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“Uranus in Aspect to Pluto Enables us to Adjust to Change – A Key to Success in 2014”




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A few months ago I was asked to express my view of the key issue facing 2014, in as few words as possible.  It took me some pondering, while looking through the difficult aspects still looming over the night sky for the year to zoom into what would make a difference in my opinion.  With Uranus still hanging on to its fingertips to Pluto and Jupiter, and seeing that the results and benefits from these aspects in the past few years, has not been anything spectacular to write home about.  My first impression is that the year will be a roller coaster ride with many highs and many lows.  Full of excitements and thrills and with moments of fear and anxiety instill with the anticipation that something good and successful is around the next corner.  Uranus, the co-ruler to Aquarius with the planet Saturn, is considered the higher spiritual octave of Mercury.  The planet is associated with change, revolution, invention, inspiration, freedom and the inner awakening of the spirit and the soul.  It is the adaptability of Uranus to cleverly adjust to change combined with Pluto’s ability to regenerate, transform, and create, that anything we sincerely are committed to at this time will be more rewarding and will succeed beyond our expectations.  How we as a global community and individually adjust, react and improvise and work with the change will be the key and the hallmark to our success and accomplishments for the coming year.


The Oxford English Reference dictionary defines the word change as the following; 1.) The act or the instance of making or becoming different.  2.) An alteration or modification (a change in the person’s expression, thinking or way of dress.  3.) A new experience.  4.) The substitution of one thing for another: an exchange.  Having my Sun in Taurus makes it very hard for me to tolerate or make changes easily.  I find it more pleasant and comfortable to continue doing things as they have always been done by me.  I realize I am not alone in feeling or reacting in this way, but with these difficult and trying aspects that have been with us for a while.  We need to explore new avenues of approach, if we don’t want to fall into the same traps and difficulties we have been experiencing.  Although I may prefer not to experience change or something new, I am aware that any kind of change in one’s lifestyle seems to help to jumpstart one’s imagination, and at the same time it seems to have the power to shape a situation or idea before it is manifested into reality.  A new experience seems to show one what one wants or does not want, in order to point the way to what one truly desires.  Change also reveals what experiences exist at the moment, not necessarily what one wants to end up with.  One does not study or analyze change, one just goes with it.  One needs to experience change in its context, and to use change to create change.


As we experience this coming year as a global community or individually, we need to live and be in the moment.  To go with the flow and to begin to see where it takes us, before we put up our defenses and arguments.  As the global discontent, unrest and distress is spreading, we need to go within our own thoughts and emotions, to see what disgruntlement is seething within us, in order to implement the changes that are needed to bring us in harmony with ourselves.  For as long as we are unhappy with our state of affairs we will not be in the right frame of mind to make the right choices and to determine the changes that are needed.  Our key to success for the coming year will be determined by how well we meet and handle the challenges and obstacles that are placed on our path.  Our attitude and the way we deal with the situation will determine the success we will encounter, and whether a transformation will be in progress.  We need to realize that the energies and vibrations from Uranus and Pluto are here to be a help to each one of us and not a hindrance.  These two planets give us the ability to acclimatize, improvise, invent and to create the world we are willing to call our own.  We need to work with and to be open to the changes and to allow and welcome the transformation and the regeneration that will follow.      

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