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“Looking Through the Eyes of Others Focuses the 16 Scorpio 01 Full Moon on May 5 2012”

As the May flowers begin to bloom and to fill the air with the kaleidoscope of colors and smells to awaken our senses to our hopes, our wishes and to our anticipation of what is to follow.  So too, with the aspects in the night sky during the 16 Scorpio 01 full Moon at 8:36 p.m. PDT on May 5th 2012 is revealing the complexities, intrigues and secrets we need to face in the coming months and the area we need to concentrate on, if we are to meet the challenges, head on.  This is the second of five Super Moons this year which indicates that it is at its closest distance to the Earth, which intensifies our actions, emotions, and our involvements in everything that concerns us at this time.  This moon phase is emphasizing that we need to look through the eyes of others to see a different viewpoint then our own.  In this way we will be able to learn to treasure and to alter how we view our selves, our abilities, our surroundings, our supports and how intricately involved and connected we are with all that the Universe has created.  In this way the essential truths and desires of any situation or circumstance may be more easily deciphered, and the benefits and the disadvantages are revealed and exposed.   

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 17 degrees of Scorpio and for the Sun in 17 degrees of Taurus is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Scorpio 17  A woman the father of her own child  This is a symbol of the eternal conflict between the practical involvements and the ideal potentialities of human nature, as here emphasized in man’s conscious individuality.  The soul feels the weight of its transient responsibilities while the indwelling and immortal spirit is sensitive to its need for an enduring place in the scheme of things.  The recurrent virgin birth of self is its reconciliation with its world through their common center of reality.  The keyword is nucleation.  When positive, the degree is an illimitable self-potentiality with effective spiritual or ideal as well as practical or everyday orientations, and when negative, a characteristically anarchistic self-sufficiency.

Taurus 17  A battle between the swords and the torches  This is a symbol of the eternal struggle between the practical necessities or transient competitions of life on the one hand and the motives and meanings which give them direction and order on the other, as here emphasized on the world stage.  Man survives and gains a genuine self-fulfillment as he aligns himself with the cause of enlightenment while yet respecting the manifestations of might.  The keyword is resolution.  When positive, the degree is high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty, and when negative, a loss of self-competence through conflicting compulsions of necessity and desire.

These symbols speaks to our inner higher spirit, that in finding our real self and nurturing it, that we take the feminine and the masculine in each of us and unite them as one in bringing into reality our creative abilities, our full potential, and our ability to create harmony from chaos.  At its utmost this represents an astonishing aptitude for undertakings and the ability to find significance and purpose in all God’s creation. The need at this time is to reconcile our conflicts and differences that may arise from our spiritual convictions versus our material and physical needs without compromising our integrity.  Our ability to nourish our negotiating and mediating skills within ourselves and others is our key for success.  The challenge is in the understanding and the wisdom when improvisation is called for and when the time for compromise is needed and when one should withdraw until the proper time to continue.  The saying “putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes” helps us to gain different viewpoints, attitudes and options to any situation or problem.  As this Full Moon appears on the horizon we need to remind ourselves to look at our blessings and our difficulties through the eyes of others in order to appreciate and have the gratitude in what we have and what we are about to receive and to that which we need to do without.

“With High Hopes There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant Sings the 3 Sag Solar Eclipse”

As the winter nights and the global financial situation seems to be in a slow mode, a chance for change of attitude and hope, and a time to make a difference is in the air with 02 Sagittarius 36 partial Solar Eclipse at 10:10 pm PST on November 24th 2011.  Eclipses are extra potent moon phases signaling a beginning or completion of a major lesson or lessons in life.  Another important aspect is that this is the last of the six super moons for the year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth and the importance its influence may have in our lives in the coming weeks.  Coincidentally it is happening at the end of the day during the celebration of Thanksgiving in theUnited States.  With a stellium in Sagittarius and a trine involving Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars, it is reminiscent of the song “High Hopes” written by Sammy Cahn from the film “A Hole in the Head (1959).  The song tells of an ant with high hopes against insurmountable odds, and finally moving a rubber tree plant.  It is a song and story of overcoming the impossible and the unthinkable, because of determination.  Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant.

This reminds us that any situations or circumstances needs to be thought thoroughly through if we are to begin to understand if things needs to be revised, updated or a complete new direction be instituted.  If change is what is indicated, a thorough understanding and strategy, is a must and should be considered and worked on before jumping into any solution without knowing of a successful outcome.   If the remedy to the solution seems to be impossible, the aspects in the night sky are saying to us to use the energy of the planets to decide the next step.  Reminding us that high hopes with positive thinking and thoughts combine with determination with an open mind will allow us to find the answer and lead us through the dark tunnel to the light and to safety.  The Universe is reminding us that all is energy, and that the mind which is energy can transform and create.  The aphorism that “birds of a feather flock together” is more a universal law that is always at work, more then we realize or pay attention to.  Keeping our thoughts with high hopes and positive thinking will attract its similarities to it, bringing more ideas and successful completions into reality.

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 3  Two men playing chess  This is a symbol of the self-confidence and authority which come to man through his refinement of skills and discipline of understanding, and of his capacity for mobilizing every potentiality of self at any point of challenge in events.  Here is emphasis on the individual’s effective and profitable participation in a reality which he has been able to approach and master through the completeness of his perspective.  His gift of concentration is his genius of self-fulfillment.  The keyword is ability.  When positive, the degree is high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment of broadened self-discovery, and when negative, unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude.

This symbol speaks to the extraordinary mastery of our mental abilities expressing our foresight, imagination, keen insight, sustained concentration and the anticipation of the thoughts and actions of others and the consequences of these actions.  It is also our ability to profit and learn from our trials and errors, the routines of others, the laws of nature, and our natural ability to improvise, respond and quickly react effectively and forcefully when the unexpected happens.  Our love of intellectual competition and sportsmanship with either our self or others is one of our innate needs.  With the above assets, talents and techniques under our belt in hand with high hopes, positive thoughts and determination, how can we fail?  We may not win like we hoped, but we will not have lost either, but have gained knowledge and wisdom to achieve our wishes and goals at the end.  So with high hopes, there goes another rubber tree plant.

“The Unknown is Safer Than the Known Stresses the 4 Libra New Moon on Sept 27th”

As the different seasons appear on the horizon I began to wonder if the message stressed by the 04 Libra 00 New Moon at 4:10 a.m. PDT on September 27th 2011 emphasizing that treading the unknown may be safer and more secure then following our usual course of action will be more then subtly felt globally, then I realize or expect.  Within about a week after the autumnal equinox in which we are beginning to look forward and to anticipate the harvest of what we have planted in the spring and to celebrate and to give thanks for the abundance manifested by our labors.  So too, we look forward to see the results of our thoughts, actions and ideas we have activated earlier in the year, and to see if they have met our expectations. 

This particular Moon is the fourth in the series of Super Moons in this coming year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth and the importance its influence may have in our lives in the coming weeks.  This New Moon is in opposition to Uranus, and is also square to Pluto, giving us a dynamic duo which will be creating a push and pull effect with a heavy shaking of everything we hold dear to our hearts.  We need to be our own Judges and advisers to instigate decisions made, instead of seating on the fence.  Hoping that all will go well, and allowing others to do the work and thinking, is no longer acceptable.  The usual and the norm have gone by the way side, and we need to think beyond and above our comfort zone and begin to make some real choices that will benefit all of us in the future.

 “The Sabian symbol for the 4th degree of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 4  A group around a campfire  This is a symbol of an initial or uncritical consummation of group experience, and of the totally unconditioned capacity of each individual to associate himself with his kind without exaction or inhibition.  Implicit here is the fact that any reality broader than a simple self-concern must have its origin in common functions where any responsibility becomes the expression of identity rather than of a divergence in interest.  The keyword is amiability.  When positive, the degree is special skill in building an everyday morale and in sustaining an effective structure for further and greater objectives in life, and when negative, a lazing away of opportunity and an idle dependence on others.

This sabian symbol speaks to us of the deep feeling of unity and oneness that are invoked by true bonding of fellowship.  Creating one mind and one thought of sharing with a common cause, symbolized by the gathering of kindred spirits around the campfire. This sense and feeling of fellowship in connection with enthusiasm and optimism creates illumination and accomplishment with a common purpose and gives the energy and determination to accomplish anything it puts its mind to.  The challenge here is to work together as one for the good and success of the community and to realize there is momentum and support as a unit.  The good of the whole is dependent on each one in participating and sharing in the activity.  By working and supporting the group, we not only benefit everyone, but each individual of the group is also greatly benefited, creating optimism and enthusiasm for further accomplishments and for individual growth. 

The aspects happening in the zodiac are causing everyone to feel the need of making changes, and by spiritually and mentally joining forces, we bring into our own lives, this optimism, enthusiasm and the momentum which instills in us to take steps into the unknown to achieve the unachievable.  As the momentum of change of direction grows and expands it gathers the impetus of knowledge and illumination with respect, trust, and the camaraderie to tread the unknown with courage and confidence.  This unseen energy and force is allowing us to realize that by uniting with others, either physically, mentally, or spiritually is giving us the fellowship, and bonding to bestow upon us the courage to step into the untried.  This New Moon is not only foretelling how we may have a better future, but demanding us to realize that at this time in our lives, following the unknown is safer than the known and more productive.

“What You See is What You Get Whispers the 27 Libra 44 Full Moon on Apr 17th 2011?”

The third of the Super Moons (which indicates that it is at its closes distance to the Earth) to grace their presence in 2011 will come about as a Full Moon at 27 Libra 44 on April 17th at 7:44 pm PDT, opposite a stellium (three or more) of Planets in Aries.  This phase of the moon is quietly whispering in the coolness of the night the words “what you see is what you get, or maybe not?”  Like the Full Moon, that does not hide any of its assets and illuminations, this moon period is asking us to expose ourselves for our own understanding and public scrutiny.  There is a necessity and urgency to understand who we are and what we are able to do at this time.  The words theirs and mine, needs to change to ours as we move further into the twenty first century, as we begin to realize that we are all into this together, if we are to survive as a species.  With five planets in Aries the need to make things happen and materialized into reality are a recurring thought.  Thinking out of the box is more important as we need to improvise on short notice, to avoid problems or to make things happen.  The usual and ordinary seems to have lost their way, and the unexpected seems to be the norm as we journey on.  The social, economical, political, and environmental unrest which is happening globally is bringing unexpected and unusual events into reality and to the forefront of our attention.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 28 degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 28 degrees of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 28  A man in the midst of brightening influences  This is a symbol of the enduring rewards of life whenever it is taken seriously in its own fundamental terms or accepted with a realization of the underlying friendliness of the world at large.  Implicit in the intangible symbolization is an encouragement on which any individual may count, knowing that his unflagging courage in pressing forward on his pilgrimage from darkness to light is the best of all guarantees of his achievement.  Circumstances here are seen as they dramatize his mood and confirm his potentiality.  The keyword is responsiveness.  When positive, the degree is a complete spiritual fellowship with human kind, and when negative, self-stultification through wishful thinking.

Aries 28  A large disappointed audience  This is a symbol of the transiency of the rewards in a life taken too literally and narrowly in its more superficial terms.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the disillusionment that comes when an individual learns that he cannot depend on the applause of his fellows, or make the momentary mood of the masses any proper guide for the values he should pursue.  There is here the call to a selfhood which can rest secure in its own creative potentiality, catering to nothing exterior to itself.  The keyword is disjunction.  When positive, the degree is complete spiritual independence, and when negative, a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.

Our potentiality to fulfill its destiny is given a greater chance when we allow our spiritual side and thoughts to take on a major distinction and direction in our lives, and where our wishes and desires encompasses the hopes and desires of mankind, instead of seeing our own desires come first.  Five planets in one sign harnesses the energy and the power behind any ideas and thoughts, and gives the chances for success a greater boost.  With group action, the determination and the ability to focus to the finish, instead of giving up before the end, are in sight.  The Universe in its wisdom have given us this stellium of planets at this time to help us to fulfill our wishes and hopes, our responsibility is to appreciate this gift from the Universe with gratitude, by using these forces for the benefit for all.  A stellium may predict and point to trials, tribulations and destruction, as in the case of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but at the same time we can use this cluster of planets for beneficial purposes.  By directing our prayers for solace, peace, comfort and immediate relief for the victims of this tragedy to the planets, and harnessing the energy and power as one force, the end result will be greater and quicker then one will realize or understand.  The planets will predict events and situations, and at the same time, allows us to use their energy in our daily lives to our benefit.  This Full Moon is definitely whispering “What you see is what you get or maybe not”, and it is telling and commanding us to look beyond the cover to get the true picture.

“28 Virgo 47 Full Moon Reminds Us That Our Future is the Outcome of Our Past”

In this very busy world we live in, as we approach each New and Full Moon period, it gives us the opportunity to contemplate where we have been and what direction we should take in the future.  Several important factors mark the Full Moon at 28 Virgo 27 occurring at 11:10 a.m. PDT on March 19th 2011 as a turning and pivoting point of time for the changes that has been indicated by the aspects of the planets in the last few years.  This is the second of six Super Moons this year which indicates that it is at its closes distance to the Earth.  Another factor is that this Full Moon is square the nodes which peaks one day before the vernal equinox on March 20th at 4:21 p.m. PDT which adds to its key significance in the final outcome of anything accomplished at this time.

The ancients considered the equinoxes as important spiritual days to perform rituals to be in good communications and relationships with their Gods.  With Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries opposition to Saturn in Libra and the equinox in close proximity, it is reminding us that our future is a reflection and outcome of our past and shadowy sides of our nature.  In that case we need to work with, amend, revise or change our thinking of the past and present, to make the wishes and hopes, a reality in the future.  This moon period is allowing our inner spiritual psyche to realize that our future is within the realms of our creative mind and emotions.  

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 29 degrees of Virgo and for the Sun in 29 degrees of Pisces is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Virgo 29  A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading  This us a symbol of the world’s conservatism, and of the refusal of nature to surrender any part of her heritage unnecessarily.  The fixity of idea by which human beings preserve their culture is also a protection for all hidden wisdom and unsuspected ways of knowing, since the deeper awareness is merely a broader reference of a further application of stabilities which constitute a universe at large.  The possibilities of greater experience lie in embryo throughout the lesser.  The keyword is discovery.  When positive, the degree is imagination brought to the full of its powers through conscious effort, and when negative, loss of common sense in supposition.

Pisces 29  A prism  This is a symbol of the world’s stability and of the refusal of nature  to change any aspect of herself unnecessarily.  The reliability of normal process and the consistency of true intelligence are the foundation of a common knowledge which man has been expanding through the centuries, and his continuance of the control he has gained over his environment is promise of much more wonderful achievement ahead.  He is able to take any convenient facet of the reality at his hand and fashion it into an effective instrument for a measure of the whole potential.  The keyword is validation.  When positive, the degree is exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy, and when negative, fatuous pride of intellect.

These two Sabian symbols remind us that the Universe has established laws, that if we work with them, the effect will be known.  When we seek these secrets and mysteries with sincerity and use them wisely, the world is at our finger tips.  As the light breaks into many rows of color like the rainbow as it passes through a prism.  It never changes its pattern, no matter how many times the light flows though it.  So too, are the laws of the Universe.  That is why if we wish to change our past circumstances, we need to consciously and subconsciously change our thinking.  Our preoccupation of any thought will create the very thing we are thinking about.  If we wish to create a new and better world, we need to realize that our future is the outcome of our past and present.  If we are unhappy with what we see, we need to change our thinking and create a new path of thinking, to create a more hopeful and successful future.

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