“The Aspects of the Square and the Opposition Seen as Negative Needs to be rethought”





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In the last few years with the difficult aspects of the squares and the oppositions in connection with the slower moving planets, it has become a learning experience in the perseverance of being patient and observant.  What appears to be the challenges and the obstacles confronting us can simply be expressed as the push, the pull and the shove of our emotions, our feelings and our decisions.  My experience in living through these aspects is that the final outcome has been utterly surprising and pleasing to me, or me ending up not being entirely happy or comfortable with the circumstances.  I have learnt from experience, that it is through difficulties and hardship that we begin to see our potentials and our needs.

 My first astrology teacher always felt that an opposition aspect meant that the individual’s inner higher self was having a lively conversation or argument, with the lower mundane self.  She compared this to the essence of Saturn in disciplining our inner thoughts.  Whether the confrontation came from sources outside of the individual did not matter, as the individual was already struggling with the situation at hand.  She felt the square was the essence of Mars giving us a whole new push into a direction we may not have entertained before in our thoughts.  It would cause more of a conflict because we are entering or being pushed blindly into unknown territory.  An opposition in her viewpoint was the duality and the polarity of an idea or situation.  It is the idea that if one felt cold, one would at the same time understand what it would be like to feel warmth.  Where as without any previous trial and error to learn from, the square would bring us towards a new unfamiliar direction, in which we would need to navigate very wisely.

 In preparing for this article, the feelings and emotions I have always associated with these aspects, began to return to haunt my imagination and my misgivings.  My thinking concerning these aspects are similar to the ones I always had with Mercury Retrograde, where I would come up with the worst scenarios that would befall me, then what would finally be experienced.  Facing the unknown, for some reason gives our ego the excuse to allow the mind to go wild.  My conclusion with the squares and the opposition is not to see them a malefic associated with unpleasantries, doubts, anxieties, and fears placed in our paths.  But, to see them as challenges that come in cycles with a rhythm, that come and go like the waves in the water.  We need to learn to work with them in order to get the most out of the situation. 

 The moment I approached these aspects from this point of view, I began to see how Saturn and Mars in my chart would work in explaining how I would deal and face the circumstances created by these aspects’.  Saturn allows us to see and estimate our limitations, and Mars allows us to measure how much energy and effort we will put into the project and for how long.  Understanding our own ability to deal with these aspects when the transits collide and make themselves felt in our natal chart, will be a turning point and a transformative cycle of growth and accomplishment.  The moment we see the square and opposition like a strong wave or gust of wind moving us forward, we will begin to understand how to manipulate the situation to our advantage. 

 To go with the wave in a strong wind, goes with the flow, and because we are going with flow, does not mean we cannot make many stops along the way.  If one wants to go against the wave or wind, it would be wise to wait until the wind dies down or changes its direction, before forging ahead.  The key here is to work with what is available to you to change the circumstances, instead of fighting an uphill battle or trying to row against the current of the river.  By reminding ourselves that we live in a world with cycles and rhythms, the square and opposition will become the stepping stones for breakthroughs and radical changes for a better future.  This we need to keep in our thoughts as we continue our journey with the difficult aspects in connection with the slower moving planets in the coming few years,    

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  1. Posted by Pisces Rising on March 19, 2014 at 4:17 am

    I think it also depends on the health of the planets involved. A sign in its fall or detriment won’t fare as well as an exalted one.


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