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“The Aspects of the Square and the Opposition Seen as Negative Needs to be rethought”





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In the last few years with the difficult aspects of the squares and the oppositions in connection with the slower moving planets, it has become a learning experience in the perseverance of being patient and observant.  What appears to be the challenges and the obstacles confronting us can simply be expressed as the push, the pull and the shove of our emotions, our feelings and our decisions.  My experience in living through these aspects is that the final outcome has been utterly surprising and pleasing to me, or me ending up not being entirely happy or comfortable with the circumstances.  I have learnt from experience, that it is through difficulties and hardship that we begin to see our potentials and our needs.

 My first astrology teacher always felt that an opposition aspect meant that the individual’s inner higher self was having a lively conversation or argument, with the lower mundane self.  She compared this to the essence of Saturn in disciplining our inner thoughts.  Whether the confrontation came from sources outside of the individual did not matter, as the individual was already struggling with the situation at hand.  She felt the square was the essence of Mars giving us a whole new push into a direction we may not have entertained before in our thoughts.  It would cause more of a conflict because we are entering or being pushed blindly into unknown territory.  An opposition in her viewpoint was the duality and the polarity of an idea or situation.  It is the idea that if one felt cold, one would at the same time understand what it would be like to feel warmth.  Where as without any previous trial and error to learn from, the square would bring us towards a new unfamiliar direction, in which we would need to navigate very wisely.

 In preparing for this article, the feelings and emotions I have always associated with these aspects, began to return to haunt my imagination and my misgivings.  My thinking concerning these aspects are similar to the ones I always had with Mercury Retrograde, where I would come up with the worst scenarios that would befall me, then what would finally be experienced.  Facing the unknown, for some reason gives our ego the excuse to allow the mind to go wild.  My conclusion with the squares and the opposition is not to see them a malefic associated with unpleasantries, doubts, anxieties, and fears placed in our paths.  But, to see them as challenges that come in cycles with a rhythm, that come and go like the waves in the water.  We need to learn to work with them in order to get the most out of the situation. 

 The moment I approached these aspects from this point of view, I began to see how Saturn and Mars in my chart would work in explaining how I would deal and face the circumstances created by these aspects’.  Saturn allows us to see and estimate our limitations, and Mars allows us to measure how much energy and effort we will put into the project and for how long.  Understanding our own ability to deal with these aspects when the transits collide and make themselves felt in our natal chart, will be a turning point and a transformative cycle of growth and accomplishment.  The moment we see the square and opposition like a strong wave or gust of wind moving us forward, we will begin to understand how to manipulate the situation to our advantage. 

 To go with the wave in a strong wind, goes with the flow, and because we are going with flow, does not mean we cannot make many stops along the way.  If one wants to go against the wave or wind, it would be wise to wait until the wind dies down or changes its direction, before forging ahead.  The key here is to work with what is available to you to change the circumstances, instead of fighting an uphill battle or trying to row against the current of the river.  By reminding ourselves that we live in a world with cycles and rhythms, the square and opposition will become the stepping stones for breakthroughs and radical changes for a better future.  This we need to keep in our thoughts as we continue our journey with the difficult aspects in connection with the slower moving planets in the coming few years,    

“Your ruling Planet ▬ the Matchmaker?”



I have always wondered why there are times we can meet someone, and totally feel comfortable.  Is there a mental radar involved?  Or is our intuition so in tune that we can evaluate the situation that quickly?   Maybe we are seeing the aura of the Person and are relating to it?  Whatever the answer is I felt the charts must have shown compatibility between the two souls, but was there a quick way to look at the chart and come to the same conclusions.  I decided to look at the charts of friends and people I like, to see if I could find something.

One of my astrology groups suggested I check for the ruler of the chart (Hyleg) and its’ role in the delineation, which I found quite interesting and totally forgot that I had studied it awhile back.  Modern astrology seems to put the ruler of the chart in the back seat, but Bonatti and Ptolemy gives it importance.  Although I consider myself of the modern school, I do feel, we have thrown out the baby with the dirty bath water.  So I tried to incorporate traditional astrology in my thinking, and one day I hope to be an out of the closet traditional astrologer.  From my early studies of the art, one of my teachers told me that the ruler of my natal chart was Mercury which confirms Bonatti’s school of thought.  Since the early days I have always related and worked with Mercury.

While going through the charts of friends, etcetera I noticed they all made some aspects to my Mercury.  The benefic aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, trines) tend to be some of my closer friends, but I did notice it also included the hard aspects (squares, oppositions), and in some it seem to challenge and inspire me.  I don’t know if this works for everyone, but it certainly made sense to me.  I began to surmise that the ruler of my chart indicated the most important direction for my life, and that I would relate to those that felt the same way.  In looking at a couple of friends who considered themselves as couples I noticed that this theory worked.  Now I am wondering whether the ruling planet of the chart in aspect to a planet or ruling planet of another’s chart could lay the foundation of a good relationship, either platonic or romantic.  Maybe our ruling planet is the Matchmaker, especially where the ruling planet of one chart aspects the ruling planet of the other?

The ruling planet is found in astrology today by considering the ruler of the ascendant or you can check into the works of Bonatti or Ptolemy, and if you have Solar Fire software, it will give you the ruling planet from the old masters.  The following are the keywords for the ruling planet in the different houses.


1                    Adept at initiating activities

2                    Defines self worth through money and material possessions

3                    Drawn to activities involving intellect, travel or communications

4                    Strive to create a solid family base and home life

5                    To take risks, especially in relation to children, romance, fun and sex

6                    Service and work oriented

7                    Activities that include the partner or others

8                    Sexuality and being most comfortable in working with other resources

9                    Activities involving religion, philosophy, culture or law

10                Works hard to build a reputable expression of life

11                Involved in social and humanitarian activities that impact life

12                Private individual drawn to activities that stay behind the scenes

I hope this works for you, but I must admit that my matchmaker made me a match that has lasted many, many years.  A toast to your ruling planet, the Matchmaker!

“Venus hard aspects Neptune”


I have always been awe struck with the problems that stem from my Neptune in the first house squared my Venus and the Moon in the tenth house.  This was one of the reasons I began studying astrology, it was to understand myself better.  I wanted to see if I could avoid some of the difficult situations that might arise, or at least go around them somewhat.  To my surprise I recently ran into someone with the same birth date as mine, even though we are years apart.  This activated my Neptune so much that I started thinking of my self like the journalist Carrie Bradshaw in the show “Sex in the City” as the reporter of a column called “Astrology and the Single Guy”.  This made me wonder since the two of us had almost the same degree in the sun sign, what else might be similar.  I have noticed a long time ago that delineating someone else’s chart was so much easier then looking at my own. 

This chart was heaven sent as it helped me see certain planets and aspect in a new and exciting light.  Not only was his Moon squaring my Moon in a fixed sign, His Saturn made an aspect with my Saturn and Mid Heaven.  What I was most interested in was the similarities we had, and the way the chart showed how we approach each situation differently.  The best part which I am sure you have already surmised was the Venus Neptune aspect in both charts, with his Venus at the Mid Heaven opposition Neptune near the cusp of the fourth house.  Although the aspects were different, the meanings are similar, but our approach was from different view points. 

Venus square or opposition Neptune (considered the higher octave of Venus) in ones’ horoscope gives a similar meaning which may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships that come up, when one thinks that one is being challenged.  The matter of trust and who we can trust is an on going issue in all our relationships.  Rose-colored glasses or blinders will affect our judgment of people, and in our financial affairs, as well.  We are likely to be shy and retiring, and appear to others different then who we really are.  The need to keep one part of us private from the world is something learnt from childhood.  Our concept of love can take a turn towards the heroic Prince and Princess in all the fairy tales and legends of old, or become relationships with different view points, then the norm.  Neptune in both houses gives a mediumistic and intuitive edge in accessing the images of the unconscious mind, thereby giving us the tools and insight to the solutions we are looking for.  There are many more meanings which you can look up, but I am mostly concern with how differently we looked at our problems and the direction we took to solve and correct the situation.

The first house keyword is “I Am” which gives the basic mood, appearance, personality, vital energy, independence, and temperament.  Neptune in the first house gives me a day-dreamer, airy appearance, and the need to show the world the face and personality it wants to see.  I saw the aspect as causing problems coming from my misinterpretation of the events in question experienced during childhood.  I have noticed that in looking back on past events that brought sorrow and pain, that the situation seemed different then I remembered it, and the blame or mistrust I gave to certain parties seem vague now.

The fourth house keyword is “I Feel” which represents our home or environment which gives the need for a feeling of security, well-being, family roots, and traditions.  This house emphasizes his need of “His space” where he has collected together important things to represent him.  He has created a world of us and them, not in a bad sense, but to allow us to see the differences.  He is clear to himself and the people surrounding him what he wants as part of his world.  As time goes on, his thoughts about his world will change, and so will the boundaries of his space.  His ideas of romance may seem clear to him now as long as the foundation of love keeps him in a secure and safe position.

The truth of the matter is that both of us are not as different or similar as we think, but the way we approach the situation, defines our individuality.  There is no right or wrong or best to the different approaches, but whether one feels comfortable with it.  How well we grow from these experiences will depend on how well we interpret and react with our emotions.  For it is the emotions that gets in the way of our growth, for the emotions direct the way we will size up a situation.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Venus aspect Neptune has a big hand in stirring the pot of life and the emotions that go with it.


“Squares, Opposition, and the Number Nine Equals the Hermit”




In dealing with astrology charts, I have always found awe and fear when the aspects of the squares and the oppositions are mentioned, as compared to the sextile or trine aspects.  I believe it is due to the fact that the word malefic is associated with these aspects meaning harmful or baleful.  One has to take words in context to understand the full meaning of what is being said.  A square happens when two planets are ninety degrees from each other, which are roughly three Signs apart.  They are usually Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) which denotes fast action, Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) which is a more tedious approach to the situation, and the Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) square which can go either way, depending on other factors in the chart.  An opposition occurs in a chart when two planets are one hundred and eighty degrees apart, or in direct opposition to one another.  The action here is of conflict and the need to resolve the situation where both parties are in agreement.

The Square (90 degrees) and Opposition (180 degrees) reduces down to the number nine (9) which is the highest of the single digit numbers and in its’ elevated position poses certain responsibilities.  The number nine is educational, philosophical, and spiritual in nature with the ability to heal in resolving conflicts.  Since I believe all things are connected and related to one another in this world, I have looked at the Hermit tarot card, which is number nine in the major trump cards.  The card depicts a hermit, monk, philosopher, or a magus on top of the mountain of attainment with a lantern which uncovers the solutions to his enquiry, or leads the way for others to follow.  The snowy peaks are symbolic of his isolation, because his wisdom sets him apart from the rest of the world.  He holds his lantern with the light which is made up of two triangles; one facing up and the other facing down.  The triangle only holds 180 degrees, but the combination of the two equals 360 degrees creating a whole circle, the symbol of the creator.  The 360 degrees using the rules of numerology reduces to the number nine.  The Hermit indicates solitude, introspection, retreat and deep understanding of the situation.  The number nine is ruled by Mars which represents the stamina, the perseverance and energy that you will need to fight the obstacles in ones’ life.  Mars shows straight forwardness of approach to the problems, and the enjoyment of risk taking.     

In combining all these thoughts together in delineating a chart, one has to keep in mind that the squares and oppositions may be harmful and baleful in that it forces us to face our demons and to seek our higher self in resolving the conflicts, and to come to a solution that will continue our growth in this world.  It is not easy to look within and finally reach the mountain top, and it is possible we may never reach it fully.  What is important is not that we failed to reach the summit, but that we started the climb.  If at times one feels the burden of the aspects are too much, just meditate on the hermit card, and realize that your higher self will give you the power and energy to continue the path.  The squares and oppositions are confronting us to look within like the hermit, and to reach our highest potential by fulfilling our purpose which the Divine has laid out in our charts.


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