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“The Square and Opposition are Malefic at Attention in Full Ceremonial Dress”

In the beginning when I first came across astrology and as my interest continued, I remembered that as my intention of taking it more seriously became more evident, my nervous anticipation became more jubilant and uncontrollable.  My first day in class was likeAlicein Wonderland, so many things to discover and so little time.  Before I knew it the two and half hours came to a close, and I was like a little child at the candy store, I didn’t have enough pockets to stuff all the goodies or enough time to taste it all.  As the weeks continued I began to calm down and realized that beside the sweet and tasty candy available, there were also the bittersweet and tart ones in life that one would get acquainted with.  Astrology is like the candy store and life itself, a diversity of things we like, dislike, and that which we hope to encounter and taste only once in life, and to avoid in future encounters.  The one thing I appreciated about my first teacher was her ability to create the subject matter in an atmosphere of grandiose and majesty as she presented the rules and regulations one needed under one’s belt in order to begin to delineate any chart.  The planets were represented in royal pageantry with the Sun and Moon being the King and Queen of the land, and everything else had its place in court.  Some of the first nobles in the court I had apprehensions about were those who represented the malefic wing in the kingdom versus the benefic fraction.  There are always intrigues and situations that are not what they appear on the surface at any royal court. 

As in any kingdom, there will be different opinions and interest, and the infighting can be very subtle or out in the open.  One of the first royals to be introduced was the aspects and they were divided into the benefic and the malefic members of the court.  I had misgivings because I associated the aspect with good versus bad or easy opposed to complicated.  It took some time in getting to realize and to understand their role in life, which made me see them in a new light.  The malefic included the squares which with their different point of view were trying to redirect our final destination one has decided on.  The opposition was either our subconscious creating our ambition or the determination and aspiration of others pushing us towards our goals we originally set.  As I continue to grow I realized that I had stereotyped the malefic and benefic into rigid ideologies without giving them a chance to express their individualities.  The truth is that the benefic are more generous and protective and the malefic are more structured and demanding, and both depending on the circumstances and situations may be good or evil in one’s life.  Suddenly I began to see the square as one that is trying to introduce new ideas or ways which may derail us from what we thought was vital and important to us at the moment.  The oppositions are pushing us so hard that we may miss everything else along the way.  Having been at the royal court for awhile, especially as the world as a whole is spinning ever so quickly into the future, we must not forget the reason the nomenclature was given in the first place. 

In this modern world, we may wish to see everything in terms of the different shades of gray from white to black, but never as truly white or black.  In reality we need to judge each situation individually, the same is true with the aspects.  For example a benefic aspect may materialize as an inheritance, and the way it was spent may turn the circumstance into something one might call malefic.  Or a person losing their job, and needing to learn to study hard to gain a new skill may have seemed bad and a difficult situation in the first place, but the final consequences may prove to be a blessing.  This reminds us that the aspects are telling us whether there may be help that we can count along the way or obstacles to be conquered.  It is how we deal with it, or if we deal with it at all, that determines the ending and how we learn from it, if anything.  To me, the square and opposition are signposts that we need to experience and learn something from.  The difficulties may hinder the process, but if we endure and follow through, the result is a step to the next level of growth and a bit closer to our hopes and dreams.  This is also the case with the aspects of the sextile or trine which are considered very beneficial, and at times, may cause a disastrous domino effect.  This teaches us that we may be in awe with the nobles in their full ceremonial dress at court, but that we need to have care, caution, attention and awareness if we are to out maneuver the intrigues of the royal court for a well thought out delineation of any chart.

“Jupiter and Saturn Square Pluto is Creating a Spiritual Awakening!”

As we continue our journey through 2010 with Uranus and Jupiter entering Aries opposition to Saturn square Pluto in Capricorn, change of direction is not only a keyword, but a slogan for demonstrations and revolts through out our global communities.  In our last major election in the United State, change was the keyword that brought a new administration to the forefront.  Yet as we enter this period of time, grumblings of new changes are being heard, that the last change was not right, nor what we have hoped for.  I began thinking about this, as an individual who wishes to see and experience a better tomorrow, to understand the problem that got us here in the first place, and what we needed to do to create the world we wanted to live in.  Thinking about this, I realized we were all caught up with the euphoria of change, but what the details of that change was not clear, and the consequences it may have on us did not dawn on us at the time.  It seems to me, the new changes that are being discussed, is the same old rhetoric, because we the public who want these changes, are not clear what these changes should be.  I don’t blame the leaders for this direction, I blame us the people, whom were not clear of the changes we wanted and needed.  The new changes in the air have their own consequences if put into action, and I am not sure that the politicians that advocate these changes have the foresight to see the consequences or to be responsible for the results.

This made me think about the changes I need to put together in my own life at this time, if I am to see a new happier tomorrow.  Many astrologers, psychics et cetera are pointing to a direction of change we need to institute if we are not to end up where we don’t want to be.  My problem with the doomsday advocates is they don’t give us any clues to what changes we need to make.  Some of the solutions mentioned are not only impractical, but not realistic.  What we need is a clear direction of what would make each of us happy and satisfied, and that what we are doing to achieve the final outcome is what we hoped for in the first place.  It is not important that we succeed in the direction we started, but that we take responsibility of our decisions, and are willing to take on the consequences’ of our actions.  This is my problem with the bailout of some of our financial institutions, that they have not taken responsibility for their decisions.  As individuals when we make some major mistakes in our financial dealings, we alone, are responsible to remedy the situation.  It is clear to me that whatever the decisions or directions we decide upon; we must take responsibility for our actions.

With Pluto square to Jupiter and Uranus, it is revealing to us the need to revolutionize our thinking and habits, and to live and experience life to the fullest.  Pluto is telling us to become the caterpillar that has the faith, knowledge and determination to change into the beautiful butterfly.  Each of us must take that step towards the unknown to achieve our dreams.  Not only must we face the unknown territory with courage and strength, but realize that our course should enliven our spirits, and give us hope and reason for the future.  We should see life like a child, who has no fear, but a love for life.  If our decisions for the future do not give us hope, joy and anticipation to experience more of what life has to offer, then we should reconsider the path we are on.  The spiritual awaking is simple; we must regain our innocence and naiveté like little children and see everything with joy and enthusiasm.  The decisions will become clear when we see our circumstances in that light because all the prejudices and thoughts that have accumulated through the years will melt away, and what the conditions really are like, will become clear to us.  The awakening is the realization to live and experience each moment in the present, and that our decisions for the future comes from living in the here and now.

“Libra New Moon at 25 degrees – October 17th – 18th – Cause and Effect”


Balance, harmony, justice and partnership characterizes this New Moon at 25 degrees Libra on October 17th at 10:34 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.  I have always found this time of the month as a wonderful period to renew, rethink, and reaffirm the path and the direction we are aiming for in this life.  Every new moon, we start with a new glass to fill with our dreams and it is like a mental exercise, the more you do it, the more it will work for you and the more successful you become.  I have noticed we usually fail in accomplishing our dreams when our vision of our goals become muddy and are no longer clear to us.  By using this period to renew our visions and goals, the final success is closer then we think.  In Libra we seek to recognize, tolerate and to work with the opposites and we begin to have compassion with those of opposing views.  We become like the archetype of this sign the scale of justice, equality and truth, where we must ponder all sides of the situation and come to a decision which is right for all.

With the New Moon about to square the North and South Lunar Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, and with Saturn about to move in to the sign of Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the need to use careful judgment and not to jump to conclusions to any situation or problem, is very important at this time.  The Saturn and Uranus opposition has shown us that we must not trust on so called experts on decisions we want to rely on.  We need to be the directors and the movers of our own lives if we are to move on to better things.  We have been shown that those we have trusted to lead us, have led us a stray.  Instead of pointing the blame or feeling guilty, we need to pick ourselves up and make a determined effort to look at all sides of a situation before making a decision.

Pluto is telling us, we can no longer follow blindly, but need to have our confidence and dignity reborn and renewed.  With the twenty first century, Pluto is revealing to us that we can not go it alone and that we need to be responsible for our decisions.  That being ignorant of the facts does not excuse us from the blame or the effect of our decisions we have made or have allowed to continue.  There is a revolution going on in our consciousness to lay back and go with the current of the river, or to make an effort to fight and go up stream where the pot of gold lay hidden.  We have been laying back listening to others in advising us for so long that it will take an effort on our part to regain control of our own decision making.  The revolt is at hand and Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are standing by to help us or to push us into the mode, whatever choice we make.

The Sabian Symbol for Libra at 25 degrees is Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf.  The keyword is Tact.  ‘When positive, the degree is spontaneous adaptability and an unswerving and instinctive fidelity to ultimate goals and meanings, and when negative, fascination with the trivial and delight in unbridled fancy.”  This says it all, that our priorities like the mysteries of life and death, will go through a change and will be reborn to something new in its’ transformation, so be clear and firm of your objectives that they may blossom into your dreams and wishes for the future.  For every cause there is an effect, and our first cause, like every cause should be well thought out.

“Planets, Aspects and the Overlords—Oops!!!!!”


In reviewing the meanings of the major aspects, planets make, I realized that through the years I have developed my own method in understanding their influences upon the chart.  For me in using this method I no longer see an aspect as favorable or as a hindrance, but as an aspect to be integrated and to be used to its best potential.

A conjunction is an aspect in which two planets or more are close enough, that their energies are connected together.  For example Jupiter and Venus would exert a generally fortunate influence, where as Mars and Venus would exert a more active and intense influence.  One should see it as two people standing side by side in a circle looking towards the center; they support each other and feel the influence of the other, but can not see each other.  To me this means the influence is only an advantage if we are aware of it and put it to good use.  A conjunction can only promise an effect, to bring it into reality one must work with it.  To help give more meaning to these aspects I have given planet Mercury as the overlord to the conjunction as it is the planet that tends to take on the influences of the planets it befriends, and this is what a conjunction does.  These overlords are keys to a greater understanding and expansion of the aspects.  Working with them works wonders in ones interpretation of the zodiacal chart.

An opposition is 180 degrees between two planets, is referred to as the aspect of separation.   It is regarded as challenging and tends more to signify inner conflicts between internal and external factors.  The opposition can represent one’s own inner conflicts which are influencing us or some outer source pushing us to make a decision. The opposition indicates a stand-off where it is impossible for the two planets to function simultaneously, one will dominate.  The overlord would be Mars as it represents strength of will for action to fight the obstacles in life and to penetrate the world.

The square is 90 degrees between two planets, and is regarded as challenging and inharmonious.  It is the most difficult of the hard aspects because if we imagine we are one of the planets and the planet who is squaring us is represented by another person who is to the side of us and this person is pushing us side ways.  The opposition, the person is either in front or in the back of us pushing us forward or backwards which is more conducive to our thinking.  The person pushing us side ways is trying to redirect our direction and we apparently are putting up a fight until after much struggle we decide to turn in that direction.  The squares are the dark nights of the soul, but if we get through it, the accomplishment we achieve is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The overlord for the square is Saturn which represents structure, steadfastness, limitations, security, stamina, and consistency.

A sextile is an aspect of 60 degrees between two planets, is traditionally regarded as beneficial.  The sextile drops opportunities in ones lap, but we must develop the potential handed to us to receive the rewards.  The overlord is Venus the symbol for love, feeling, harmony and one who can bring and merge things together.

The trine is an aspect of 120 degrees between two planets, is considered harmonious and an easy flow between the two.  Its aspect is good fortune, as the two planets really like one another.  Just think of it as a silver spoon in the mouth as everything comes together with ease.  The overlord is Jupiter, who is most generous and has much dignity, wisdom, hope, morals, affluence, success, and abundance.

There are more key words one can find for the overlords in other sources, but the more you use it with the aspects, they will begin to reveal more of their secrets.  Your interpretations of the chart will come alive and be more meaningful.

Regards and may the overlords be with you,


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