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“Revive the Magic and the Wonderment bellows the 19 Tau 31 Solar Eclipse on May 9 2013”

As time continues to unfold, the year of the snake is fulfilling the promise of the unexpected, the unusual, and the abrupt happenings manifesting in extraordinary ways. It is essential we keep one step ahead of it, if we wish to accomplish what we desire in the future. Even if we can not anticipate the situation, we need to be open enough, to improvise wisely, if we need to, when the time comes. In this atmosphere and anticipation, the 18 Taurus 31 Solar Eclipse on May 9th 2013 at 5:29 pm PDT makes it s presence felt. It is emphasizing the need to revive the myths, legends, mysteries and the sacred knowledge that has survive through the millenniums. At the same time, to restore the wonderment and the excitement of it all. The Universe is reminding us that it is through the wisdom of the past that we will begin to see a better future. It has been our disregard of the sacred knowledge and allowing then to be hidden away that we have forgotten how they have been the helping hand to get us where we are now.

With a stellium of planets concentrated in one part of the chart, one is reminded of the power, energy and the force it will have on whatever it is focus on. Especially, as the planets are in Taurus in a fixed sign, the creative force will find it very difficult to change its position once its direction is made clear. Taurus is also the very proud guardian of the sacred wisdom and will protect it at all cost. It is imperative at this time that we are clear to ourselves of where our starting point is coming from and what we really believe in, as this is the foundation we are building upon. Once our direction is clear, the energy that will be release will be so powerful and forceful, it will astound us. There are no second thoughts or a change of mind. One must be sure what one is asking for, is what one really wants. The mysteries, sacred knowledge and the magic and the wonderment from the past mixed with our clear vision of our wishes will bring dreams into reality.

“The Sabian symbol for the 20th degree of Taurus is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Taurus 20 Wind clouds and haste this is a symbol of the transiency which characterizes life for the average individual, and of the instability which results from the disinclination of most people to give very much of themselves to their experience. Implicit in the negative symbolism is the divine aplomb of the ego, ever able to hold to its course through superficial excitement. There is a real spiritual lightness here as an outer mark of the soul’s fundamental freedom. The keyword is exaltation. When positive, the degree is efficiency in controlling events at any point of transition or crisis, and when negative, a diffusion of self and waste of energy in an attempt to grasp the myriad facets of the unessential.

This symbol speaks to us of the insecurity and the instability that will surround us if we try to avoid any commitment and responsibility. At the same time, it is reminding us not to rush into any situation, but emphasizes the importance of staying calm and holding steady in the midst of temporary turmoil and change, represented by the winds and clouds. At its highest merit, it speaks of our ability to combine the myths, the legends, the mysteries and the sacred knowledge in order to stay centered in the face of sudden tribulations and trials. Applying this knowledge, it will instill in us the ability to recognize and to seize the moments and opportunities that are created by our wonderment and excitement. All eclipses speak to us of the sacred knowledge, myths, legends, and mysteries. This particular eclipse is asking to revive the magic and the wonderment of it all, to make it as real today as it was for those, long ago. This will be one of the keys that will secure us safely through the trials we will face in the coming year. As the saying goes, “one either uses it or loses it”

“The Sweet Art of Doing Nothing and Doing it Well Says 20 Aires 40 New Moon on Apr 10th 2013”

As we approach the first new moon after the spring equinox, the aspects in the night sky appear to me like the calm before the storm, that is about to descend upon us. It seems to be giving us a breather space to get our house in order. Allowing us a quiet-time in order for us to concentrate to get what we will need, done. We may be surprise what it is asking us to do. In this atmosphere the 20 Aires 40 New Moon at 2:35 am PDT on April 10th 2013 is telling us to practice the sweet art of doing nothing (il dolce far niente) and doing it well, as the foundation for a better future. The action we need to take is no action at all, but the action of being. This thought, in my opinion is expressed to the fullest by the Italian culture in their love of life, beauty and of course, in their enjoyment of food. Is it actually telling us to do nothing, or is it is telling us to have a busy-free moment, just to be in that space and to live it to the fullest?

With much of the activity of the aspects being concentrated in certain areas, much of the noise and chatter to vie for our attention is lessen at the moment. The question that comes to mind, is the Universe telling us to make a concerted effort to get what we want done at this time? Or is the Universe telling us that we need to begin to experience the moment as it is, and to see the moment for what it is? With the busy and the complicated world of cyberspace, having some time to oneself is a luxury, and something we need to cultivate. Allowing oneself time to do nothing, is one actually being in a void, or is nothingness more difficult than we can imagine in achieving it? By being in the moment, even if we are supposedly doing nothing, we are feeling and experiencing the moment as the Universe has created for us. In that instance we are in communion with gratitude with our maker and in appreciating the gift of we are given.

“The Sabian symbol for the 21st degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 21 A pugilist entering the ring This is a symbol of a complete lack of personal sensitiveness. There are here the raw elements of experience, primarily on the side of self-realization as man exhibits full confidence in his own powers and seeks the support of that audience the world will always provide for the spectacle when anyone is willing to risk major fruits of achievement. Implicit in the symbolism is a need to be up and at the business of life. The keyword is exertion. When positive, the degree is a mobilization of the self’s capacities in a concentrated attempt at self-establishment, and when negative, blind rebellion and a willingness to squander every resource on pseudo values.

This symbol is timely as it speaks to us, reminding us that when we achieve expertise in a chosen area, one gains the sense of self confidence to take risk and criticism. It also alludes to a need to be actively involved in life or where the action is or where it supposedly is not. On one level of existence, this symbol indicates one who enjoys controversy and challenge. What more of a test and a hullabaloo can come about when one appears to others to prefer the sweet art of doing nothing. Especially at this point in time, it seems one need to stride and to achieve for one’s happiness to prove one’s standing among one’s peers. This New Moon is reaffirming that we need to take action, but the action we need to take may be the very action that requires us to be in the moment. Allowing us to do nothing, but to be where we are. This New Moon with the Universe is allowing us some busy-free moments in supporting us in creating the foundation to face the challenges ahead of us.

“Grab and Hold on to the Winds of Change Says 6 Libra 52 Full Moon on March 27th 2013”

With the spring equinox behind us signaling the start of a new astrological year, a sense of hope and anticipation is in the air as we await the colors and the warmth of the season. The winds of March are reflecting the energy and potential of the aspects in the night sky signifying a whirl wind ride of action. In this atmosphere, arrives the 6 Libra 52 Full Moon at 3:28 am PDT on March 27th 2013 telling us to grab on and to hold tight to the winds of change and transformation that is coming our way. As the energy and the excitement of a faster moving planet come in contact with a slower moving one, it helps to magnify the intensities of its potentials. This makes it vital not to miss the opportunities when they present themselves at this time, and when they do, hang on to it for dear life.

With a group of planets and asteroids in, a stellium in Aries that indicate a concentrated and heightened level of focus in the beginning of a cycle. The need for the initiation of action and exploration to step into the unknown with hope and confidence, as one who has been there before, is crucial. The stellium is in opposition to the moon, creating a need to push and to pull, to make things happen and yet at the same time is the support that is needed when the going gets tough. The aspects are not just asking for action and change, but are subtly pointing to the need of transformation in the way we see things and the way we hope to accomplish anything. It is not telling us to throw everything out, but to rearrange it in a way that it will be more meaningful. To put it bluntly, the stars are telling us to get rid of the clutter and work with what is important.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 7th degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 7th degrees of Aires is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 7 A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks This is a symbol of the creative division of labor between the functions of man and nature, and of the dual constitution of the soul in its responsibilities of conservation on the one hand and of developments on the other. There is here every capacity for a control of events through a nurturing of the things which are desirable and a rejection of those which have no immediate value. The keyword is shrewdness. When positive, the degree is a high competence in administering the duties of normal experience and a very special skill in protecting the self’s real interests, and when negative, a complete personal ineptitude in the face of life’s everyday and recurrent complexities.

Aries 7 A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once This is a symbol of a creative division of labor within the self, such as distinguishes human kind from the lower orders of life and enables any individual to participate in the experience of many interpenetrating realms of reality. There is capacity here for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient. The keyword is proficiency. When positive, the degree is unlimited versatility and a special gift for divorcing the things of issue from whatever lacks immediate pertinence, and when negative, a tendency to defeat all self-competence in an unintelligent scattering of interest.

This symbol is speaking to us to keep things in focus and in perspective in order to maintain the proper balance between opposing forces, thoughts and ideas. To see each thing in its light in order to protect and nourish the weak and at the same time preserve the position of the strong. The key here is the balancing act in using one’s good judgment, one’s vigilance, one’s alertness and one’s awareness to achieve what one is aiming for. It is also telling us of our versatility in functioning competently in more then one area of expertise. As this Full Moon approaches we need to remind ourselves of our assets and liabilities and to begin to work with them to be ready for the whirl wind of change and transformation. By being prepare and ready to take advantage of the opportunities, the changes, the transformations, we will be able to grab on and to allow them to become realities in our lives.

“Convey and Sustain Our Beliefs Repeats the 21 Cap 45 New Moon on Jan 11 2013”


Starting from scratch or restarting over, one needs to begin with a clean slate, and this is demonstrated and exemplified as it is akin to the start of a calendar year or a New Moon that marks the beginning of a new cycle of possibilities, opportunities, potentials, discoveries and advantages that is within one’s reach.  Throwing out the clutter, the thoughts and the confusions that accumulate through time and assorting those that are kept, according to one’s present priorities.  These feelings and concepts are still within our consciousness and are backed by our New Year resolutions just recently made.  In this atmosphere the first New Moon  in the calendar year makes it’s appearance at 21 Capricorn 45 on January 11th 2013 at 11:44 am PST repeating and embellishing the thought that we need to convey and sustain our beliefs, as we begin a New Year and new epoch of growth, if we hope to maintain balance in our world.

 A stellium is a conjunction of planets and with this period of time in the night sky includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Juno in Capricorn.  It is concentrating its energy and power, indicating a period of renewal and reenergized effort in getting things completed and finished.  With this force and power directed by the Universe, we as individuals need to work with these energies to improve and to reach our own dreams and desires.  These planets are asking us to help transform, transcend and to make a commitment to our beliefs, our relationships and to what we consider that has influence and meaning in our lives.  How we and others around us, see our energies, our time, our talents, our assets, our resources and how we work with these qualities will determine our results, our success, our happiness, our satisfactions and what we consider to be important and what we will achieve during this period of time.

“The Sabian symbol for the 22nd degree of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 22  A general accepting defeat gracefully  This is a symbol of the immediate opportunities by which the human will develops the real power, and of its underlying and uncompromising loyalty to the long-range ends in view.  A realistic practicality is made effective through a self-disciplined grace of spirit, so that men are won over very often by the enemy they have defeated.  The individual exalts his destiny as he finds its roots established in values accepted by his fellows as well as himself.  The keyword is expediency.  When positive, the degree is a genius for learning from experience and transforming setback into accomplishment, and when negative, irresponsible acceptance of the worst and insensibility to self-inadequacy.

This symbol is so timely, as it is implying and at the same time insisting that we see and consider the whole picture and situation we are in, and by deciding on a strategy before any decision or action can be made.  It is asking us to face the facts of the circumstances, and if it is inevitable that we need to admit to defeat or to retreat, one needs to lay a side one’s pride and strategically plan and devise other avenues and solutions.  It illustrates and demonstrates the principle that to lose a situation or several in a row does not mean that we do not successfully accomplish what we set out do in the first place.  In its most positive aspect, it is turning every loss to an advantage and every defeat to a victory.  To remember that every set back is temporary and is something we learn from and learn to overcome or work with.  The key is our strategy and our ability to adapt and improvise when needed.  This Capricorn New Moon is repeating, reminding and embellishing that how we convey and sustain our beliefs is the foundation of our strategy in life and how we put it to use in achieving our goals and wishes.

“June 1st 2011 Gemini Solar Eclipse Resounds That Spontaneity Leads to Discovery”

Eclipse Symbol by Deirdre Tanton

As the summer months begin to appear on the horizon, a Partial Solar Eclipse is the beginning of three eclipses in a row on June 1st 2011 at 2:02 p.m. PDT at 11 Gemini 02, brings its enchantments, myths, and legends to the forefront of our thoughts.  The ancients considered the eclipses as omens of evil and tribulations as the lights, the Sun or the Moon, are hidden for a short period of time from view.  In our modern times these superstitions seem passé, except for the fact the earth seems to be rebelling with earthquakes and weather patterns going berserk around the globe causing havoc and destruction in its path, with the awaking of social and political unrest happening everywhere, at the same time.  The diversity of discontents and upheavals is causing the reawakening of the subtle implications that the Universe is trying to tell us something, is in the air.  With so many voices pronouncing that the end of the world is imminent, and the visual and physical evidence that seems to be happening, our subconscious and inner soul is seeking answers and signs, to bring comfort to the uncertain feelings that abound.

The partial eclipse is trine Saturn in opposition to Uranus square Pluto, and a stellium of planets which include Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus is echoing and resounding that spontaneity and improvisation at the moment leads to discoveries and inspirations.  Spontaneity indicates that we are living and making decisions with quick mental and emotional reactions, and we are made accountable for our actions and the outcome of our choices.  In the blink of an eyelid, to make the decision to live the moment and to see the implications of that action and to know it will lead to new avenues of inspirations and discoveries in our next turn, on the road of life.  The Solar Eclipse is giving us a wakeup call and telling and commanding us to realize that this period in our evolution is a turning point in which we must take serious steps, and to make it happen.  With Saturn in opposition to Uranus, change is not the only keyword, but versatility, adaptability, improvisation, and our need to be spontaneous with wisdom and judgment (Jupiter trine the North Node).  To know also that everything beneficial or malefic placed in our path is for a purpose, and with wisdom and discernment, we will make the right choices for progress.

“The Sabian symbol for the 12th degree of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 12  A Topsy saucily asserting herself  This is symbol of the balance which every individual must maintain between the compulsions of the social milieu on which his wellbeing depends and the necessity that he exercise his fledgling wings on every possible occasion.  Like the slave girl trying the patience of her mistress as far as she dares, man must speak out to life with an almost spiritual impudence in order to have any character at all.  Personality here is refined as it risks its very being to be what it as yet has still to become.  The keyword is growth.  When positive, the degree is a high gift for taking personal advantage of every new situation in experience, and when negative, a joy in pure dissatisfaction.

This Sabian symbol is reminding us to take a stand to assert ourselves to gain the confidence, in order to grow into the person we want to become.  Growth takes time and experience which requires trials and errors to decide how far we can go, and what works for us.  Although we may not wish to go through the trials and tribulations that life has in store for us, the experience and the effort we put into it, is what gives us the character that defines each of us as individuals.  It is being spontaneous of any situation that we become aware that this is the moment that brings about new discoveries and inspirations to where we need to be.  It is being responsible for our spontaneous actions that wisdom and discernment comes into play, and that gives us the confidence to live our own lives to the fullest every moment of the day.  This Partial Gemini Solar Eclipse is giving us the magical energy to help us to be more spontaneous and adventuresome to discover the inspirations we need to overcome whatever is ahead of us in the coming months.  Our duty to the Universe is to accept the gift in gratitude and to work with it to the best of our abilities.

“Does a Stellium of Planets Indicate Difficulties or Blessings or a Lesson in Life?”

As the world turns and the events and dramas of the global community plays out through the social networks and news agencies around the planet, we begin to realize how small our space has become.  The financial and social unrest that is happening everywhere is creating some changes, is slowly spreading across the continents in countries we would least expect to hear about.  The unrest began in the west with social outcries and demonstrations with the financial cuts due to the economical downturn, here in America and in Europe spreading to Tunisia and Egypt and eventually globally, as economical, social and political instability.  As an astrologer, these changes can be predicted with the difficult aspects we have been having within the last few years and with the upcoming aspect of Uranus entering the sign of Aries and Neptune into Pisces.  One other aspect which caught my attention during the recent unrest was the stellium of planets (three or more planets in one sign), which I found interesting and intriguing as I have this arrangement with five in Gemini in my natal chart.

I first stumble upon this aspect with my introduction to astrology with my first astrological reading from a very competent astrologer.  He explained to me that once I was convinced of something I would be very determined to finish the project with a lot of energy and effort and that it indicated a major theme which would continually appear and be present in my life.  He also told me that whether it was good or bad news, it would always hit me like a thunder bolt, all at once, one after another.  Having to live with this all my life, my thoughts of how beneficial or malefic this configuration is, has left me breathless and speechless, as I feel this aspect incorporates difficulties, blessings and lessons for me to learn from.  The three are separate, but yet united as one, because one is not experienced without the others, involved in some way.  One may experience them in a different lineup and at different times, but eventually all three will show themselves. 

The stellium reminds me of being born on the exact day of a holiday where gifts are given, instead of receiving gifts given to you twice a year; one is overwhelm with gifts all at once.  One needs to experience this phenomenon to understand what is going on with the individual when an aspect, good or bad is generated.  The problem with experiencing everything at once, one doesn’t really live the moment, one is just carried through the euphoria, without understanding, learning or gaining wisdom from the experience.  It is through hindsight that wisdom and gain is generated from the incident, especially in my case.  Experiencing everything at once is like having all your wishes granted for one day, and you don’t know which you will try first in the limited time you have.  It is also like the three wishes that will be granted by the genie, how wise will we be in our wishes?  Unless one has to go through a moment of choice without a second chance to change one’s decision, one will never comprehend how wise or foolish we might be, until we are tempted.

In relating this to what is happening globally and personally, this concentration of energy and determination brings the subject matter to a climax with an urgent need and responsibility to see it to completion and success.  With everything aim in one direction, the cause and completion of the project takes on its own energy and life to the end, and begins to take us along for the ride.  This force of energy may help us to complete our objectives, but we need to override the exhilaration and be responsible for our decisions and have the foresight, of the end results and its consequences.  If we are responsible and take charge of the moment, whether the results are favorable or not, we will have learnt and grown from the experience.  This aspect is guiding us to concentrate and accomplish a major wish or desire that has been on the back burners, to be materialized into reality.  When we see this stellium of planets in aspect to our natal chart, we must be aware of the concentrated energies, and work with it.  Knowing the force is with you, and realizing that difficulties, blessings and lessons come with it, you have lived the moment and grown.

“Cancer Full Moon on Jan 19th Whispers to Us to Nourish the Spirit of the Moment”

On January 19th 2011 at 1.22 p.m. PST is the fourth of the five Full Moons in a row that are in the last degrees of a sign.  Besides being predisposed to the sign it is about to leave, it is starting to be influenced by the sign it is moving towards.  The Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and so it is happy and at home here, and is about to enter into the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun.  As the energy of the Moon moves into Leo, it is reminding us that the environment we have surrounded ourselves with and that which is nourishing us, is the key to our happiness and success.  We must question ourselves that what we are working towards is what we really want?  If we have any thoughts and doubts, we need to rethink, reevaluate and rework the matter at hand.  With a stellium in Capricorn, our need to put our best foot forward is extremely important, if we are to gain the respect of our peers and have the ability and the essential paraphernalia to successfully accomplish our dreams and wishes.  At this point in time to have a plan that has been thoroughly thought out is the essential solution to work with, as the aspects of the planets are cautioning us about the future, and our place in it.  The light at the end of the tunnel is our calling card to continue the journey with determination, faith, hope and the consciousness of experiencing and living each moment to the fullest.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 30 degrees of Cancer and for the Sun in 30 degrees of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 30  A Daughter of the American Revolution  This is a symbol of the enduring background in human relations as essentially dependent on an established tradition, and of a willingness to maintain it through a sharp rejection of any modifying influence of unsympathetic times or events.  The emphasis here on an outer conservatism carries with it an implicit warning against any mere resistance to change, and also stresses the need for a life which is exemplary through its faithfulness to standards of proved worth.  The keyword is inheritance.  When positive, the degree is an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit, and when negative, the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

Capricorn 30  A Secret business conference  This is a symbol of the momentary background in human relations as essentially the product of current activities and attitudes, and of a determination to capitalize on any given situation through effective allegiances among the principal personalities involved.  The emphasis here is on man’s desire for an inner circle of associates through whom he may exercise a real control over immediate eventualities, and on his realization that in this fashion he may monopolize the resources of his fellows.  The keyword is opportunity.  When positive, the degree is a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life, and when negative, rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

The traditions and inheritance we are handed down by our friends, family, ethnic group, and the country we abide in, is the dignity, integrity and honesty that is inherent in the spirit of the human race, as we are the reflection of the Divine Universe.  It is by putting our inheritance into action for the whole that success and satisfaction ultimately becomes reality.  The moment we consider the part, greater then the whole unit, we have lost the power and energy that is inherent in every one of us working together.  As we start the new calendar year, the Zodiac is telling each of us to live each minute fully and to nourish the spirit of that moment in time.

“A Hidden Time Bomb is in the Sequences of the Conjunctions of the Planets!”

A few weeks back I read an article of interest and importance in which afterwards I felt like kicking myself for not thinking about the subject matter before.  I began to wonder how many of us have insightful moments and then felt foolish and stupid at the same time?  Having had this fleeting period of inspiration, I began to embellish and incorporate what I learnt to other areas of astrology to give me a better understanding in delineating a chart.  I was extremely thankful for this piece of information as I always feel that I am ever learning and growing in the studies of the stars and the secrets it has to reveal.  The article was in my favorite magazine “The Mountain Astrologer” issue 152 august/September 2010 entitled “Sequential Conjunctions” by Frank C. Clifford an astrologer-palmist in the United Kingdom.  This article made an impact on me as I have a stellium of five planets in Gemini, and when I was a beginning student I was taught that this was a concentration of energies in one sign so one can achieve one’s directions and goals.

One really needs to read the article first hand as I always feel we as readers and listeners to ideas and thoughts, as we tend to take what we need, and see it from our perspective and biases.  To simplify, what was being said was the importance and the consequences that comes from the sequences in the Zodiac in a conjunction or a stellium of planets in the same sign.  For example I have a conjunction of Uranus and Mercury in Gemini in the ninth with less than a one minute orb with Uranus in the lead.  Would there be a difference if Uranus followed Mercury?  In the article, and I quite agree that there definitely would be a difference in how we would approach ninth house matters and possibly the differences in handling situations that would be in the aspect by other planets in their houses and their concerns.  The author was speaking about the natal chart, but I began to wonder if this could apply for all types of predictive charts such as solar returns, lunar returns, horary charts, et cetera?  In examining my other personal predictive charts where this aspect appeared, I did feel there was a slight difference that could make a big difference in the outcome, proving my theory that we do have choices in our destiny, and that we are not ruled or condemned by our planets.

One example that came to mind that convinced me of the validity of the consequences of the sequences of the planets was representing the planets as real people in a life situation.  Suppose the Universe had brought together Bill, Tom and Nancy, so that one would be her intended for life, and both were equally well suited for her.  One may be more outgoing and apparently outwardly more fun then the other.  Would there be a difference of choice, if one came into her life before the other?  What if the sequence of events were reversed, would there be changes in the outcome?  If both were likely candidates I am sure the timing sequence would make the difference in the final choice.  Timing is essential in the successful completion of our goals or wishes.  This was an important lesson for me to see, that depending on the sequences and the planets involved, slight differences or major eruptions can be seen in these aspects.  The major problems would depend on the planet and the sign it was in, and whether it was supporting or weakening the other planets and its sequence in the line up.  Having had my eyes opened on the subject I realize it may not make a real difference in most cases, but the one it will affect most will be the difference of existing and living life to its’ fullest.  This is another tool to make us all better astrologers in a world that is still skeptical of the art.   One can see how the sequence of planets hides the time bomb, which may help build or destroy upon that which we are working towards.  The final conclusion is that the timing and the sequence of events is more important in the difference of being mediocre to being outstanding in leading us to a final successful outcome.

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