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“Total Solar Eclipse July 11th at 20 Degrees Cancer is to Nurture or be Nurtured”

The total Solar Eclipse happening on July 11th 2010 at 12:41 p.m. PDT at 19 degrees 23 of Cancer is a very potent phenomenon appearing like a giant dragon swallowing its’ prey, the Sun, and covering a certain area of the earth with darkness for a short period of time.  Eclipses in ancient times have long been held as harbingers of evil such as earthquakes, tsunamis, bad weather conditions, riots, revolutions and public discontent.  On a personal level it brings a need for change, flexibility, adaptability, renewal, and on the emotional level, a need to change old habits, to develop new surroundings, friends, pleasures, and the need to nurture and be nurtured.  Being in the sign of Cancer concerns memories of the past, finishing a project, family, foundation, security, safety and a need for a comfort zone to retreat to from this hectic and fast paced world of today.  With the Eclipse sextile Mars in Virgo, the need to take action and to allow our feminine aspects  of our souls to express nourishing, encouraging, empowering, protecting, defending and shielding our love ones, ideas, thoughts, visions, hopes and wishes.  The need to help others in need or just to support others, must give way to allow others to support and help us, and allow others to fulfill their purpose during this time period, as well.

“The Sabian symbol for the 20th degree of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 20  Gondoliers in a serenade  This is a symbol of the ever-exuberant music of life itself, and is an emphasis on experience as a symphony of co-operative relationships.  The divisions of labor which create a human society are here brought to high consummation in the expanding development of selfhood and its functions.  The capacity of the individual spirit for participation in the basic stream of events is exalted momentarily in a contribution to the imagination and the hunger of the soul.  The keyword is sentiment.  When positive, the degree is a perfecting of those personal traits and inclinations which bring an enduring satisfaction to every immediate situation, and when negative, a retreat of self from all worth-while reality.

To determine how powerful this Eclipse is, we must relate the aspects of the other planets, and take into consideration the ruler of the sign the Sun is in, and to see the interconnections they make, and the story they relate to us.  It is also important to understand the meaning of the glyph for cancer, depicting the feminine Moon encompassing and shielding the masculine Sun in the night sky with the reflection of itself seen reflected by the earth.  The symbol depicts the Yin and Yang, allowing us to realize that the answers and the resolutions can be found in our higher Self.  The answer is not outside of our selves, but within the depths of our real self and the answers come through to us by combining our feminine and masculine aspects of our being to unite and work as one.  Realizing this, is when we begin to become conscious that we are the masters of our own gondola, and can appreciate our connection with the other gondoliers, and that we all help to control the safe passage through this avenue of the waterway of life.

This is not to say that the Eclipses happening in 2010 may not be difficult for some and better for others and that this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse is not difficult, but it is how we maneuver our emotions and our ability to make the right judgments that will guide us into the right situations.  An example of this, is an eclipse I went through during my early days in my studies in astrology with my first teacher, who expressed to me the phrase “the Universe may give you trials and tribulations, but at the same time will give you an aspect in your chart to overcome one’s obstacles”.  One day, long ago I ran into my astrology class, horrified that the upcoming eclipse indicated I might lose my job.  My teacher tried to calm me down with the above quote, but my emotions took over.  It happened exactly as the eclipse peaked, and with hindsight I realized it was the best thing to happen to me.  This experience made me realize that eclipses are potent energies that were given to help us, whether it appears benefic or malefic. It is not what it brings into our lives, but how we nurture it, or let it nurture us, that brings us the results and success we are looking for.  We must look at these Eclipses as extra potent energies to be used and harnessed for our benefit and not to allow them to terrorize us with fears and doubts.

“Saturn Opposite Uranus Square Pluto ▬ Change, Return or Back to Square One?”

As the aspects of Saturn Opposite Uranus square Pluto continues its’ play in the night sky, the results of it’s’ action is felt in every part of our lives.  From the spill in the Gulf Coast to the World Soccer Championships and to everyday incidents, the unexpected is taking its toll on our world.  The weather patterns across the globe has shown us not to expect the norm, otherwise our expectations will be dashed to smithereens.  The only norm at the moment is not to expect business as usual, but to always expect the unusual or the unexpected.  The Universe is telling us that during this period what we thought was a safe bet can no longer be relied upon.  This made me wonder, as an astrologer indicating these aspects as a symbol of change, was a bit too vague, and we needed to be more clear in what areas this change may happen in our lives.  Just changing our thinking and our way of life without thinking about the results of our actions is irresponsible, and may bring more damage, then good to our welfare.  Seeing what we really wanted and needed, in relationship to our surroundings is more of a sure bet, with Pluto on the scene.  Knowing what we really want and need in this age of the internet is more complicated then we really realize or understand.  Peer pressure seems more prevalent now, that we seem to need to conform to the wants of those who encircle us, then to our own personal wishes and requirements.  I am emphasizing here our real personal needs and desires, and not our selfish, greedy needs.  We need to have the yearning and the motivation to explore our real inner hopes and its’ impact on our surroundings.

Dwelling on this I realize that my own needs in astrology and my personal philosophy and way of life have returned back to the traditional and classical origins and to the old masters that really knew their subject matter.  My spiritual philosophy must not only give me peace of mind et cetera, but also be practical, to be practiced everyday in my daily life.  My study in astrology must not only predict and have a reason and logic and a systematic approach to it’s’ delineation of a chart, and not just be a new system in vogue that has no lineage and appears to predict haphazardly.  Although I do not consider myself a traditional astrologer, I am definitely moving towards it, and have included more areas for my consideration as I do delineations of any chart.  I realize I am going towards these areas, because they provide me a comfort zone that makes me feel I can get through these challenging times, by surrounding myself with an environment that will help me make the right choices in the present and in the future.  I have noticed this has been happening to a lot of my friends, acquaintances, et cetera, who are returning to things that give them comfort, safety and joy during these unpredictable times.  The slow food movement, the return of the big band sound, the return of ballroom dancing, the return of jazz and blues, et cetera, and especially the attention of young adults keeping these areas alive for newer generations to appreciate.  My final summation is that in order to make any changes for the future, we must return back to square one.  Square one are those decisions and thoughts that make us truly happy, truly thrill us, truly give us goose bumps, and truly provide us with the energy and determination everyday to complete what we began, until we reach success at the end of the rainbow and receive our pot-of-gold.

“Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on June 26th 2010 Indicates Transformation and Renewal”

The Lunar Eclipse happening on June 26th 2010 at 4:31 a.m. PDT at 5 degrees of Capricorn is an extra potent full Moon which has the Sun’s force blocked by the earth from reaching the Moon.  At this point the Moon is seemingly unable to reflect the essence of the Sun.  Eclipses in ancient times have long been held with great dread because they were regarded as the giver of evil, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, et cetera.  The eclipse has the effect of overshadowing whatever planet or angle it comes into contact with, and to put some aspect of life into the darkness, while highlighting other areas requiring attention.  This particular eclipse in Capricorn is responsive, authoritative, and grounded, but the moon is in detriment in this sign, because it is in the opposite sign it rules.  The weakness comes in the performance of the situation and not the outcome.  For many different reasons we hold back and do not give our all, to the final result when a planet is in detriment.  I always think the key phrase for detriment as, “I am not happy and I may not cooperate or give my all to the project”.  The effects of an eclipse relate to whatever the house that it governs and the house that it is in.  With this particular Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto square Uranus and Saturn, indicates an extraordinary need for change, renewal and transformation in our thinking and emotions, if we are to maintain balance during these challenging times.  As it is in the beginning of the sign, the energy and potency is that much greater to visualize and materialize that which we wish to work towards.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 5 degrees of Capricorn and for the Sun in 5 degrees of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 5  Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance  This is a symbol of the irresistible impulse to action inherent in the very fact of conscious being, and of the powers of accomplishment brought to their personal focus as some pattern of motives takes form on the subjective side of things.  Implicit in the symbolism is the ever-primitive nature of life at root, and the necessity that thoroughly practical and immediate considerations prevail whenever the inner or ideal ordering proves adequate.  The keyword is mobilization.  When positive, the degree is a capacity for aggressive leadership and unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement, and when negative, unnecessary moods and tantrums.

Cancer 5  An automobile wrecked by a train  This is a symbol of the irresistible power of completion inherent in the very make-up of man’s world whenever a sequence of events once is set in motion, as is evident continually on the objective side of things.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the concept of control, or the assurance that it is not necessary to continue any given action to the point of self-cancellation.  The ultimate obligation of the individual is to himself, and not to the narrow and momentary direction of circumstances.  The keyword is dispersion.  When positive, the degree is a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience, and when negative, an insensitive recklessness.

With Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Moon, it is a necessity to transform our emotional attitude into action with a spiritual emphasis.  In other words, we must walk the talk, if we are to have others, who will help support our dreams which will benefit all involved.  Pluto is telling us to rely on our hunches, intuitions and to discipline our emotions to manifest our desires.  To realize and understand that our emotions are the energizing force that gets everything accomplished.  Focusing on any ideas or thoughts, which creates an emotional response in us, will help to bring it into reality.  This Lunar Eclipse is telling us to have the courage and strength to trust our inner wisdom and intuition and step into the unknown, knowing we seize the future by our actions.  If we have the versatility and the sense to change directions, if our benefit is at stake, then success is at our finger tips.  By monitoring our emotions and being selective of our feelings, we can logically with our intuition, pick out what directions we need to go in, to achieve that which will benefit all.  To succeed in our ambitions we need to work with the energies of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn to help us to redirect, renew and transform our thoughts and emotions, so that they work with us and not against us to achieve the desired results.

“Jupiter and Saturn Square Pluto is Creating a Spiritual Awakening!”

As we continue our journey through 2010 with Uranus and Jupiter entering Aries opposition to Saturn square Pluto in Capricorn, change of direction is not only a keyword, but a slogan for demonstrations and revolts through out our global communities.  In our last major election in the United State, change was the keyword that brought a new administration to the forefront.  Yet as we enter this period of time, grumblings of new changes are being heard, that the last change was not right, nor what we have hoped for.  I began thinking about this, as an individual who wishes to see and experience a better tomorrow, to understand the problem that got us here in the first place, and what we needed to do to create the world we wanted to live in.  Thinking about this, I realized we were all caught up with the euphoria of change, but what the details of that change was not clear, and the consequences it may have on us did not dawn on us at the time.  It seems to me, the new changes that are being discussed, is the same old rhetoric, because we the public who want these changes, are not clear what these changes should be.  I don’t blame the leaders for this direction, I blame us the people, whom were not clear of the changes we wanted and needed.  The new changes in the air have their own consequences if put into action, and I am not sure that the politicians that advocate these changes have the foresight to see the consequences or to be responsible for the results.

This made me think about the changes I need to put together in my own life at this time, if I am to see a new happier tomorrow.  Many astrologers, psychics et cetera are pointing to a direction of change we need to institute if we are not to end up where we don’t want to be.  My problem with the doomsday advocates is they don’t give us any clues to what changes we need to make.  Some of the solutions mentioned are not only impractical, but not realistic.  What we need is a clear direction of what would make each of us happy and satisfied, and that what we are doing to achieve the final outcome is what we hoped for in the first place.  It is not important that we succeed in the direction we started, but that we take responsibility of our decisions, and are willing to take on the consequences’ of our actions.  This is my problem with the bailout of some of our financial institutions, that they have not taken responsibility for their decisions.  As individuals when we make some major mistakes in our financial dealings, we alone, are responsible to remedy the situation.  It is clear to me that whatever the decisions or directions we decide upon; we must take responsibility for our actions.

With Pluto square to Jupiter and Uranus, it is revealing to us the need to revolutionize our thinking and habits, and to live and experience life to the fullest.  Pluto is telling us to become the caterpillar that has the faith, knowledge and determination to change into the beautiful butterfly.  Each of us must take that step towards the unknown to achieve our dreams.  Not only must we face the unknown territory with courage and strength, but realize that our course should enliven our spirits, and give us hope and reason for the future.  We should see life like a child, who has no fear, but a love for life.  If our decisions for the future do not give us hope, joy and anticipation to experience more of what life has to offer, then we should reconsider the path we are on.  The spiritual awaking is simple; we must regain our innocence and naiveté like little children and see everything with joy and enthusiasm.  The decisions will become clear when we see our circumstances in that light because all the prejudices and thoughts that have accumulated through the years will melt away, and what the conditions really are like, will become clear to us.  The awakening is the realization to live and experience each moment in the present, and that our decisions for the future comes from living in the here and now.

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