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“Is The Ascendant Me or the Me I Want Others to See, or Things I Can Not Change?”

As an astrologer who realizes that one is studying a subject that seems never ending as one continues the journey, one begins to take for granted the steps one has put to memory, and uses almost daily.  This came to my attention recently when I was asked the question: Please define the ascendant and explain how it is connected to astrological theory.  A simple question I thought at first, but then when I actually thought about it, I realized it wasn’t as simple to answer.  If I were asked the same question when I first started in my studies, my answer would be different.  How I see it now, and what I was taught seems to be as different as the shades of gray from black to white.  It all depends where in the shades of gray really defines what you mean.

The ascendant or what we as astrologers normally call the rising sign is the zodiacal degree and sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of the birth of whatever type of chart we are studying.  The chart could be calculated for the birth of an individual, horary question, an event, or a beginning of a project.  In one word, the ascendant indicates the time of a beginning, and the description of that beginning.  Since the ascendant is specific in its calculation, its description, environment, conditioning and the circumstances particular to that particular moment and place is expressed and revealed.  The ascendant is important in the delineation of any type of chart, as it gives a quick summary of what the situation is at the moment without synthesizing the whole chart.  One should never give an opinion of a chart without completely studying it. 

If one is considering a natal chart, it describes the physical appearance and the overall health of the individual and those qualities which the individual deem important to express in his everyday dealings with others.  The ascendant is how each individual has learned to express those qualities in order to cope with unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances.  The ascendant becomes a shield and a mask as a defense mechanism to make life easier and to guard the sensitive areas that make up our character and personality.  In describing a horary, question, an event, or a beginning of a project, the ascendant describes the surroundings, the atmosphere, the location, and the state of affairs happening at the moment.  Especially with a horary, the description if accurate, will determine if the calculation of the chart was correct, and give the delineator confidence that the interpretation is on the right track.  This is also definitely true and important in working with a natal chart,

Unfortunately, most people think the Sun sign or the ascendant will give a true picture of the individual, but the truth of the matter, they only give one side of the personality, and not the whole picture.  It is like looking at one side of a building, one is not getting a full picture of what we are seeing.  The same is true in delineating a chart, one needs to synthesize everything to come to the true picture of the individual.  Originally I felt like other astrologers that the ascendant is what the individual in question wants you to see, and not necessarily who the individual really is.  And the tenth house is the individual that the person wants the world to see in public.  I have slowly begun to change my opinion of the ascendant, in that I still feel, it is what the person wants others to see.  But, that the ascendant also shows those characteristics the person wishes to hide, but the person can not, for what ever reasons that exist.  For example, if we are taller or shorter then we wish to be, our height is something we can not hide.  I have noticed through my delineations that the ascendants exposes more than what we wish others to see.  In summation, the ascendant expresses the person, the individual wants others to see and those he may wish to conceal, but can not hide or change.

“A Good Horary Question or Reading has an Ending, a Beginning and a Surprise Middle”

My love for astrology and its different predictive methods has been a long love affair with many happy, gratifying, and satisfying moments.  One that comes to mind happened recently that gave me reason to rethink and to reevaluate in how I see, think and reason things out.  Horary astrology has always been an interest of mine, especially since I discovered and joined an egroup devoted to the subject.  As I read their discussions, it continues to confirm and validate my belief that everything in the Universe is connected and is responding and working with one another.  As my studies are on going, I began to realize that horary was not going to be easy for me to master at this time, but I hope to sometime in the future.  Horary is like a birth of a new born baby, in which one needs to anticipate the preparation, the care and the precautions to provide the best circumstances to ensure a healthy child.   This is very true when one is formatting the question to be asked, one needs to take safeguards and keep in mind, to be clear in our thoughts and to be precise about the information we are searching for. 

With this in the back of my mind, when I came across a situation that I was not able find a solution for, I sought help from an expert Christine N. Davis of “Ask Christine Astrology”, whom I greatly admire from reading her articles in the Mountain Astrologer magazine.  Horary is the art of prediction, by giving birth to a question concerning the problem or situation, by noting the time and the place when the situation was understood by the astrologer.  Horary charts were the major delineation used over natal charts during the early days of astrology, as the destiny of one’s life was depended on one’s place in the social hierarchy one was born to, which pretty much determined one’s fate at the time.   When I formed the question and sent it on, I was surprised and upset with myself when I received a reply from Christine that the query was confusing.  In relooking at the inquiry, I was disappointed that I allowed my stress to interfere with my thinking from being more precise.  This taught me a lesson and made me reorganize what was bothering me, and to what I really wanted to know was happening. 

The funny and queer thing about the whole situation was that after arriving at a more precise and clearer question, my stress eased and I felt better about the whole thing.  It seemed to me that as soon as I was clear to myself, what was actually bothering me; the path became clearer in want I needed, which eliminated some of the fears and unknown factors which was plaguing my thoughts.  Although I didn’t have the answer at the moment, the surprise was the amount of relief which came from understanding my real position concerning the matter.  This gave me hope that with any circumstances I will encounter in the future, if I could understand what was troubling me, the answer may not be clear, but the path I need to take will be.  This would be my first step to success and in accomplishing my goals and hopes.  In summing up, when one decides to ask a horary question, obviously something is near the end and something is on the horizon and the astrologer is going to give one, the possible outcome.  The surprise middle comes from the querent, in how one will deal with the solution in one’s thoughts and one’s actions.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and if you would use this predictive method in your life when needed?

“Is a Planet in Exaltation Showing Pride in Achievements a Beneficial Dynamic?”

One of my most memorable moments in my life was taking astrology classes in an elegant old brownstone in a once prosperous section on the upper Westside of New York City.  It was a group of about ten of us who met twice a month for almost two years to compare many charts of friends and the famous, in which we exchange ideas, thoughts and delineations.  Not only was I amazed by the diversity of personalities, but the variety of promises and successes shown throughout the charts.  Most of charts which had kept and fulfilled their promises were very obvious.  This storehouse of information for comparison gave me some moments of regret and sadness as there was only two trines and two sextiles in my natal map.  In the charts we were studying the beneficial aspects and essential dignities were abundant and overflowing.  In some cases the squares and oppositions was the benefic aspect to the individual’s success. 

I brought this to the attention of my teacher, and in her insight, she said, “the Universe may give us a difficult chart to work with, but in their wisdom they will give us an aspect that if we work with it, will help us through life’s difficult moments”.  At the time I didn’t realize how powerful these words were and the wisdom and truth that were within its meaning would support and carry me through some wonderful and difficult times.  The one thing I have learnt through the years in studying astrology is, it isn’t how many beneficial or malefic aspects one has, but how we work with the aspects the Universe has bestowed upon us that creates successes in one’s life.  We all consider our assets as beneficial gifts, but our liabilities are also gifts, and if we understood how to use them to our advantage, then the magic of creating our hopes and desires would be within our grasp.  My gift from the Universe was Jupiter in Cancer, exalted in the eleventh house.

Jupiter being the only planet in exaltation in my natal made me eager and interested in reading anything on the subject matter.  The following quotation comes from the book, “On The Heavenly Spheres – A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar and Luis Riberio”.  “In the astrological interpretation we might consider that an exalted planet simultaneously indicates value and exuberance.  If the planet represents an individual, it suggests someone respected and well-intentioned but with a tendency toward exaggeration and even arrogance.”  My original reaction was shock that a beneficial aspect would be connected to a negative trait, but with further investigation I realized I had jumped to the conclusion that we were talking about the natal.  The authors were talking about a horary chart and indicating the planet might describe the person involved in the question. This made me wonder if an exalted planet would describe our attitude on the area the planet governs in our lives.  Would it be as drastic as arrogance, egotistical selfish pride or more like wholesome pride of achieving what one puts his mind to?

Meditating on this I came to the conclusion, nothing and everything is neither all beneficial, nor all malefic, but a combination of both to achieve what we hope for.  Nothing is black or white, but all the different grays from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  If we didn’t have little wholesome pride of our achievements, the exalted planet would not be able to continue bringing it’s blessing into reality.   What I have come to the conclusion, it isn’t what is in the chart that is important, but what makes success or failure, is how we work with what is given to us, to the best of our abilities.  Success comes when we become aware that everything in the Universe is like the symbol of the yin and the yang encompasses good and evil, light and dark, et cetera.  We need the wisdom and the understanding that by working with these energies instead of against them, they will work with us to achieve our wishes and dreams.  Next time one connects wholesome pride with an exalted planet, just remember a beneficial dynamic may just be beginning.

“To Move Or Not To Move Is The Horary Question Charted At The Precise Moment?”

I have been studying the art of horary for a while, but have always felt inadequate in the delineation or explanation of the chart in question.  I noticed that I would possibly come up with the right conclusion, but the steps I took to come to the final answer were vague and unprofessional in my opinion, which depended more on my intuition then facts.  This has made me hesitant in commenting to my egroups on any horary query in discussion, but as I continued my studies on traditional astrology, John Frawley and Morin, I realized by not having the basic aphorisms and dignities committed to memory, where the information can be readily brought to consciousness when needed, was my big mistake which gave me my insecurities.  The history of astrology has implied that astrologers first practiced the art of horary before the art of natal delineation, as it was difficult to determine the correct birth time of most common folks of the period.  In Horary a question is asked of the astrologer, and the birth time of the question gives birth to the answer.  The astrological time is determined when the astrologer understands the question given to him.  Today the answers appear to be more black and white, as in a yes or no, or to the location of a lost item, or which team is going to win?  In the time of William Lilly and Morin, the astrologers gave a more detail account of the situations and circumstances of the question at hand. 

In our complex world today I can understand why we want to go directly to the chase and outcome, rather then why the situation came up in the first place.  As an astrologer with the curiosity of the not so straight and narrow path of getting right to the answer, and realizing some answers are not as straight forward as they appear on the surface, I wanted to understand why the question needed to be asked in the first place.  In the last few years with the recession hitting the global community, the fears and frustrations have been hard and difficult to shrug off and to be replaced with more positive thoughts.  Even those who have not been hit with financial woes are not immune from the anxieties affecting others in our communities.  In this atmosphere I asked this question “Would it be wise to move toPortland,Oregon?”  The chart was drawn with the ascendant being in Libra, Venus in Gemini is the lord of the first house which represents me and is conjunct the south node and is about to come into a square with Saturn in Libra in the twelfth house, the lord of the fourth house, representing my home and the move.  I knew the answer was a little more complex then just a no, but I was not sure for what reasons.  This is when I decided to post the question to one of my horary groups, and I was told the answer was negative and that the situation had more to do with me, then the move.  I actually was overjoyed as I thought he was right on the spot, and I began to try to decipher how he came to this conclusion to help me better  understand why I asked the question. 

As I looked at Venus coming into the square with Saturn, I saw that I was represented by Venus which was in poor shape and condition in the ninth house of ideas, thoughts and movements.  As compared to Saturn who was happy in Libra and had its joy in the twelfth house was in a better situation, even though it was in a malefic house.  I began to realize that I was overwhelmed by all the negative thoughts surrounding the financial condition of the state and the city, and their struggles to get out of their situation, and was taking on their anxieties and fears as my own.  I asked myself, was I unhappy where I was living, or was it the apartment and not the location a problem?  I realized that the global situation represented by Saturn in the twelfth was influencing me in a way by emphasizing the negative and destructive thinking pattern.  Coming to terms with my own fears showed me how valuable it was in studying the art of horary in combinations with modern and traditional techniques to begin to understand where we are coming from and to where we are going.  This has given me the input and impetus to buckle down and memorize the basics of traditional horary astrology and to combine it with our modern methods to make astrology vital and alive in the twenty first century as it was in ages past.    


“Neptune in the Solar Return Second House; Aspirations, Disillusionment or Vision”

Being a student of astrology when one sees injustice in a situation, one wonders what purpose the Universe has for the individual and whether the conditions, reasons and possible outcome would show up in an astrological chart.  This question came to mind recently when a fellow co-worker was being mistreated by his superior with a reduction of salary and more work.  I was certain doing a horary chart would describe the situation, but would it give an answer to the outcome of his troubles?  Or could the chart give clues to the different avenues of approach one needed to work with?  As I am more at home with solar returns I decided to set up a chart for the coming year to find out what I would see about his circumstances and finances.  To my surprise and delight, not only did it show the conditions as they are, but in my opinion gave clues that would help the problem come to a better finale.  It gave me the keys to what the individual would need to do to rise above what was happening in his life, and at the same time venture into new areas for exploration.

When one first looks at the solar return chart, the planet Neptune stands out in the second house of finance indicating monetary uncertainty caused possibly by the individual or by outer circumstances.  Looking at the lord of the sign of Neptune and its aspects, one surmises that the fears, frustration and anxiety is more in the mind and emotions of the individual, rather then the surrounding reality.  I am not saying the period is not difficult, but the fears are guiding him into a survival of the fittest state of mind which will be the individual’s saving grace to move forward to success and growth.  Frustrations comes from the Sun in the second house expressing his need to improve his self confidence, his feelings of being underpaid, a need to reassess his worth, his feelings of instability and his need to map out a plan for financial security for himself and his love ones, especially his children is evident.  Morin always places emphasis on any planet conjunct an angle, and the natal house placement of the solar return ascendant and midheaven.  Solar return Pluto conjunct the first and on the angle, creates a need for transformation, reinvention, power, strength, and the motive and determination for real change.  With a definite attitude adjustment for the better, and a possible career and company change, one or both is in the air. 

Another important factor is if the natal midheaven conjuncts the solar return ascendant, as it does in the individual’s chart, it brings optimism, hope and improvement in his status and career.  In this case, whether the situation at work will improve or an outside position is offered is still in the offerings.  The real cliff hanger is that Pluto is forcing his hand in making him take more control of his destiny, by no longer going with the flow, but using his talents and assets.  In his natal chart his intuition and instincts are highly emphasized and his ability to see situations in an unusual light, especially when it comes to investments and taking chances is to his benefit.  Not allowing fears or thoughts to complicate his first impressions and intuitions will be to his advantage as Pluto works its magic.  In the third house with Jupiter, the conscious and unconscious levels of thoughts and his ability to think in and out of the box will be his key to accomplishing what he desires.  He needs to avoid the anxiety and nervousness activated by Uranus which will cloud his judgments in gathering information and facts before making a final conclusion on any matter at hand.

My final thoughts on Neptune in the solar return second house are that it does encompass aspirations, disillusionments, visions and intuitions.  Whether we use one or all of them is depended upon the individual charts and their aspects.  Neptune in the second is the planet of hopes and wishes to be accomplished, such as becoming self-employed, doing major home improvements, saving for the future, et cetera.  The fears, frustrations, and anxiety are created from the limited and restricted financial funds available to work with at this time.  The planet’s energy is showing its handiwork with the recent recession with many companies cutting salaries and hours.  The global consciousness is showing up in individual’s charts by representing and expressing the global fears and anxiety as their own doing.  Understanding how Neptune works, and making positive and realistic moves towards our goals and dreams is our hope for smooth sailing, as the waters are not as rough and dangerous as they appear.

“Blast from the Past that has Last is Horary Astrology in Today’s World”

William Lilly

As an advocate that astrology should be considered a serious study with implications of it’s’ ability to forecast correctly, and that if any branch of the art that can provide evidence of the accuracy of it’s’ predictions, is exciting.  Being a member of several horary study groups, I can attest to some amazing predictions that have proven to be very correct, and incredibly enlightening in it’s’ perception of the circumstances and situations of the matter.  Horary astrology is an ancient branch of the art in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.  The system is an outstanding and a very exacting tool to get insights into situations and possibilities of a variety of subjects, objects and thoughts, because it deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers.  Exact birth data of the querent is not required to provide insights into dealing with problems and difficult situations.  In a horary chart, we the participants have a choice in the matter to choose whatever actions we wish to take, according to the potential successes or problems that are revealed by the chart.  The keyword is “forewarned is forearmed” because the information between success and failure in any endeavor is how we use it to achieve what we desire.   Major contributors to western horary astrology were William Lily, known in the English speaking world as the authority and father of Horary, along with John Dee, John Gadbury, Morin and a host of other writers whose works from around the ancient world were translated into English.  Many modern writers and scholars need to be included in this list in bringing this subject matter to the masses.  My endeavors to get this practice under my belt have caused me to search and read as much as I have time for, and as of late with my second study and reading of the following book, which I feel has help me a lot to understand how it works and functions.

To give you a little background of how I discovered this author, will allow you to understand how this person has affected my thinking, and have given me fuel to continue my studies with the translations of ancient writers of the art.  I find reading the earlier translations very difficult, but with some of the written material of today’s writers on the subject, I am able to bulldoze my way through some of the difficult text until I begin to absorb it.  I have a love for solar returns because I feel it can be very helpful in giving indications of the important areas in any new year that will be important to work on.  I ran across the author’s book on solar returns which included his interpretation of the aphorism of my favorite author, Morin.  His book was so well written to my way of thinking, and in discovering that he wrote a book on horary; I couldn’t wait to read it.  In reading this book, it definitely met my expectations and more.  The book is “Horary Astrology Plain & Simple by Anthony Louis”, and if you are interested in the subject matter, I wouldn’t walk to the book store, but run to it.  I would like to caution you, that after reading this book, one may think you are capable of giving readings, but I have learnt the hard way that only more studies on the subject, and the old saying “ practice makes perfect” is really true.

The important attributes of this book is how he organized and arranged, how he presents the materials, charts, tables, and information to the reader.  Although he is a modern thinking astrologer, he has included traditional astrological materials for the reader’s edification, to give a broader interpretation to the material presented.  I am not saying other books on the subject shouldn’t also be read, but I think one should start with this one first, where everything is laid out like Horary 101, and then the other authors will be clearer and better absorbed.  If we are to become the astrologers we hope to become, the foundation of Horary is very important in the delineation of any type of chart.  What horary techniques can give in our natal chart delineations would be a broader and more perceptive and caring interpretation of what is at hand.  Horary tells us to keep things simple, and in its simplicity, delineation can be extremely enlightening and awakening then one can realize.  To see life and its problems like little children, will give us a different viewpoint in which to solve our problems.  Horary astrology definitely is a blast from the past that will not only last, but will bring new vision and insight to everything we hold dear to our hearts.

“Horary Astrology – Does one need a yes outcome?”


While I consider myself a professional astrologer, I feel as most astrologers do that we are eternal students, continually learning and growing, in all the different areas of our expertise.  Horary astrology is that kind of study that no matter how long you have studied, you realize there is more to learn down the road.  John Frawley is one of the many traditional astrologers around whom I would love to emulate, has taken the traditional horary studies and has made it understandable to his students, and through his books, the public.  I am on several horary yahoo groups, and I can’t tell you what a learning experience it is, and even though you think you have learnt everything, something new and exciting, always pops up.


I have noticed that although some of the questions asked have a definite yes or no answer, there always is a story behind the story.   Since the question being asked is always very important to the querent, the person is always anxious to hear the final outcome, and usually doesn’t hear the narrative.  Sad to say, but I feel if we had paid more attention to the plot and not the answer, our decisions may be different and our delineation to the question, more in tune to what the person really wants to know.  As an example of this, a person asked if the ex-partner would be at their children’s important family gathering.  In delineating the chart the reasons where quite clear why the person wouldn’t be there but the event would turn out well, if not fabulous.  As it happens I think the real question, was the outcome of the party and the people involved, not the ex.


I think it is quite similar with questions for a new job.  The description of the job and its relationship to the querent are more important then the outcome.  What would happen if it showed the individual was up f0r the job, but there seemed to be a question whether the person actually wanted this particular situation?  Or what if it shows complications to the job and it would delay the hiring until a later date.  The question then would be if the person would wait for said position, or take another one that is offered.  The background always seems to give a clearer view of what is happening at the moment, and if we can break away from the emotional involvement with the question, we might see clearer what our decision should be.



 My advice to anyone having a horary question delineated is to listen to everything being said, since a no to your question may be the right direction the Universe has for your future.  A no will lead you to other paths that may lead to greater opportunities then expected.  The narrative will always give you clues to your question, if one will look for them.  There are modern and traditional horary astrologers available for consultation, but one must choose wisely.  Remember that even knowing the outcome of the future, the future is still in our hands, and that the final choice is always ours.



“William Lilly’s Horary Question-Destiny or Choice?”



Horary astrology is an ancient branch of the art, in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.  The answers to the horary question might be a simple yes or no, but it is generally more complex with insights into the motives of the querent (questioner), the motives of others involved in the issue, and the options available.  William Lilly is regarded as one of the principle authorities in horary astrology in his time and ours.  England’s most illustrious astrologer led a very colorful life in a politically unstable period of time (1602 to 1681).


In the June/July 2009 issue of “The Mountain Astrologer” magazine, is a fantastic and informative article on a horary chart by Deborah Houlding who currently runs the Skyscript Astrology Web site, entitled “Lilly’s Purchase of Master B’s Houses”.  She not only gives you some history of William Lilly and the time period, but leads you through the conclusions of her analysis of the planets and their aspects, etcetera.  Her analysis of Mr. Lily’s delineation of his own chart was one that had many obstacles, and that he overlooked the difficulties because of his desire to obtain the property since it brought many happy memories


The background of the story is about a gentleman, who was not able to finish his higher education due to the financial difficulties of his father and had to become a manservant.  He had many happy years with his employer and married the wife after his death.  And to make a long story short, his wife died also and left him with some money, which he could use to purchase the house he lived in with a couple of rentals, which would give him the means to live without working.  Unfortunately like the chart showed, the seller had the upper hand and was demanding a lot more money then the property was worth.  Although he would be able to borrow the money in time as the chart forecasted, the transaction did not leave him much money to live on.  I am sure that Deborah Harding would agree with me that most astrologers would predict caution and awareness, and the possibility of forgetting about the deal.


This chart proves to me the need to look at a natal chart when confronted with a difficult horary which could go either way.  The important thing about Mr. Lilly, does he have the talent and wisdom to bring a difficult situation to a happy ending?  We find the answer in his natal chart with many planets in the second house of money.


Although William Lilly chose to buy the houses, I believe that destiny played a part in redirecting him to a new career that would bring him fame and fortune.  At the time of the sale, he had only been studying astrology for two years, and about two years after the sale he realized he could make a living from it.  Later in 1647 he published “Christian Astrology” which brought him fame and fortune.


My thoughts are the following: 1.) Mr. Lilly may have had joyful memories of the place, but as a land owner, he would be well respected.  Therefore he would have achieved a status worthy of a gentleman of the period.  2.) Realizing he had no income he made an effort to learn what he enjoyed doing.  Difficulties are the mother of innovations in ones’ life.  We learn from hardship and pain and grow from that point in our lives..  Had he decided not to buy the property, history may have been written differently, as he may have been able to live on the inheritance and astrology may not have become that important in his life.  So in truth William Lilly not only chose his destiny, but allow destiny to choose and guide him.  I am wondering what you think about this matter, and if everything went smoothly in our lives, would we be were we are today?


To me this chart illustrates the need for astrologers to relate solar, lunar return and horary charts to the natal horoscope, and to realize that although we have free will, we are still fulfilling our destiny. 


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