when you were born, then the annual profection for Fortuna on your next birthday would be Cancer. 

At first glance, I quickly dismissed it, because I could not make any sense or imagine that every single soul going through their second birthday would experience the second house in the same way.  This was the reasoning in which I misjudged the system.  It took a couple of years on the back burner, while I was studying Morin that I realized that we would experience each house according to the ruler of the sign and not just the house itself.   By utilizing the essential dignities a more colorful and precise picture came into view.  Suddenly I saw each individual experiencing their year differently and applying the transits gave a different perspective.  By looking at my own solar return chart for the present and having it confirmed with the profection chart was an exciting moment for me.  Another one followed another as I applied this method to the charts of my friends.  There is still a lot for me to learn with this method even though I consider myself a professional, as the source material on this subject matter is few and far between.  I am sure there are more trials and errors in front of me on this subject matter, but what this has taught me is to be more open and less judgmental on systems developed and used by our fore runners.  Maybe some areas of astrology are obsolete in this modern age, but before I throw out the bathwater, I better make sure the baby is not in with it.

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