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“18 Cancer 25 Full Moon Emphasizes That We are All Connected and are Not Alone”


About a week after the resolutions and the parties to help bring into focus another year, the 18 Cancer 25 Full Moon at 11:30 pm PST on January 8th 2012 begins to subtlety emphasize the fact, that we are all connected and are not alone on our journey in this life.  With the moon near the end of the second decan of Cancer (ten degree increment dividing the 360 degree zodiac), and practicing the method of Lilly and Morin in using the essential dignities and fixed stars in delineating any chart.  The message in the cold dark night sky is directing us to aim and think differently then what we have been doing, and to restructure our concepts of our place in this world, both physically and spiritually.  Whether we believe in a higher being or not, our instinctive need to be a safe keeper and guardian of the life, and the world we live in, is becoming fundamental.  The signs are everywhere, with the weather patterns going berserk and the major earthquakes happening more frequently globally.  As the ancients considered the earth, our earthly mother, so too our world needs to return to the consciousness that life is interconnected and that we need to think and work as one, to see a better tomorrow.     


“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Cancer and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.


Cancer 19  A priest performing a marriage ceremony  This is a symbol of the spiritual stewardship of man as expressed in his conscious concern for the integrity of human society and for the everyday institutions through which all racial ideals must have their continued embodiment.  There are very full rewards awaiting the individual who is willing to live the life of his fellows through his consistent shaping of his own acts and opinions to dramatize the current aspirations of his kind.  His service to the established rituals becomes a special self-fulfillment.  The keyword is conformity.  When positive, the degree is a genius for bringing various facets life into organic unity, and when negative, bondage to outer forms.


Capricorn 19  A child of about five with a huge shopping bag  This is a symbol of the spiritual stewardship of man as expressed in his inherent sense of responsibility for the welfare of others, and in his desire to serve his community to the extreme of his particular range of skills.  There is wonderful recompense for the individual willing to share the total of his potentialities, and to enjoy those of his fellows to the limit of his understanding.  His quickening to every opportunity of common function becomes a special self-fulfillment.  The keyword is expectation.  When positive, the degree is an effective breadth of participation in everyday living, and when negative, indiscriminate conformity to every passing fad.


The symbol speaks to our spiritual need to committing and upholding community standards and values in order to function as a whole in a manner of harmonious cooperation in living with one another.  Here the word conformity is not to mold one into being like everyone else, but the accent is on unification, integrity, with loyalty and commitment to common thoughts in which to help us solve our differences and to work towards a better world together.  Our greatest advantage is finding our commonality, and not our differences to achieve a general objective.  To go beyond what we have experienced before and to take responsibility, opportunities, joy and satisfaction in being a help to others in working towards a universal goal that will benefit all.  Like a child who is innocent and sees the world as new and wonderful, we need to develop the courage of a little child, which has the faith that all will go well.  Before jumping into anything at this time, the aspects of Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Sun is telling us to ask the right questions before making any decisions.  Let the energy of this moon phase enter into our consciousness that we are all connected and are not alone.   


“Reevaluating Which Key will Easily Open the Secrets of One’s Saturn Return”

What is a Saturn Return?  This is when the transiting planet returns to the position it was in, in the natal chart approximately about every twenty nine and a half years.  In a life time an individual usually experiences at least two, if not three.  It represents a time of completing one major period and a need and desire to enter into a new phase and purpose for our continued growth.  It is considered usually a difficult time with a lot of stress and pressure, but it is also a time of many opportunities with important choices and decisions for new expressions of one’s being.  The Saturn Return has the reputation of being rough and unforgiving, and is one of the reasons one is instilled with caution and fear, when one reads on this subject matter, or needs to get through it. 


The opposition happens around about puberty as well as the teen years when the need to establish one’s identity becomes a major issue.  Around about twenty nine, and just before entering a new stage in our life, our main purpose and direction becomes the topic we can no longer avoid, if no decision has been made so far.  By the mid forties, Saturn again opposes its natal position, and our mid life crisis begins to creep in, making us wonder if life is passing us by?  By Saturn’s second return, our passed actions and results comes into view to determine our next course of action in making the time we have left, to live life to the fullest.  Seeing the return with this approach I began to speculate if the anxiety that is instilled in one, by the astrological community on one’s Saturn return is really necessary or even productive.


I have been studying astrology a few years before my first return hit me.  I must admit the trepidation I had was more of an exaggeration and unnecessary as I look back on the incidences that occurred at that time.  I can’t actually say they were not full of trials and errors, but considering the results and the outcomes, not as bad as they appear to be on the surface.  The one thing I have learnt in my lifetime is that when facing anything new and unfamiliar, one tends to open the floodgates of apprehension and fretfulness.  In my own life I have seen that, anticipating with fear and doubt was more of a handicap in overcoming the situation, then the situation itself.  Anytime one finds oneself in circumstances where change is needed, one will find that the best thing to do is follow the flow and work with it.


To what degree of difficulty each individual experiences the Saturn return will depend on the condition and situation the planet finds itself in, in the natal chart.  One also needs to be aware of the condition of the return planet in aspects to the other planets in the night sky.  This is where the old technique of the essential dignities will come in handy and is very critical in the understanding of what is needed to have successful results and outcomes.  If one can replace the apprehension and misguided thoughts with the notion that this is a challenge to overcome, then the difficulties one will encounter will be minimal.  If we allow Saturn to show us the way, we will learn that we need not fear him, but allow him to work with and through us to achieve the change needed.  To achieve anything one always needs to go into action and work at it.  Our first deed and key in a Saturn return, is to allow the planet with a positive attitude to unleash its wisdom and experiences upon us.

“Let Your Inner Light Shine Beams the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon on Dec 24th 2011”

A few days after we begin our sojourn through the winter solstice during the cold and dark nights, we will come upon the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon at 10:07 am PST on December 24th 2011.  With the outer planets in beneficial support and with Jupiter in trine, this moon phase is beaming its message to us that we need to let our inner light shine and to no longer to allow itself to hide under a bushel.  As this moon is following in the footsteps of a solar and lunar eclipse, and on the eve of Christmas and other mid winter religious and secular celebrations, it is asking us to reawaken, revitalize, relight, and to anticipate the birth and rebirth of our inner self, to become a beacon of hope through our journey through the darkness.  As the celebrations of the light bring cheer to the dreariness of winter, our own inner light intermingling with all others will bring cheer to all those around us as we wait patiently for the coming of spring.

With the outer planets at the beginning of their signs, it is showing us the necessity and importance to rid ourselves of old and out of date habits and to seek new assessments and reforms.  This will need to be on our list to do, if we are to be prepared for what is ahead of us in the New Year.  This period of time is not only asking us to let our light shine brightly, but to be a guiding light and example for others to follow and to emulate.  Pluto conjuncts this moon, is intensifying the message of transmutation, transformation and revitalization of all we think and stand for in which we will need to actualize into reality.  Pluto is asking us to face our shadowy side to be able to see our true light in order to have and maintain the courage to go forward in the dark to the light at the end of the tunnel.  With beneficial aspects to Neptune and Uranus, our visions and imaginations have no boundaries. 

The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 3  The human soul receptive to growth and understanding  This is a symbol of mankind’s fundamentally naïve capacity for experience, and of every individual’s equally fundamental dependence on the understanding and support of fellow participants in each moment of self-discovery.  Here is a delight in normal living, not through its limitation but rather through a reiterated release of selfhood.  Life is found to be real and rewarding because it may be encountered in such infinite ramifications of itself.  The keyword is avidity.  When positive, the degree is a gift for entering into the kaleidoscopic patterns of personal relationship with an unbounded enthusiasm, and when negative, simple shiftlessness or abandon.

This image symbolizes our simple childlike acceptance without any fear or suspicion to experience friendliness, eagerness, openness, trust, receptivity and living and being in the moment.  The image represents our understanding and receptiveness for the importance of growth and development in this life.  Our delight, satisfaction, joy and purpose are uncovered in our discovery when we realize and comprehend that the opportunities and the experiences that are laid in our path are unlimited and full.  Our gain is in making sure that we are attentive and alert to the circumstances and in the understanding and knowing what our advantages and disadvantages are.  Living the moment with keen intent and enthusiasm are the keywords for success.  This Capricorn New Moon is asking us to allow our light to shine, in doing so, the road to our happiness and satisfaction will become clear to us.

“Redefining One’s Priorities Reinstates the Sun in the Solar Return Second House!”

Delineating a chart is like reading a well written mystery novel giving one many clues and keeping one’s interest involved until the very end to see if one has discovered the culprit among the characters.  The joy and satisfaction does not come from just the end of the story, but with the journey itself and the many discoveries along the way.  This I found very true when it comes to delineating a solar return chart, especially one where the Sun is located in the second House of the return.  I have always associated the Sun to Mercury in that it is neither benefic nor malefic until its associations and aspects with the other planets are defined.  The Sun may be comfortable or exalted in a sign, but because of its association and situation it finds itself in, will not be operating at its fullest potential, or vice versa. After many years of observation with the Sun in this position, I have come to the conclusion that the chart indicates a redefining of the individual’s priorities during the indicated year concerned, not necessarily benefic or malefic.  The action of the individual is one of independence from the influence of any individuals, events, circumstances and situations that makes the individual feel hemmed in.  

As the financial downturn does not seem to be making any progress in getting better, a fellow co-worker related his plans for the coming year which included retirement.  He felt the situation the company was experiencing would in time force him to retire, and he wished to do it on his own terms.  This made me wonder if the Sun was in his solar return second house in the year in question, and not surprisingly it was.  The Sun was conjunct Pluto trine Jupiter which indicated the situation was more thought out then he related to me, of beating the company to the punch.  Using Morin’s method of deduction and working with the essential dignities, one realizes he had given it a thorough going over in his mind before deciding on the final outcome.  Although I feel he will come out of it with flying colors, I don’t think his main concern was financial, it was more important that he was the deciding factor, of the destiny that was ahead of him.  His priorities have taken a turn around, and those things which were once very important took a back seat to the new vision he had.

In delineating a Solar Return chart, one always needs to consider the natal chart at the same time.  The natal indicates the assets and talents we came into this world with, and the Solar Return is how we use these talents in the New Year.  Our accomplishments depend on how well we use the gifts the Universe has endow us with, and with what degree of determination we have to bring it into reality.  What house the solar return second is in the natal, will determine the area the individual has financial anxieties.  Normally the Sun in this house does not necessarily indicate an increase or decrease of funds.  The individual may feel under paid and unappreciated during the year. The sun in the solar return second creates a need to reassess our standing among our peers and the amount of respect we feel we deserve.  This is the year where it is essential for the individual to reassess what will bring happiness and satisfaction.  With the Sun in the Solar Return Second, it emphasizes and reinstates our obligation to redefine our priorities if we are to fulfill our wishes and dreams in the coming year.

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