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“The North Node, The Dragon’s Head in the First House, Take Note!”

In delineating a chart I have always been taught to note the position of the Sun, Moon and ascendant, and then go on from there.  This makes perfect sense as one wants to have a general first impression and then one will blend the aspects with the other information to obtain a more perfect description of the individual in question.  One of the other important points is to look at the North and South Nodes or Dragon’s Head and Tail which are not planets in the strict astronomical sense, but rather sensitive points on the ecliptic, where the pathways of the Moon crosses the course of the Sun.  The location and the sign of the Nodes are extremely important to understand and to delineate, as the Nodes colors the rest of the chart. 

The North Node or Dragon’s Head indicates the purpose and the direction we should take to learn the lessons we need, and to gain knowledge of the methods by which we may create the harmony, and enhance our personal development.  The South Node or Dragon’s Tail symbolizes the lessons and results from past lives or past actions in this life, where the tasks we encountered hadn’t been quite mastered, so we need to repeat the same situation so that we may perfect the results.  The one main point to understand about the nodes is not to see them as separate aspects, but as one whole unit like the Yin and Yang, which are opposites, but yet one in their effort to accomplish their purpose in this life time. 

The Nodes are really neutral, but take on a benefic or malefic aspect by how we use and understand them.  They take on the subtle essence of the qualities of the Moon in that they are receptive, nurturing, instinctive, cyclical, erratic, and have an attachment to the surroundings and the need for security.  The following is some keywords of the Nodes through the houses.  I have connected the meanings of the opposite houses as they too are connected as one and need to be interpreted the same way as the Nodes.

1st & 7th House:

            To experience the personal power of being an individual and not relinquishing authority to others, but at the same time recognizing others, as individuals with their own personal power, as individuals and as part of a unit.

2nd & 8th House:

            To acquire, and accumulate knowledge and material things which will give us, self worth and provide the peace and security we seek, but at the same time be able to use other people’s resources to help us, and them.

3rd & 9th House:

            To cultivate the curiosity to gather, study, share information and knowledge with the talent to listen to others and realize that Higher Understanding comes from cultivating faith, spiritual understanding, and learning to trust one’s intuition.

4th & 10th House:

            To understand and appreciate your motivations, needs, fears, and to establish your independent roots in the form of your environment and home, and at the same time, to realize what purpose and influence you will need to have a meaningful career that will direct your energies toward society.

5th & 11th House:

            To develop the creative self expression of your environment, pleasures and to surround yourself with your friends, and to realize as much as you need them, they also need you, and together, a happier and more satisfying life will come about.

6th & 12th House:

            To focus on duty, devotion, discipline, personal skills, service to others, develop discrimination with attention to details, and to see that the inner world of your dreams and imagination is as real and solid as the outer world.  Have the compassion and appreciation for the perfection of the imperfection.

An example of the delineation with the North Node or Dragon’s Head in Scorpio in the First House is as follows:

            The intensity to experience life and wanting to be noticed and recognized as being revolutionary in one’s approach to life and the ability to regenerate and transform ideas and self.  To learn to develop the will power of letting go of your attachments that is no longer meaningful to you, so that one can move on, to that which works for you.  You will be willing to risk what you have in order to reach higher levels of attainment of your spiritual, occult and sexual life and you will need to cultivate the compassion and self control with others.  As you become more intense and full of life, you will realize that you will attract others just as intense, and you need to provide and respect their space.

As you can see, the Nodes give us purpose and direction and will color all the other planets in the natal chart to fulfill the vision in this life, giving us the happiness, peace and satisfaction for a life well lived.


“Jupiter and Saturn, the Siamese Twins, Gratitude and Bounty”

As fall gives way to the winter months, and the land has given up its harvest and begins to become barren, being grateful that we will be able to survive through the season, comes to mind.  The early pilgrims celebrated with the Indians that they would survive and see another year and again toil the land to see many more winters in this new unknown territory.  The thoughts of being thankful and humble gave them the humility and understanding to accept help and develop the resources and inventions to survive and prosper in this new world.  These days it is harder for us to be grateful and thankful for what we have, because life is so much easier, or so we think.  What planets give us the ability to be grateful and thankful came to mind as I was thinking about this matter?

Jupiter and Saturn the gods of the ancient world does the trick for us, but not alone and separate, but as twins (as in the sign of Gemini) working in harmony to bring about the world we wish to live in.  Their work is so tied together, that they appear to be like Siamese twins, where one can not tell who is doing what to what.  It all comes out in the wash as one, and we are very happy that it does.  Saturn gives us structure, organization, consistency, security, stamina, steadfastness, limitations and boundaries.  The power of Saturn to help the individual to be true to it self, and to have the perseverance, endurance, conscientiousness, patience, wisdom, dependability, and consistency helps one to solve difficult situations and tribulations.

Jupiter represents trust, belief, growth, impetus, thriving, good fortune, prosperity, and the broadening of one’s horizons.  A developed sense of morality, ethics, truth, understanding, principles, and values which would represent what the individual stands for.  Jupiter also means wisdom, hope, grace, confidence, affluence, optimism, generosity, expansion and abundance.  Furthermore Jupiter together with Saturn means appearance, formation, compression, concentration, obligation, justice, law and order.

Depending on what signs and aspects these two planets are making with one another, and then to the other planets in the natal chart, will determine how much gratitude will come naturally to the individual.  In cases where the individual is hampered by their chart, one will use the chart’s information to help the individual gain the gratitude needed.  As I have always stated, the natal chart only indicates, it does not destine the individual to that fate.  I believe that although God may have given us problems and hardships to deal with, he has also given us the ability and assets to overcome the situation.

With gratitude on our side we begin to realize and appreciate what ever is given to us in this life, whether large or small.  Being grateful to God allows our subconscious to be open to all that comes our way, and being open we are able to see all the good that He has created for us.  Have you ever noticed during your daily routine, when one has been thankful to someone for their kindness and appreciated what was done, how that particular individual tries to do even more for you.  How can God do any less?  Actually I believe that the good for us is already here, but it is our gratitude that opens our vision to what is already in our harvest and bounty.  It is like the old saying “Is the glass half full or half empty?”, and it is true with how we see our lives.  So remember, the harvest and bounty is already in, and if we are grateful for it, our vision will be to see it, and it will manifest in our lives. 

“Full Moon at 11 Degrees Gemini – December 1st – 2nd 2009 – Smooth Sailing”

For the first and only time in 2009 while the moon becomes full at 11 degrees Gemini on Dec 1st – 2nd, no planets are retrograde (from December 1st to December 20th  ).  Uranus stations direct at 23 degrees Pisces, twelve hours before this Full Moon reaches its peak, indicating a need for radical change with no hidden agendas.  What you see is what you get, and what you say is what you mean.  It always helps when no planets are in retrograde, as it indicates no hidden stress, tensions or hidden innuendos we need to climb over, in reaching and resolving  our goals and wishes.  Pluto is still trying to force us to restructure our way of life, and if we have already done so, to reevaluate and rethink our goals.  This Full Moon is forcing us as a society and individually, to make a quantum leap into the future, while making radical and revolutionary changes in our thinking and lifestyle.  This is no time, for small steps, but giant and determined steps towards the future.  This is an important and vital moment to rethink, refine and fine tune our desires for the upcoming years.

 “The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 11 degrees of Gemini and for the Sun in 11 degrees of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 11  A new path of realism in experience  This is a symbol of the enlarged understanding which comes from a personal and immediate participation in the affairs of an everyday world, and of the continuing rewards which result from trying one and another way of doing things.  Here is self-orientation as a consequence of a persistent weighing of the pros and cons in normal life relations, and a determination of values on the basis of their demonstrated usefulness.  Selfhood is refined through its constant self-analysis.  The keyword is identification.  When positive, the degree is effective mobilization of the self’s practical resources for the role it must play in daily living, and when negative, self-delusion through sheer fantasy.

Sagittarius 11  The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple  This is a symbol of the enlarged understanding which comes from an inner and spiritual outreaching, and of the rewards following on a ceaseless experiment with one or another mode of self-expression.  Here is self-orientation through a continual balancing of consequences and meanings in everyday activity and relationship.  The world is seen as a laboratory for the soul, able to provide each individual with the reality he seeks for himself.  The keyword is reconciliation.  When positive, the degree is personal effectiveness through an intelligent capitalization on past achievement, and when negative, witless trial and error leading to an utter confusion of ideas.

What this is teaching us is, that with the Full Moon in Gemini, it is the time for our thinking and actions to be versatile and mutable so that we can immediately switch and adapt to any situation for success.  It is a time to be active in the real world and to identify the problems and situations as they really are.  This is the time to be pragmatic and being one with the pros and cons of the matter, where we can feel the right outcome, because we are one with the Universe and are sensitive to our surroundings.  This is where we give reverence and respect to our thoughts and actions and give them a place in the holy temple of our mind to develop and manifest in the physical world.  In the inner holy sanctum of our subconscious mind is the creation of our hopes and wishes into reality.  When we honor our thoughts, creation begins, and like the sail boat on the calm seas with the beautiful sunshine, there will be smooth sailing ahead. 

“Astro*Carto*Graphy© mapping for Success and a Global Feng Shui!”

When browsing through The Mountain Astrologer issue #147, I came across an advertisement and review of a book entitled “evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy by Elliot Jay Tanzer, which I found quite interesting as I was given a map as a gift by a friend many years ago.   Unfortunately, the brochure that came along to explain the map was unclear and I quickly lost my interest in this area of astrology.  Reading the review by Mary Plumb and the advertisement renewed my interest and I could not wait to get the book and the map to rediscover what I never knew about the subject matter.  There was a delay in the publication which prompted me to go to Mr. Tanzer’s website, and check out what he was all about.  To my surprise, not only was he an astrologer, but also a Feng Shui expert, and his explanation of how mapping the natal chart was an expansion of the Asian idea of being in the right location and in tune with the Chi, which he calls Global Feng Shui.  I now wanted the book; more then ever because I realized that the author, not only had knowledge of the Chi, but was certified to explain relocation charts.

During this financial downturn, many of the unemployed would be taking any job available even if it means relocation, and this information would be important to help the individual to make smarter and wiser decisions for their future.  Accepting a job in a new city, is one thing, but understanding the under currents that city might have in your life, will give one a head start in avoiding problems, and in what area you will be the most successful at.  As I have always said “Being forewarned is being forearmed with the necessary knowledge for success”.  If one doesn’t think relocation would make a difference in one’s life, one only needs to listen to the on going debates of solar return astrologers whether the place one is at during one’s birthday makes a difference in the forecast for the year ahead.  Some astrologers seeing some unfortunate problems in a coming year will advice clients to spent time on their birthday in another location to produce the desired result for the coming year, and bypassing any problems that might have occurred.  To me it really doesn’t matter whether relocating at the time of your birthday really works, as long as you believe it.  The mind is very powerful, and what it thinks is happening will be created by the mind in my opinion.  So if one becomes in tune with the Universal Mind or Chi, one will learn to work with the forces to achieve one’s happiness and success.

The following are some edited comments which explain what is in the book; you will find the complete advertisement and information in the magazine.

  • How to prep an ACG Map to bring it visually alive, assisting one to zero in on  the best areas, while making it clear which areas are not in ones favor.
  • How to use Latitude Crossings to fine tune one’s Map evaluations to indicate within the good areas which areas are even better.
  • How to go beyond the superficial, overly simplified evaluations that say “Go to Venus to find love.  Go to Mercury to write a book.”  One will learn the pros and cons of each planet’s effect on different personality types.
  • How the quality of a relationship changes for the better or for the worse on different planetary lines.

To my thinking even if one was not moving, understanding the planets, as to where we make our home would be a great benefit, and if we could fine tune the area that we have chosen to live in, would be an even greater benefit.  If moving north, south, west, or east, or even only twenty miles from where I now live, would make a difference, I would do it.  Remember knowledge is power, but learn to use it.

“Does the Natal Chart Indicate Destiny, Choice or Body Language?”


If astrology works and if it does predict correctly in our lives, then it must indicate that there is only destiny at work and as individuals we have no choice or decision in our future.  I bring this matter up after listening to some very respectable astrologers discussing the matter, defending both sides of the issue.  The following essay is my thoughts on the matter, and you as the readers have the right to decide what your conclusions will be.  In one respect I feel there are some parts of our future that is definitely destiny, that part of our life which we have no control of.  For example the family we are born to, our physical appearance, and our surroundings et cetera.  It is as if our soul and spirit is represented by a sail boat floating down a stream toward the lake of life, we might not be able to change the direction, but we can decide where we want to stop on the way down stream.  We also can decide how fast we want to go and if we wish to pass other boats.

Many years ago I had an astrological reading which stated I would live way into my nineties, which brought a couple of chuckles deep in side of me.  I didn’t want to express disrespect for the respected astrologer, that I was amused.  Later during my studies in astrology I learnt from “Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice – Matheseus Libri VIII by Firmicus Maternus translated by Jean Rhys Bram” that the ruler of the chart, which in my case was Mercury, indicated a long life into the nineties.  My point is, that part of the reading I can not change, but how I live my life is my choice.  How I keep my health, and whether I bring crisis or stresses into my world that might shorten my life span is my decision.  To me my world is partly destined for me in which I can not change, but I can decide how and the way I will travel the road in the direction which I can not change.  How I go through life is my choice, I can sail through it with a smile, with a positive attitude or go through life in the reverse.  I am the captain of my own boat and I can make the rules I wish to abide with.

I have noticed on my travels through life that I tried to use positive thinking to work with my subconscious and consciousness to bring the desired hopes and wishes to manifestation, but I found that my body language told another story.  When I thought I was giving an air of confidence, my body language showed insecurity.  This body language, and not destiny, helped to keep away the dreams and wishes which I was working towards.  Be careful not to blame destiny for our troubles, when it is just that some of our planets have not kicked in and started to do the work they were suppose to.  I noticed that as soon as my progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter my attitude and my body language began to change.  Remember whether we like it or not, people tend to judge us by our body language and action, and not by what we are outwardly saying.  The big lesson here is the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” can not be denied.  Now, to succeed in our dreams, we need to take the knowledge and wisdom of our natal charts and to combine it to our dreams and aspirations, and to make sure our body language and actions is equal to our hopes and dreams.


“Mercury Gone Wild? or has it just Gone Mad?”


These days during the internet explosion and with communication technology going wild, the resources to search for information are always at your finger tips.  Not only has blogging gone wild, but with services like twitter, one can keep in touch with the news of the day within seconds of it happening.  With so much going on, no wonder the old media establishments are having a hard time keeping their institutions profitable.  One begins to wonder how much of the information is backed up with facts or just hear say.  There is so much information available, and there is only so much time in a day to absorb all the knowledge to be had.  This made me wonder if all this knowledge that is available to us is a benefit or does it have a destructive nature we are unaware of?

Mercury the planet for communication, messages and information has it’s hands full these days with all the different ways to distribute this knowledge, one wonders how much is really being absorb, and has it been helpful?  It seems to me again that Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter comes into play in this important matter.  I happen to be very happy that all this knowledge and information is so easily at our finger tips, that I have begun to wonder how much of the information are we really digesting?  Are we digesting the material and integrating it into our thinking, or just filing them in files in our brain, and when needed, extracted for use.  I am thinking we are in this financial mess, because we have assimilated all the necessary data, but had not digested the information to see what elements of what had been absorb can be put to good use for our benefit.  I have noticed in my own life, that I am being bombarded by so much information, that I don’t have the time to really think about what I am really reading.  The need to understand how our natal planets help us to absorb and digest this information is very important, if we are to attain a happy and successful life during these difficult stressful times indicated by the transits of the planets.

The transits of Saturn opposition Uranus square Pluto is telling us that the way we absorb and digest our information, and the way we are applying it into our lives, needs to change.  That we have lost touch with our real soul and the need to regenerate and see life as a whole picture and unit, and use it to benefit everyone and everything on this earth.  It seems to me that we have lost the zest to live, live and live.  Life is a banquet, in which we should enjoy each morsel, instead of filling our stomachs to stay alive.  All this information available to us is great, but if we don’t digest and understand how to utilize and apply the information into our lives, it becomes a hindrance instead of the help it should be.

This is where understanding the aspects between Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in our charts become of vital significance in how we assimilate all this information.  It is not important whether the aspects are beneficial or malefic, but what is important is what the assets and the liabilities are.  The old adage “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” has more power, then one realizes.  To go into battle and to know our weakness is to have a secret weapon the enemy has not expected, and we may not win, but we will not lose, either.  This is where Mercury makes its presence in our chart important, and the need to understand how well it gets along with the sign and house it is in, and the aspects it is making to the other planets in our natal chart.  Again Jupiter and Saturn take their place in front to give us structure and the ability to digest, use and integrate the information beneficially into our lives.  So in reality Mercury has gone wild, and will it be us, who goes mad, if we don’t learn how to use all of this available knowledge for our benefit?  Knowledge is power, but I think in the twenty first century the saying should be change to “Knowing how to use and apply knowledge, is power”.

“New Moon at 25 Degrees of Scorpio on November 16 2009 is a Make Over”


The new moon period has become my favorite period of the month as it brings my thoughts back to what I want, and the goals I am working towards.  In our fast paced life in cyberspace the period that we allow for contemplation and meditation has become shorter and shorter.  By greeting the New Moon each month, we give our selves a few moments to review what we have done and what we wish to accomplish in the next period of time.  As we look to each new moon in the different signs and positions in the chart we become aware how it affects us during the coming month, and it will give us new insights into what areas we need to concentrate on.  This is an important month with the New Moon at 25 degrees of Scorpio on November 16th 2009 as this sign gives us the energy, determination and intent to fulfill what we wish to accomplish.  As the moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius, it is asking us what are the true motives lying beneath our wishes and desires for the future.  The ongoing aspects with Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Uranus keeps pushing us not only as a global unit, but as individuals to make major changes in our lives, and to understand the reason for those changes.

“The Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Scorpio 25  An X ray  This is a symbol of man’s organic integrity, or of the unvarying structures of nature on which all intelligence depends.  There is here an emphasis on the well-being of each individual as a foundation for his self-realization in the world he shares with his fellows, and on his responsibility to keep himself fit for the performance of his part in the common functioning.  He recognizes himself as the measure of all effective reality, and sees everything around him as a continual revelation or validation of his own capacity.  The keyword is investigation.  When positive, the degree is an exceptional power of analysis, and when negative, uncritical over-sensitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society.

The understanding of our motives is not only important to our own well being, but has now become an integral part of the well being of our society and the well being of mother earth.  The seeds of thoughts we plant within our conscious and subconscious mind will in time bloom in our physical world.  So be careful of the seeds you are planting, as you might get exactly what you thought of.  I have given some of my thoughts and questions that you might consider where the New Moon falls in your chart for the following houses:

1st House

            Let all thoughts and wishes including those thoughts and wishes we think unimportant be energized with enthusiasm, and given a place of honor for their moment in the sun.

2nd House

            Have respect for your thoughts and wishes, and see which ones should be brought into manifestation, no matter how unattainable they appear to be.

3rd House

            Do research and communicate with others in the know, which of your thoughts and wishes have the right ingredients to be materialized.

4th House

            What in your surrounding environment should be changed to reflect the new you, you want to be?

5th House

            What new friends and pleasures will help bring about your change of thoughts and wishes you want?

6th House

            Has the meaning of the words; work, service and love expanded or changed in your lexicon?

7th House

            Who shares the same wishes and hopes for the future as you do?  Who shares the same joys and excitement as you?

8th House

            What part of life has come to an end and needs to change, and what changes are for the better?

9th House

            Your wishes and wants need to be made part of your belief system, and become real in your world by visualizing it into reality.

10th House

            Although at the moment you may have not achieved your dreams, you need to cultivate the attitude that you will in time and the attitude, you are already there.

11th House

            Remember to keep those who will inspire you and those who are the inspiration to achieve your goals, close at hand.

12th House

            Keep your thoughts and wishes private until they sprout, for you don’t want them uprooted before they bloom.

In this New Moon period we may not need a make over, but some of us will need to remind our selves what our goals are, and whether we lost track of what is important to our true happiness.  Like this phase of the moon, we need to take our light that was hidden under a bushel and let it glow for all to experience and enjoy. 


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