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“The 165 Degree or Johndro Aspect is Considered a Minor Aspect in the Major League”


I have always felt that life and everything in it is synergistic with the laws of the Universe, and if one could quiet one’s self long enough to listen and to be aware of it, its secrets will slowly be revealed.  My thoughts have always been if I am open, then at the right time, the right thing will come along into my life.  As of late, the intensity to learn all I can in astrology has been my main ambition and goal.  In the last issue of the Mountain Astrologer Magazine issue #163 June/July 2012, an article entitled “The 165 Degree Aspect” by Zane B. Stein, a leading authority on Chiron, was featured.  I have glanced at the article several times, without really reading it with my full attention.  I usually only use the major aspects in my delineations, and only use the minor aspects to confirm what I already suspected.  For myself, I have always tried to keep my delineations as simple as possible, as too many ingredients in the mixture would usually confuse me and my interpretations became too complex and less to the point of the matter.  For some reason, I felt I needed to pay more attention to this minor aspect of 165 degree, or quindecile, also known as the Johndro Aspect and or the Tao aspect.  Maybe it was the word Tao, which I have always associated with a way of life, which one needed to work with and to be in control of, which attracted my attention


Quoting from the article the keywords associated with this aspects are as follow: “determined, persistent, single-minded, dogged, unyielding, unrelenting, unwavering, persevering, uncompromising, reacting intensely to events by becoming all the more focused; unable to quit under any circumstances, not fazed by the apparent reality of a situation (not letting apparent reality interfere with one’s purpose); potential for becoming truly obsessive; believing that there is no such thing as a non-negotiable issue; continually to get up and return to the fray no matter how many times one is knocked down; not afraid of controversy.  When at its most negative, refusing to be swayed from one’s course by the realties of a situation can lead to self-destructive behavior.”  After reading this description, I saw myself within its words, which I always attributed to my ascendant square my Midheaven, with Neptune square the Moon and Mars in the sixth house square the tenth house, as the cause of my affliction.  I am now convinced it is because I have an almost exact 165 degree orb between Neptune and Mars.  In truth I never considered this affliction as totally bad or totally good.  In some instances I felt it was God sent, in that it helped me continue to the finish line of any difficult project I decided on.  At other times I thought it was a nuisance, as I could not seem to give up hope on any desire or wish, no matter how impractical it appeared.  Even when it seems fruitless, I wanted to wait until the next turn in the road, and even then would not give up my expectation that it would come to pass.  This was a light bulb turned on to high, illuminating a new avenue of discoveries.


Because it is happening in my own chart and with my own experiences, usually gives me the momentum to look into things, concepts, and ideas with a more open and concerted effort to uncover the truth and the validity of it.  Looking at a friend’s chart who was always very deliberate and directed in his philosophy and spiritual life, and that this was his main focus and objective in life, above anything else, appears to others as an obsession and a commandment of truth to proselytize others with.  Although he was not doing that, it appeared to others who did not know hi well that this was his main objective.  This made me wonder if the aspect was what we experience as individuals, or what others think they see in us because of the aspect working through us in unexpected ways?  I was not surprised to find an exact orb of a few seconds from his Sun in Gemini to Jupiter in Scorpio.  The keywords to this aspect seem to be more destructive then positive, but I have always had the conviction, nothing is absolutely beneficial or malefic, it is the way we put the attributes to work in our lives that determines the good or bad of it.  As I continue to read the article, it appeared that those who achieved something in life either had one or several of these aspects in their chart.  I could see where this aspect is needed to achieve anything worthwhile in life, as it keeps us going when hope is diminished and the light at the end is not in sight, until our goal is reached.  At the same time it can be an annoyance, in that we continue with something that has no end.  For those who have this aspect in their charts, I wonder what your thoughts are on the matter?

“No Where to Run Except Within Sings the 10 Aquarius 15 Full Moon on Aug 1st 2012”

As the financial and domestic situations seem to linger longer then we hoped or expected, the obvious explanation is attributed to the slower planets.  The effects of an aspect from a slower moving planet will last longer as it fades from being strongly felt to where it is hardly noticed and back again, many times as it continues its journey.  Pluto, the transformer squares Uranus, the innovative as it begins its first of seven exact squares on June 24 2012 indicating major changes are about to happen. Under this influence the 10 Aquarius 15 Full Moon on August 1st 2012 at 8:28 pm PDT is singing that there is nowhere to run except within our higher spiritual intuition to depend on, in order to navigate the inevitable changes we will be experiencing during this period to a successful end or one we will be happy with.  If we are to achieve success of any kind, the Universe is telling us that we need to look within, for the answers lie within our higher spiritual self.  With the full moon in beneficial aspects to Mars and Jupiter, and Saturn trine Venus, the Universe is pointing and helping us to secure the insight and foresight to choose the right path we need to take in order to see the light to our problems.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 11 degrees of Aquarius and for the Sun in 11 degrees of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 11  Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration   This is a symbol of satisfaction in the transcendental experiences of selfhood, and of a new realization that each individual lives in a consistent intimacy with spiritual verities of every sort  and on every hand.  Implicit in the symbolism is the need to act continually in personal self-interest, and to translate every vision into practical consummation.  As man accepts the overshadowing of a universal life and order, he must demonstrate his own special capacities and rededicate his own individual achievements.  The keyword is ecstasy.  When positive, the degree is an enthusiastic idealism and a tireless desire to serve others, and when negative, complete self-obsession.

Leo 11  Children on a swing in a huge oak tree  This is a symbol of satisfaction in the normal exercise of selfhood, and of a new realization of the high dependability exhibited by man’s physical and social sustainments.  Implicit in the symbolism is a special refreshment of the spirit, but only through a continual development of its responsibilities to its own manifestation of itself.  As each individual accepts the overshadowing of a universal life and order he achieves an ever-better conception of personal reality.  The keyword is delight.  When positive, the degree is a consistent zest for every possible phase of living and a real generosity of self-expenditure, and when negative, laziness exalted as a virtue.

The implication of this symbol is the understanding and the acknowledgement that we are connected and created by a power greater then ourselves, in which we can rely on for support and guidance.  Knowledge is power, but spiritual knowledge is even greater as it creates that which we wish for, if we follow its guidance and support.  This symbol alludes to our higher intuition, higher imagination and the inner communication with our higher self.  The accent is on using these gifts from the Universe by bringing them into reality.  When we go within and trust our higher spiritual self, our personal understanding of our place in the overall scheme of things is heightened and enhanced as the solutions to our problems become clearer.  At this point a momentum is created with enthusiasm, boundless energy, and an eagerness to experience the life that one desires.  With this in mind, we can experience this Aquarius Full Moon with confidence as there is no where to run but within ourselves for the answers.

“Is the Part of Fortune the Cause or One of the Factors for Our Financial Outcome?”


With the global financial situation looking a bit gloomy on the horizon and having lasted longer than any financial advisor expected, it is predictable that the concern for our own financial situation would be on our minds.  A novice will encounter the meaning of the Part of Fortune shortly after having a consultation concerning his finances, as astrologers feel it dramatically illustrates their delineation.  In my experience many of those individuals who come under the influence of astrology, have come to the art because they have either romantic or financial questions that have sparked their interest.  In delineating, one must take the whole chart in consideration to make any accurate prediction pertaining to any area of concern the individual may have.  The problem comes about, that without realizing it, the Part of Fortune takes center stage and becomes the focal point of determining in what area of life, the financial outcome will or will not manifest in.  My problem is that we lose sight that the chart as a whole needs to confirm the conditions the finances will be like in our lifetime.

Morin has always stated and repeated in all his books, that there should be several indications that something is going to occur, before one can become certain that it may come about.  It may happen or may not happen because he always felt, the freedom to choose was ours to make.  Even if it does come about as predicted, the degree it will come to pass is determined by the choices we make.  I personally have always felt that the Part of fortune was just one of the players of several in obtaining our financial goals.  It may be one of the important indicators in that it helps us to determine what talents, assets and tribulations will be a help or an obstacle towards any degree of success indicated by the chart.  The house position of the Part of fortune points to the area in our life that will influence how we see financial prosperity and security in our world.  The house colors in the way we see possession, what is considered a possession and to what area the prosperity will manifest itself.


Recently I ran across someone who had their ascendant in the beginning of Aires with the Moon in Pisces in the eleventh house on the edge of the twelfth, with the Sun in Virgo in the sixth house and the Part of fortune in Libra in the seventh house, and the ruler of Libra in Scorpio conjunct Pluto.  It always excites me to see the angles in the houses as they were meant to be in a natal chart, as I personally feel the energy of those houses are that much more powerful and direct.  And that the destiny and purpose of the individual is laid out plain and simple without the hidden complexities and subtleness most charts have hidden in them.  The difficulty is seeing the simplicity that is right in front of oneself.  Aries is energetic, powerful, inspiring, self-concerned and assertive.  Pisces is sympathetic, caring, responsive, nurturing and spiritual.  Virgo is articulate, analytical, service minded and detail oriented.  Libra is people oriented, on the side of justice, balancing the opposites and the refinement of beauty.  Pluto investigates, seeks the secrets and the sacred mysteries and sees transformation, as death and birth cycles that all life goes through.


I have a strong conviction that by arranging the keywords of the Part of Fortune, one will come up with the areas, the assets and liabilities that will determine whether we fulfill, increase or lose the promise of the financial conditions indicated.  With Aries and Pluto the energy and the power is ever present and continuingly moving into new directions.  The keyword is cultivating and harnessing the energy and force, were one is in control of it and not the other way around.  Balancing the force is the issue here, in order not to confuse the message you are receiving or conveying to others.  Taking the mysteries and the spiritual significance within and combing them with everyday issues into a workable system is on the agenda.  Balance, wisdom, feelings and emotions need to come into play when relating to others.  With Libra the importance is in sharing what one knows in what works for you, that are important and really matters.  The satisfaction is in the knowing you have something worthwhile to give and to share, and to a public that appreciates it and respects it.  It is taking the mystery out of the secrets and making it plain and simple that will be your key to success.  Seeking and fulfilling your destiny will be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  In conclusion the Part of fortune definitely is the cause, and the effect is whatever our true self was hoping for.

“Now or Never is the Moment Says the 26 Cancer 54 New Moon on July 18 2012”

Like any map that gives us directions, to get to where we want to go, or an instruction pamphlet to get us started on the right foot, the stars and the planets are a guide and instructions with indications of the possibilities that lie across our paths as we continue our journey in life.  The problem that continues to plaque us is the possibility of misreading or misunderstanding the information.  Either by our carelessness or that the information given is too complex and confusing.  The complexity of the message and the subtle influences can create devastating results that sometimes appears to be simple, plain and to the point.  The 26 Cancer 54 New Moon on July 18th 2012 at 9:25 pm PDT is saying, it is now or never.  Pointing to the fact that we need to take actions, without warning us of the dangers involved.  Mars is in opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto demanding action, intent, passion, reform and regeneration.

As the night skies have been indicating a real need for change for the last few years, and to this point in time, the actions taken have not gotten us any further along then we were in the past.  An urgent need for action that makes a difference is imminent that we can no longer tolerate the circumstances, as they are.  The handwriting on the wall is demanding us that action needs to be taken before we no longer have a choice.  Being pushed into a situation where there are no choices or changes that can be made.   At the same time, it is subtly warning us to take care and to use insight and foresight in dealing with the circumstances of change and transformation.  That we need to be mindful of our every thought, word and action we encounter, when working towards revolutionizing the old ways into something that will work and benefit all.  We need to be careful not to bring up emotions and actions, which would separate us from a united cause.

“The Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 27  A storm in a canyon  This is a symbol of a pyramiding reality on the side of external circumstances, or of violence and terror as divine in their capacity for lifting man out of his aplomb and demanding some manifestation o his inner ideals and enduring values.  Here is the indomitable integrity of everything to be taken as of consequence in its own right, shown in the energy with which it preserves itself.  Nature ever dramatizes man’s unleashed powers, or his ability to rise in supremacy over each momentary crisis.  The keyword is intensification.  When positive, the degree is an enlistment of every resource in life for a heightened expression of self, and when negative, fatuous enjoyment of turmoil.

This symbol totally speaks to us of awakening our complacency through the events we have been experiencing as a global community and our individual circumstances, which can no longer be ignored.  It alludes to a situation we have no control of, but at the same time we are able to prepare and be ready for what is about to happen.  We can not control what is on its way, but we can make preparations to deal with it.  This represents and demonstrates our ability to use the gifts the Universe has bestowed on us.  The ability to rise above any situation or crisis and to use every resource at our disposal in meeting any of the challenges that life has to offer.  In working out the solutions, it is advising us not to get caught up in emotional confrontations that will derail us from accomplishing our intended result.  Let us then come prepared with insights and foresights as we meet this New Moon in Cancer saying to us, it is now or never,

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