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“Welcome to the Twilight Zone with 3 Degrees Aquarius Full Moon July 25th – 26th 2010”

One will realize if you have been reading my articles, that I anticipate and work with the moon periods, and I especially await with hope and expectation the Full Moon at 2 Aquarius 59 on July 25th 2010 at 6:38 p.m. PDT which also sextiles and trines Saturn conjunct Jupiter opposite Saturn.  This aspect is welcoming us into a brief time period to the Twilight Zone were we can appreciate, sympathize, and empathize with the trials, tribulations and the circumstances that are going on around us.  For one brief moment, if we take the time to attune to what is going on around us, we will acquire glimpses of the solutions and directions that will not only open doors, but give us new insights to our present situation, and how the recently past eclipses have their impact on us individually.  That brief instant we may not agree with what is happening and may with inspiration choose a different path, but at that split second we have the respect and honor for another person’s opinion or situation, and realize that everything that is happening has its purpose and reason.  With respect for others, we can begin to respect and honor our own choices that will make differences in our lives.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 3 degrees of Aquarius and for the Sun in 3 degrees of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 3   A deserter from the navy  This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme rebellion against things as they are, here emphasized in a disregard of all consequences for the sake of an immediate liberation of the spirit.  There is a demand for a more rewarding expression of individuality, and the reversed symbolism suggests that any late acceptance of full and personal responsibility for life is better than none at all.  Except as man creates his own allegiances, his destiny holds no depth.  The keyword is defiance.  When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

Leo 3  A woman having her hair bobbed   This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme self-examination, here emphasized in a desire for greater participation in the momentary trends and heightened values of the social milieu.  There is open invitation to every possibility of personal experience, and a willingness to grasp the least promising opportunity in order to achieve and enlarged significance.  The soul accepts every minor modification of itself in order to perfect the channels of self-expression.  The keyword is decision.  When positive, the degree is exceptionally effective self-mobilization for the sake of personal ambition, and when negative, wholly inadequate appreciation for the self and its destiny.

The planetary formation at this period of time is only confirming the need not only to make changes that will make a difference, but that these changes need to strike a chord in our soul and personality in what we believe and stand for.  Our actions need to become one with our thinking so that we are willing to make a statement to break away from peer pressure.  With Pluto in aspect to this Full Moon, it is expressing to us the need to get it right, or the difficulties we may be experiencing now, will need to be repeated without the wisdom and energy of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.  What ever we decide is the right direction, must be made with forethought and involvement, so that we do not appear indecisive or fickle, or just going with the flow.  When one enters the twilight zone, it isn’t how long one experiences the moment, but how quickly one can adapt and work with the energies and astuteness the Universe has laid in our path for our success in everything we desire and hope for that was predicted in our charts.  The twilight moment is fleeting, and one can not think twice before participating as it will never return again, and when it does, it will never be the same.  So when this Full Moon takes place, make sure, you are ready to grasp the moment in the Twilight zone.

“Saturn Opposite Uranus Square Pluto ▬ Change, Return or Back to Square One?”

As the aspects of Saturn Opposite Uranus square Pluto continues its’ play in the night sky, the results of it’s’ action is felt in every part of our lives.  From the spill in the Gulf Coast to the World Soccer Championships and to everyday incidents, the unexpected is taking its toll on our world.  The weather patterns across the globe has shown us not to expect the norm, otherwise our expectations will be dashed to smithereens.  The only norm at the moment is not to expect business as usual, but to always expect the unusual or the unexpected.  The Universe is telling us that during this period what we thought was a safe bet can no longer be relied upon.  This made me wonder, as an astrologer indicating these aspects as a symbol of change, was a bit too vague, and we needed to be more clear in what areas this change may happen in our lives.  Just changing our thinking and our way of life without thinking about the results of our actions is irresponsible, and may bring more damage, then good to our welfare.  Seeing what we really wanted and needed, in relationship to our surroundings is more of a sure bet, with Pluto on the scene.  Knowing what we really want and need in this age of the internet is more complicated then we really realize or understand.  Peer pressure seems more prevalent now, that we seem to need to conform to the wants of those who encircle us, then to our own personal wishes and requirements.  I am emphasizing here our real personal needs and desires, and not our selfish, greedy needs.  We need to have the yearning and the motivation to explore our real inner hopes and its’ impact on our surroundings.

Dwelling on this I realize that my own needs in astrology and my personal philosophy and way of life have returned back to the traditional and classical origins and to the old masters that really knew their subject matter.  My spiritual philosophy must not only give me peace of mind et cetera, but also be practical, to be practiced everyday in my daily life.  My study in astrology must not only predict and have a reason and logic and a systematic approach to it’s’ delineation of a chart, and not just be a new system in vogue that has no lineage and appears to predict haphazardly.  Although I do not consider myself a traditional astrologer, I am definitely moving towards it, and have included more areas for my consideration as I do delineations of any chart.  I realize I am going towards these areas, because they provide me a comfort zone that makes me feel I can get through these challenging times, by surrounding myself with an environment that will help me make the right choices in the present and in the future.  I have noticed this has been happening to a lot of my friends, acquaintances, et cetera, who are returning to things that give them comfort, safety and joy during these unpredictable times.  The slow food movement, the return of the big band sound, the return of ballroom dancing, the return of jazz and blues, et cetera, and especially the attention of young adults keeping these areas alive for newer generations to appreciate.  My final summation is that in order to make any changes for the future, we must return back to square one.  Square one are those decisions and thoughts that make us truly happy, truly thrill us, truly give us goose bumps, and truly provide us with the energy and determination everyday to complete what we began, until we reach success at the end of the rainbow and receive our pot-of-gold.

“Jupiter and Saturn Square Pluto is Creating a Spiritual Awakening!”

As we continue our journey through 2010 with Uranus and Jupiter entering Aries opposition to Saturn square Pluto in Capricorn, change of direction is not only a keyword, but a slogan for demonstrations and revolts through out our global communities.  In our last major election in the United State, change was the keyword that brought a new administration to the forefront.  Yet as we enter this period of time, grumblings of new changes are being heard, that the last change was not right, nor what we have hoped for.  I began thinking about this, as an individual who wishes to see and experience a better tomorrow, to understand the problem that got us here in the first place, and what we needed to do to create the world we wanted to live in.  Thinking about this, I realized we were all caught up with the euphoria of change, but what the details of that change was not clear, and the consequences it may have on us did not dawn on us at the time.  It seems to me, the new changes that are being discussed, is the same old rhetoric, because we the public who want these changes, are not clear what these changes should be.  I don’t blame the leaders for this direction, I blame us the people, whom were not clear of the changes we wanted and needed.  The new changes in the air have their own consequences if put into action, and I am not sure that the politicians that advocate these changes have the foresight to see the consequences or to be responsible for the results.

This made me think about the changes I need to put together in my own life at this time, if I am to see a new happier tomorrow.  Many astrologers, psychics et cetera are pointing to a direction of change we need to institute if we are not to end up where we don’t want to be.  My problem with the doomsday advocates is they don’t give us any clues to what changes we need to make.  Some of the solutions mentioned are not only impractical, but not realistic.  What we need is a clear direction of what would make each of us happy and satisfied, and that what we are doing to achieve the final outcome is what we hoped for in the first place.  It is not important that we succeed in the direction we started, but that we take responsibility of our decisions, and are willing to take on the consequences’ of our actions.  This is my problem with the bailout of some of our financial institutions, that they have not taken responsibility for their decisions.  As individuals when we make some major mistakes in our financial dealings, we alone, are responsible to remedy the situation.  It is clear to me that whatever the decisions or directions we decide upon; we must take responsibility for our actions.

With Pluto square to Jupiter and Uranus, it is revealing to us the need to revolutionize our thinking and habits, and to live and experience life to the fullest.  Pluto is telling us to become the caterpillar that has the faith, knowledge and determination to change into the beautiful butterfly.  Each of us must take that step towards the unknown to achieve our dreams.  Not only must we face the unknown territory with courage and strength, but realize that our course should enliven our spirits, and give us hope and reason for the future.  We should see life like a child, who has no fear, but a love for life.  If our decisions for the future do not give us hope, joy and anticipation to experience more of what life has to offer, then we should reconsider the path we are on.  The spiritual awaking is simple; we must regain our innocence and naiveté like little children and see everything with joy and enthusiasm.  The decisions will become clear when we see our circumstances in that light because all the prejudices and thoughts that have accumulated through the years will melt away, and what the conditions really are like, will become clear to us.  The awakening is the realization to live and experience each moment in the present, and that our decisions for the future comes from living in the here and now.

“Mercury Gone Wild? or has it just Gone Mad?”


These days during the internet explosion and with communication technology going wild, the resources to search for information are always at your finger tips.  Not only has blogging gone wild, but with services like twitter, one can keep in touch with the news of the day within seconds of it happening.  With so much going on, no wonder the old media establishments are having a hard time keeping their institutions profitable.  One begins to wonder how much of the information is backed up with facts or just hear say.  There is so much information available, and there is only so much time in a day to absorb all the knowledge to be had.  This made me wonder if all this knowledge that is available to us is a benefit or does it have a destructive nature we are unaware of?

Mercury the planet for communication, messages and information has it’s hands full these days with all the different ways to distribute this knowledge, one wonders how much is really being absorb, and has it been helpful?  It seems to me again that Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter comes into play in this important matter.  I happen to be very happy that all this knowledge and information is so easily at our finger tips, that I have begun to wonder how much of the information are we really digesting?  Are we digesting the material and integrating it into our thinking, or just filing them in files in our brain, and when needed, extracted for use.  I am thinking we are in this financial mess, because we have assimilated all the necessary data, but had not digested the information to see what elements of what had been absorb can be put to good use for our benefit.  I have noticed in my own life, that I am being bombarded by so much information, that I don’t have the time to really think about what I am really reading.  The need to understand how our natal planets help us to absorb and digest this information is very important, if we are to attain a happy and successful life during these difficult stressful times indicated by the transits of the planets.

The transits of Saturn opposition Uranus square Pluto is telling us that the way we absorb and digest our information, and the way we are applying it into our lives, needs to change.  That we have lost touch with our real soul and the need to regenerate and see life as a whole picture and unit, and use it to benefit everyone and everything on this earth.  It seems to me that we have lost the zest to live, live and live.  Life is a banquet, in which we should enjoy each morsel, instead of filling our stomachs to stay alive.  All this information available to us is great, but if we don’t digest and understand how to utilize and apply the information into our lives, it becomes a hindrance instead of the help it should be.

This is where understanding the aspects between Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in our charts become of vital significance in how we assimilate all this information.  It is not important whether the aspects are beneficial or malefic, but what is important is what the assets and the liabilities are.  The old adage “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” has more power, then one realizes.  To go into battle and to know our weakness is to have a secret weapon the enemy has not expected, and we may not win, but we will not lose, either.  This is where Mercury makes its presence in our chart important, and the need to understand how well it gets along with the sign and house it is in, and the aspects it is making to the other planets in our natal chart.  Again Jupiter and Saturn take their place in front to give us structure and the ability to digest, use and integrate the information beneficially into our lives.  So in reality Mercury has gone wild, and will it be us, who goes mad, if we don’t learn how to use all of this available knowledge for our benefit?  Knowledge is power, but I think in the twenty first century the saying should be change to “Knowing how to use and apply knowledge, is power”.

“November 2nd 2009, Full Moon at 11 degrees of Taurus, Learning to Care”


On November 2nd 2009, a full moon at 11 degrees of Taurus beams its moonlight on the earth to brighten our path in the darkness of night.  The brightness of the full moon is a metaphor to our wishes and desires we planted in the New Moon period, and is growing clearer and brighter each day without any hidden agendas until it becomes full.  The materialization of our wishes and hopes which reflects us and our needs is similar to the full moon which reflects the energy and thoughts of the Sun.  With the full moon in Taurus the need to have or possess, to receive, to preserve, and to enjoy is essential in our daily lives.  With Jupiter and Mars squaring the Full Moon, the need to share, to expand, to care and to work towards a certain end which is familiar and lasting without becoming a dull and routine habit is a necessity.  Jupiter teaches us that we need to share our good fortune and Mars pushes our thoughts of giving and service into action, rather than empty words that do nothing.  Saturn still in opposition to Uranus and squaring Pluto is continuing to push for change, rebirth, regeneration, and the need to see things, both new and old, in a new light.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 11 degrees of Taurus and for the Sun in 11 degrees of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Taurus 11  A woman sprinkling flowers  This is a symbol of the soul’s determination to give constant and tangible manifestation of its creative powers, and of its eagerness to pour itself into every potentiality of living.  There is here an easy and rewarding partnership between man and nature, so that a natural profusion tends to match his inner generosity of spirit.  He feels responsible for the welfare of his world, and its rewards for his interest are very great.  The keyword is care.  When positive, the degree is the high stewardship by which man builds everything around him into an enduring organism for his own fulfillment, and when negative, superficial satisfactions and a wasteful truckling to petty concerns.

Scorpio 11  A drowning man rescued  This is a symbol of the soul’s personal immortality, and of its unabated eagerness in returning to the various phases of its experience again and again.  There is here a consistent partnership between man and nature, so that the very accidents of circumstance can be counted on to serve him as long as he maintains his underlying enthusiasm of being.  His consciousness has continuity through his sense of responsibility for his own creative powers.  The keyword is safety.  When positive, the degree is the inherent courage which constitutes a protection from the vicissitudes of life, and when negative, a tendency to hysteria on the least occasion and a lean on transient excitement for all self-realization.

What this teaches us, is that no one person is an island unto himself without the help of others, and that the keyword for Taurus in the second house in the twenty first century is no longer I Have, but We Have and Share.  The urgency for humanity is to realize that we are now a global community and the need to watch out and to care for one another, is one of the many important lessons we need to practice if we are to survive the coming ages.  With Venus ruler of Taurus, we have not only the ability to appreciate and possess beautiful things and ideas, but we have the ability to have compassion for everyone and everything and every thought.  With the Full Moon in Taurus we are taking another step forward in learning to care.   

“New Moon at 26 Degrees Virgo – Sept 18th – Midpoint”


It is always wonderful to experience a new moon; since we are midway through the year at 26 degrees Virgo on September 18th 2009 at 11:44 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time with its ruler retrograde, and Saturn and Uranus doing their special little dance with the rest of the planets.  With every new moon we can begin new projects or renew, redirect and, or rethink ones that have already been started.  With Mercury Retrograde square Pluto, the need for transformation and rebirth of our thoughts and commitments are at hand, and the need to bring them into reality an urgent matter.  The requirement to be resourceful, honest and with integrity with our thinking and our conclusions are vital for the next several years, if we are to survive and prosper from this financial meltdown.  We are hoping we are near the bottom of this crisis, but the stars tell us differently.  It is important not to be negative or despondent, but to look at one’s situation as objectively as possible and go on from there.

The Sabian symbol for Virgo at this degree is “A boy with a censer” which seems to indicate an altar boy serving with the Priest to serve the parishioners at-large.  One comes to the conclusion that being of service at this time is the important message, but looking closer at the matter, one wonders if the message is to understand why we want to serve and its benefits.  Does the boy understand what he is doing with the censer and what role he is participating in?  My thinking is the boy is serving to please and satisfy others in his life, and not necessarily for himself, even though he may really enjoy participating in the ritual.  To me the message is not only to be of service, but to understand the role and the purpose of the service.  We can’t help others if we don’t first understand and help ourselves.  We can not bring happiness and peace to others if we have not located the center of peace and happiness within us.  Another interesting thing is service to others is connected to Virgo and the sixth house which also indicates health.  It has been proven when we think of others in the big picture, we also help ourselves, therefore our health benefits.

We are towards the end of the Virgo sign and going on to Libra which is depicted by the scales of harmony and judgments.  The decisions and the directions we take now will either lead us to harmony, or the need to experience and to deal with the outcome of our wrong thinking and conclusions.  Although retrograde can play havoc with our lives, it is at this time where directing our thinking will produce innovative and creative solutions to our problems and our daily routines.  This new moon period can be like the censer, cleansing and blessing the path for our thoughts to follow and to germinate into the vision we have for us and humanity.


“Saturn opposition Uranus September 15th 2009 – Watch Mercury!”


On September 15th 2009, the Saturn opposition Uranus will be at the midpoint of five exact aspects for this time period, with the last on July 26th 2010.  For some it will be a sigh of relief that this aspect is almost over, and we can go on to better things.  For others this time will have past by with out too many hitches and to a future with promises, but not without hard work and with some changes in the direction in our lives.  Saturn is the teacher of structure in one’s life which represents experience, authority, tradition, continuity and a sense of stability.  Saturn is the great teacher and the bringer of wisdom and he guides and directs us to the next higher level in life, and teaches us to learn from our experiences.


Uranus on the other hand is a revolutionist who seeks freedom, equality, creativity, independence and brotherhood.  Uranus is also a teacher, but one who follows his own calling and seeks new answers and solutions to old questions and problems.  Uranus seeks to see the other side and beyond, and to see the solutions to help all humanity.  Uranus opposition to Saturn calls for change, not change for change sake, but change that is needed even if we are not up to it.  Uranus is pushing and telling Saturn that he has to get with it if he wants to survive in the twenty first century, and stop being a horse and carriage in the automobile age.  As a nation and as individuals, we are experiencing this aspect every day as the economical downturn continues, and we have all had to change the way we have been thinking.  We are beginning to realize with Uranus’s help that we can take charge of own destiny and make changes and with Saturn’s help with structure, begin to build a better and a stronger future.  All this takes hard work, but without Mercury we will experience failure.


As we are in the middle and almost over with this opposition, some may ease up and begin to direct more attention to other pressing matters.  I feel this is the most important time to keep vigilant of our hopes and wishes for our future, as it is a most precarious time to make a mistake and ease up on our determination for the right outcome.   This is where Mercury plays its part in keeping our vision of change on the right road to success.  The strength of Mercury in our charts with our own natal Saturn and Uranus will help us to get through this with flying colors.  Mercury helps us to see all details in the right light and to view Saturn and Uranus in a new light in relationship to each other. 


An astrologer friend had a client who was very unhappy with the Uranus opposition Saturn effect on her chart, which indicated a divorce from a wandering husband of six years to a younger woman.  The astrologer had to remind the client that she was not happy in the relationship in the first place.  This is where Mercury becomes important, that clear thinking comes into the picture if we are not to make a mistake in our future.  In rethinking her situation, she realized her pride was hurt, but that she really wanted the divorce.  She has been separated from her husband for only a couple of months, but has reported back to my friend, that she is on a wonderful new adventure and a burden has been lifted from her.  So remember to keep a clear mind and don’t jump to any conclusions until all the facts are in, and not to look at this opposition as problems and unwanted changes, but as opportunities to a better future.

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