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“Is it Wiser to Allow the Promise of the Natal Chart to Unfold or to Help it Along?”

Transits that aspects the natal chart, especially the eclipses, has always been of interest to me, in the ways the individuals effected by the aspect, experiences the moment. In this day and age, I feel so many things are vying for our attention that we sometimes miss the opportunities that present themselves. Also I have always wondered whether our foreknowledge of the events, might make us vulnerable by manipulating the outcome and not necessarily to what, the Universe had in store for us. Are we creating the results we want to come to pass, and not because they were suppose to happen? The upcoming solar eclipse in May, I feel is a significant one and I wanted to examine a chart to see whether it was wiser to allow the promise of the transit to unfold, or to help it along. And whether our expectations and our ego might not only color the consequences, but hinder it, from the full potential of its manifestation.

Ask, and the Universe will answer. I came across an individual where the individual felt the subtle beneficial aspect of the upcoming eclipse was already beginning to show signs it was fulfilling its promises, as it was affecting the seventh and the tenth house matters. This was exciting to me as the prediction seem already beginning to unfurl like a whirlwind, as indicated by the aspects. The eclipse sits on the individual’s descendant trine Pluto in the Tenth conjunct Uranus. This alone is a picture with a thousand words. My first teacher emphasized that in certain cases the effect of an eclipse may be felt by some six months ahead, than when it actually comes into aspect. Morin, one of my favorite ancient astrologers, emphasized the need to see at least three aspects pointing to the event, before predicting. The solar return has a grand trine with several other trines and a lesser known and used aspect, the kite, and with Pluto in the first. The profection is dealing with the eleventh house of hopes, friends and wishes. What more can one ask for?

As I continue to study the chart, my little voice inside of me, said to tell the person, I would love to change places, or would I? With everything moving full steam ahead, would I have the wisdom to be open to what would be unfolding before my eyes? Would I have the intelligence to keep abreast of all the details? Will I develop inertia or laziness and allow my creative abilities who got me this far, to take a holiday because all was falling into place? As with all good things, pitfalls abound in the most unlikely places and appear as wolfs in sheep’s clothing. As I have learnt the hard way, we need to allow things to unfold and not try to make things materialize or help it along. The Universe is far wiser than we are and knows what we need. For example, many years ago I was told by an astrologer that I would do very well in my chosen field of design, which I was very excited about. A job out of my field of interest kept calling me, but I kept turning it down. In hindsight I now realize it was the perfect stepping stone to accomplish what I hoped for. At the time I wasn’t open enough to see the possibilities. Had I let things unfold instead of trying to make it happen, success would have been sooner and better than when it finally did arrive.

“Do I as an Astrologer Heed My Own Warnings or Advice?”

It has been my belief that one of the Universe’s gifts to the world to confirm its existence, its connection and its love for its creations was through the spiritual and occult arts, which astrology is one of them.  The more one tries to master any of the arts, the more one realizes that everything is connected with one another in someway.  What happens to one of us is felt or understood by the other, even if we are not consciously aware of it.  The axiom “As above, so below” can be compared to  the part that stores the essence of the whole, although in actually, it still only represents the part.  The ancients were aware and understood the importance of working with the laws of the Universe and our connection with it. I believe we have lost the keys to astrological prediction and are regaining some of the lost knowledge through translations of old astrological texts.  I suspect the reason we lost this knowledge is because we were trying to modernize, and we accidentally threw out the baby with the dirty bath water.

What we did have in our tool box to predict with, is still amazing, and with some of the new discoveries that have been revealed through the translation of old texts has been incredible.  What is still to come will probably astound us all.  I am having enough trouble just to sort through what is available and to digest it to a point where I can really understand what I am reading.  I have been trying to understand the translation of Morin, and it seems every time I restudy a section of the book, something new comes to light for me.  Sometimes it is months after something I read that I have begun to even have any glimmer of understanding of what one sentence might have meant.  The thing I am sure about Morin is that he believed that astrology proved to him that God truly existed in all it s glory and goodness.  Astrology allows us to choose and to see our destiny.  Being involved in some of the astrology egroups as they work through some of the delineations, I am always bowled over by the results.  Some times the completion to the delineations comes many months after the answer and the conclusion was given, but the excitement and the exhilaration that comes from knowing the predictions were correct, is incredible.

Now getting back to the question to whether as an astrologer do I heed my own warnings and advice?  As an astrologer and a student who truly loves the study, and realizes that if one has mastered the techniques, the answers are definitely available.  I don’t seem to have any problems delineating another person’s chart and giving my opinion on what the chart seems to be indicating and the direction it seems to be pointing to.  Unfortunately when delineating for myself, I find it very difficult to be objective, I find myself trying to see how the aspects could explain what I hope for, instead of allowing the answer to come forth on its own.  The more the question or situation has a deep emotional attachment, the less likely I am able to delineate with an objective temperament.  As far as heeding my own warnings and advice, it is easy to do as I am not expecting anything from the situations because I am taking precautions indicated by the aspects to avoid any complications that may develop.  Unfortunately if one is looking for a favorable outcome, it is easy to interpret the facts to meet one’s expectation.  If I am honest with myself and am seeking a truthful answer, I usually seek the advice of someone who is able to be objective with the question at hand.

“Seeing and Using Profection in One’s Delineation in a New and Different Light”

One of the reasons I enjoy the study of astrology is the amazement I have when I have discovered and uncovered a new secret about myself that the chart reveals.  One may argue that because I may be looking for it, that I made the aspects work for me, to give me the response I was looking for.  This may be true for some things, but I disagree on the truths I least expected to find and discovered about myself.  Or the wow moments a person one just met experiences when delineating their chart.  One may cherish the thought that in delineating a chart one has a fifty to fifty chance to get it right or wrong, and this statement would only be true if we as astrologers, don’t make every effort and use every tool at our fingertips to be as accurate as possible.  This is the one reason Morin feels that in predicting important influences in a coming year, one needs at least three aspects confirming the situation in question, as a necessity to validate one’s validity.  My favorite method in determining the influences for the coming year is with the Solar Return chart, but there are times, even when one is sure what the influences are, one wishes there was another method that would confirm and backup one’s conclusions. 

The reason I am convinced it is a good idea to have a general consensus of what is in our future, is that I whole heartedly believe in the aphorism that being “forewarned is forearmed”.  I have experienced more openness and flexibility when I am prepared for whatever might happen.  In this way I was able to take advantage and to use the situation to my benefit.  Had it come upon me as a surprise, my reactions and decisions may have been determined by the moment and the situation, and not by my higher intuition, thought or my emotions.  I have tried other methods such as transits, progressions, et cetera, but was not comfortable with any one of them.  It so happens that an astrologer in one of my traditional astrological egroups who I totally respect, gave a short summation of why she was so enamored with the use of profection in connection with a solar return chart and how it would improve one’s accuracy in the delineation of any chart.  This is a very old and traditional method of the progression of the house through the ascendant each year. 

The meaning is taken from 

Profection is a time lord system, based on a progression in the order of the signs from a given point.  There are annual, monthly, and daily profections for each planet or lot (Arabic part).  A profection is simply a jump from one sign to the next.  For instance, an annual profection jumps from one sign to the next on your birthdate every year.  If Fortuna was in Gemini when you were born, then the annual profection for Fortuna on your next birthday would be Cancer. 

At first glance, I quickly dismissed it, because I could not make any sense or imagine that every single soul going through their second birthday would experience the second house in the same way.  This was the reasoning in which I misjudged the system.  It took a couple of years on the back burner, while I was studying Morin that I realized that we would experience each house according to the ruler of the sign and not just the house itself.   By utilizing the essential dignities a more colorful and precise picture came into view.  Suddenly I saw each individual experiencing their year differently and applying the transits gave a different perspective.  By looking at my own solar return chart for the present and having it confirmed with the profection chart was an exciting moment for me.  Another one followed another as I applied this method to the charts of my friends.  There is still a lot for me to learn with this method even though I consider myself a professional, as the source material on this subject matter is few and far between.  I am sure there are more trials and errors in front of me on this subject matter, but what this has taught me is to be more open and less judgmental on systems developed and used by our fore runners.  Maybe some areas of astrology are obsolete in this modern age, but before I throw out the bathwater, I better make sure the baby is not in with it.

“Morin’s Method of a Quick Assessment of the Condition of the Natal is Chartastic?”

As an astrologer who is interested in restoring our art to the general public as a respected field of study with a proven method for accuracy, I was pleased to rediscover Morin’s method of a quick assessment of a natal chart with an accuracy that would delight any student or professional of the subject matter.  It has been my experience that any friend who is halfway interested in astrology that finds out that you have been studying astrology for awhile, will always want you to give them a quick synopsis of the condition one thinks their natal chart is in, in achieving their hearts desire.  This is a great way to advance astrology in the minds of the public that the practice is more then superstition and a parlor game and entertainment to whittle the time away.  But I must emphasized that I whole heartily agree with Morin, the chart only indicates and implies, and that the individual has the freedom of choice to decide on what direction, his or her life is to take.  The Universe may indicate the path, but each individual has the freedom of choice between the selections that are laid out in front of them, whether to take the journey or to forego it.

The following is taken from “The Planetary Powers – The Morin Method” by Patti Tobin Brittain, which can be found on page ninety four, number seven.  “7.) One can usually judge from the beginning if the horoscope is fortunate or unfortunate by properly evaluating the planets in houses one and ten.  Also look at the lights. [Sun and the Moon to determine if one or the other is afflicted].”  This makes so much sense as the first house represents who we are physically and mentally.  It describes who we are, the way we are, the secrets, the fears, and the complexities of our personality that lie open and hidden, from those who surround us and care.  The planets in the house color the ascendant and with the ruler of the sign on the first to bring a rainbow of traits for us to work with and to blend into the personality we allow others to see.  The tenth house shows our status among our peers and how we appear to others and what others think of us and our status.  This house indicates the achievements we feel we encompass and may achieve in this lifetime.  The planets in the house and the ruler describe how and the way we may accomplish what we desire.  The sun is our essence and our being, and the moon is our abilities, assets, liabilities and emotions that nourish the ideas into reality.

Working with these concepts, we must not forget the essential dignities, the aspects, the signs and the houses themselves.  Are the signs and planets conducive to the house one and ten, and in which way does the sign contribute to the house in question?  Is the planet happy in the sign and the degree it is in, and how does it aspect the ruler of the sign?  Are there any benefic or malefic planets in the houses in question, if so; in what condition are they in?  In considering benefic or malefic planets, one must realize, there is no black and white conclusion one can come to.  With the blessings of Jupiter giving us everything we need, we need to consider when this giving becomes a destructive behavior allowing us not to develop our ability to create something by ourselves?  The same is true with the restrictive Saturn forcing us to use the talents we have come into this world with and the talents we have developed, to create the vision we desire.  When is a good thing too much and when does some destructive force, become a beginning to something that will benefit us in the long run?  Taking all these concepts and blending them into a whole, one comes up with the conclusion of what are the assets and liabilities needed, to accomplish the task in front of us.  

The important final result is not whether the natal is favorable or not, but have we discovered the assets and liabilities  that may be the turning point for the individual to get closer to his or her dreams and fulfill the promise of the chart.  I have seen charts that have everything apparently going for it, and the chart did not meet up with expectations, and why is this?  I suspect as modern astrologers we have forgotten to apply the essential dignities of the planet in question, and did not see the weakness that was inherent in the individual, in order to advise the person to be watchful and to advise how to work with the limitation to their advantage.  I found this true with a malefic planet in a chart indicating great difficulties, but because of the condition of its dignity and aspect was able to surmount the situation and work with it to achieve his goals.  It is important to look at the assets and liabilities of the planets, signs and houses, before coming to a conclusion, as one little unimportant point may be the key and turning point to failure or success.  As Morin emphasized and stressed, that we as individuals have the free will to choose and decide our outcomes.  After you follow and practice Morin’s method on a quick assessment of a natal chart, you too, will shout fantastic or better still, as chartastic!

“To Move Or Not To Move Is The Horary Question Charted At The Precise Moment?”

I have been studying the art of horary for a while, but have always felt inadequate in the delineation or explanation of the chart in question.  I noticed that I would possibly come up with the right conclusion, but the steps I took to come to the final answer were vague and unprofessional in my opinion, which depended more on my intuition then facts.  This has made me hesitant in commenting to my egroups on any horary query in discussion, but as I continued my studies on traditional astrology, John Frawley and Morin, I realized by not having the basic aphorisms and dignities committed to memory, where the information can be readily brought to consciousness when needed, was my big mistake which gave me my insecurities.  The history of astrology has implied that astrologers first practiced the art of horary before the art of natal delineation, as it was difficult to determine the correct birth time of most common folks of the period.  In Horary a question is asked of the astrologer, and the birth time of the question gives birth to the answer.  The astrological time is determined when the astrologer understands the question given to him.  Today the answers appear to be more black and white, as in a yes or no, or to the location of a lost item, or which team is going to win?  In the time of William Lilly and Morin, the astrologers gave a more detail account of the situations and circumstances of the question at hand. 

In our complex world today I can understand why we want to go directly to the chase and outcome, rather then why the situation came up in the first place.  As an astrologer with the curiosity of the not so straight and narrow path of getting right to the answer, and realizing some answers are not as straight forward as they appear on the surface, I wanted to understand why the question needed to be asked in the first place.  In the last few years with the recession hitting the global community, the fears and frustrations have been hard and difficult to shrug off and to be replaced with more positive thoughts.  Even those who have not been hit with financial woes are not immune from the anxieties affecting others in our communities.  In this atmosphere I asked this question “Would it be wise to move toPortland,Oregon?”  The chart was drawn with the ascendant being in Libra, Venus in Gemini is the lord of the first house which represents me and is conjunct the south node and is about to come into a square with Saturn in Libra in the twelfth house, the lord of the fourth house, representing my home and the move.  I knew the answer was a little more complex then just a no, but I was not sure for what reasons.  This is when I decided to post the question to one of my horary groups, and I was told the answer was negative and that the situation had more to do with me, then the move.  I actually was overjoyed as I thought he was right on the spot, and I began to try to decipher how he came to this conclusion to help me better  understand why I asked the question. 

As I looked at Venus coming into the square with Saturn, I saw that I was represented by Venus which was in poor shape and condition in the ninth house of ideas, thoughts and movements.  As compared to Saturn who was happy in Libra and had its joy in the twelfth house was in a better situation, even though it was in a malefic house.  I began to realize that I was overwhelmed by all the negative thoughts surrounding the financial condition of the state and the city, and their struggles to get out of their situation, and was taking on their anxieties and fears as my own.  I asked myself, was I unhappy where I was living, or was it the apartment and not the location a problem?  I realized that the global situation represented by Saturn in the twelfth was influencing me in a way by emphasizing the negative and destructive thinking pattern.  Coming to terms with my own fears showed me how valuable it was in studying the art of horary in combinations with modern and traditional techniques to begin to understand where we are coming from and to where we are going.  This has given me the input and impetus to buckle down and memorize the basics of traditional horary astrology and to combine it with our modern methods to make astrology vital and alive in the twenty first century as it was in ages past.    


“E-Z Steps to the Essence and the Intentions of the Solar Return Chart for the Year”

A Solar Return chart is my favorite method in determining the essence and the intentions for the coming year for my self, friends and clients.  As with the natal chart, if one is to delineate the chart with precision and accuracy, one follows certain steps to achieve the best results.  The trouble with steps and procedures is that sometimes certain parts of the astrological chart is so intriguing and exciting, we throw caution to the wind and concentrate our attention in that area which caught our interest.  This may cause a setback because we may have lost the subtleties that may only be deciphered by following the rules.  My first teacher emphasized to me that she would rather calculate a chart by hand, because she was able to see aspects that she might have missed through a computer generated chart.  This made sense to me in the same way as a famous writer expressed, “I write so that I may know what I think”.  Unless we proceed in an organize manner our ability to delineate the chart will be hindered by not seeing all the possibilities.

The steps I am about to lay out are from my favorite author astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche.  The first rule would be to locate in which house the Sun is in the Solar Return chart, as this would indicate the central focus and major issues that will need to be worked on.  See where the ruling planet of the sign the Sun is in, and how it aspects the Sun and the influence it may have, and how it may color any situation.  Next we need to check to see the Solar Return Ascendant and the Natal house it is in, to determine the personal themes and the way the individual will deal with any circumstances.  The modality of the sign will determine how much energy will be spent in getting something done, or will the individual continue as he has been, or will he seek other avenues of approach, and be open to chart new areas of investigations.  Any planet conjunct or in aspect to an angle will give energy and importance to that planet.  The solar Return Midheaven like the Natal Midheaven denotes worldly status, career and public involvement.  Seeing what house the ruler of the Midheaven is in and how it aspects the other planets will determine the subtle influence that will affect the career during the coming year and how the individual sees himself through his peers.

The other important planet besides the ascendant, in understanding the individual is to locate the Solar Return Moon and its relationship and aspect to the Natal Moon as this will determine the emotional life in the coming year, and the ability of the individual to adapt to any situation that confronts it.  How different are the two Moons and are they in beneficial aspects to one another, will determine how flexible and capable the individual will be able to deal with, what ever life’s problems are thrown in the way.  Again one needs to see what house the ruler of the sign the Moon is in and how it aspects it, to determine what issues will color the emotional state of the individual for the coming year.  The other important planet is Mercury and the sign it is in, and its’ relationship to the natal Mercury as it will indicate how well we will communicate with ourselves and others and our ability to learn new things and ideas in the coming year.  The other planets are also important, but I feel these first steps are the most important as they deal with the personality of the person and the way the person will deal with each situation.  As long as we understand the subtleties these planets and signs brings into our consciousness and work with them, and only then, can we benefit from their energy and wisdom.  It is being open to their influence, that their energy can work their magic in our lives.

“Mercury and Jupiter is the Yin and the Yang of Thinking and Ideas”

As far back as I can remember I was instilled with the thought “knowledge is power”.  How that thought came to become so powerful in my life was a mystery to me at that time.  It has been a motivating source of energy that seems to originate from my childhood trying to blend two different cultures into a viable one.  The fact that I was called a nerd because I needed to wear eyeglasses when I was four years old isolated me into my own world of imaginations, fantasies and books.  This started me on the road to educating and broadening my mind.  Although I have always considered myself intelligent, I have never considered myself an intellectual.  In making this statement, you the reader may find this a contradiction or an odd statement, at best.  I am capable of inductive and deductive reasoning, but to explain how I came to the final conclusion is hard for me to articulate.  The problem I have, is I am not sure how much is my ability to reason, or how much of it is my intuition, which goes into the decisions and choices I make.

It was during my sojourn into the study of astrology that I became aware that the ruler of my ascendant and my midheaven was Mercury in the signs of Virgo and Gemini, respectively.  This was like a light bulb that just got turn on, allowing me to begin my journey into understanding how I think, and where my philosophy of life comes from.  Astrology gave me the keys to why I do certain things the way I do.  It opened doors to new vistas of doing and solving problems in my life.  To me to understand how we think and operate, are the first steps in achieving one’s goals and ambitions.  Suddenly I realized that my curiosity into knowledge and information was already foretold in my natal chart, and that was a pleasant and a wonderful surprise, proving that astrology works.  Morin, my mentor in traditional astrology always connects the dots by comparing and relating the opposite houses, planets and signs to get a broader interpretation in what is going on in the natal chart. 

An example in my chart, Mercury in Gemini in the ninth house faces an empty house in the third in Scorpio.  Mars the ruler of Scorpio is in the sixth house in Pisces, and the ruler of this sign is Jupiter, which is in Cancer on the cusp of the eleventh house.  Connecting the dots, one realizes one can’t just delineate and interpret Mercury without seeing how Jupiter colors it by revealing that it is the mirror image of each other; an eternal circle with variations of thought that go to one end of the spectrum, and then returning back to the other end.  Mercury makes me see things in a practical and pragmatic light, and my philosophy of life is not just ideas, but a way of life that fulfills itself.  Jupiter in Cancer makes me develop a philosophy that will not only work for me, but includes the welfare, dreams and wishes of all those I am connected with.  The way I see life is the way I see a perfect circle, no beginning and no ending.  As the saying goes “all for one, and one for all”, declares that one must walk the talk as shown by Mars.

One realizes that one cannot interpret Mercury, without considering Jupiter as the yin to the yang.  When seeing the Zodiac as the traditional astrologers have, one sees Mercury in Gemini in the third house of communications opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius in the ninth house of philosophy and ideas.  The strangest coincidence, or is it, with Virgo in Mercury in the sixth house of service and health opposite Jupiter in Pisces in institutions and the sacred mysteries.  If we look at the planets with its’ inner opposites, the delineations become clearer with complexities that give many dimensions to the individual.  Combining Mercury and Jupiter together, paraphrases what Agatha Christie’s greatest detective always comments about “we need to let the little grey cells do their work”.

“Solar Return Relocation, is it a Promise for a Better Outcome?”

As I begin another article on a subject very dear to my heart I came to the realization that I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary in writing this blog which started on April 25th 2009, and I began to wonder what I thought about it, and were my expectations met?  In thinking about it I remember how nervous and unsure I was, attempting a project to set up a blog with the limited computer knowledge and skills I had under my belt.  I felt I had the comprehension and the intelligence for astrology and the different occult arts, but I never felt my self to be intellectual in my explanations in these areas.  Reading the other astrology blogs, I saw that my thoughts were just that, my thoughts.  I was not expressing a dogma from any specific school of astrology, but a combination of all different areas and types of astrology that worked for me, and I was sharing those ideas as thoughts and not as dogmas.  There were times when I felt like Julie of the movie “Julie and Julia”, is there anyone out there.  I came to the conclusion that writing this blog has been a great value to me because it helps categorize my thoughts, and made them clearer to me.  It also showed me that by being open to all forms of the new and old astrology, that it created in me a thirst to know more and that learning is continuous and never ending.  What a joy is in that thought, that every moment and everyday is a new adventure.  I realized also that my thoughts on any idea may change and that I am open to new ideas and that was okay.  For a person with Sun in Taurus, that was a big accomplishment from my normal fixed ideas.

This brings up the continuing debate with the relocation of a person on his birthday to bring about a better solar return for the year, and whether this really works.  In this modern world many people have relocated their place of residence, different from their place of birth, and I have always erected the chart for where the individual was residing.  As I follow Morin for this rule, I realized that in his day, moving about was more difficult and complicated then it is today.  There is a famous astrologer Mr. Ciro Discepolo in Europe, who is a great advocate of sending his rich and famous clients to a better location for a better outcome for the coming year.  I would think this is great if one could afford a couple days in an exotic location, but I always wondered if that really worked.  I think about actors who are away from their residence for shooting on location, would one take that location which might forebode a bad year?  Or how about politicians who are always on the go, should one use the place he was at during his birthday?  I think not, since the choice was not the individual or his or her astrologer.  Yet I always thought there must be something to relocation, otherwise the clientele of Mr. Discepolo would no longer use him, so there must be something happening in the right way.

Another astrologer whom I admire is Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology who also had a problem with relocation of the solar Return, until he considered the relocation like an astrological magical ritual or talisman to change the outcome for the year.  We know the mind is powerful and how we direct our thoughts will create that which we wish for.  Considering it this way, I can see the benefits and the reason for telling a client to relocate a couple days during his or her birthday to avoid certain problems, if one understands it as a magical ritual.  Although this made sense to me, I began to wonder if the Universe has placed these difficulties in our way so we can learn and grow, or are we adding to the problem by delaying what is inevitable?  And by delaying our experience in the difficulties, are we compounding the situation for a later date, and make it more complicated to deal with? 

Meditating on this, I realized why I love Solar Returns in the first place, that it gave me an indication of what the year would be like, and what I needed to deal with.  As I have always constantly mentioned, being forewarned is being forearmed, and what could be better to equip us in deciding how to navigate through the complexities of the situation.  For me any kind of astrological magical ritual, which would include mental magic, will begin to create the future one wants.  That is one of the reasons I feel that by meditating on the New and Full Moon, one is entering an astrological magical ritual which is like wearing a talisman for good luck, creating the world we want to live in.  So whether one decides to make changes in the way one is doing things, or one decides to relocate on one’s birthday to create a better solar return chart, it is up to you.  It is up to each individual to make that choice, because although life appears to be destined, the Universe in all its’ wisdom has given us free will.

“Revisiting Saturn in the Second House of the Solar Return – Incredible!”

File Tung N solar return 2009

During the earlier part of this year as the financial meltdown began to really show its’ ugly head, the company I work for made some drastic changes to keep afloat until the upturn began again.  A co-worker I am friendly with had wanted to know what might be happening financially for him in the coming year.  I gave him a private reading, which he was quite happy with.  As the predictions came true, I decided to post an article on May 22nd 2009 entitled “Saturn in the Second Solar Return House” The following paragraph is an edited version of the delineation of the Chart.

“His ability to adapt and to improve his situation serves him well.  His need especially during the coming year is to secure a stable future with the need to see his own worth.  I say this because to me the second house not only concerns money and possessions, but knowledge and how to use it is more important then having money.  His ability to take his thinking to a more pragmatic level so as to secure the future he desires is imminent.  Saturn will work its’ magic as he will have to take a salary cut and his 401 will not be immune from the onslaught, but Venus in the ninth gives him the ability to work his magic in picking his investments and balancing his concerns for the future.  The need for him is to understand that his ability to analyze stock investments is a God given talent he should not take lightly.  His instinct to survive whatever comes his way is a gift from the Universe to secure the future he desires for his family and himself.”

To arrive at this delineation I use Morin’s method of house ruler of the second to any planets in the return house and aspects to the natal chart.  The person made so many right decisions on his 401k and his investments, that he was able to bring his savings back up to a point where he is quite happy with it, even with his salary being cut.  Hearing this I wanted to revisit Saturn in the second house of the Solar return chart, because as far as Morin is concerned, there should be at least two aspects to confirm any prediction of importance.

The first is that Saturn in the natal is exalted in Aquarius and in its’ own house, so that the malefic effect of Saturn in the second solar return house is minimized with it being sextile to the Moon in its’ own sign which it is happy with.  In the natal chart Venus is in a minor essential dignity on the cusp of the ascendant with Jupiter also at this angle, giving importance to these two planets in the chart.  Jupiter on the angle of the solar return seventh house sextile Venus in the ninth, again showing a connection between these two.  What better confirmation of his ability to use his innate ability of judgment with his investments to secure his future security.

The Sabian Symbol for Venus at 30 degrees of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”.  My comment will follow the excerpts from the book.

“Aries 30  A duck pond and its brood  This is a symbol of the eternal fitness of things, provided the individual take the fullest advantage of the cosmic ordering.  Implicit in the symbolism is man’s ability to establish his world of experience according to his own needs, and to function effectively because he has the acumen to align himself with his own genius and to seek a personal satisfaction in a simple efficacy of being himself.  The keyword is reliability.  When positive, the degree is an accustomed competency or ease in dealing with immediate circumstances, and when negative, a tendency toward provincialism or an acceptance of life with an altogether uncritical complacency.  The keyword for 16th degrees of Aries is invigoration.

I think the Sabian Symbol gives deeper meaning to this interpretation of the chart by giving a purpose for his talent in securing the money and the means for a safe and secure abode for his love ones, and his ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one, which becomes very invigorating for the individual.

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“Can Jupiter in the Solar Return Second House be Impartial?”

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Recently I was asked if I could predict through Astrology what might happen financially in the coming year for someone without knowing much about the person, except by his birth chart.  I prefer having a background of the person, but I was up to the challenge as I was only concerned with his financial health in the coming year.  I kept my fingers crossed and was praying that the spirit of Morin would guide me through the interpretation and forecast for the coming year, as I was following his method in the delineation of the solar return chart.  As I have said many times, Morin always felt one could not delineate the future without always referring back to the natal chart.  If it is not promised in the natal chart, it can not happen in the solar return chart.

To start with, one has to examine the ascendant and mid heaven and to see what houses they are in, in the natal chart, and to see if any planets are conjunct the angles and what houses they rule in the natal or solar return charts.  One then has to decide what planets are in the second house of the solar return with their aspects to the other planets, and the ruler of the cusp and its’ aspects.  Then one must look across to the opposite house and see if it is occupied and what planet is the ruler of the eighth cusp.

The solar return ascendant is Sagittarius and this sign occupies the seventh in the natal.  The mid heaven is the natal fifth, and is conjunct the natal Sun.  In the second, the finance house is the North Node, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune with Saturn, the ruler of the cusp and trine the North Node.  Looking across to the eighth house which is empty, the ruler is the Moon on the cusp of the twelfth, trine Mars on the cusp of the eighth.  The following is my interpretation of what might happen to this person in the coming year.  I have always felt, astrology indicates, but one still has the freedom to choose one’s destiny.

With the seventh house cusp on the solar return first, the individual will realize in the coming year that to survive and thrive, his relationships are his allies, as he is theirs and the understanding of this, is his salvation.  His ability to transform and transcend his relationships, career and his finances will be his saving grace at this point in his life.  Although he may not realize it at the moment the whole theme for this year is living the good life and enjoying it like as in “La Dolce Vita” the movie, if any are old enough to remember it.  The Sun conjunct the mid heaven opposition Uranus near the fourth house indicates unanticipated changes in his career and possibly his place of abode or home life, whether it is his own making or outer circumstances demanding it.  Although this may come as a shock outwardly to him, I think with the Moon squaring Neptune indicates confused feelings with self -deception in dealing with misguided attempts to deal with the loss of any kind.  With the financial downturn it is obvious that the individual would be stressed with feelings of insecurity and emotional hyper-reactivity as indicated by the natal Moon squaring the solar return Moon.

Another saving grace is that the Moon is trine Mars, giving him the passion, motivation, increased libido, energy and the desire to change a situation which is emotionally uncomfortable, but yet rewarding.  With Mercury in the ninth house of higher ideas and travel, traveling will be a benefit to his soul and will give him ideas to keep and increase his financial security.  The natal Moon is in the second house of finance showing the possibilities of fluctuations in his money and investments, but on the edge of Leo where he tries to stabilize and control the state of affairs.  Natal Saturn is square the solar return Saturn creating feelings of frustration and the overburdening of one’s problems, and this becomes the turning point in changing his life direction.  His need for the good life and his loved ones will help broaden his horizons and his ability to think out of the box, which is not his normal way of seeing things, but will be an asset for him this coming year.

With the North Node trine the Sun and Saturn, and Jupiter in the finance and possession house, the finances appear to be in good shape, as Jupiter indicates a lump sum of money received during the year like a pension, severance pay or the selling of something that belongs to him.    With the eighth house ruler, the Moon trines Mars, indicates the use of other people’s assets (his investments, 401 k, possible partnership or a loan) which will increase and fulfill his hopes and wishes.  The problem is with Neptune and Chiron in the second and natal Jupiter squaring the solar return Jupiter, it brings lack of discipline, irrational exuberance, and overestimating the financial increase which might cause him to bite off more then he can handle.

My final conclusion is that if he chooses and handles the situation properly, no matter how it may appear to him and is supposedly contrary to what he thinks he wants, and works with the flow without any illusions and deceptions, it will be financially rewarding and experiencing the good life as he sees it, a reality.

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