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“Morin’s Method of a Quick Assessment of the Condition of the Natal is Chartastic?”

As an astrologer who is interested in restoring our art to the general public as a respected field of study with a proven method for accuracy, I was pleased to rediscover Morin’s method of a quick assessment of a natal chart with an accuracy that would delight any student or professional of the subject matter.  It has been my experience that any friend who is halfway interested in astrology that finds out that you have been studying astrology for awhile, will always want you to give them a quick synopsis of the condition one thinks their natal chart is in, in achieving their hearts desire.  This is a great way to advance astrology in the minds of the public that the practice is more then superstition and a parlor game and entertainment to whittle the time away.  But I must emphasized that I whole heartily agree with Morin, the chart only indicates and implies, and that the individual has the freedom of choice to decide on what direction, his or her life is to take.  The Universe may indicate the path, but each individual has the freedom of choice between the selections that are laid out in front of them, whether to take the journey or to forego it.

The following is taken from “The Planetary Powers – The Morin Method” by Patti Tobin Brittain, which can be found on page ninety four, number seven.  “7.) One can usually judge from the beginning if the horoscope is fortunate or unfortunate by properly evaluating the planets in houses one and ten.  Also look at the lights. [Sun and the Moon to determine if one or the other is afflicted].”  This makes so much sense as the first house represents who we are physically and mentally.  It describes who we are, the way we are, the secrets, the fears, and the complexities of our personality that lie open and hidden, from those who surround us and care.  The planets in the house color the ascendant and with the ruler of the sign on the first to bring a rainbow of traits for us to work with and to blend into the personality we allow others to see.  The tenth house shows our status among our peers and how we appear to others and what others think of us and our status.  This house indicates the achievements we feel we encompass and may achieve in this lifetime.  The planets in the house and the ruler describe how and the way we may accomplish what we desire.  The sun is our essence and our being, and the moon is our abilities, assets, liabilities and emotions that nourish the ideas into reality.

Working with these concepts, we must not forget the essential dignities, the aspects, the signs and the houses themselves.  Are the signs and planets conducive to the house one and ten, and in which way does the sign contribute to the house in question?  Is the planet happy in the sign and the degree it is in, and how does it aspect the ruler of the sign?  Are there any benefic or malefic planets in the houses in question, if so; in what condition are they in?  In considering benefic or malefic planets, one must realize, there is no black and white conclusion one can come to.  With the blessings of Jupiter giving us everything we need, we need to consider when this giving becomes a destructive behavior allowing us not to develop our ability to create something by ourselves?  The same is true with the restrictive Saturn forcing us to use the talents we have come into this world with and the talents we have developed, to create the vision we desire.  When is a good thing too much and when does some destructive force, become a beginning to something that will benefit us in the long run?  Taking all these concepts and blending them into a whole, one comes up with the conclusion of what are the assets and liabilities needed, to accomplish the task in front of us.  

The important final result is not whether the natal is favorable or not, but have we discovered the assets and liabilities  that may be the turning point for the individual to get closer to his or her dreams and fulfill the promise of the chart.  I have seen charts that have everything apparently going for it, and the chart did not meet up with expectations, and why is this?  I suspect as modern astrologers we have forgotten to apply the essential dignities of the planet in question, and did not see the weakness that was inherent in the individual, in order to advise the person to be watchful and to advise how to work with the limitation to their advantage.  I found this true with a malefic planet in a chart indicating great difficulties, but because of the condition of its dignity and aspect was able to surmount the situation and work with it to achieve his goals.  It is important to look at the assets and liabilities of the planets, signs and houses, before coming to a conclusion, as one little unimportant point may be the key and turning point to failure or success.  As Morin emphasized and stressed, that we as individuals have the free will to choose and decide our outcomes.  After you follow and practice Morin’s method on a quick assessment of a natal chart, you too, will shout fantastic or better still, as chartastic!

“Mercury in 4th Degree of Gemini is Highly Over Active!”

When I first started learning astrology in a small group of six students meeting twice a month in the teacher’s brownstone, one of the first things we memorize was the critical degrees that would affect a chart.  To my horror and fear I had two planets in critical degrees in my chart with one planet in conjunction.  “What was I to do”, I asked my mentor, and she said “the Universe may give us obstacles, but at the same time the Universe gives us assets and talents to overcome these negative situations”.  At the time the answer was sufficient, but as time went on I realized I really did not know how these aspects would really affect me and what the consequences would be in my life.  I had to deal with a chart with two planets in critical degrees, and in time I would experience my first Saturn Return and Pluto square.  As I began to approach my first Saturn Return, a sense of dread hung over me as I didn’t know what to expect.  Continuation of my studies began to show me that I was approaching these difficult aspects with fear instead of with the hope that I would learn and grow from it.

For the longest time the only thing I knew about critical degrees was that they were points on the zodiac spaced 12 ½ degrees apart beginning with zero degree in which the native would experience obstruction and frustration, depending on which planet and house it was in.  The critical degrees are: 0, 13 and 26 degrees of cardinal signs; 9 and 21 degrees of fixed signs; and 4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs.  I have learnt from my studies and by my experience these critical degrees are neither benefic nor malefic but are the area in which one’s greatest potentials lies.  Critical degrees are like planets near an angle in the chart, they are the first to be activated as they are sensitive points which bring energy  into reality and form.  The critical degrees tend to express the energies of the planets in their signs from the negative to the positive with all the shades of grey in between.

My planets in critical degrees were Mercury and Uranus in the ninth house and Neptune in the first house.  Mercury in the critical degree either makes me a chatter box and at times not a word would come out of my mouth when in a social gathering.  I am very sociable and many consider me an extrovert, but in reality I consider myself an introvert.  With the conjunction of Uranus I always think out of the box and need new excitements to keep me going, or I tend to be very rigid in my thinking.  Neptune gives me insights and intuition which at times ran rampant and the need to save the world, and at other times the world to save me.  What I have realized is that the Universe has shown me in which areas my potentials and greatest efforts lies, but I need to adapt and improvise it, to work with the talents and assets I came into this world with.  I need to understand and work with the planets to control the energy it releases.  Working and studying astrology has helped me take these sensitive points and energies, and focus on what is needed to make and create the things I need to be happy.

If one has no planets in critical degrees in their natal chart, just bless your lucky stars that you possess flexibility and adaptability and the knowledge that you will achieve your goals with a positive attitude with few obstacles in your way.  If you are like me and have a planet in critical degrees, you still should bless your lucky stars that you have been given the gift to know in what areas your abilities lie, and though you need to persevere to reach your goals, the satisfaction and joy will come with the knowledge that you did it on your own with the help of the Universe guiding you.  The most important lesson I have learnt is that the planets in critical degrees are sensitive points for growth and will indicate where potentials of success are, and are not obstacles to foil our happiness.  My only regret, is not having understood this sooner, so I could appreciate and be thankful for the steps I was taking for my growth and learning in this life.

“The Ruler of the Ascendant Adds Hidden Pizzazz to the Personality”

One of the first rules one learns in delineating a natal chart is that the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant helps decipher the personality of the person in question.  That doesn’t mean that the other planets don’t help color the character, but if one wanted to get a general first opinion, one looks at these three points, first.  Many times I have heard people tell me that the Sun sign doesn’t seem to fit and wonder if astrology has any truth to it.  I always try to explain that our personalities are quite complex and that in reading a chart, all the planets need to be considered and analyzed in relationship to each other.  The Sun gives us the essence or intrinsic character of the person, central concerns, symbolizes the paths and goals, masculine elements, vital and dynamic energy, self-realization, and what is most essential to the individual.  The Moon represents our inner nature, the feelings and emotions, the unconscious, the instinctive reactions, feminine aspects, security, way of life, and the nurturing and caring of the unit as a whole.  The Ascendant is that part of our character we allow others to see, not necessarily who we really are.  How much of the real person is exposed to others depends on the aspects of the planets and how the individual has dealt with life’s complexities and is willing to be vulnerable and comfortable in his surroundings.

Even after understanding these three in relationship with each other, how they react with each other is quite important, in understanding the motives and actions of the individual.  What are the major signs, and in what elements and how many active planets?  Are the three planets in signs they feel comfortable in?  Are all the planets on one side of the chart, or are they evenly distributed?  So many things need to be considered before one can rattle off an opinion.  The one thing I have regretted in the age of computers is having the time to compute the chart by hand, and not the quick world of the personal computer.  The laborious method of computing a chart by hand, let’s us see details and aspects that might easily be missed, otherwise, and may be a major point in the delineation and the understanding of the individual and his actions.  The planets in the first house are also very important in working out the character, as they will color the way the Sun and Moon would react to any situation.  How does the planets in the first house aspects the other planets, especially the Sun and the Moon will be a telltale sign of the individual.

Another aspect that we sometimes forget to think about when analyzing a chart is the ruler of the first in aspects to the Sun and the Moon, and to any planets in this house.  The subtle influence the ruler of the first tends to be unnoticed at first, until one really begins to analyze the situation.  I have Neptune in the first, trine my ruler, Mercury in the ninth house which always colors how I think of anything and how I express my opinions to others.  With Neptune in the first I can express it with how I clothe myself and my actions, but it comes out through my thoughts on things that are close to my heart.  It is very subtle, but that variation can be the difference to a hum drum existence or to the success one has desired for oneself.  Also that difference can make a delineation of a chart to be a turning point for the individual, by giving the individual extra clues to make a difference in his life.  I definitely believe that the ruler of the first house gives hidden pizzazz and suggestions to our personality which will help us to a rewarding and successful life in this world.

“The Planet Ruler of Two Signs Will Bring Out the Differences”


Having my ascendant in Virgo with Mercury in Gemini conjunct Uranus in the ninth I have always considered Mercury the ruler of the first house and the Lord of my chart.  I think of myself as a mercurial person through and through.  One of my problems was Virgo, as I never felt I was outwardly that sign, physically or in action, as the first house should show the world, what I am like.  Neptune in Virgo in the first gives me a dreamy and airy appearance in stature and in my thinking, so in time I began to think that the Neptunian qualities were over powering my Virgo traits.  As I began studying Morin I realized that the rulers of the cusp must be synthesized with the other planets if one is to develop an accurate picture of the person’s personality and future.  I realized that Mercury was the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, and that one was in an earth and the other in an air sign, and both mutable.  I began to see how Virgo’s ability to be pragmatic, articulate and organized was slowly coloring my thinking in certain areas because of its position on the cusp of the first house, and was making Gemini, who was more carefree, to become more of a perfectionist as far as thinking was concerned.  I began to see, that at different times and in different situations, that each sign would have their day in the sun.  I noticed that Gemini would let my thoughts and ideas wander, but as soon as I decided on a thought, then Virgo would step in to bring order to the idea and make it practical.  My thoughts were systematize; my physical world was sloppy and disorganized.  This made more sense to me, and I realized, I truly was a Virgo in my thinking, and that was important in accurately delineating my chart.


After this eye-opener I began to wonder about the other signs, where a planet ruled two signs and how they colored each other.  The following are some keywords for the traditional rulers of the signs and how they may affect each other:


Mercury           Virgo                                       Gemini

                        Earth – mutable                       Air – mutable

                        Articulate, pragmatic              Information, communicator


Venus              Taurus                                     Libra

                        Earth – fixed                           Air – cardinal

                        Stable, beauty                         Balance, artistic


Mars                Aries                                        Scorpio

                        Fire – cardinal                         Water – fixed  

                        Spontaneous, assertive            Intensity, extremes


Jupiter             Sagittarius                               Pisces

                        Fire – mutable                         Water – mutable

                        Striving, visionary                   Caring, wisdom


Saturn              Capricorn                                Aquarius

                        Earth – cardinal                       Air – fixed

                        Authority, responsible             Originality, consciousness


These keywords become more apparent when in the first house, but are more subtle throughout the houses where one must consider the sign and the house that it is, in aspect to the planet.  As one begins to apply it and develop more keywords, one begins to see how important this is and what a new slant it gives to any chart.  Although it may color it very slightly, it colors it enough to give it an interesting twist and a difference to the outcome.

“Mercury, Jupiter and Awareness = Opportunities”



In these times where luck seems to have taken a furlough, we need to use every talent and trick up our sleeves to keep our jobs and the money we have earned.  For those looking for positions, being in the right place at the right time is more then luck, it is being aware of everything that is going on around us, that helps us to be where we should be, to take advantage of what is being offered.  The one asset people have forgotten in this new computer age in obtaining and bringing their dreams to completion in my opinion is awareness.  Awareness as described by the American Heritage Dictionary states the following: “1. Having knowledge or cognizance.  2. Archaic. Vigilant; watchful.” 

The one thing I have observed with human behavior today that causes the lack of awareness, is that we are not living the moment.  We are apparently listening to others, while our thoughts are elsewhere.  We give answers or commands before we hear the question, and we make judgments before we see or hear about the situation.  I have noticed people being interview trying to give a good impression and not noticing what was going on around them.  My thoughts on this are, if you are not aware of what is going on around you, how will you solve problems that may come up?  When this economic crisis came upon us, many of the experts didn’t see it coming.  A few of the scholars did see the dire consequences and tried to warn us, but many of us didn’t listen or hear it.  We didn’t hear because our own world was more important then the World as a whole.  The benefits of awareness looses its’ powers when the Me comes first.

In thinking about this I began to wonder what planets connected to the ascendant or lack of, would be important in determining how we use our awareness.  Mercury is my first choice for it teaches us the need, that communication is the main source of growth for any civilization, and Jupiter shows us that working and thinking together, proves the axiom that there is strength and inventiveness in numbers.  When Mercury and Jupiter is near the ascendant in the first house and is not in detriment, and or is making an aspect with the first or planets in  the first, you can be sure you will be conscious of what is going on around you at all times.  Any beneficial or malefic aspects with these two, no matter what house they are in will show how we use awareness in our daily lives.  If we see in our charts that we loose sight of what is going on around us, all we need to do is to be more attentive and more consciously sensitive of what is going on, to take advantage of all the good that is available.  We need to use the Mars energy to keep alert and conscious and the Sun energy to stay on course and the Venus forces to see all aspects of what is going on so one can make the right choices.

The following is taken from “Key Words for Astrology” by Hajo Banzhaf and Anna Haebler.

Mercury stands for mind and intellect, for the theory of combinations, speech, communications, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, orientation, facility, analytical and logical thought, and the manner of judging and deciding.  Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams.  Mercury also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn.

Jupiter represents trust in life, the belief in life’s meaning, the ideals and values of a person, and the search and discovery of personal meaning in life.  It also stands for the forces of growth which gives life its impetus, promotes thriving, good fortune, and prosperity, and especially benefits the development of the personality and broadening of individual horizons.  A person experiences everything Jupiter touches as being rich.  Jupiter also means dignity, wisdom, belief, hope, morals, grace, convictions, confidence, trust, affluence, wealth, and growth, success, future, optimism, generosity, expansion, justice, reverence, goodness, goodwill, and abundance.

The central theme of the ascendant or first house is the development of the self as the expression, the assertion, and affirmation of one’s own personality.  The first house experiences self as the natural focal point of the environment.

When we consciously use awareness, luck and destiny seems to be on our side and opportunities abound, because so called luck is fleeting, and opportunities when missed are gone forever.  Being alert and having a clear mind is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for it helps us create our own successful destiny.

“Planets in the First House – Colors the Rest”



I have always thought that the best way to learn and study astrology is by using your own chart as a guide to all the principles and rules one would be learning.  One of the first principles one learns in interpreting the chart, is that the first house always indicates what the individual looks like, and is like.  The ascendant sign gives us a clue to the personality and any planets in the house would give a more detail account of the person.  This I found to be very true in my own chart, with the ascendant at Virgo and with its ruler Mercury in Gemini in the ninth, and the planet Neptune in the first house.  Neptune in the first house is a bridge from the mysterious, the illusions, the imaginations, the mysticism and the spirituality to the physical world of reality.  The planet also brings with it confusion, deception, creativity, sensitivity, fantasy and a developed intuition.

Dealing with Neptune in my early years, I never could make a simple decision due to the fact I could lay out a multitude of correct answers for any given problem, and I could imagine situations that could never possibly show up.  The problem wasn’t making a decision, but it was which outcome would I really want, was the question.  Neptune made every answer beautiful and the right one.  I could be very tired and not be able to finish a project at hand when a whole new story line would pop in my head, from out of the blue.  This always drove me wild and made people think I was flighty.  As I grew older, I am not sure if it toned down, or did I learn to work with it better.  As my astrological knowledge increased I began to see something I found very amazing, as it was very true in my own chart, and I saw it happening in others.

That interesting tidbit was that any planet in the first house will influence and color the other planets in the natal chart, and possibly in other types of charts like the solar and lunar returns.  Neptune made all my other planets act as if they were under his magical influence, giving a Neptune type of effect to the different planets.  The following are my thoughts of how Neptune colored each of my planets.

Sun                  Spiritual high, flighty and not grounded or practical

Moon               Emotionally highly activated, melancholic heaven

Venus              Fantasy and love unrealistic and futuristic

Mercury           Constantly thinking out of the box

Mars                Unconventional outburst of energy

Saturn              Structure and path, always needing to be different

Uranus             Never the normal always the paranormal

Pluto                Rebirth and change, always a volcano of imagination

The colorings on some of the planets were quite drastic at times, and other colorings, were not noticeable, unless one really looked for it.  Depending on the circumstances and what was happening with the aspects, the colorings were like rainbows with a pot of gold at the end.  Discovering this I realized how much more diverse and interesting it made me as a person and as the aspects from the transits hit, it confirms how much influence the planets in the first house really had.  Next time you want to see a kaleidoscope of your personality, try seeing if you have any planets in the first house and how it affects the other planets.  And if there aren’t any planets, see how the ruler of the ascendant colors the other planets.  Enjoy the adventure, and learn more about yourself at the same time.



“Venus hard aspects Neptune”


I have always been awe struck with the problems that stem from my Neptune in the first house squared my Venus and the Moon in the tenth house.  This was one of the reasons I began studying astrology, it was to understand myself better.  I wanted to see if I could avoid some of the difficult situations that might arise, or at least go around them somewhat.  To my surprise I recently ran into someone with the same birth date as mine, even though we are years apart.  This activated my Neptune so much that I started thinking of my self like the journalist Carrie Bradshaw in the show “Sex in the City” as the reporter of a column called “Astrology and the Single Guy”.  This made me wonder since the two of us had almost the same degree in the sun sign, what else might be similar.  I have noticed a long time ago that delineating someone else’s chart was so much easier then looking at my own. 

This chart was heaven sent as it helped me see certain planets and aspect in a new and exciting light.  Not only was his Moon squaring my Moon in a fixed sign, His Saturn made an aspect with my Saturn and Mid Heaven.  What I was most interested in was the similarities we had, and the way the chart showed how we approach each situation differently.  The best part which I am sure you have already surmised was the Venus Neptune aspect in both charts, with his Venus at the Mid Heaven opposition Neptune near the cusp of the fourth house.  Although the aspects were different, the meanings are similar, but our approach was from different view points. 

Venus square or opposition Neptune (considered the higher octave of Venus) in ones’ horoscope gives a similar meaning which may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships that come up, when one thinks that one is being challenged.  The matter of trust and who we can trust is an on going issue in all our relationships.  Rose-colored glasses or blinders will affect our judgment of people, and in our financial affairs, as well.  We are likely to be shy and retiring, and appear to others different then who we really are.  The need to keep one part of us private from the world is something learnt from childhood.  Our concept of love can take a turn towards the heroic Prince and Princess in all the fairy tales and legends of old, or become relationships with different view points, then the norm.  Neptune in both houses gives a mediumistic and intuitive edge in accessing the images of the unconscious mind, thereby giving us the tools and insight to the solutions we are looking for.  There are many more meanings which you can look up, but I am mostly concern with how differently we looked at our problems and the direction we took to solve and correct the situation.

The first house keyword is “I Am” which gives the basic mood, appearance, personality, vital energy, independence, and temperament.  Neptune in the first house gives me a day-dreamer, airy appearance, and the need to show the world the face and personality it wants to see.  I saw the aspect as causing problems coming from my misinterpretation of the events in question experienced during childhood.  I have noticed that in looking back on past events that brought sorrow and pain, that the situation seemed different then I remembered it, and the blame or mistrust I gave to certain parties seem vague now.

The fourth house keyword is “I Feel” which represents our home or environment which gives the need for a feeling of security, well-being, family roots, and traditions.  This house emphasizes his need of “His space” where he has collected together important things to represent him.  He has created a world of us and them, not in a bad sense, but to allow us to see the differences.  He is clear to himself and the people surrounding him what he wants as part of his world.  As time goes on, his thoughts about his world will change, and so will the boundaries of his space.  His ideas of romance may seem clear to him now as long as the foundation of love keeps him in a secure and safe position.

The truth of the matter is that both of us are not as different or similar as we think, but the way we approach the situation, defines our individuality.  There is no right or wrong or best to the different approaches, but whether one feels comfortable with it.  How well we grow from these experiences will depend on how well we interpret and react with our emotions.  For it is the emotions that gets in the way of our growth, for the emotions direct the way we will size up a situation.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Venus aspect Neptune has a big hand in stirring the pot of life and the emotions that go with it.


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