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“Stir but not Shaken is the way I blend Planetary Sect with my Delineation of the Natal”

Being brought up in modern astrology, I found my way to traditional astrology very late in my studies. I would not call myself traditional in anyway, but I would tag myself, modern with a twist of the traditional. Stir, but not shaken, is the saying associated with the popular cocktail which summarizes my kind of astrology, especially working with the planetary sect. I guess the real truth of the matter is that I am the kind of person that will adopt any technique that is going to make me a better predictive astrologer. The bottom line is it going to work and will I be able to merge it with my other techniques, where I will feel comfortable with it. I will adopt and use any system that works. To me the truth of the matter is that the modern astrology is a simplified form of traditional to meet the needs of the modern world.

Modern astrology has dropped and laid aside many of the rules and regulations they felt no longer was necessary in today’s lifestyle. My problem with taking out what is no longer viable, are they the basics that might be needed to accurately predict? Or at least give us some understanding where our foundation came from, in order to understand where we are heading towards. As a beginning artist learning the craft I was always was told one must first learn and master the basics of drawing and painting. After one has the technique under one’s belt, only then can one throw out and begin to create one’s own style. My problem, have we thrown out too much and have handicapped ourselves in being better astrologers? What I realize in my research and study of the old manuscripts and translations that it does no harm in studying it thoroughly, and then deciding the next step one needs to take.

The system of planetary sect has been rediscovered in recent years in which one would categorize the seven traditional planets into two different camps: daytime or diurnal, or nighttime or nocturnal sect. Diurnal or the day time planets, which include the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, are more comfortable and powerful when the Sun appears above the horizon. The nocturnal planets or the night time planets are more comfortable and powerful when the Sun is below the horizon, which includes the Moon, Venus and Mars. Mercury is the versatile and adaptable planet and its sect is determined by whether it rises before or after the Sun. Rising before the Sun, it is considered diurnal a morning star and after the sun is considered nocturnal an evening star. The planet’s sect indicates it course of action and will determine the quality of the planet and the degree of benefic or malefic influence it will have. In effect, sect determines which of the two is in control of the chart and which plays more of an advisory or auxiliary role.

I personally feel this makes sense as I consider myself a day person who operates better in the early morning. I can empathize with the planets, as I don’t do well as a night owl. Understanding what I lack and have difficulties with, allows me to work with what I can do to achieve my goals. So by using this system we can determine how well and to what degree each planet is performing at, and what we need to supplement or work with in order to fulfill the promise of our natal chart. By knowing beforehand the possible problems and liabilities we may encounter, we are able to come up with better solutions. The value of this technique is that in the majority of charts one can quickly determine with a degree of accuracy which planets will be helping the individual and generally acting as positive and constructive influences and those planets that will be creating difficult or negative and destructive influences in one’s life.

“Night and Day, You Are the One Sings the Sun’s Position in Your Natal Chart”

Astrology like any other subject one decides to study, because one loves and enjoys it, becomes second nature that continues to grow, until one no longer can control the urge, but to allow it to go its merry way.  This has become my obsession, in that the more I learn, the more I have realized that I have not scratched the surface with so much available at our finger tips through the internet as paperbacks, hardbound, eBooks or PDF downloads.  There are so many areas to be discovered and to be mastered that one begins to wonder where one should start?  My choice was to begin with the very early writers of the art, and I am lucky to commence at a time when the translations of early writings into English are beginning to be more plentiful and easier to obtain.  Some of the translations are still difficult for me to comprehend and to get a handle on the meaning, the transcripts hoped to convey. 


How bless are we, who desire to acquire more information and knowledge, that by diligently studying what is available we will have a better grasp and understanding of where we came from and where we are going.  As more traditional and classical astrology manuscripts have become available, a surge of interest has gained a momentum and continues to grow, and more is sure to come.  Although I still consider myself a modern astrologer, my deep desire to study the classics has made me a hybrid that works well with what I have already learnt and mastered.  Working with both systems and not giving preference to either is my goal.  Since I was born in a culture very different from my parent’s, I am comfortable combining the two worlds, so that it would work for me, and represent who I really am.  It comes naturally to me to see both sides and to reconcile the apparently opposites to work together as one unit.


With this in mind, the traditional system of sect is determined by the placement of the Sun in a chart to decide on the order of placement, the amount of energy, the amount of power, the qualitative performance of each planet, is implemented by dividing them into two categories.  One consisting of the planets that work in sympathy and empathy with the daytime, which is termed as diurnal, which is led by the Sun followed by Jupiter and Saturn, while the Moon, Venus and Mars, comprise the nighttime or nocturnal team of planets.  Mercury is considered neutral, depending on whether it  appears on the horizon as a morning star, in which it allies itself with the diurnal sect, and likewise if it appears as an evening star in the chart, the nocturnal sect. 


An important point to note is that planet’s sect whether it is considered malefic or benefic is a qualitative measurement of how well it will perform.  It is said that a planet in its own sect, whether benefic or malefic will perform better, and in its opposite state, be in a weaker position to carry out its duties.  Malefic planets appear to be more problematic and can be quite benign and at the same time even beneficial if not more constructive then the benefic planets in some circumstances.  Lately my thoughts about a planet out of sect have changed, and have taken a twist I did not expect because of my own personal experience.  I have always felt the axiom “As above, so below” to be true and is demonstrated all around us, every moment of the day. 


All my life I have considered myself a day person, who performs everything better in the daytime.  Late one evening I needed to think and work something out and was at a point of exhaustion when I finally thought I had the project finished.  The next morning with a clearer mind and hoping to see and benefit from my hard work, I was disappointed with the outcome.  Not only did I have to redo the project, but for some reason it seems that what I was trying work out, gave me the inspirations for other avenues in approaching any solution to any problem.  I began to wonder if this would apply to a planet in the wrong sect, is it possible that not only does it operate in a weaker position, but would it operate in a more erratic and unexpected way then anticipated? 


Whether it was a benefic or malefic, could it perform as it’s opposite and out perform it, depending on the situation and aspects?  Studying and looking at my own natal chart applying the essential dignities and the bounds, I found this to be true.  Mars in my day chart below the horizon and Venus on the midheaven seems to display attributes of Uranus, surprising me at every turn, but I find that my stellium in Gemini finds this quite agreeable.  My conclusion on the matter, is when ever I see a chart with planets out of sect, I will proceed with caution, and not jump to the obvious conclusion and see if it might act in a more erratic manner than one might expect.  The keyword is caution, as the assumption of what dos and don’ts a planet should follow and stick with may derail one’s delineation of a chart.  My personal opinion is that one needs to use caution, wisdom and intuition to separate a great delineation from a good one when applying the technique of sect.


“An Astrologer Like a Great Actor Creates the State of Mind ▬ To Be or Not To Be”

As we begin the New Year, many people including myself have a list of New Year resolutions we hope to accomplish in the coming months.  How this tradition got started and whether it really does any good in our life is questionable, but it is something we may or may not look forward to, but tend to have a list ready when asked.  As I have grown older I realized if I am to finish any of the projects, I need to be realistic on what I want to bring to fruition.  Many times I think I have started projects to please others, instead of trying to accomplish something that would really please me.  As I begin the year 2011, I recognize the most important thing I want to perfect in the coming period of time is to be a better and more predictive astrologer.  To accomplish this, I plan to do an intensive study of the classical and traditional astrological material that has been translated into English.  Normally when I find an area of study I find to be important and enlightening, I try to convince everyone to do it my way.  I am not sure if my state of mind has become more mellow, or has wisdom taken hold of my consciousness, but my thoughts to bring others to my side of the conversation, is not as important, any more.  What I do find important is that what ever idea, thought or project we wish to accomplish, we do it with intensity and for the love it.

I consider myself, a modern astrologer with more then a curiosity for all the other avenues of astrology, with the traditional pulling at my coattails.  The different avenues and approaches the study of the stars has to offer, only makes the art that much more diverse and interesting.  I don’t think any one approach is the right way for every one.  We all have our own ways of doing things, and certain things work better for us then others.  Finding our groove and working with it will be a key to a successful and a satisfying life well lived.  It is not the area of astrology we study that is important, but how we approach the topic at hand, which will determine how proficient we become in the subject matter.  I have come to understand that learning all the rules and definitions will give me a handle on the subject, but understanding and being in tune with the chart was missing.  As I contemplated on this I remembered that my other great love is the movies, theatre and watching great actors at work.  It dawned on me that we must be like the great actors who are so into their character that we don’t see the real actor, but the character he or she is portraying.

This made sense to me as memorizing rules and aphorisms of the planets, signs, aspects and et cetera will give us the foundation for delineating a chart, but it won’t give us the subtle difference to the essential motivation of the chart.  It is not just being able to give further details on the delineation of the signs, planets, and aspects, as astrologers and those interested in astrology, but to be the chart itself and to feel what it is feeling.  To be so involved and connected to the chart that chart takes on a life of its’ own.  Understanding and feeling how the planet feels in the sign it is in, and the house it is in, and the fundamental feelings that is brought about by the aspects with the other planets.  Some planets and signs are considered hot and dry expressing a certain nature and disposition, and we must understand and feel what it is like to be in the company of a different temperament.  Is there a problem and what that situation would create?  Understanding these differences may be very slight and subtle, but that type of delineation, separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  My final comment is that if we are to really understand and delineate a chart with intuition and insight we need to be the chart inside and out.  We must be like all great actors and become that which we are interpreting.  At the moment of consultation, one should not be able to tell the difference from the consulting astrologer and the chart that is being delineated.  “To be or not to be” is the state of mind any individual, whether amateur or professional should have in delineating any type of astrological chart.

“Saturn, Always in the Limelight May Deny and Delay with a Twist for Showmanship”

The longer I live, learn and experience life, I realized how much I have misunderstood and misinterpreted the planet Saturn with its attributes, talents, problems, frustrations and its ability for retaliation if not obeyed and conformed to.  It is a Planet that the ancients have feared and have been cautious with as they consider Saturn malefic, and when I was a young student in the study of astrology, I was in awe of its power and destruction in one’s life.  With modern astrology the planet has taken up the role of teacher, denier, and the unexpected role of demonstrating the need for patience in our modern world.  Experiencing Saturn in my life with all its repetitions and cycles, my thoughts and feelings have come to the conclusion that the planet should also be consider the way shower to all things, and a delayer of accomplishments of the desired results with a twist for drama and showmanship. 

The need to understand how and why patience is important in our success is the key or magic word that will open the door to unlimited happiness and satisfaction.  Saturn’s main blessing, if one can call a malefic a blessing, is that the blessing of patience helps us to develop the needed skills.  It also teaches us through our ability to use our intuitive skills to decide when the time is right.  The right time which some people call luck, is the ability of waiting until we have perfected our skills and being able to demonstrate our skills to an agreeable and acceptable audience.  This makes Saturn appear to deny and delay our dreams, but as of late I am beginning to feel that timing and waiting for the right time is the key.  That Saturn is not necessarily the planet that denies and delays, but is the planet that knows when it is the right time, and here is where patience is needed, so we don’t jump the gun, and lose the right moment for success.

Saturn in some natal charts tends to allow success in some areas much later in life, making us feel that Saturn delays and possibly denies our dreams.  My thoughts as of late on this matter is, it is better late then never.  Yet I feel that the right time was when it happens, because the Universe knows when we are ready and if we are not.  Saturn in a chart does not necessarily promise a good or bad outcome, it is how we use Saturn’s resources and energy that determines the conclusion.  Saturn restricts and makes us use whatever resources, talents and ideas we have in our bag to come up with something that will make a difference.  The restrictions Saturn lays in our path helps us to decide what is really important to us and gives us the reasons and determinations to pursue goals and ambitions we really never thought about before.

Saturn is like Jack in the box, when one opens the lid, jack comes jumping out full of drama and showmanship.  I have noticed in several charts of people who have achieved other successes later in life that the talents and abilities seem to come out of nowhere.  The truth of the matter is that the talents and abilities have been undergoing development for a long period of time, before we see the finish product.  Saturn fools others by letting them think, that there is no work, frustrations or delays involved to achieve the finish goal.  An example in my own life is with Saturn in Gemini conjunct Uranus in the ninth house which might imply I would like to convey my outrageous imagination through writing.  Since I have artistic tendencies in design I never ever thought about writing, especially since I have always felt inadequate in grammar, and composing complex ideas within a paragraph, was out of the question.  Just writing a thank you note would bring fear to me, that I would find all kinds of excuses to avoid it.  It was not until I was pushed into writing this blog because of a stupid bet in order to explain why I love studying astrology and my particular view of the art as a hobby and a career, that thoughts about writing changed.  Saturn in any chart is always in the limelight and one needs to discover where Saturn out shines in drama and showmanship in one’s natal chart.

“The Emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never!”


I always find studying any subject, is a never ending learning and practicing period of time, and many ah ha moments that knocks one off their feet.  This I find especially true with astrology, particularly if one is open minded to all the diversity that the art encompasses, from Modern, Traditional, Midpoints, Western and Eastern Astrology, et cetera.  One can never have a dull moment, and every day there are new revelations that gives one motivation to keep one going, where one reaches a turn in the road and realizes the path never ends.  This happened to me several weeks ago, when by chance I read an article on the web entitled “Saturn through the houses” published by a person with the user name of “moonlightshadow”.  The following I quote from the article that gave me an ah ha moment, and to realize that the Universe always knows what is best for us.  “Saturn always leaves us in a much better place then when he found us.  We will learn that growth may be painful but worth it in the end as things begin to settle down for us and the world as a whole.  This change will not happen over night.  Saturn in the ninth house is one of the best houses for this planet to be in as it represents higher sub-consciousness.  The same thought process that defines us as individuals, and apart from the animal species.  This thought process will kick in at a later part of life as the closed and conservative type of mind has developed.  This is our perception of reality.  What Saturn will do in this house break up the stagnated reality we have been living in whether it being religion or philological views and make way for the seed to be planted with new ideas.  This is also the house of long distant travel and Saturn will delay, but not deny.”

The article made me realize that I really didn’t see my true self, until later in life and that was okay, because I needed Saturn to help me grow in several areas before I would develop the patience, Saturn was trying to instill in my personality.  I have Saturn with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth house in Gemini, being the ruler of my ascendant and my mid heaven, which made me like to do many things at once, without completing anything, before I went on to the next.  For many years I would have hundred of books with bookmarks, and although I have completed some books, it may have taken me many years to do so.  This had always upset me, but I excuse myself by saying that the Gemini in my chart, made me do it.  I had several careers, and although I was happy in all of them, I never felt I was doing what I came here to fulfill.  It wasn’t that I felt emptiness about it, but I wondered why I felt something was missing.  In the last few years I realized that my spirituality, astrology and divination has taken a step in front of all my other interests because of the lessons, trials and tribulations that Saturn has laid in front of my path.  Learning from Saturn I began to see what was important in my life and that which energizes me, to keep going.  Reading the old classics in astrology have given me new information to help me in my life and delineating charts, and has taught me not to give up on the old manuscripts that started it all, for what is supposedly new and perfect for our modern world.  I have also found this true with my spiritual readings, not to give up on the old classics because of these new age gurus that are actually rehashing the old masters’ words and philosophy.

This article made me realize that who I really am and want be, may be expressed with the fact that success among our peers, is different from the success and happiness we want for our selves.  And though success and inspiration may come later in life, it is better late then never.  The strange thing is a friend of a friend of mine told her that although he has been very successful for these past twenty years, that what he really felt was he has been floundering all this time.  And believe it or not, he has Saturn in the ninth house, and that he is thinking of changing his life.  Unbelievable isn’t it?  If anyone is reading this article and has Saturn in the ninth house, and would like to share their thoughts and experiences, please do.

“Saturn Opposite Uranus Square Pluto ▬ Change, Return or Back to Square One?”

As the aspects of Saturn Opposite Uranus square Pluto continues its’ play in the night sky, the results of it’s’ action is felt in every part of our lives.  From the spill in the Gulf Coast to the World Soccer Championships and to everyday incidents, the unexpected is taking its toll on our world.  The weather patterns across the globe has shown us not to expect the norm, otherwise our expectations will be dashed to smithereens.  The only norm at the moment is not to expect business as usual, but to always expect the unusual or the unexpected.  The Universe is telling us that during this period what we thought was a safe bet can no longer be relied upon.  This made me wonder, as an astrologer indicating these aspects as a symbol of change, was a bit too vague, and we needed to be more clear in what areas this change may happen in our lives.  Just changing our thinking and our way of life without thinking about the results of our actions is irresponsible, and may bring more damage, then good to our welfare.  Seeing what we really wanted and needed, in relationship to our surroundings is more of a sure bet, with Pluto on the scene.  Knowing what we really want and need in this age of the internet is more complicated then we really realize or understand.  Peer pressure seems more prevalent now, that we seem to need to conform to the wants of those who encircle us, then to our own personal wishes and requirements.  I am emphasizing here our real personal needs and desires, and not our selfish, greedy needs.  We need to have the yearning and the motivation to explore our real inner hopes and its’ impact on our surroundings.

Dwelling on this I realize that my own needs in astrology and my personal philosophy and way of life have returned back to the traditional and classical origins and to the old masters that really knew their subject matter.  My spiritual philosophy must not only give me peace of mind et cetera, but also be practical, to be practiced everyday in my daily life.  My study in astrology must not only predict and have a reason and logic and a systematic approach to it’s’ delineation of a chart, and not just be a new system in vogue that has no lineage and appears to predict haphazardly.  Although I do not consider myself a traditional astrologer, I am definitely moving towards it, and have included more areas for my consideration as I do delineations of any chart.  I realize I am going towards these areas, because they provide me a comfort zone that makes me feel I can get through these challenging times, by surrounding myself with an environment that will help me make the right choices in the present and in the future.  I have noticed this has been happening to a lot of my friends, acquaintances, et cetera, who are returning to things that give them comfort, safety and joy during these unpredictable times.  The slow food movement, the return of the big band sound, the return of ballroom dancing, the return of jazz and blues, et cetera, and especially the attention of young adults keeping these areas alive for newer generations to appreciate.  My final summation is that in order to make any changes for the future, we must return back to square one.  Square one are those decisions and thoughts that make us truly happy, truly thrill us, truly give us goose bumps, and truly provide us with the energy and determination everyday to complete what we began, until we reach success at the end of the rainbow and receive our pot-of-gold.

“Traditional Versus Modern Astrology or to Unite and Reorganize Our Thinking?”

As the 2010 begins to roar and start on its path through the Year, the pageantry of the old traditions to bring in the New Year comes to mind.  With all the gadgetry the twenty first century has given to us, many of the old traditions and pomp still has its’ magic and hold over us.  Many of the traditional rituals and customs which are very familiar to us will be difficult for some of us to give up.  I began to wonder, do we need to give them up, or is it important to keep the rituals going, so that we can remember where we came from.  And to remind us that in these modern time, these old traditions and rituals really still work and have their magic.  The funny thing is if we look around us we seem to be turning back time and reviving old rituals into new ones to fit into the new age.  I am not sure if the financial downturn has caused it, or are we trying to return to things, thoughts, and activities that once bought us into a comfortable state of mind.  Thinking about this I was beginning to surmise that this might be the reason traditional astrological writings from the earlier centuries are making a comeback with modern day astrologers.  I am not sure it was because of the internet, but the interest in old manuscripts is spreading and I for one, hope to take advantage of all this knowledge floating around.  We may have many modern things to take us into the future, but we need to remember many of the old ways of doing things still have validity in time.

That I find holds true with everything, especially astrology, and I think if we want to understand the stars, we must remember not to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water, as we update the astrological information and knowledge for the future.  One example is the traditional definition for a conjunction of a planet in a chart, made more sense to me and gave my delineations a crisper and clearer picture of the individual.  Modern astrology considers the aspect, a benefic and a help to the other planets.  While traditional astrology says the same, it explains the planets as two people standing side by side giving the meaning and definition that the two planets support each other, not necessarily backing up each other as in the benefic aspect of a sextile or trine.  Although the meaning might not seem to be that different, it is different enough to change the delineation, especially when considering the chart as a whole.  Particularly when one of the two planets is a malefic, the other planet may have apprehension of what kind of support it will get and if it might be destructive to its plans.

In My chart I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the ninth house, which I always thought that the two planets were inseparable and always needed to work together if they were going to benefit me.  But looking at it from a traditional sense, I realize the two planets can work alone, knowing that they always have the support of the other, giving them the confidence to accomplish things by themselves.  Or when the need arrives they work together as a unit, and succeed in combining their efforts to come up with something quite unusual.  Seeing it in this light one becomes more attuned to which planet’s energy is influencing one, at any one time.  At times, one will notice it to be a double or triple whammy, depending whether the planets are working separately or together.  This is only one example why one should be open to the traditional astrological material, as it will help us to be more proficient as a practitioner of the stars.  This is my opinion, but my real feeling is, if you are one or the other, and it works for you, that is all that really matters.  Combining the two systems not only makes me happy, but works for me, and gives me a deeper and clearer meaning of myself.  So what side you take isn’t really important, as long as it works for you, and that one realizes that astrology works and it also proves there is a Divine Power.

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