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“Will Being on the Very Edge of the Orb of the Sun Cause a Sunburn or Tan?”

My study in Astrology seems to be “The Never Ending Story”, which sounds like a wonderful title for a movie and book.  Like the story, astrology is an adventure.  The books that are available today on the stars are endless without a dull moment with new, interesting and exciting areas to be explored, no matter what your interest and expertise is.  Always leading to discoveries to enhance the knowledge anyone already has under their belt for further understanding and growth.  Within the last thirty years with the growing interest in the translations of older astrological material, the field is a gold mine to be harvested and devoured.  One can not pick a better time to study astrology, with so much available and with the ability to access the information without much difficulty or wait.  There is no excuse for not having a well rounded general knowledge of what is being offered, as much of the descriptions and information are available on the internet.

Recently I ran across the book, “On The Heavenly Spheres – A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar and Luis Riberio” which is laid out as a textbook with a systematic approach for study.  One of the best books at the moment for a general overview of what traditional astrology has to offer.  For those who have started with the modern approach and wish to understand what traditional astrology has to offer in this contemporary world, this book may give one the clues?  Not only will this textbook allow us to discern whether we want to continue with this branch of astrology, it will give us the origin and history of the astrology we work with today.  I have always felt that for us to develop, to progress, and to grow into new areas of our studies, we need to know where we came from.  Understanding our roots gives us the knowledge and foundation to expand into the unknown.  The authors cover all the rules and steps in delineating a chart, even those we don’t use as much, or have modified for today’s lifestyle. 

One of the rules I worked with in the beginning was the orbs that were allowed when the planets were making an aspect.  My first teacher’s attitude was that I needed to memorize the rules, but she always emphasized that the closer the orb, the more important it was.  Her attitude was, the wider the orb, the less influence it would have in the delineation, so therefore she saw no reason to pay attention to them.  If the orbs were larger then I thought they should be, I followed my teacher’s advice and usually ignore it.  This mind-set was easy for me to adopt.  The ancients thought the wider orbs still had an influence, a subtle coloring that modern astrologers, including myself, did not take into consideration.  This subtle difference gives a diverse picture when combined with other understated aspects of the chart.  My attitude about them has change after reading this book, because I saw results when applying the principles suggested. 

The orb of the Sun was larger then I remembered, with the orb reaching fifteen degrees on each side, totaling thirty degrees.  Following this rule my Sun conjunct my Uranus with thirty seconds before it was out of orb.  This made me wonder if my planet was too far from the Sun to be affected or was it in a weak state.  Mercury is conjunct my Uranus by one degree in the ninth house, but luckily out of the rays of the Sun and its harmful effect.  As I contemplated on what I learnt from the authors and began to look at the aspect more seriously, I came to the conclusion that Uranus was affected by the rays of the Sun.  As comfortable as I have become with myself in seeing things differently, I realized that I am very uncomfortable in relating these different and unusual ideas to others.  I see this as being under the rays of the Sun in which the confidence I have in how I think and how I see things needs work.  After serious consideration and pondering, I definitely have come to the conclusion that being on the very edge of the orb of the Sun may not give one a sunburn, but a tan, that lets you know that the Sun has touched one in someway.  It may have a malefic or benefic outcome depending on the planet or planets involved within the rays of the Sun.

“The Unknown is Safer Than the Known Stresses the 4 Libra New Moon on Sept 27th”

As the different seasons appear on the horizon I began to wonder if the message stressed by the 04 Libra 00 New Moon at 4:10 a.m. PDT on September 27th 2011 emphasizing that treading the unknown may be safer and more secure then following our usual course of action will be more then subtly felt globally, then I realize or expect.  Within about a week after the autumnal equinox in which we are beginning to look forward and to anticipate the harvest of what we have planted in the spring and to celebrate and to give thanks for the abundance manifested by our labors.  So too, we look forward to see the results of our thoughts, actions and ideas we have activated earlier in the year, and to see if they have met our expectations. 

This particular Moon is the fourth in the series of Super Moons in this coming year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth and the importance its influence may have in our lives in the coming weeks.  This New Moon is in opposition to Uranus, and is also square to Pluto, giving us a dynamic duo which will be creating a push and pull effect with a heavy shaking of everything we hold dear to our hearts.  We need to be our own Judges and advisers to instigate decisions made, instead of seating on the fence.  Hoping that all will go well, and allowing others to do the work and thinking, is no longer acceptable.  The usual and the norm have gone by the way side, and we need to think beyond and above our comfort zone and begin to make some real choices that will benefit all of us in the future.

 “The Sabian symbol for the 4th degree of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 4  A group around a campfire  This is a symbol of an initial or uncritical consummation of group experience, and of the totally unconditioned capacity of each individual to associate himself with his kind without exaction or inhibition.  Implicit here is the fact that any reality broader than a simple self-concern must have its origin in common functions where any responsibility becomes the expression of identity rather than of a divergence in interest.  The keyword is amiability.  When positive, the degree is special skill in building an everyday morale and in sustaining an effective structure for further and greater objectives in life, and when negative, a lazing away of opportunity and an idle dependence on others.

This sabian symbol speaks to us of the deep feeling of unity and oneness that are invoked by true bonding of fellowship.  Creating one mind and one thought of sharing with a common cause, symbolized by the gathering of kindred spirits around the campfire. This sense and feeling of fellowship in connection with enthusiasm and optimism creates illumination and accomplishment with a common purpose and gives the energy and determination to accomplish anything it puts its mind to.  The challenge here is to work together as one for the good and success of the community and to realize there is momentum and support as a unit.  The good of the whole is dependent on each one in participating and sharing in the activity.  By working and supporting the group, we not only benefit everyone, but each individual of the group is also greatly benefited, creating optimism and enthusiasm for further accomplishments and for individual growth. 

The aspects happening in the zodiac are causing everyone to feel the need of making changes, and by spiritually and mentally joining forces, we bring into our own lives, this optimism, enthusiasm and the momentum which instills in us to take steps into the unknown to achieve the unachievable.  As the momentum of change of direction grows and expands it gathers the impetus of knowledge and illumination with respect, trust, and the camaraderie to tread the unknown with courage and confidence.  This unseen energy and force is allowing us to realize that by uniting with others, either physically, mentally, or spiritually is giving us the fellowship, and bonding to bestow upon us the courage to step into the untried.  This New Moon is not only foretelling how we may have a better future, but demanding us to realize that at this time in our lives, following the unknown is safer than the known and more productive.

“Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover Whispers the Solar Return Second House”

Living during these times is very exciting as the world is spinning so rapidly into the future, that every second of the day, something new is always being discovered and developed.  The idea behind the statement, “do not judge a book by its cover” is a concept we need to deal with in a new light and in a new way.  At onetime it meant to keep any preconceive ideas or prejudices of an individual or situation from being conceived in our mindset, but with all the new innovations, it includes almost anything and everything we see or come into contact with.  Experiencing today’s world we know that nothing is static, that everything is in constant change, and what something seems to be reality today, maybe a distant memory tomorrow.  Or what appears to be one thing, maybe something totally different, or not function as one would expect.  This is extremely important when it comes to delineating the second house solar return during these trying financial times.  In this fast paced world we live in, jumping to a conclusion, without further investigation is an easy step to fall into because so much information is vying for our attention.  As uncertain and unreliable as the times appears to be, it is important and a necessity that we make sure we don’t create unnecessary fears and stresses by misunderstanding and misinterpreting the events indicated by the return chart.

This is definitely true when we see Jupiter or Venus in the solar return second house, as we may quickly surmise that good things are coming our way during the coming year.  Or seeing Saturn or Mars, we might quickly come to the conclusion that hard and frugal times are on the horizon.  As quickly as the assumptions are made, it may just be as quick to reverse our decisions, as we take a closer and more detailed look at the chart.  As this world is changing so rapidly, we need to adapt and to improvise to the ever varying circumstances, because following the same old procedures does not seem to be working.  We as astrologers, who are advising ourselves and others to the state of affairs that might be in store for us, need to use every tool we have at our disposal to be as accurate as possible, which will give some indication and direction.  I have noticed that the essential dignities that were once the basic foundation of our studies, having been laid aside for more modern and quicker techniques.  Sometimes we use them, and at other times we are in such a hurry we forget they exist.  Using computer software to calculate our charts has made it easier for us to overlook some basic steps that should always be used for a thorough and precise delineation of any chart 

The essential dignities are like the horse and buggy, we know they are important, but at this point in time they are like the Model T Ford automobile.  They get you to where you want to be, but are very slow compared to our modern transportation and they just don’t fit into our lifestyle of today.  This is a big mistake in my thinking as the essential dignities are part of the basic foundation of astrology, which is similar in concept of the wheel which has not drastically changed through the years.  We must remember to use these basics and revitalize them for today.  Essential dignities will be the key ingredient to give color and dimension to our delineation.  We also need to begin to realize and to understand how the planets mimic and behave through the different signs as they travel throughout the zodiac.  Whether the planet is a benefic or malefic, is it happy and comfortable in the sign it is in?  Is the degree of the sign and the aspect it is making a hindrance or a help?  Is the planet in its exaltation, triplicity, face, term, fall, detriment, et cetera?  All these rules and concepts colors how well the planet will perform.  I have quickly learnt my lessons with my own solar return when I misjudged Jupiter and Saturn by not paying attention to the basics which created fears and stresses which could have been avoided.  The lesson at this juncture is never judge a book by its cover before reading and understanding the contents.

“The Veil Over Our Inner Truths is Lifted as the 19 Pisces Full Moon Begins on Sept 12th”

As we begin another full moon, my reflections recall how I always related the two periods to the symbol of the yin and the yang, where the opposites are one with the other, and yet nothing without the other.  The New Moon is the essence and the start of the gathering of the light, and the Full Moon is when we begin to care for and support that which we have gathered together and created.  At this point we still have time during the month to revise and rethink and to reinvent the ideas and plans to take us into the future, if what we have started in the new moon has not come to fruition.  This 19 Pisces 17 Full Moon on September 12th 2011 at 2:27 p.m. PDT does not fail to fulfill its promise as it lifts and rips off the veil over our inner truths, allowing us to have better access to them, for our use in creating a better and more hopeful future.  With a grand trine involving Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury, death and rebirth is but a cycle to give witness to the grand design of the Universe.  Each of us needs to go within our own inner spiritual sanctum and lift off the veil to see what truths and secrets are at our disposal, which are our gifts and blessings from the Universe.  To take time to understand who we are and where we really need to be, and to have the gratitude that we are where we should be.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 20 degrees of Pisces and for the Sun in 20 degrees of Virgo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Pisces 20  A table set for an evening meal  This is a symbol of nature’s prodigality as revealed through the normal satisfactions for which modern man seldom has to exert himself, and as these take on significance through his instinct for finding every phase of reality a special revelation of his own potentials.  Every individual discovers that there is no part of the universe he cannot enlist for the fulfillment of how own desires, and in making every such potentiality an expression of his own genius he achieves its promise in a thorough self-gratification.  The keyword is familiarity.  When positive, the degree is an effective sensitiveness to every passing need of mankind, and when negative, naïve selfishness and a wholly witless optimism.

Virgo 20  An automobile caravan  This is a symbol of nature’s prodigality as revealed through man’s genius for multiplying the facilities of modern life, and for pyramiding the expectancies which will interest an enlightened individual.  Experience is on the move in a civilized society, since everyone has been encouraged to heed his visions and to claim increasing rewards for the skill he develops.  Self goes out very courageously to meet its world, and as a result finds it has brought a cosmos to its doorstep.  The keyword is variety.  When positive, the degree is an exceptional capacity for creating a greater promise and producing expanded dividends in every area of human activity, and when negative, improvidence and restlessness.

As I continue to work with the Sabian symbols, I have become more convinced each day that the interpretations are similar to using the I Ching text (The Book of Changes).  One must enter its portals with reverence and respect, and the indications and the paths it has in its insight will be revealed.  As with the wisdom of the ancient words which needs to be taken in context with the question, the meaning to the Sabian symbols must be interpreted and delineated with the aspects it makes with the other planets in the night sky.  Prodigality as defined in The American Heritage Dictionary is as follows “profuse generosity, extreme abundance, lavishness”.  An appreciative attitude is required and needed as we partake of our daily meal or a special occasion feast or banquet.  Gratitude for the thought and the preparation involved is as important as the consumption of what is presented in front of us.  So too, as we enter this incarnation and are invited to partake of the abundance life has to offer and are shown our talents, assets and liabilities, we must realize and recognize that gratitude is the key in helping us work with what has been given for our use.  This Full Moon in Pisces is allowing us to go within our sacred portal before our own Holy Altar which is within each of us and lift off the veil, to see and be thankful for the treasure trove of gifts the Universe has bestow upon us as we sojourn through this lifetime.  How we approach our inner space and with what level of respect, honor and gratitude, will determine how successful we will be to achieve our desires and wishes.

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