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“The Square and Opposition are Malefic at Attention in Full Ceremonial Dress”

In the beginning when I first came across astrology and as my interest continued, I remembered that as my intention of taking it more seriously became more evident, my nervous anticipation became more jubilant and uncontrollable.  My first day in class was likeAlicein Wonderland, so many things to discover and so little time.  Before I knew it the two and half hours came to a close, and I was like a little child at the candy store, I didn’t have enough pockets to stuff all the goodies or enough time to taste it all.  As the weeks continued I began to calm down and realized that beside the sweet and tasty candy available, there were also the bittersweet and tart ones in life that one would get acquainted with.  Astrology is like the candy store and life itself, a diversity of things we like, dislike, and that which we hope to encounter and taste only once in life, and to avoid in future encounters.  The one thing I appreciated about my first teacher was her ability to create the subject matter in an atmosphere of grandiose and majesty as she presented the rules and regulations one needed under one’s belt in order to begin to delineate any chart.  The planets were represented in royal pageantry with the Sun and Moon being the King and Queen of the land, and everything else had its place in court.  Some of the first nobles in the court I had apprehensions about were those who represented the malefic wing in the kingdom versus the benefic fraction.  There are always intrigues and situations that are not what they appear on the surface at any royal court. 

As in any kingdom, there will be different opinions and interest, and the infighting can be very subtle or out in the open.  One of the first royals to be introduced was the aspects and they were divided into the benefic and the malefic members of the court.  I had misgivings because I associated the aspect with good versus bad or easy opposed to complicated.  It took some time in getting to realize and to understand their role in life, which made me see them in a new light.  The malefic included the squares which with their different point of view were trying to redirect our final destination one has decided on.  The opposition was either our subconscious creating our ambition or the determination and aspiration of others pushing us towards our goals we originally set.  As I continue to grow I realized that I had stereotyped the malefic and benefic into rigid ideologies without giving them a chance to express their individualities.  The truth is that the benefic are more generous and protective and the malefic are more structured and demanding, and both depending on the circumstances and situations may be good or evil in one’s life.  Suddenly I began to see the square as one that is trying to introduce new ideas or ways which may derail us from what we thought was vital and important to us at the moment.  The oppositions are pushing us so hard that we may miss everything else along the way.  Having been at the royal court for awhile, especially as the world as a whole is spinning ever so quickly into the future, we must not forget the reason the nomenclature was given in the first place. 

In this modern world, we may wish to see everything in terms of the different shades of gray from white to black, but never as truly white or black.  In reality we need to judge each situation individually, the same is true with the aspects.  For example a benefic aspect may materialize as an inheritance, and the way it was spent may turn the circumstance into something one might call malefic.  Or a person losing their job, and needing to learn to study hard to gain a new skill may have seemed bad and a difficult situation in the first place, but the final consequences may prove to be a blessing.  This reminds us that the aspects are telling us whether there may be help that we can count along the way or obstacles to be conquered.  It is how we deal with it, or if we deal with it at all, that determines the ending and how we learn from it, if anything.  To me, the square and opposition are signposts that we need to experience and learn something from.  The difficulties may hinder the process, but if we endure and follow through, the result is a step to the next level of growth and a bit closer to our hopes and dreams.  This is also the case with the aspects of the sextile or trine which are considered very beneficial, and at times, may cause a disastrous domino effect.  This teaches us that we may be in awe with the nobles in their full ceremonial dress at court, but that we need to have care, caution, attention and awareness if we are to out maneuver the intrigues of the royal court for a well thought out delineation of any chart.

“Let Your Inner Light Shine Beams the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon on Dec 24th 2011”

A few days after we begin our sojourn through the winter solstice during the cold and dark nights, we will come upon the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon at 10:07 am PST on December 24th 2011.  With the outer planets in beneficial support and with Jupiter in trine, this moon phase is beaming its message to us that we need to let our inner light shine and to no longer to allow itself to hide under a bushel.  As this moon is following in the footsteps of a solar and lunar eclipse, and on the eve of Christmas and other mid winter religious and secular celebrations, it is asking us to reawaken, revitalize, relight, and to anticipate the birth and rebirth of our inner self, to become a beacon of hope through our journey through the darkness.  As the celebrations of the light bring cheer to the dreariness of winter, our own inner light intermingling with all others will bring cheer to all those around us as we wait patiently for the coming of spring.

With the outer planets at the beginning of their signs, it is showing us the necessity and importance to rid ourselves of old and out of date habits and to seek new assessments and reforms.  This will need to be on our list to do, if we are to be prepared for what is ahead of us in the New Year.  This period of time is not only asking us to let our light shine brightly, but to be a guiding light and example for others to follow and to emulate.  Pluto conjuncts this moon, is intensifying the message of transmutation, transformation and revitalization of all we think and stand for in which we will need to actualize into reality.  Pluto is asking us to face our shadowy side to be able to see our true light in order to have and maintain the courage to go forward in the dark to the light at the end of the tunnel.  With beneficial aspects to Neptune and Uranus, our visions and imaginations have no boundaries. 

The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 3  The human soul receptive to growth and understanding  This is a symbol of mankind’s fundamentally naïve capacity for experience, and of every individual’s equally fundamental dependence on the understanding and support of fellow participants in each moment of self-discovery.  Here is a delight in normal living, not through its limitation but rather through a reiterated release of selfhood.  Life is found to be real and rewarding because it may be encountered in such infinite ramifications of itself.  The keyword is avidity.  When positive, the degree is a gift for entering into the kaleidoscopic patterns of personal relationship with an unbounded enthusiasm, and when negative, simple shiftlessness or abandon.

This image symbolizes our simple childlike acceptance without any fear or suspicion to experience friendliness, eagerness, openness, trust, receptivity and living and being in the moment.  The image represents our understanding and receptiveness for the importance of growth and development in this life.  Our delight, satisfaction, joy and purpose are uncovered in our discovery when we realize and comprehend that the opportunities and the experiences that are laid in our path are unlimited and full.  Our gain is in making sure that we are attentive and alert to the circumstances and in the understanding and knowing what our advantages and disadvantages are.  Living the moment with keen intent and enthusiasm are the keywords for success.  This Capricorn New Moon is asking us to allow our light to shine, in doing so, the road to our happiness and satisfaction will become clear to us.

“As is, is No Longer the Norm with Uranus in the Solar Return Second House”

It appears that the financial recession is taking a lot longer to bring to an end then the financial experts have hoped for.  This is no surprise to astrologers, especially those in the field who specialize in the financial aspects of the art, as they have been predicting a slow recovery from the very beginning.  Even being an astrologer and having foreknowledge, one is not immune to the stress and frustration the global community is experiencing at the moment.  I decided to take a quick glance at my solar return for 2011 and found Uranus in the Second House, which gave me some uneasiness and alarm.  I did not fully comprehend the chart at the time and the stress and fear began to build up until I resume my study.  That was my big mistake, which I wish to at this time to forewarn my readers not to jump to conclusions before doing an in-depth study of any chart.  As a student of the art I should have know better, but the climate of the time has created the environment we respond to, even if we have the knowledge to react in a more constructive manner.  After giving my self the time to really research Uranus in the Second, I realized that what we think we see, is not always out in the open, and that we need to look beyond and underneath what we see, to get to the nitty gritty of the matter at hand.

Uranus in the second house of the solar return chart indicates a change or disruption in one’s earning power and financial situation with minor or major alterations that can be either positive or negative which may occur more then once during the coming year.  One’s priorities, ideas, philosophies of life, attitudes, morals and values are changing and are surprising us by the unusual and unexpected directions it is taking.  The changes and disruptions in the person’s life are initiated and or approved by the individual, rather then by outside circumstances.  Some of the keywords associated with the planet are uncertainty, sudden change, disruption, upheaval, liberation, restraints, innovation, shattering old structures and thoughts, et cetera.  Uranus in this house creates the need to bring about change, not necessarily for an increase in financial benefits, but for the sake of change.  Whether these changes we place into action are considered minor or major, and or for better or worst is depended on the aspects of Uranus in the natal chart in comparison to the solar return chart.

The first steps one needs to take in order to realize whether Uranus in the solar return second house is benefic or malefic, is to understand the condition and environment it is in, and the aspects it has with the other planets in the natal and return charts.  Which house is it in, in the natal chart, and the aspects it is making with the solar return Uranus?  Is the planet working at its full potential in either chart, if not, how does it affect the final outcome?  Is the ruler of the sign of the natal Uranus compatible and in what aspect is it making with the ruler of the sign of the solar return Uranus?  Is there any aspect to the angles by any of the planets either in the natal or solar chart that would strengthen the influence of Uranus to determine the final outcome? 

Working with the above thoughts I was able to determine that in the long run I will eventually benefit from having this planet in my second house.  I do want to state that it really isn’t important whether Uranus appears to be a benefic or a malefic, as any kind of change or disruption we have in our daily routine brings frustrations and fears.  When going through upheavals of any kind, whether minor or major, the situation works on one’s nerves and it is difficult to appreciate the outcome, until the finish is insight.  I must say that knowing the outcome will be beneficial, does encourage one to continue to the finish line.  One thing I have noticed that when Uranus tends to be more malefic in a person’s chart, that at the end of the year the person still feels he or she has accomplished something, even though he or she did not achieved the goals hoped for.  The so called failure of the project becomes a stepping stone for future endeavors.  With the planet Uranus in the solar return second house life is never as is, but is a challenge to create a better future.

“Is Saturn the Malefic with the Eclipses Misunderstood in Modern Astrology?”

As I continue my studies and readings in astrology I realize how important it is to go back to the classics to get a handle on this subject that makes sense to me.  The more I have interactions with nonbelievers of the art; I recognize the need to understand the basis as to why I study and have an interest in astrology, and why it works for me.  It is not important if others accept my ideas and beliefs, but that I can explain in intelligent terms why I see this study as important.  As in any other subjects, if one is to become proficient one must continue to practice everyday and review the classic materials to get a real understanding of where one is coming from, and where one is going to.  The other day I came across information that a few of the great jazz musicians of our time had their basic training in classical and other forms of music in building the foundation for greatness in the venue of the music of their choice.  This only confirms that I should be open to all areas astrology encompasses, plus the classical writings that started it all.

After experiencing and writing about the eclipses in June and July 2010, I received a comment about my remarks that the earlier practitioners of the art believed these aspects to be malefic which brought on earthquakes, weather patterns, et cetera.  The writer thought this was totally unbelievable for this day and age.  I shrugged it off as I watched T.V. news reports that my statements were confirmed with what ensued in Asia after the total eclipse in 2009.  I began to wonder about my thoughts, and began to think, that what took place in Asia after the eclipse could be explain as normal occurrences happening for that time of year.  An example of how malefic an eclipse can be is a co-worker and I had the total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 conjunct one of our natal planets which made me hopeful of the results.  I wasn’t over bearing, because the underlying reflection that I never seem to feel or experience anything directly from a transit was in my belief system.  The day came and went and nothing extraordinary happen except a good feeling with expectations, which I felt was my own doing.  Where as my co-worker had a bad day and made up for it the next day, the way I thought he should have experienced the moment.  I on the other hand, experienced the Solar Eclipse conjunct to my Jupiter with a mind blowing experience a week later, to how I see myself and how I think of myself.  For the first time I am able to see and express the many different sides of my personality and be happy and comfortable with it.

Experiencing this first hand caused me to realize that I did not take in to consideration in the delineation, that the planets and aspect were malefic.  This is not to say something beneficial would not result from the aspect, but that caution should be applied when delineating a chart with negative overtones.  In modern astrology Saturn is the foundation of the structure of our thinking and actions.  Although this is beneficial to our growth, what we forget is that too little or too much structure can be destructive which then can be considered malefic.  The ancients may have considered the Eclipses as malefic in certain aspects, and if we treat it like a quincunx, with hard work and determination, we can change a difficult situation into a blessing.  Then what was considered a malefic, transforms into a beneficial aspect and vice versa.  Today if we proceed with caution and understand what a malefic can do, we can avoid some of the lessons these malefic aspects may unfold.  As modern astrologers we must respect these malefic aspects and work with their energies to bring positive results into our lives.  In this way we bring our misunderstanding of the rules that were established by Traditional Astrology into new heights in the twenty first century. This will give Saturn and the Eclipses a place of respect in Modern Astrology in helping us achieve our goals and aspirations.

“Morin on Receptions – Not a Party, Okay!”


The following aphorism number fifteen taken from Astrologia Gallica Book Twenty – Three by Morin, the first translated from Latin by James Herschel Holden, M.A. and the second version updated by Anthony Louis in his book “The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns”.  Following the two versions are my comments and thoughts on the subject.

15. If a planet in the radix is in evil aspect to another comes in the revolution to the evil radical (natal) aspect of that same planet, and there is no reception between them by house or by exaltation, it will be very evil, but less so if there is reception; but if it comes to a good radical aspect of the same planet without reception, it signifies no good from this, [but] with reception, a little good, in which one can hardly trust.  But if a planet in the radix in benefic aspect to another comes to the revolution to a malefic radical aspect of the same planet with mutual reception, a great good [accomplished] by contrary means is signified if the determination is to good; [but] if there is no reception, evil will happen, no matter what determination of the planet is.

15. If in the revolution a planet forms a stressful aspect (e.g., square, opposition) with a planet that it also stressfully aspected in the nativity and there is no reception between the two planets by domicile or exaltation, then bad things will happen.  Reception, however, can mitigate the harm of such an aspect.  If two planets form a stressful aspect in the natal chart but form a favorable aspect (e.g., sextile, trine) in the revolution, little benefit will accrue or, if there is reception, there will be only a small benefit that cannot be counted on.  If two planets favorably aspect each other in the natal chart but stressfully aspect each other in the revolution but are in mutual reception, there will be benefit through contrary means; with reception, however bad things will happen.

Reception is a condition where one planet is located in a sign where a second planet has astrological dignity, for example, a sign which is the ruler or in which it is exalted, or where the second planet is the triplicity ruler.  A mutual reception is a condition where two planets are each located in a sign ruled by the other and this is a beneficial condition, lending harmony and stability to each (Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo for example).

The Oxford English Reference Dictionary states that the word reception: the act or instance of receiving or the process of being received, especially of a person into a place or group.  The thing I realized with astrology or any subject one wishes to study is to keep things simple, especially the keywords that will open the doors to greater understanding.  If we look at the word reception and change it to the keywords “I like you and I accept you” or just “I accept you” the interpretation of the aspects become clearer.  When two planets are in hard aspects with each other, but in mutual reception and because they like each other may not do as much harm to each other as expected.  It is similar to the fact that I don’t care for your political ideas, but because we both are ardent advocates of soccer; your political stance takes a back seat.  The phrase “I accept you” or “I like you” takes on new meaning with beneficial aspects, as an aspect will give you extra benefits you haven’t thought about.  “I accept you” is like a fountain of joy that keeps on giving.

The same is true with planets opposing each other in opposing houses, but are in mutual reception, can bring more surprises then realized.  It may appear malefic; such as a person is being laid off during this economic downturn and finding that the person’s hobby and interest will become the source of one’s income.  A reception may not be a party in the normal sense of the word, but brings its’ own party favors to the event. 


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