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“Saturn the Late Bloomer with its Many Surprises and Benefits”

In the earliest days of my studies in astrology, my introduction to Saturn was embedded with caution, dread and amazement of the power, the energy and the malefic influences the planet can play in one’s life.  The stories that were related to me, as if I was smart enough to have recorded them at the time, would have been truths that would be more unbelievable then any fiction.  It had given me the seeds for stories to be written, if only I was attentive to what was happening around me at the time.  My first astrology teacher not only had the ability to explain difficult concepts, but was a great story teller when giving examples of the different aspects, the different signs and the different planets.  This I found is the destructive, distractive and malefic nature of the planet, in that it tends to tease one with structure, steadfastness, stability, consistency, limitation, stamina, without the compassion and understanding of the circumstances one is experiencing.  In my research and studies with Saturn, I have discovered that the planet is considered the Prince of Time.  Saturn is sometimes the late bloomer with many surprises and benefits.

When we approach our own Saturn Return in our lives, which happens approximately around thirty and sixty years of age, the surrounding atmosphere is one of apprehension of what is about to change in our lives, if at all.  It is not the change we fear, but the reminder that time is marching on and that we are aging and moving on to a different aspect of time in our lives.  What we fear most in my opinion with the Saturn Return is not the difficulties and trials that are laid before us, but the reminder that time moves on, and there is no turning back time.  Fortunately for us, the Universe in its wisdom has instilled in Saturn a duality that is reflected by Jupiter.  In studying the glyphs of the two planets, one will instantly see they are in reverse indicating the connection and the nature of the energy and power of each in its duality, polarity and unison as one.  In understanding and analyzing the classification of words of benefic and malefic, it does not imply one is better off then the other.  We have seen that too much of a good thing can become disastrous and the discipline of controlling a negative trait can become constructive and positive in some instances. 

In my opinion Saturn has been given a bad rapt and we need to revisit and rethink how the planet works and distribute its energies and blessings in own world.  Without discipline and structure, nothing would get accomplished, but yet at the same time we rebel at the thought of limitation and the configuration of what life should be.  Our own vision and decisions can bring out the worst qualities of Saturn through inflexibility, cruelty, compulsiveness, rigidity, embitterment, and narrow-mindedness, etc…  Saturn rules the end of a situation or the last period of our life.  It is instrumental in delaying manifestations of our dreams and wishes into reality until the right moment in time.  Summarizing I feel that when one works with Saturn, a sense of caution and care with awe and amazement of how effortlessly it creates and teaches us what we need to know and to accomplish.  The effort needed, is with us to comprehend the moment and by living it with the zest that comes with it.  Saturn is not the planet to promise a successful completion of one’s dream and wishes, but is the one to give us the key to arrive at the end of the rainbow to receive our pot of gold with many surprises along the way.

“Reevaluating Which Key will Easily Open the Secrets of One’s Saturn Return”

What is a Saturn Return?  This is when the transiting planet returns to the position it was in, in the natal chart approximately about every twenty nine and a half years.  In a life time an individual usually experiences at least two, if not three.  It represents a time of completing one major period and a need and desire to enter into a new phase and purpose for our continued growth.  It is considered usually a difficult time with a lot of stress and pressure, but it is also a time of many opportunities with important choices and decisions for new expressions of one’s being.  The Saturn Return has the reputation of being rough and unforgiving, and is one of the reasons one is instilled with caution and fear, when one reads on this subject matter, or needs to get through it. 


The opposition happens around about puberty as well as the teen years when the need to establish one’s identity becomes a major issue.  Around about twenty nine, and just before entering a new stage in our life, our main purpose and direction becomes the topic we can no longer avoid, if no decision has been made so far.  By the mid forties, Saturn again opposes its natal position, and our mid life crisis begins to creep in, making us wonder if life is passing us by?  By Saturn’s second return, our passed actions and results comes into view to determine our next course of action in making the time we have left, to live life to the fullest.  Seeing the return with this approach I began to speculate if the anxiety that is instilled in one, by the astrological community on one’s Saturn return is really necessary or even productive.


I have been studying astrology a few years before my first return hit me.  I must admit the trepidation I had was more of an exaggeration and unnecessary as I look back on the incidences that occurred at that time.  I can’t actually say they were not full of trials and errors, but considering the results and the outcomes, not as bad as they appear to be on the surface.  The one thing I have learnt in my lifetime is that when facing anything new and unfamiliar, one tends to open the floodgates of apprehension and fretfulness.  In my own life I have seen that, anticipating with fear and doubt was more of a handicap in overcoming the situation, then the situation itself.  Anytime one finds oneself in circumstances where change is needed, one will find that the best thing to do is follow the flow and work with it.


To what degree of difficulty each individual experiences the Saturn return will depend on the condition and situation the planet finds itself in, in the natal chart.  One also needs to be aware of the condition of the return planet in aspects to the other planets in the night sky.  This is where the old technique of the essential dignities will come in handy and is very critical in the understanding of what is needed to have successful results and outcomes.  If one can replace the apprehension and misguided thoughts with the notion that this is a challenge to overcome, then the difficulties one will encounter will be minimal.  If we allow Saturn to show us the way, we will learn that we need not fear him, but allow him to work with and through us to achieve the change needed.  To achieve anything one always needs to go into action and work at it.  Our first deed and key in a Saturn return, is to allow the planet with a positive attitude to unleash its wisdom and experiences upon us.

“A Good Astrology Reading is had when we Comprehend the Reason for the Question!”

My favorite astrology magazine has a continuing section called “compare your skills with the Pros, TMA’s Chart challenge”, and in “The Mountain Astrologer issue #188 Feb/Mar 2011, the question was suggested by a participant “I would like some insights into my Saturn Return and the current transits to my natal cardinal t-square”.  With her birth chart in hand, the question then is given to two astrologers and their conclusions are in another section of the magazine, giving the reader a chance to come up with their own scenario.  I always enjoy reading the different view points of the two astrologers in this section of the magazine as they arrive at their conclusions from different sides of the question.  Some look from the front door, others from the back and others from the windows or from the top of the ceilings.  The important thing is that they arrive at the same conclusion. 

This particular question made me wonder if the question was not correctly understood by the querent.  Not that the question was not understood, but the specific question was not voiced by the question.  In a horary reading the time of the chart is expressed when the astrologer comprehends the question the querent has given him.  Maybe the questions we ask are sometimes too vague to warrant a good answer.  My first thought, was the question was too general, and not specific enough.  Why was she asking the question?  Was something happening that she thought might have been brought about, by the up coming Saturn Return and the T-square?  Was her fear about what the return would bring about, in her consciousness that brought about the question? 

My thoughts came about as both astrologers and I came up the conclusion that relationships and their meaning and purpose was making a lifestyle change for the individual.  Saturn Returns brings about transitions, processing and reprocessing situations and reinvention and rejuvenating one’s style of living.  This does not necessarily mean a divorce, if the person was still married or together with someone, but the ideas and concept of their relationship might take a new turn in a direction, not explored before.  Obviously she understood and experienced the natal cardinal T-square and was wondering how it would be reactivated in her life now.  Seeing that thoughts about relationships seem important to her at this time, I thought to myself if her question was more concentrated in this area, her ability to successfully work through this Return period would be more to her satisfaction and happiness. 

This made me think that when we ask questions of astrologers, or even look at our own charts, are our questions too vague to receive a good answer?  Or are the answers we are seeking, not the same as the questions we asked?  If so, are we deluding ourselves that by being more general in our questions, the answers will still show up in the charts?  It seems to me if we are more specific and certain about what we want to know about our circumstances, the more accurate the answer will be.  Then it came to me, it is not how specific we are with our question, but whether we really comprehend our own questions and what answers we are looking and hoping for, that is important.  When we decide we want to know something about our natal chart, are the little voices so numerous in our mind that the real questions gets overloaded with so many thoughts, that the simple direct question disappears? 

I think this is what happens, we come up with a direct question, but our doubts and frustrations color our thoughts and we no longer recognize our direct and simple thought we originally had.  This can be illustrated by a reading I gave a friend several months back because she had been out of work because of illness and death in the family and thought she wanted to know when she would be employ again, even though she did need to do so immediately.  The solar return chart indicated something else was the priority, and during the session my friend admitted that this was so.  The key is if we want an answer to help us, we need to comprehend what we really want to know.  The reason for the question and the question itself, becomes more important then the answer.

“Mercury in 4th Degree of Gemini is Highly Over Active!”

When I first started learning astrology in a small group of six students meeting twice a month in the teacher’s brownstone, one of the first things we memorize was the critical degrees that would affect a chart.  To my horror and fear I had two planets in critical degrees in my chart with one planet in conjunction.  “What was I to do”, I asked my mentor, and she said “the Universe may give us obstacles, but at the same time the Universe gives us assets and talents to overcome these negative situations”.  At the time the answer was sufficient, but as time went on I realized I really did not know how these aspects would really affect me and what the consequences would be in my life.  I had to deal with a chart with two planets in critical degrees, and in time I would experience my first Saturn Return and Pluto square.  As I began to approach my first Saturn Return, a sense of dread hung over me as I didn’t know what to expect.  Continuation of my studies began to show me that I was approaching these difficult aspects with fear instead of with the hope that I would learn and grow from it.

For the longest time the only thing I knew about critical degrees was that they were points on the zodiac spaced 12 ½ degrees apart beginning with zero degree in which the native would experience obstruction and frustration, depending on which planet and house it was in.  The critical degrees are: 0, 13 and 26 degrees of cardinal signs; 9 and 21 degrees of fixed signs; and 4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs.  I have learnt from my studies and by my experience these critical degrees are neither benefic nor malefic but are the area in which one’s greatest potentials lies.  Critical degrees are like planets near an angle in the chart, they are the first to be activated as they are sensitive points which bring energy  into reality and form.  The critical degrees tend to express the energies of the planets in their signs from the negative to the positive with all the shades of grey in between.

My planets in critical degrees were Mercury and Uranus in the ninth house and Neptune in the first house.  Mercury in the critical degree either makes me a chatter box and at times not a word would come out of my mouth when in a social gathering.  I am very sociable and many consider me an extrovert, but in reality I consider myself an introvert.  With the conjunction of Uranus I always think out of the box and need new excitements to keep me going, or I tend to be very rigid in my thinking.  Neptune gives me insights and intuition which at times ran rampant and the need to save the world, and at other times the world to save me.  What I have realized is that the Universe has shown me in which areas my potentials and greatest efforts lies, but I need to adapt and improvise it, to work with the talents and assets I came into this world with.  I need to understand and work with the planets to control the energy it releases.  Working and studying astrology has helped me take these sensitive points and energies, and focus on what is needed to make and create the things I need to be happy.

If one has no planets in critical degrees in their natal chart, just bless your lucky stars that you possess flexibility and adaptability and the knowledge that you will achieve your goals with a positive attitude with few obstacles in your way.  If you are like me and have a planet in critical degrees, you still should bless your lucky stars that you have been given the gift to know in what areas your abilities lie, and though you need to persevere to reach your goals, the satisfaction and joy will come with the knowledge that you did it on your own with the help of the Universe guiding you.  The most important lesson I have learnt is that the planets in critical degrees are sensitive points for growth and will indicate where potentials of success are, and are not obstacles to foil our happiness.  My only regret, is not having understood this sooner, so I could appreciate and be thankful for the steps I was taking for my growth and learning in this life.

“The Saturn Return in One’s Life, a Problem or an Opportunity?”

It is strange how sometimes things or happenings come in threes when there is a long dry spell.  It has been a while since I experience my last Saturn Return, and in the last few weeks I had conversations with three people who were experiencing theirs for the first and second time.  For the person experiencing the return for the first time, there was a sigh of relief it was over, and I expected a different reaction from the other two, but was surprise it was the same sigh of relief.  In my conversations with them I realized it is all the hype that astrology gives to the Saturn Return that terrorized them, rather then what they were going through.  It seems to me that the experience is similar to Mercury Retrograde; it is our attitude to the up coming event that explains how we get through it.  The first Saturn Return happens around twenty nine years of age, and I can see the concern one might have at that time if one’s direction and goals are still muddy and unclear for the future.  The second return at about fifty nine years of age, when one wonders where the time has gone, and have we prepared enough for our golden years.

I am not saying the return may not be a difficult time, but I am saying our attitude and our approach will determine how well and easy we get through it, and if we will benefit from it.  I remember somewhere Isabel Hickey said that solving problems in life was not the difficulty, but the fear of the problem, was.  Fear she attributed to Saturn, and fear was the culprit and the problem.  Fear is the appropriate keyword for the Saturn Return, for it is not the difficulties or crisis that may prevail, but the fear itself.  Fear gets in the way, not allowing for the correct solutions to come to our aid, and direct us in the right direction.  In my own case, I realized if I take hold of myself without fear and to take one step at a time to try to solve the problem.  The solutions tend to reveal itself and the stress and worry seems less bothersome.  To understand how the Saturn Return will affect us individually, it is important to see what house Saturn is in, in the natal chart.

The following are my thoughts if Saturn is in:

1st and 7th House

            How we see ourselves and how others see us and how we see others.

2nd and 8th House

            What our possessions and the company we keep, say about who we are.

3rd and 9th House

            Which direction do we take our ideas, thoughts, and spiritual convictions?

4th and 10th House

            Are we where we want to be and to be remember as such?

5th and 11th House

            Is life and our friends a banquet to behold?

6th and 12th House

            Are we working and doing what we love?

My advice in dealing with the Saturn Return is not to fear it, but look it straight in the eye, and see it as an opportunity and a new beginning.  It is the time to rethink and restructure and to build a firmer and stronger foundation to build our future hopes on.  To embrace change and to realize that life is never static, but always changing and adapting.  

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