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“Empathy is the Best Policy Signals the 18 Aries 25 Full Moon on Oct 11th 2011”

As the summer months begin to fade and the chills of the winter winds begin to blow, the celebration of the Hunter’s Moon in which meat was gathered and prepared, that would sustain the community through the dark cold months ahead, begins.  This is commemorated and starts with the 18 Aries 25 Full Moon at 7:07 P.m. PDT on October 11th 2011.  The moon makes a grand trine to the North node and to Mars, with Jupiter in trine to Pluto, which is signaling into our unconsciousness that empathy is the best policy.  The night sky is directing us to gather in our thoughts and to prepare and be ready to take action when the time comes.  It is telling us, to allow our thoughts and convictions to sustain us during the coming months, and when our symbolic spring comes, to allow them to bloom. 

To observe and to maintain without interference, the gem of our ideas that they transform and reinvent themselves into situations and circumstances that will bring us the satisfaction and the happiness we are aiming for.  Empathy is the keyword at this time in which to have the understanding, the sympathy, the compassion for others, and the ability to visualize what it would be like, if one was in their shoes.  But, one of the most important deeds is to consider and to have empathy for ourselves too, when putting these attributes into action.  Not to be so critical about ourselves, and to live, to understand and to feel each moment of our life fully.  We must allow our higher intuition to make and to generate the right choices we personally need for success and joy.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Aries and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 19  The magic carpet  This is a symbol of the periodic expansion of man’s freedom of spirit and soul through his widely winging interest in potentialities far removed from his normal promise, dramatized here on the side of a vicarious or imaginative self-fulfillment.  There is in consequence a revelation of the mind’s infinite capacity for an overview of experience, or for a participation in the idealistic possibilities without any necessary self-involvement.  Human affairs become personal only to the precise extent desired.  The keyword is panorama.  When positive, the degree is full realization of the broad endowment which every man may make his own, and when negative, detachment from ordinary living and a scorn for the responsibilities.

Libra 19  A gang of robbers in hiding  This is a symbol of the periodic exercise of man’s freedom of spirit and soul in a complete if often unhappy deviation from his normal impulses or attitudes, dramatized here on the side of a practical or everyday self-fulfillment.  Emphasis is on every person’s disturbing capacity for antisocial or even self-perverted practices, or for self-involvement in potentials which may have imaginative but hardly intelligent sustainment in his consciousness.  The reversed symbolism reveals his need for initiative, and for a more challenging perspective.  The keyword is divergence.  When positive, the degree is alertness to every threat against a true individuality, and when negative, abnormal mistrust of everything worth while.

The important key in interpreting these aspects with the Sabian symbol is empathy.  With this attribute in action, the doors are open to give us the space we need, not to be critical or limit our freedom of choice.  When we are at peace and accept ourselves, it is like having a magic carpet symbolizing freedom, optimism, hope, aspiration and the ability to rise above any situation or tribulation.  At this point the accent is creative imagination with the advantage of being able to visualize and to maintain with a clear image of what we wish to accomplish.  This symbol also speaks about our innate freedom to choose the manner in which we will satisfy and complete our desires and wants.  As with any moon phase energies we wish to experience and use, we need to quiet all outer noise and commotion, and allow our intuition to pick up the message.  If we listen, this Full Moon is giving us the signal that “empathy is the best policy”.

“28 Virgo 47 Full Moon Reminds Us That Our Future is the Outcome of Our Past”

In this very busy world we live in, as we approach each New and Full Moon period, it gives us the opportunity to contemplate where we have been and what direction we should take in the future.  Several important factors mark the Full Moon at 28 Virgo 27 occurring at 11:10 a.m. PDT on March 19th 2011 as a turning and pivoting point of time for the changes that has been indicated by the aspects of the planets in the last few years.  This is the second of six Super Moons this year which indicates that it is at its closes distance to the Earth.  Another factor is that this Full Moon is square the nodes which peaks one day before the vernal equinox on March 20th at 4:21 p.m. PDT which adds to its key significance in the final outcome of anything accomplished at this time.

The ancients considered the equinoxes as important spiritual days to perform rituals to be in good communications and relationships with their Gods.  With Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries opposition to Saturn in Libra and the equinox in close proximity, it is reminding us that our future is a reflection and outcome of our past and shadowy sides of our nature.  In that case we need to work with, amend, revise or change our thinking of the past and present, to make the wishes and hopes, a reality in the future.  This moon period is allowing our inner spiritual psyche to realize that our future is within the realms of our creative mind and emotions.  

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 29 degrees of Virgo and for the Sun in 29 degrees of Pisces is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Virgo 29  A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading  This us a symbol of the world’s conservatism, and of the refusal of nature to surrender any part of her heritage unnecessarily.  The fixity of idea by which human beings preserve their culture is also a protection for all hidden wisdom and unsuspected ways of knowing, since the deeper awareness is merely a broader reference of a further application of stabilities which constitute a universe at large.  The possibilities of greater experience lie in embryo throughout the lesser.  The keyword is discovery.  When positive, the degree is imagination brought to the full of its powers through conscious effort, and when negative, loss of common sense in supposition.

Pisces 29  A prism  This is a symbol of the world’s stability and of the refusal of nature  to change any aspect of herself unnecessarily.  The reliability of normal process and the consistency of true intelligence are the foundation of a common knowledge which man has been expanding through the centuries, and his continuance of the control he has gained over his environment is promise of much more wonderful achievement ahead.  He is able to take any convenient facet of the reality at his hand and fashion it into an effective instrument for a measure of the whole potential.  The keyword is validation.  When positive, the degree is exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy, and when negative, fatuous pride of intellect.

These two Sabian symbols remind us that the Universe has established laws, that if we work with them, the effect will be known.  When we seek these secrets and mysteries with sincerity and use them wisely, the world is at our finger tips.  As the light breaks into many rows of color like the rainbow as it passes through a prism.  It never changes its pattern, no matter how many times the light flows though it.  So too, are the laws of the Universe.  That is why if we wish to change our past circumstances, we need to consciously and subconsciously change our thinking.  Our preoccupation of any thought will create the very thing we are thinking about.  If we wish to create a new and better world, we need to realize that our future is the outcome of our past and present.  If we are unhappy with what we see, we need to change our thinking and create a new path of thinking, to create a more hopeful and successful future.

“Martha Coakley’s Harmonic Age Chart for Jan 19th 2010 – Interesting!”

Although I am interested in politics as the next guy, I am usually more concerned with the local happenings that are affecting the state I live in, but the last two to three weeks the commotion about Martha Coakley has caught my attention.  Three of the astrology egroups I am in, have been buzzing about how close the election has become and their interpretations were hedging on the fence like the political experts that were involved.  Although most of the astrology experts expected Brown to win, they weren’t going to give up on Coakley, as it appeared too close to call as far as the stars were concerned.  My favorite method for forecasting is solar and lunar returns, and as I read the different discussions on the matter I realized that the return may be expressing what might be the general all over situation for the month, but would not exactly state what might happen on Election Day.

As I thought over all that was said, I realized using their train of thought, I too would be hedging, but leaning towards Brown.  Then I started to remind myself of the astrologer Dymock Brose, who is an expert on Harmonic Age Interpretation who forecasted the elections of several foreign politicians correctly, that were too close to call.  I am still trying to master the method of Harmonic Age interpretation, but I thought I would set up a chart for each candidate and see what would turn up.  I was amazed that the winner jumped off the page, and I think this was because this event was really major in both candidates’ lives.  I have been experimenting with this type of interpretation in the last year and half as the financial downturn fell upon us with fellow coworkers that were transferred and those who have lost their jobs.  For each coworker, the day in question when the decisions were implemented, the aspects were within sixty seconds in the same minute.  This I found very interesting and I realized whether it was a benefic or malefic aspect it had to be within the minute to make a difference.

At first I could not find the birth data for Brown, so I set up Martha Coakley’s Harmonic chart for January 19th 2010 for 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  Mars in the twelfth House was square Mercury in the ninth house, and Jupiter in the sixth house was square Saturn in the third house and at the same time was sextile the Moon in the fourth house.  The two malefic aspects were closer then the one benefic for which I concluded that Brown would be the winner.  The aspects seem to tell me that the candidate was not able to communicate her position to her constituents, and she did not understand the needs of the people she was to represent and did not have the ability to organize an affective political organization or campaign. 

I still was not happy with the results because I was not comparing the two candidates’ charts together which would make me happier if I was to make a prediction of who would win.  Finally I ran across a post that compared the two candidates’ sunrise chart, since the birth time was not known, which I thought would be a good idea to test the Harmonic Charts and if it could predict a definite outcome.  To my surprise, it did show Brown the definite winner.  In Browns’ chart Pluto on the ascendant trine Mercury indicates his ability to reinvent himself and his ability to organize a following.  In Coakley’s chart the Sun sextile the North Node which I have seen in other charts that doesn’t seem to do or say as much.  At the same time the Sun is square to Jupiter which might indicate her inability to see her short comings and to accept the results of her previous actions.  The results of these two charts, only confirms my interest in the study of the Harmonic Age chart as another tool for prediction.

“The North Node, The Dragon’s Head in the First House, Take Note!”

In delineating a chart I have always been taught to note the position of the Sun, Moon and ascendant, and then go on from there.  This makes perfect sense as one wants to have a general first impression and then one will blend the aspects with the other information to obtain a more perfect description of the individual in question.  One of the other important points is to look at the North and South Nodes or Dragon’s Head and Tail which are not planets in the strict astronomical sense, but rather sensitive points on the ecliptic, where the pathways of the Moon crosses the course of the Sun.  The location and the sign of the Nodes are extremely important to understand and to delineate, as the Nodes colors the rest of the chart. 

The North Node or Dragon’s Head indicates the purpose and the direction we should take to learn the lessons we need, and to gain knowledge of the methods by which we may create the harmony, and enhance our personal development.  The South Node or Dragon’s Tail symbolizes the lessons and results from past lives or past actions in this life, where the tasks we encountered hadn’t been quite mastered, so we need to repeat the same situation so that we may perfect the results.  The one main point to understand about the nodes is not to see them as separate aspects, but as one whole unit like the Yin and Yang, which are opposites, but yet one in their effort to accomplish their purpose in this life time. 

The Nodes are really neutral, but take on a benefic or malefic aspect by how we use and understand them.  They take on the subtle essence of the qualities of the Moon in that they are receptive, nurturing, instinctive, cyclical, erratic, and have an attachment to the surroundings and the need for security.  The following is some keywords of the Nodes through the houses.  I have connected the meanings of the opposite houses as they too are connected as one and need to be interpreted the same way as the Nodes.

1st & 7th House:

            To experience the personal power of being an individual and not relinquishing authority to others, but at the same time recognizing others, as individuals with their own personal power, as individuals and as part of a unit.

2nd & 8th House:

            To acquire, and accumulate knowledge and material things which will give us, self worth and provide the peace and security we seek, but at the same time be able to use other people’s resources to help us, and them.

3rd & 9th House:

            To cultivate the curiosity to gather, study, share information and knowledge with the talent to listen to others and realize that Higher Understanding comes from cultivating faith, spiritual understanding, and learning to trust one’s intuition.

4th & 10th House:

            To understand and appreciate your motivations, needs, fears, and to establish your independent roots in the form of your environment and home, and at the same time, to realize what purpose and influence you will need to have a meaningful career that will direct your energies toward society.

5th & 11th House:

            To develop the creative self expression of your environment, pleasures and to surround yourself with your friends, and to realize as much as you need them, they also need you, and together, a happier and more satisfying life will come about.

6th & 12th House:

            To focus on duty, devotion, discipline, personal skills, service to others, develop discrimination with attention to details, and to see that the inner world of your dreams and imagination is as real and solid as the outer world.  Have the compassion and appreciation for the perfection of the imperfection.

An example of the delineation with the North Node or Dragon’s Head in Scorpio in the First House is as follows:

            The intensity to experience life and wanting to be noticed and recognized as being revolutionary in one’s approach to life and the ability to regenerate and transform ideas and self.  To learn to develop the will power of letting go of your attachments that is no longer meaningful to you, so that one can move on, to that which works for you.  You will be willing to risk what you have in order to reach higher levels of attainment of your spiritual, occult and sexual life and you will need to cultivate the compassion and self control with others.  As you become more intense and full of life, you will realize that you will attract others just as intense, and you need to provide and respect their space.

As you can see, the Nodes give us purpose and direction and will color all the other planets in the natal chart to fulfill the vision in this life, giving us the happiness, peace and satisfaction for a life well lived.


“Libra New Moon at 25 degrees – October 17th – 18th – Cause and Effect”


Balance, harmony, justice and partnership characterizes this New Moon at 25 degrees Libra on October 17th at 10:34 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.  I have always found this time of the month as a wonderful period to renew, rethink, and reaffirm the path and the direction we are aiming for in this life.  Every new moon, we start with a new glass to fill with our dreams and it is like a mental exercise, the more you do it, the more it will work for you and the more successful you become.  I have noticed we usually fail in accomplishing our dreams when our vision of our goals become muddy and are no longer clear to us.  By using this period to renew our visions and goals, the final success is closer then we think.  In Libra we seek to recognize, tolerate and to work with the opposites and we begin to have compassion with those of opposing views.  We become like the archetype of this sign the scale of justice, equality and truth, where we must ponder all sides of the situation and come to a decision which is right for all.

With the New Moon about to square the North and South Lunar Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, and with Saturn about to move in to the sign of Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the need to use careful judgment and not to jump to conclusions to any situation or problem, is very important at this time.  The Saturn and Uranus opposition has shown us that we must not trust on so called experts on decisions we want to rely on.  We need to be the directors and the movers of our own lives if we are to move on to better things.  We have been shown that those we have trusted to lead us, have led us a stray.  Instead of pointing the blame or feeling guilty, we need to pick ourselves up and make a determined effort to look at all sides of a situation before making a decision.

Pluto is telling us, we can no longer follow blindly, but need to have our confidence and dignity reborn and renewed.  With the twenty first century, Pluto is revealing to us that we can not go it alone and that we need to be responsible for our decisions.  That being ignorant of the facts does not excuse us from the blame or the effect of our decisions we have made or have allowed to continue.  There is a revolution going on in our consciousness to lay back and go with the current of the river, or to make an effort to fight and go up stream where the pot of gold lay hidden.  We have been laying back listening to others in advising us for so long that it will take an effort on our part to regain control of our own decision making.  The revolt is at hand and Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are standing by to help us or to push us into the mode, whatever choice we make.

The Sabian Symbol for Libra at 25 degrees is Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf.  The keyword is Tact.  ‘When positive, the degree is spontaneous adaptability and an unswerving and instinctive fidelity to ultimate goals and meanings, and when negative, fascination with the trivial and delight in unbridled fancy.”  This says it all, that our priorities like the mysteries of life and death, will go through a change and will be reborn to something new in its’ transformation, so be clear and firm of your objectives that they may blossom into your dreams and wishes for the future.  For every cause there is an effect, and our first cause, like every cause should be well thought out.

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