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“Revisiting Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth house”


I have decided to revisit Mercury conjunct Uranus to continue the train of thought since Mercury is the ruler of the chart and I feel it is an important aspect and that the knowledge of Sabian symbols will give a deeper more spiritual meaning to it all.  The Sabian Symbols were given birth in San Diego, California, in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, a noted American astrologer and the gifted clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler.  He was interested to find a set of word images to go with every degree of the zodiac and decided on Elsie Wheeler an extraordinary clairvoyant confined to a wheelchair for most of her life, as his partner in this enterprise, as she had a remarkable ability to “see” messages, images and symbols.  She used this talent to help her clients, but was rather weary of the standard questions she received, such as “when will I be rich?” and “when will I meet the love of my life?”  She was eager to take part as she believed that this was an opportunity to really contribute something to astrology.

In this particular case the conjunction happen in the ninth house with the fourth (Mercury) and fifth (Uranus) degrees in Gemini.  The definitions of the two degrees have been taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmond Jones 1969.

Gemini 4  Holly and mistletoe  This is a symbol of the maximum possible encouragement of human personality on the inner or subjective side, or of life’s continual stimulus to every resource of imagination and spiritual appreciation.  Here is a universal richness of experience through which man may substantiate the dignity of his order and learn to share the magic of his own self-renewal on every occasion.  He responds quickly and enthusiastically to the frequent and cyclic manifestation of life’s eternal overtones.  The keyword is RITUALIZATION.  When positive, the degree is a gift for fellow participation in every rewarding expression of individuality on all levels of human relationship. And when negative, there is complete obsession with superficialities.

Gemini 5  A radical magazine  this is a symbol of the necessary element of change in human affairs, and of the extent to which the remote or the nonpossessed and entirely potential will have its full and functioning part in any immediate reality with which an individual may be seeking to come to terms.  Here is the power of man to give high exaltation and dramatic force to whatever succeeds in stirring him deeply within himself.  Emphasized in principal and important part is the supremacy of inner over outer compulsions.  The keyword is TANGENCY.  When positive, the degree is personality in its highly effective capacity for putting its stamp on everything it touches, and when negative, a perverse determination to quarrel with everybody. 

The following is a simple traditional meaning of the aspect, but more can be found through the internet or books.  Mercury conjunct Uranus delivers a lightning-quick mind, mental genius and originality. The person is self-willed, dramatic, colorful, creative, inventive, articulate, individualistic, progressive, independent and stubborn. Quick perception and often will gain insight through intuitive flashes. Will be interested in astrology, science, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, religion, spiritual ideas and electronics, but will need a good education for a good foundation for success.  One is able to tune into the Universal Mind and obtain guidance from it.  Won’t accept ideas simply because of tradition and is able to find new solutions to old problems.

The meanings of the numbers are as follows:  The number four signifies practicality, foundation, consistency, trustworthiness, loyalty, methodical, and dependability.  The number five indicates excitement, adventure, change, travel, freedom, and movement.

Now one just blends all the information into one cohesive interpretation.  First thing that comes to mind is the images of holly and mistletoe which brings tradition and light that breaks through the darkness of winter with hope for a better future and the reawaking of spring.  The image of the magazine is to think out of the ordinary and to expand the view of our horizon.  My delineation to this aspect in the ninth is the following:  The person through his intuitive abilities has developed a pragmatic system of philosophy and religion and a way of life that is spontaneous, colorful, dependable, exciting, and hopeful.  He brings the world to his friends, and his friends to the world.  He influences them as they have an effect on him, but never in the ordinary.


“Mercury and Uranus Conjunct in the Ninth House”


Mercury conjunct Uranus delivers a lightning-quick mind, mental genius and originality. The person is self-willed, dramatic, colorful, creative, inventive, articulate, individualistic, progressive, independent and stubborn. Quick perception and often will gain insight through intuitive flashes. Will be interested in astrology, science, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, religion, spiritual ideas and electronics, but will need a good education for a good foundation for success.  One is able to tune into the Universal Mind and obtain guidance from it.  Won’t accept ideas simply because of tradition and is able to find new solutions to old problems.

All the above I hope is true about me but I have always been wondering what it would be like to have the conjunction in another house other then the ninth.  Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly enjoyed and received much benefit from the house it is in and I am happy with the aspect.  I was wondering what I would be like with the conjunction in the different houses, so here goes my humorous thoughts.

The first house: A very eccentric dresser, probably with a Mohawk haircut, with a black tuxedo silk jacket and a 100% Egyptian cotton baby blue button down from Paul Stewart and a genuine Irish kilt with black knee boots for the office or board meeting.

The second house: The way things are going in the economical world I think I would invest in gold bars and hide them in an iron chest under a secret compartment in the floor under my bed.  Then enroll in a class on the internet in learning to be a pirate and go to EBay and buy a vessel, fit for the Monterey bay.

The third house: Everyday I am being bombarded by emails and spam through the internet and the cell phone, so I have decided Harry Potter had the right idea.  The Post Office is snail mail, so I have resorted to using a white owl to get my messages to the public; it is faster and more personable.

The fourth house: I think I would build a three story brownstone tree house and in the living room have the television on all the time showing a fire place with a warm fire.  How homey it will be.

The fifth house: Pleasures and excitement have become so mundane with all these computer generated action films in the movies today.  During the depression era people just jumped on the railroad cars to get from place to place.  Why not stow away in the space shuttle and get a free ride around the earth, now that’s excitement!

The sixth house;  I always thought why can’t we all get paid a high salary for not working and a bonus for everyday we  get sick, and if the company goes out of business, we should get compensation for being let go.  It takes work to do nothing all day and not be bored.

The seventh house:  It is so ordinary to be a married couple, living together or even being a polygamous marriage, why not be married to both genders.  Now that is what one can call stylistically different.

The eighth house:  How about letting everyone know that unselfishness is close to Godliness, and that all should give something of themselves to themselves to make life more enjoyable.  A day without modern equipment or electronics, just breathing the fresh air and listening to nature. 

The ninth house: How about having religion and politics intertwined so that we cannot tell the difference where one begins and the other ends.  We can have a Rock Star as president who has a black trim line princess phone with a direct line to God.

The tenth house: All those with back breaking jobs should be paid a decent salary and those with cushy jobs are paid the minimum wage.  The machines that are taking work away from humans should get no paid at all, and only the barest pay back for medical leave.

The eleventh house: CEO’s of big companies dressed in leather biker outfits who plan to give part of their salaries and part of the companies’ profits to help eliminate hunger in the world.  How refreshing.

The twelfth house: Breaking up the big institutions to smaller companies, where the employees are names and not just numbers on a sheet of paper.  One can go to your local grocery store and buy something that was picked that day.  What a fine secret that would be, something fresh, not weeks or months old.

While working on this enjoyable exercise trying to relate the meanings of the houses to the aspect and hopefully producing some form of humor, I realized that I really am all these things.  The zodiac is a big circle and although the aspect is expressed through one point in the circle, in truth we are really the whole circle.  It is like the drop of water in the ocean, it is a drop but yet contains everything the ocean is.  It is like the yin and yang, we are the light and the dark of any concept.  Morin states the empty house opposite house with a planet has the influence of that planet.  Besides using that influence of the non present planet, we also use the rulers of the surrounding cusp to delineate the condition of the house.  The importance of this is that we are the whole circle, but we have the choice to express ourselves through that one point of the circle through the degree of the aspect.

“Psychics versus Astrologers ▬ Good or Bad?”


In one of my astrology groups on yahoo, a member who is trying to get her business off the ground was very discouraged with the attitude of the people in her area on astrologers.  She felt that they had more respect for psychics who may be born with the gift, then an astrologer who has completed an accredited astrology course.  Thinking about this I realized it was because of our religious upbringing that has brought this prejudice to the forefront.  If you think about it, many of the major religions had very respected prophets, which brought the word of God to his people.  A psychic is closer to the image of a prophet, then an astrologer with a telescope in one hand and a chart and pencil in the other.

What is very sad about this prejudice is that many good astrologers depend on their intuition to bring forth fantastic readings.  Other practitioners of the art unknowingly use their psychic abilities to come to the conclusions they come to.  There are some astrologers who combine tarot to refine and fine tune their consultations.  My point is, what degree of intuition develops into a gift from God to be respected and the intuition that seems to come from the evil one.  I am sure the prejudice comes from not understanding the subject at hand.  Jean-Baptiste Morin Villefranche, of the sixteenth century, who first studied religion, mathematics and then astrology, believed the art confirmed the presence of God.  If we are considering that astrology may not have been looked at too favorable in the Bible; what about the Magi that predicted the birth at Bethlehem, where they not astrologers?

My point is not that one form of prediction is better then the other, but that one must choose the form one would be most comfortable with, and would get the most out of it.    If one is only remotely interested in the subject, one will realize how extensive the study is, and how amazingly accurate the predictions can be.  I am part of a traditional horary astrology yahoo group, and in reading their posts of their delineation of the many charts: it is amazing how accurate to the time and the outcome, they always are.  One is not only amazed, but in awe of the power of the Almighty to give us a map to guide us here on earth.

The question of good or bad has nothing to do with the kind of divination and prediction, but who one chooses to confide in, can be good or bad.  Although I lean favorably towards astrology I find it exciting to get a reading from a good clairvoyant who is recommended to me.  As I have said, it is the choice of the advisor that is really important if you are to have a good reading, which will benefit you.  I do have two warnings and that is to be careful at psychic fairs and to realize that there are psychics and astrologers out there whom are fraudulent and ready to scam you at a moments notice.  I love going to the fairs for the carnival atmosphere, and all the books, gifts and knick knacks.  With everything that is going on at a psychic fair and the need for the readers to limit their time with each customer, it is very difficult to concentrate and give a good reading.  Logically with all the vibes and action going on, the well intentioned psychic might be having some trouble concentrating on you to give you the information you need to hear.  Just enjoy the short reading at the event, and digest the information with a grain of salt.  Then the best thing to do if you really want to have a more precise reading and you trust the person, is to get their card and make an appointment for a consultation in a more private atmosphere away from the crowds.  Be careful and cautious, because in the long run, you are still responsible for the decisions in your life, and make sure you ask around and get recommendations before deciding on anyone.

So next time you come across thoughts and feelings that astrology might be a study of the dark arts, remember that prejudice comes in all sizes and forms.  The only way to overcome these obstacles and prejudices is through reading, understanding, and exposure to the subject in question.  Knowledge is power, and frees us from being slaves to our prejudices and ignorance’s.

”Mercury aspects Uranus creates Change and Movement”


The twenty first century, not only has brought in the Aquarian Age to the forefront, but has shown us there is no turning back of time.  Everywhere in the news whether on the television, the internet, or however you like to get your news, change is in the air.  Like the news coming out of Iran, change and how we communicate is everywhere.  We no longer can assume the old saying “Business as Usual”.  How we see the world and the way we deal with it, needs to be updated.  What has happen in Iran was foreshadowed by the elections in the United States in 2009.  The election gained momentum by the use of the internet, as it is happening in Iran.  The demonstrations have been helped and fueled by quick access to information by the public.  The old adage “Knowledge is Power” is definitely being demonstrated in that country where internet knowledge is overcoming restrictions being implemented by the government.  This new age only shows how powerful Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and the co-ruler, Saturn is in bringing in, with lightening speed the age of technology.  The technology has not only made our lives simpler and faster, but has reminded us what a global community we are, after all.

This world event should help remind us that in our own personal life, the aspects of Mercury and Uranus are big movers in changing the situations we may be unhappy with.  Mercury deals with how we think and the way we communicate, and Uranus rules over technology and new ways of seeing and thinking about things.  Saturn gives us the structure, and pulls everything together into one cohesive unit.  For those who are looking for employment during this economical downturn, will realize the old way of sending out resumes will no longer give them the edge.  One has to turn to the new technology and think outside, or even around or under the box.  Networking on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, etcetera and even a personal blog is a way to reach more people and develop more contacts.  Obviously talent is a big plus, but exposure and networking will get you in the door and over the welcome mat.

Another thought is that being laid off, might be a nudge from the Universe that we should relook at our situation and make some directional change.  Uranus might be saying this is the right time to look at things differently.  Maybe it is time to be your own boss?  At the same time Uranus is telling us the old types of business and how they were run, is no longer right for our times.  So if you choose to be your boss, make sure you have a niche in the market you are targeting.  The important message from the stars at this time is change, and our ability to adapt and to work with it will mark our success. 

Following are some key words for Mercury and Uranus through the houses.  It might give you some ideas of thinking out of the box, by combing the meaning of the planets to the meaning of the houses and coming up with a new interpretation, which will give you insights to your next step.

House              Mercury                                   Uranus

First                 clever, adapt quickly               uniqueness, unconventional

Second                        resourceful, practical               inventive, independent

Third               articulate, persuasive               original, imaginative

Fourth             solid understanding                freedom of space and time

Fifth                creative action                         spontaneous, variety

Sixth                advisor, clear decisions           concepts, progressive

Seventh           adapts, diversity                      variety, excitement

Eighth             inquiring, interpretive              liberator

Ninth               navigator                                 freethinker

Tenth               agile, delegate                         creative, freelancer

Eleventh          clever, sociable                        individualistic

Twelfth           paradoxical, insights               inspirations, vision

“Your ruling Planet ▬ the Matchmaker?”



I have always wondered why there are times we can meet someone, and totally feel comfortable.  Is there a mental radar involved?  Or is our intuition so in tune that we can evaluate the situation that quickly?   Maybe we are seeing the aura of the Person and are relating to it?  Whatever the answer is I felt the charts must have shown compatibility between the two souls, but was there a quick way to look at the chart and come to the same conclusions.  I decided to look at the charts of friends and people I like, to see if I could find something.

One of my astrology groups suggested I check for the ruler of the chart (Hyleg) and its’ role in the delineation, which I found quite interesting and totally forgot that I had studied it awhile back.  Modern astrology seems to put the ruler of the chart in the back seat, but Bonatti and Ptolemy gives it importance.  Although I consider myself of the modern school, I do feel, we have thrown out the baby with the dirty bath water.  So I tried to incorporate traditional astrology in my thinking, and one day I hope to be an out of the closet traditional astrologer.  From my early studies of the art, one of my teachers told me that the ruler of my natal chart was Mercury which confirms Bonatti’s school of thought.  Since the early days I have always related and worked with Mercury.

While going through the charts of friends, etcetera I noticed they all made some aspects to my Mercury.  The benefic aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, trines) tend to be some of my closer friends, but I did notice it also included the hard aspects (squares, oppositions), and in some it seem to challenge and inspire me.  I don’t know if this works for everyone, but it certainly made sense to me.  I began to surmise that the ruler of my chart indicated the most important direction for my life, and that I would relate to those that felt the same way.  In looking at a couple of friends who considered themselves as couples I noticed that this theory worked.  Now I am wondering whether the ruling planet of the chart in aspect to a planet or ruling planet of another’s chart could lay the foundation of a good relationship, either platonic or romantic.  Maybe our ruling planet is the Matchmaker, especially where the ruling planet of one chart aspects the ruling planet of the other?

The ruling planet is found in astrology today by considering the ruler of the ascendant or you can check into the works of Bonatti or Ptolemy, and if you have Solar Fire software, it will give you the ruling planet from the old masters.  The following are the keywords for the ruling planet in the different houses.


1                    Adept at initiating activities

2                    Defines self worth through money and material possessions

3                    Drawn to activities involving intellect, travel or communications

4                    Strive to create a solid family base and home life

5                    To take risks, especially in relation to children, romance, fun and sex

6                    Service and work oriented

7                    Activities that include the partner or others

8                    Sexuality and being most comfortable in working with other resources

9                    Activities involving religion, philosophy, culture or law

10                Works hard to build a reputable expression of life

11                Involved in social and humanitarian activities that impact life

12                Private individual drawn to activities that stay behind the scenes

I hope this works for you, but I must admit that my matchmaker made me a match that has lasted many, many years.  A toast to your ruling planet, the Matchmaker!

“Venus hard aspects Neptune”


I have always been awe struck with the problems that stem from my Neptune in the first house squared my Venus and the Moon in the tenth house.  This was one of the reasons I began studying astrology, it was to understand myself better.  I wanted to see if I could avoid some of the difficult situations that might arise, or at least go around them somewhat.  To my surprise I recently ran into someone with the same birth date as mine, even though we are years apart.  This activated my Neptune so much that I started thinking of my self like the journalist Carrie Bradshaw in the show “Sex in the City” as the reporter of a column called “Astrology and the Single Guy”.  This made me wonder since the two of us had almost the same degree in the sun sign, what else might be similar.  I have noticed a long time ago that delineating someone else’s chart was so much easier then looking at my own. 

This chart was heaven sent as it helped me see certain planets and aspect in a new and exciting light.  Not only was his Moon squaring my Moon in a fixed sign, His Saturn made an aspect with my Saturn and Mid Heaven.  What I was most interested in was the similarities we had, and the way the chart showed how we approach each situation differently.  The best part which I am sure you have already surmised was the Venus Neptune aspect in both charts, with his Venus at the Mid Heaven opposition Neptune near the cusp of the fourth house.  Although the aspects were different, the meanings are similar, but our approach was from different view points. 

Venus square or opposition Neptune (considered the higher octave of Venus) in ones’ horoscope gives a similar meaning which may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships that come up, when one thinks that one is being challenged.  The matter of trust and who we can trust is an on going issue in all our relationships.  Rose-colored glasses or blinders will affect our judgment of people, and in our financial affairs, as well.  We are likely to be shy and retiring, and appear to others different then who we really are.  The need to keep one part of us private from the world is something learnt from childhood.  Our concept of love can take a turn towards the heroic Prince and Princess in all the fairy tales and legends of old, or become relationships with different view points, then the norm.  Neptune in both houses gives a mediumistic and intuitive edge in accessing the images of the unconscious mind, thereby giving us the tools and insight to the solutions we are looking for.  There are many more meanings which you can look up, but I am mostly concern with how differently we looked at our problems and the direction we took to solve and correct the situation.

The first house keyword is “I Am” which gives the basic mood, appearance, personality, vital energy, independence, and temperament.  Neptune in the first house gives me a day-dreamer, airy appearance, and the need to show the world the face and personality it wants to see.  I saw the aspect as causing problems coming from my misinterpretation of the events in question experienced during childhood.  I have noticed that in looking back on past events that brought sorrow and pain, that the situation seemed different then I remembered it, and the blame or mistrust I gave to certain parties seem vague now.

The fourth house keyword is “I Feel” which represents our home or environment which gives the need for a feeling of security, well-being, family roots, and traditions.  This house emphasizes his need of “His space” where he has collected together important things to represent him.  He has created a world of us and them, not in a bad sense, but to allow us to see the differences.  He is clear to himself and the people surrounding him what he wants as part of his world.  As time goes on, his thoughts about his world will change, and so will the boundaries of his space.  His ideas of romance may seem clear to him now as long as the foundation of love keeps him in a secure and safe position.

The truth of the matter is that both of us are not as different or similar as we think, but the way we approach the situation, defines our individuality.  There is no right or wrong or best to the different approaches, but whether one feels comfortable with it.  How well we grow from these experiences will depend on how well we interpret and react with our emotions.  For it is the emotions that gets in the way of our growth, for the emotions direct the way we will size up a situation.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Venus aspect Neptune has a big hand in stirring the pot of life and the emotions that go with it.


“The Sextile and Trine Aspects ▬ Use it or lose it”


The adage “Use it or loose it” is not use as often as it once was.  I think it is due to the world of electronic technology ever moving forward, and our need to have the newest gadgets.  We are so immersed in the technology, that the human aspect of life, the need for human contact is replaced by texting or instant messaging.  The necessities to have expressions of joy or sadness are not needed as it can not be conveyed in the text message.  Our abilities to react to others are determined by our ability to be comfortable by all the gadgets one can become proficient at.  Our wishes to be on face book or YouTube is more important then a great dinner and conversation with a few close friends.  The sad thing is that our ability to be creative and innovative is determined by our need for something to entertain us, rather then the need to improve our lives.

The requirement to have gadgets to make our life simpler has also made us lazier in trying to work out the difficulties we face in our daily lives.  This makes the Trine aspect in our charts a Bermuda Triangle, a disruptive danger point in achieving our goals.  These days we want to make life as easy and carefree, with as little effort as possible.  The aphorism “No pain, no gain” is not the flavor of the day, and would be looked down on today. We have all kinds of gadgets to take the pain for us and give us the benefit without the effort.  The miracle pill that will reduce your waistline and weight, and you still can eat all you want with no exercise or effort.  If you don’t like the look of your face, just have plastic surgery or a face transplant. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new world we live in, and I am like the next guy, looking for the newest advance in technology, but I have observed that we have lost our way when it comes down to our direction in life.  We no longer seem to experience the moment as much as we go towards tomorrow for the next excitement or entertainment.  When one looks around, one sees a rebellion with small groups seeking to return to a simpler lifestyle.  We see groups, like the slow food movement, the return of ballroom dancing and the return to vinyl records with all the clicks and pops, etcetera.

It is also happening in astrology where small clusters of astrologers everywhere are studying the old traditional classics to bring more substance to their delineation of the charts.  We need to understand how we got to where we are, and to use what we have to achieve our desired goals.  To keep things simpler and to experience the moment should be our new saying of the day (“Live the Moment”).

We need to understand, that the aspects are an integral part of our makeup and how we use or not use them, determines how well we function in this world of ours.  Our success in this life is not what assets and talents, or lack of these we came into this life with, but how we put them to good use, for our benefit.  The squares and opposition are hard to ignore as they push their problems right into our faces, and we can choose to ignore them by pushing then aside, or decide to correct the situation with new solutions.

Unfortunately the sextiles and the Trines are not as aggressive, and their presence is not at all as noticeable.  In this twenty first century world these aspects get lost with all the new fancy gadgets.  The talents and assets these aspects have given to us, lie hidden in this fast paced world until we uncover and use them.  It isn’t easy to discover them unless we go looking for them.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s’ cover”, is the proverb we should apply in judging ourselves.  Unless we look into the pages of the book, we won’t discover the essence of our true self.  After discovering our self, we must nurture it and let the whole world see and reap the benefits from it.  The bad thing is if we hide the light under a bushel, we loose the benefit of its presence.  So take heed, to try to understand what kind of magic the beneficial aspects are providing for you, so that you may use their gifts before you lose them.  Once gone, they are gone forever.


“The Lovers’ Sextile Versus The Empress’ Trine”








“The Lovers’ Sextile Versus The Empress’ Trine” is a somewhat stylish title, if I say so myself, but in actuality there is no contest to which is the beneficial aspect.  Most astrologers, including myself would say the Trine is the most helpful, but after the following thoughts, one might change one’s opinion.  Astrology like the other occult sciences deals with numbers and their symbolism and relates everything back together.  As Morin taught, everything has its’ meanings and the ability to understand the relationship of all the planets and the houses, to one another is the key to the delineation of any chart.

The Sextile is sixty degrees between two planets with the number reduced to six.  The Trine is one hundred twenty degrees between two planets, or two sextiles apart with the number reduced to a twelve, then to a three.  The spiritual meaning of the number Three deals with the holy trinity; the past, present, and future, just to name two examples.  There is a need to express yourself creatively, independently, and to consider the direction you are going to take towards your future goals.  The number Six reveals solutions for us in an organized method aimed towards diplomacy when dealing with sensitive situations.  The number Twelve deals with an important spiritual completion to a project such as the twelve tribes, the twelve houses in the Zodiac, etcetera.

The three in the Major tarot trump is The Empress card (Venus the ruling planet) which shows a beneficent pregnant Mother Goddess giving birth to all potential concepts and forms, capable of existence in the entire cosmos.  The number six is the Lovers card (Gemini the ruling sign) which is essentially the attraction of ideas.  The twelve is The Hanged Man (Neptune the ruling planet) which signifies one who must undertake a journey of growth.

Sextiles is the easy flow of energy between two planets that gives the individual the ability to accomplish much and the opportunities are easily accessible.  This does not mean that it will be laid in the person’s lap, but that the person still has the responsibility to make it happen.  The Trines are approximately four Signs apart and are usually planets found in the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.  The aspect is similar to the sextile and is more favorable, but the down side is the willingness to do little with the gifts.  One is blessed with minimal effort and the presence of the trine helps to balance out the other less favorable aspects.

What is the conclusion one comes up with is that both aspects are favorable, depending on how we put it to use.  Step back for a moment, and you will realize that although the Trine is more favorable, it is also the aspect that is our Achilles’ heel, which may bring our down fall.  The Sextile pushes us to look around our environment and to make decisions for a better future.  It reveals the hidden talents and assets that are hiding under our insecurities and brings them to light.  Like the Lover card the lovers create a third point in the relationship which is the two becoming one.  They no longer think as two separate individuals but as one unit in the universe.  The Trine is made up of two sextiles, telling us although we have a silver spoon placed in our lap; we better put it to good use to get the beneficial rewards.  A sextile to a third point produces a Yod which is the finger of God or Fate, telling us to direct our thoughts to a central point or cause.  So as with a trine, it is telling us to secure a firm foundation for the future we want   With past experiences I have come to the conclusion that the squares, oppositions and sextiles are easier to work with in achieving the potentials in our chart.


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