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“The Abyss of No Return but Onward Directs the 7 Aries 22 Full Moon on Sept 29 2012”

This full moon is not the final forerunner of difficult aspects in the night sky for the year, announcing that an evolution or more likely a revolution of sorts is in the atmosphere and is about to explode and manifest itself into reality.  We can no longer deny its existence as it unfolds before our very eyes and presence.  With the aspects of action and movement in place in the zodiac, a sense that we can no longer turn back, but need to go forward is imminent.  The pangs and pains of change is evident as the 7 Aries 22 Full Moon on September 29th 2012 at 8:20 pm PDT is making its energies felt, as it is reminding us that we are moving into the abyss of no return, but onward to the future.  We need to move forward with faith and trust that through the darkness, we will finally reach the light.  The Universe in all its wisdom is showing us that we need not fear the difficulties and tribulations we are about to experience.  But to see it as stepping stones, to new possibilities and the potentials for success we have not thought about or had the foresight or the vision to recognize. 

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 8th degrees of Aires and for the Sun in 8th degrees of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 8  A large hat with streamers flying, facing east  This is a symbol of native creativity, or the fundamentally phallic stirrings of man as these keep him forever responsive for better or worse to the general potentialities of an everyday being, and as they also enable him to realize and utilize the ever-emerging novelties and variations of human relationships.  Implicit here is an unconditioned and complete co-operation with every immediate trend of events, whether consciously or otherwise.  The keyword is excitation.  When positive, the degree is continual self-orientation to the nascent potentialities of all life and experience, and when negative, a tendency to idle posing or an empty pretense of good will and interest.

Libra 8  A blazing fireplace in a deserted home  This is a symbol of native reality, or of the basic law of the cosmos whereby all things tend to continue steadily in their accustomed function.  Implicit here is the burning desire or capacity for passion which establishes man’s loyalty to each object of his self-projection and instruments his more consistent self-orientation through each phase of personal responsibility to the world in which he finds himself.  The keyword is guardianship.  When positive, the degree is an exceptional gift for enlisting both men and the natural forces of life in the service of self and its dominating vision, and when negative, a witless dismissal of all affairs to their own devices.

This symbol speaks to us of anyone proudly presenting them self with dignity and presence as one with a purpose allowing the winds of change and clarity to define their direction and to embrace their stature.  Excitement and anticipation is always associated with change, as it is an adventure into the unknown, as we wait patiently, watching and expecting the unexpected results.  The emphasis here is faith, trust, hope, loyalty, invisible sustainment and the conviction that our goals are achievable through our passion and determination of will.  Our greatest assets at the moment is the refusal to give up hope when all seems hopeless and our ability to change course or improvise, if need be.  It is warning us from hanging on to what worked in the past and to release the negative thoughts which is holding us back from our own progress.  This Full Moon is reminding us that we are moving into the abyss of no return, but onward to new adventures and potentials that are beyond our wildest dreams.

“The Brilliance of Foresight is Reflected by the 17 Libra 23 Full Moon Apr 6 2012”

As the drab cool colors of the winter months begin to give way to the bright colors of spring, the 17 Libra 23 Full Pink Moon on April 6th 2012 at 12:19 pm PDT is reflecting the brilliance of foresight in our lives.  This month was called the Pink Full Moon in certain parts of the country because during the spring, the ground was covered with pink moss indicating that soon a rainbow full of colors and flowers will grace the landscape.  The brilliance is not in the ability to have a vision or a promise of what the future may be liken to, but the illumination that comes from the participation with the Universe to be the co-creator of what may lie ahead of us.  Knowing full well that what was begun will bring a result that is greater, fuller and more colorful then what was planted. 

In the use of foresight, it is not getting the vision right every time that is important, but in the understanding that practice makes perfect and that we are taking responsibility of our choices and decisions in life.   Pluto may bring the chaos, Jupiter the wisdom, Uranus the curiosity and Mars the momentum to recognize when insight happens; the forerunner of foresight begins its journey to become reality.  Mercury allowing us to comprehend and to communicate what we have experienced at the moment.   Perceptiveness and discernment brings a brilliance and illumination to that which seems drab, stressing that we should never judge a book or situation by what we think we hear or see.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 18 degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 18 degrees of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 18  Two men placed under arrest  This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function.  The keyword is consequence.  When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

Aries 18  An empty hammock  This is a symbol of self-adequacy at its maximum potential for inner reorientation and outer readjustment, and of an utter absoluteness of non-compulsion on man as far as any essential conditioning on self-irrevocability is concerned.  Implicit in the symbol’s staticism is the poise or balance of personal reality between the extremes of pure impulse and act which in each man’s given case would limit the individual and deny his conscious existence.  The keyword is rumination.  When positive, the degree is a thoroughgoing integrity established by the inner reconciliation of outer in harmonies, and when negative, inability to comprehend the conflicts of life and a consistent effort to dodge them.

This speaks to us of the inevitable consequences of our decisions and actions and to the need to take responsibility for the course we have taken.  At the same time it is telling us that if we find ourselves restricted or confined to a situation, it is encouraging us to go within to seek out our potential to find and seek the hidden opportunities in which restrictions and confinements may inspire and create.  Before jumping into a decision that may bring repercussions and consequences we may not desire, we need to hesitate from any wild or impulsive actions and thoughts, to our inner recesses to meditate, to reflect and to ponder.  It is in this moment of tranquility, that the confidence of the inner divine spirit awakens the insight and intuition to do what they do best in our lives.  This moon phase is reminding us of the brilliance that foresight brings into our lives if we only use it to the fullest, which brings the richness of the colors that life has to offer, into reality.

“Opportunities Are Quick to Disappear Mumbles the 2 Aries 22 New Moon on Mar 22 2012”

As the darkness of night become shorter and the daylight glows brighter and longer with the cold winter air giving way to the warmer and more cheerful weather patterns, a sense that the old ways need to give way to new perspectives and objectives is in the air.  Amid this hopeful atmosphere the 2 Aries 22 New Moon at 7:38 am PDT on March 22nd 2012 appears on the horizon and is subtly mumbling that opportunities are quick to disappear.  The potential of this moon phase is emphasized by the closeness to the vernal equinox, with the concentration of energy in Aries a cardinal sign, the retrograde of Mercury and Mars, with Jupiter trine Pluto, and Neptune into Pisces.  The aspects are warning us that the opportunities for a beneficial outcome is in the air, but that we need to use caution with our actions and thoughts, if we are to take advantage of the moment.  Impulsive thoughts or actions are pitfalls at this point, and the time we have to grasp for the change we need to make, may be sooner to end than we think.  The foundation of our beliefs that we have been building upon is about to be tested and the proof of the pudding will be revealed.  As we enter the year 2012 being set in our mode of handling any situation needs to give way to being alert, open and willing to deal with whatever crosses our path, and the time for action is now.    

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 3  A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country  This is a symbol of a real breadth of participation in everyday affairs, and of the extent to which every individual tends to epitomize the tradition and culture from which he has emerged.  There is here the suggestion of both an impersonal self-dedication to broader community interests and a highly personal dramatization of the self as a focus for group actuality.  The keyword is expectation.  When positive, the degree is man’s capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality he has created for himself, and when negative, an unimaginative conventionality which leaves him in bondage to every current stereotype of human relations.

This symbol speaks to us of a personal and yet impersonal involvement of life that spirals around us in that we as unique individuals, representing not only who we are, but as the collective identity of our community, country, heritage, cultural and social traditions.  The implication is that the uniqueness of the individual is overshadowed by his singular expression and dedication to the achievement of social, rather than personal goals and wishes.  This image epitomizes the highest and grandest ideas, talents, and traditions associated with any particular group, organization, country, or the global community.  It encourages enthusiasm, joy and satisfaction that our greatest advantages lie in working towards the achievement of group objectives.  Here the aspects in the night sky come into play by encouraging us to take time out of our busy lives for rethinking, reevaluating, and reviewing what has gone before, and what we want to follow and what we want to bring to fruition for the future.  The Universe is telling us to be certain that if we are representing utopian ideas, thoughts and actions that these concepts are what truly represents who we are and what we really believe and stand for.  The planets in retrograde at this time is telling us to take care and caution in our thoughts, decisions and actions.  Impulsiveness is not the word of the day, but action is, as the 2 Aries 22 New Moon mumbles and reminds us that opportunities are quick to disappear and fade away.

“Action in Place of Reaction Gives us the Advantage during Mercury Retrograde March 11th 2012”

As the dark winter days continue to dim, making way for the first signs that spring is in the air, about a week before the vernal equinox the first Mercury Retrograde of 2012 begins on March 12th at 6 Aries 48, which appears on the horizon until April 4th  at 23 Pisces 52.  This retrograde is telling us to take action in place of reacting to any situation for our advantage, if we are to get through this period of time with flying colors.     A Retrograde period is when caution, carefulness and retrospection is a necessity to avoid glitches, personal misunderstanding, flawed, disrupted, and delayed communications with ourselves and others.  Although I know there will always be delays and disruptions that we can not avoid during this period, I do believe much of the frustrations and stresses we will experience is caused by our own carelessness because we are reacting to the circumstances, instead of taking a proactive approach to the situations and decisions we encounter.  For some of us, if we begin to develop our foresight and to anticipate the possibilities, we may begin to see this period as a time to appreciate with gratitude the gifts Mercury gives and blesses us with.  As the aphorism “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, the Universe exemplifies this by giving us this period of time to appreciate and to meditate on how Mercury works in our lives by either creating or destroying our desires, which depends on whether we pay attention to how we work with its energy .

“The Sabian symbol for Mercury in 7 degrees of Aries and for Mercury in 24 degrees of Pisces is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 7  A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once  This is a symbol  of a creative division of labor within the self, such  as distinguishes human kind from the lower orders of life and enables any individual  to participate in the experience of many interpenetrating realms of reality.  There is capacity here for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient.  The keyword is proficiency.  When positive, the degree is unlimited versatility and a special gift for divorcing the things of issue from whatever lacks immediate pertinence, and when negative, a tendency to defeat all self-competence in an unintelligent scattering of interest.

Pisces 24  An inhabited island  this is a symbol of the self-adequacy of experience on the objective side of everyday reality, and of man’s gift for the organization of his own private world in any area of his special interest.  He is always able to function in a complete independence of the alien or the unfriendly, and to develop adequate resources for his need in what at the beginning might seem to be the most barren of situations.  He capitalizes on the potentials among which he finds himself, and nurses the least of promise to its fruits.  The keyword is cultivation.  When positive, the degree is achievement through a creative opportunism or inventiveness of exceptional order, and when negative, snobbish complacency and self-indulgence.

This symbol is so appropriate to the message of the retrograde, in that it is speaking to us to develop and to open up to our inherent ability of versatility, adaptability, and our capacity to function in more than one area of concentration and our aptitude to make decisions independently of any circumstances that present itself.  Our skill to multitask gives us a sense of confidence and freedom to make proactive choices, instead of going with the flow that passes around us.  It also speaks to us about our self confidence in our self-reliance to function independently at will at any moment and in any incident to solve or resolve any problem or condition that presents itself.  The image stresses the necessity and the importance to thoroughly being able to and willing to pay attention and to analyze the potential or the problem of our decisions and actions.  By developing this practice, it will become apart of us in time, and in time it will operate without us realizing it.  This asset, which is a gift of the Universe will come in quite handy with whatever we experience through the coming year, and will be the key to the successful completion of our hopes and wishes at this time.  During this Mercury Retrograde we have to take action in place of reaction in which it is to our advantage, in accomplishing that which we wish to accomplish.

Mercury Retrograde Begins March 12, 2012 06 Aries 48 R
Mercury Goes Direct April 4, 2012 23 Pisces 52 D
Mercury Retrograde Begins July 14 2012 12 Leo 32 R
Mercury Goes Direct August 7, 2012 01 Leo 26 D
Mercury Retrograde Begins November 6, 2012 04 Sagittarius 18 R
Mercury Goes Direct November 26 2012 18 Sagittarius 11 D


“Empathy is the Best Policy Signals the 18 Aries 25 Full Moon on Oct 11th 2011”

As the summer months begin to fade and the chills of the winter winds begin to blow, the celebration of the Hunter’s Moon in which meat was gathered and prepared, that would sustain the community through the dark cold months ahead, begins.  This is commemorated and starts with the 18 Aries 25 Full Moon at 7:07 P.m. PDT on October 11th 2011.  The moon makes a grand trine to the North node and to Mars, with Jupiter in trine to Pluto, which is signaling into our unconsciousness that empathy is the best policy.  The night sky is directing us to gather in our thoughts and to prepare and be ready to take action when the time comes.  It is telling us, to allow our thoughts and convictions to sustain us during the coming months, and when our symbolic spring comes, to allow them to bloom. 

To observe and to maintain without interference, the gem of our ideas that they transform and reinvent themselves into situations and circumstances that will bring us the satisfaction and the happiness we are aiming for.  Empathy is the keyword at this time in which to have the understanding, the sympathy, the compassion for others, and the ability to visualize what it would be like, if one was in their shoes.  But, one of the most important deeds is to consider and to have empathy for ourselves too, when putting these attributes into action.  Not to be so critical about ourselves, and to live, to understand and to feel each moment of our life fully.  We must allow our higher intuition to make and to generate the right choices we personally need for success and joy.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Aries and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 19  The magic carpet  This is a symbol of the periodic expansion of man’s freedom of spirit and soul through his widely winging interest in potentialities far removed from his normal promise, dramatized here on the side of a vicarious or imaginative self-fulfillment.  There is in consequence a revelation of the mind’s infinite capacity for an overview of experience, or for a participation in the idealistic possibilities without any necessary self-involvement.  Human affairs become personal only to the precise extent desired.  The keyword is panorama.  When positive, the degree is full realization of the broad endowment which every man may make his own, and when negative, detachment from ordinary living and a scorn for the responsibilities.

Libra 19  A gang of robbers in hiding  This is a symbol of the periodic exercise of man’s freedom of spirit and soul in a complete if often unhappy deviation from his normal impulses or attitudes, dramatized here on the side of a practical or everyday self-fulfillment.  Emphasis is on every person’s disturbing capacity for antisocial or even self-perverted practices, or for self-involvement in potentials which may have imaginative but hardly intelligent sustainment in his consciousness.  The reversed symbolism reveals his need for initiative, and for a more challenging perspective.  The keyword is divergence.  When positive, the degree is alertness to every threat against a true individuality, and when negative, abnormal mistrust of everything worth while.

The important key in interpreting these aspects with the Sabian symbol is empathy.  With this attribute in action, the doors are open to give us the space we need, not to be critical or limit our freedom of choice.  When we are at peace and accept ourselves, it is like having a magic carpet symbolizing freedom, optimism, hope, aspiration and the ability to rise above any situation or tribulation.  At this point the accent is creative imagination with the advantage of being able to visualize and to maintain with a clear image of what we wish to accomplish.  This symbol also speaks about our innate freedom to choose the manner in which we will satisfy and complete our desires and wants.  As with any moon phase energies we wish to experience and use, we need to quiet all outer noise and commotion, and allow our intuition to pick up the message.  If we listen, this Full Moon is giving us the signal that “empathy is the best policy”.

“What You See is What You Get Whispers the 27 Libra 44 Full Moon on Apr 17th 2011?”

The third of the Super Moons (which indicates that it is at its closes distance to the Earth) to grace their presence in 2011 will come about as a Full Moon at 27 Libra 44 on April 17th at 7:44 pm PDT, opposite a stellium (three or more) of Planets in Aries.  This phase of the moon is quietly whispering in the coolness of the night the words “what you see is what you get, or maybe not?”  Like the Full Moon, that does not hide any of its assets and illuminations, this moon period is asking us to expose ourselves for our own understanding and public scrutiny.  There is a necessity and urgency to understand who we are and what we are able to do at this time.  The words theirs and mine, needs to change to ours as we move further into the twenty first century, as we begin to realize that we are all into this together, if we are to survive as a species.  With five planets in Aries the need to make things happen and materialized into reality are a recurring thought.  Thinking out of the box is more important as we need to improvise on short notice, to avoid problems or to make things happen.  The usual and ordinary seems to have lost their way, and the unexpected seems to be the norm as we journey on.  The social, economical, political, and environmental unrest which is happening globally is bringing unexpected and unusual events into reality and to the forefront of our attention.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 28 degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 28 degrees of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 28  A man in the midst of brightening influences  This is a symbol of the enduring rewards of life whenever it is taken seriously in its own fundamental terms or accepted with a realization of the underlying friendliness of the world at large.  Implicit in the intangible symbolization is an encouragement on which any individual may count, knowing that his unflagging courage in pressing forward on his pilgrimage from darkness to light is the best of all guarantees of his achievement.  Circumstances here are seen as they dramatize his mood and confirm his potentiality.  The keyword is responsiveness.  When positive, the degree is a complete spiritual fellowship with human kind, and when negative, self-stultification through wishful thinking.

Aries 28  A large disappointed audience  This is a symbol of the transiency of the rewards in a life taken too literally and narrowly in its more superficial terms.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the disillusionment that comes when an individual learns that he cannot depend on the applause of his fellows, or make the momentary mood of the masses any proper guide for the values he should pursue.  There is here the call to a selfhood which can rest secure in its own creative potentiality, catering to nothing exterior to itself.  The keyword is disjunction.  When positive, the degree is complete spiritual independence, and when negative, a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.

Our potentiality to fulfill its destiny is given a greater chance when we allow our spiritual side and thoughts to take on a major distinction and direction in our lives, and where our wishes and desires encompasses the hopes and desires of mankind, instead of seeing our own desires come first.  Five planets in one sign harnesses the energy and the power behind any ideas and thoughts, and gives the chances for success a greater boost.  With group action, the determination and the ability to focus to the finish, instead of giving up before the end, are in sight.  The Universe in its wisdom have given us this stellium of planets at this time to help us to fulfill our wishes and hopes, our responsibility is to appreciate this gift from the Universe with gratitude, by using these forces for the benefit for all.  A stellium may predict and point to trials, tribulations and destruction, as in the case of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but at the same time we can use this cluster of planets for beneficial purposes.  By directing our prayers for solace, peace, comfort and immediate relief for the victims of this tragedy to the planets, and harnessing the energy and power as one force, the end result will be greater and quicker then one will realize or understand.  The planets will predict events and situations, and at the same time, allows us to use their energy in our daily lives to our benefit.  This Full Moon is definitely whispering “What you see is what you get or maybe not”, and it is telling and commanding us to look beyond the cover to get the true picture.

“Does a Stellium of Planets Indicate Difficulties or Blessings or a Lesson in Life?”

As the world turns and the events and dramas of the global community plays out through the social networks and news agencies around the planet, we begin to realize how small our space has become.  The financial and social unrest that is happening everywhere is creating some changes, is slowly spreading across the continents in countries we would least expect to hear about.  The unrest began in the west with social outcries and demonstrations with the financial cuts due to the economical downturn, here in America and in Europe spreading to Tunisia and Egypt and eventually globally, as economical, social and political instability.  As an astrologer, these changes can be predicted with the difficult aspects we have been having within the last few years and with the upcoming aspect of Uranus entering the sign of Aries and Neptune into Pisces.  One other aspect which caught my attention during the recent unrest was the stellium of planets (three or more planets in one sign), which I found interesting and intriguing as I have this arrangement with five in Gemini in my natal chart.

I first stumble upon this aspect with my introduction to astrology with my first astrological reading from a very competent astrologer.  He explained to me that once I was convinced of something I would be very determined to finish the project with a lot of energy and effort and that it indicated a major theme which would continually appear and be present in my life.  He also told me that whether it was good or bad news, it would always hit me like a thunder bolt, all at once, one after another.  Having to live with this all my life, my thoughts of how beneficial or malefic this configuration is, has left me breathless and speechless, as I feel this aspect incorporates difficulties, blessings and lessons for me to learn from.  The three are separate, but yet united as one, because one is not experienced without the others, involved in some way.  One may experience them in a different lineup and at different times, but eventually all three will show themselves. 

The stellium reminds me of being born on the exact day of a holiday where gifts are given, instead of receiving gifts given to you twice a year; one is overwhelm with gifts all at once.  One needs to experience this phenomenon to understand what is going on with the individual when an aspect, good or bad is generated.  The problem with experiencing everything at once, one doesn’t really live the moment, one is just carried through the euphoria, without understanding, learning or gaining wisdom from the experience.  It is through hindsight that wisdom and gain is generated from the incident, especially in my case.  Experiencing everything at once is like having all your wishes granted for one day, and you don’t know which you will try first in the limited time you have.  It is also like the three wishes that will be granted by the genie, how wise will we be in our wishes?  Unless one has to go through a moment of choice without a second chance to change one’s decision, one will never comprehend how wise or foolish we might be, until we are tempted.

In relating this to what is happening globally and personally, this concentration of energy and determination brings the subject matter to a climax with an urgent need and responsibility to see it to completion and success.  With everything aim in one direction, the cause and completion of the project takes on its own energy and life to the end, and begins to take us along for the ride.  This force of energy may help us to complete our objectives, but we need to override the exhilaration and be responsible for our decisions and have the foresight, of the end results and its consequences.  If we are responsible and take charge of the moment, whether the results are favorable or not, we will have learnt and grown from the experience.  This aspect is guiding us to concentrate and accomplish a major wish or desire that has been on the back burners, to be materialized into reality.  When we see this stellium of planets in aspect to our natal chart, we must be aware of the concentrated energies, and work with it.  Knowing the force is with you, and realizing that difficulties, blessings and lessons come with it, you have lived the moment and grown.

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