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“Neptune and Hunches Involved with Mercury and the Moon?”


An article in the New York Times, July 28, 2009 by Benedict Carey entitled “In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable Assets” , in which the government is doing a study on our soldiers in Iraq who are surviving the war using their hunches to avoid danger and dangerous situations.  The top story was about Sgt. First class Edward Tierney, acting on an urge while leading a patrol, gave a command to fall back right before a blast.  The headlines got me to thinking what planet or planets handle intuition, psychic perception, and hunches.  Of course, the first planet that came to mind was Neptune, but if you were a traditional astrologer, might it be Mercury and or the Moon?  The following dissertation is of my own making and how I see it for myself.  You may disagree and that is okay.  I am talking about hunches or short psychic impressions one gets on any subject.  I compare hunches to Twitter; they are short little messages to the brain to tell you what they think of the situation at hand.  It is not like being psychic or a clairvoyant where one receives a whole story on a situation.


To me hunches are more than psychic impressions with the paranormal which would involve Neptune, but being observant of all that is going on around you is a necessary ingredient.  Having your psychic antennas always on, and being able to digest the information and to put it all together takes Mercury to be in control.  Is that all?  Not so fast says my book, how ones’ emotion plays its’ part, is a big component in whether we even receive the message, or if we did, what significance would it have in our lives.  The emotions color how we accept the message and it controls our body language, and our body language is what other people respond to.  I am wondering whether some of the messages we are receiving is body language from others, because it is their emotions on display.  Our emotions can deceive and get the best of us, and make us do things we might not want do, so Mercury needs to be in the picture to balance out the playing field.  Too much thought power without some emotion is the same as too much emotional without some clear thinking, just bad chasing after bad.  The important thing is the balance of Mercury to the Moon, so that the antenna that is picking up from the psychic wave length (Neptune) can be deciphered correctly and be to our benefit.


Seeing how this works out in ones chart, check the signs, the houses and the aspects they make to one another by the three planets and then to your Sun.  This doesn’t prevent one from screwing up the messages, but helps one to understand how you perceive your intuition and the way it works in your life.  Neptune gives us the ability to see and hear from the other worlds, but it is like a basket full of colors which Mercury and the Moon have organized into the rainbow ending at the pot of gold which is represented by the Sun.  We need to have gratitude and respect for these planets which bring us our hunches which at times can be our lifesavers.  Although hunches can help us out of dangerous circumstances, they can also bring us into conditions which one calls lucky or born with a silver spoon.  So next time you have a hunch that you act on, remember to thank your lucky stars and planets for the advice and guidance.


“Planets in the First House – Colors the Rest”



I have always thought that the best way to learn and study astrology is by using your own chart as a guide to all the principles and rules one would be learning.  One of the first principles one learns in interpreting the chart, is that the first house always indicates what the individual looks like, and is like.  The ascendant sign gives us a clue to the personality and any planets in the house would give a more detail account of the person.  This I found to be very true in my own chart, with the ascendant at Virgo and with its ruler Mercury in Gemini in the ninth, and the planet Neptune in the first house.  Neptune in the first house is a bridge from the mysterious, the illusions, the imaginations, the mysticism and the spirituality to the physical world of reality.  The planet also brings with it confusion, deception, creativity, sensitivity, fantasy and a developed intuition.

Dealing with Neptune in my early years, I never could make a simple decision due to the fact I could lay out a multitude of correct answers for any given problem, and I could imagine situations that could never possibly show up.  The problem wasn’t making a decision, but it was which outcome would I really want, was the question.  Neptune made every answer beautiful and the right one.  I could be very tired and not be able to finish a project at hand when a whole new story line would pop in my head, from out of the blue.  This always drove me wild and made people think I was flighty.  As I grew older, I am not sure if it toned down, or did I learn to work with it better.  As my astrological knowledge increased I began to see something I found very amazing, as it was very true in my own chart, and I saw it happening in others.

That interesting tidbit was that any planet in the first house will influence and color the other planets in the natal chart, and possibly in other types of charts like the solar and lunar returns.  Neptune made all my other planets act as if they were under his magical influence, giving a Neptune type of effect to the different planets.  The following are my thoughts of how Neptune colored each of my planets.

Sun                  Spiritual high, flighty and not grounded or practical

Moon               Emotionally highly activated, melancholic heaven

Venus              Fantasy and love unrealistic and futuristic

Mercury           Constantly thinking out of the box

Mars                Unconventional outburst of energy

Saturn              Structure and path, always needing to be different

Uranus             Never the normal always the paranormal

Pluto                Rebirth and change, always a volcano of imagination

The colorings on some of the planets were quite drastic at times, and other colorings, were not noticeable, unless one really looked for it.  Depending on the circumstances and what was happening with the aspects, the colorings were like rainbows with a pot of gold at the end.  Discovering this I realized how much more diverse and interesting it made me as a person and as the aspects from the transits hit, it confirms how much influence the planets in the first house really had.  Next time you want to see a kaleidoscope of your personality, try seeing if you have any planets in the first house and how it affects the other planets.  And if there aren’t any planets, see how the ruler of the ascendant colors the other planets.  Enjoy the adventure, and learn more about yourself at the same time.



“Can Feng Shui tie the knot with Western Astrology?”


Bagua from The Spirit to

A few days ago the total solar eclipse of August 2009 happened, and I thought it was important to write this article during the new moon period to receive the benefits from this exercise and practice. In the August issue 2009 of The Mountain Astrologer, there is an article entitled “Astro Feng Shui: making Magic in Your Home” by Simone Butler which I especially found very interesting and enjoyable since I come from the culture which nurtured it.  Some adherents to traditional Feng Shui would always use the compass to find the direction in which the map would be place on the house floor plan.  As you read through the article, one realizes that she used a group of chosen clients and friends which experimented with her method for over a year, and found some very good results.  I thought the choices she made in corresponding the Feng Shui map division to the astrology houses was shear brilliant intuition and maybe, guidance from the Universal Mind.  She lays the Bagua Map down on the house floor plan with the career/life path at the front door; from this point I differ to divide the house differently in showing you another method of the floor plan which will work too.  The Following is how she matches up the Bagua Map houses and their significance with the astrological houses.

Career / Life Path                    Black – – Water            1st House

Helpful People                        Silver / grey                 11th House

Creativity / Children               White – – Metal            5th House

Love / Marriage                       Pink                             7th House

Fame / Reputation                   Red – – Fire                  10th House

Prosperity / Abundance          Purple                          2nd and 8th House

Family / Foundation                Green – – Wood           4th House

Knowledge / Wisdom             Blue                             3rd and 9th House


I have divided the houses as follows, but I am using her house system:

Career / Life Path                    Front door area – Foyer and greeting area

Helpful People                        Kitchen and dining area

Creativity / Children               Hobby, play and entertainment room or area

Love / Marriage                       Bedroom or sitting area away from living room

Fame / Reputation                   Opposite the front door where the honors, certificates hang

Prosperity / Abundance          Office and the area where one pays the bills

Family / Foundation                Living room where the family gathers

Knowledge / Wisdom             Library, the bookshelves, or the reading area

Now what to do is the question, the first thing is find out what house does the new moon happen each month in your chart and clean that area of clutter and enhance the area using your intuition with the keywords.  For example the new moon is in the second house and you wish to increase your abundance, you may wish to include something purple, green, or gold to enhance the prosperity of the area.  After this is done, one can sit quietly for a moment with a lighted candle and meditate how clean and uncluttered and calm the area seems.  This is a form of meditation to nurture the seed for the creation of your dreams.  Your subconscious will do the rest and help to direct the Universal Chi to do its job.  The Universal Chi is neither good nor bad, it is energy that creates and energies whatever it comes into contact with.  There will be times when you need to fix a certain problem, just see what house that it is in, and begin to work with those forces.

In Feng Shui, everything is alive and related, and where visualization and intention are the keys to directing the Chi to create the results of the desired goals.  Besides the above little ritual of meditation, please reread my article (in the archives) entitled “Law of abundance – For What it is Worth” and write out a check, paid in full to yourself, signed Law of Abundance.  Maybe the East does meet the West, and ties the knot of happiness to a better future.


The four Blessings Symbol

“Total Solar Eclipse ▬ July 21st 2009 ▬ Fresh Start?”

Eclipse Symbol by Deirdre Tantonbae31_solareclipse



The Solar Eclipse happening on July 21st 2009 at 7:36 p.m. pacific daylight time at 29 degrees 26 of Cancer is the second new moon in cancer for the year and is a very potent phenomenon appearing like a giant dragon swallowing its’ prey, the Sun for a period of about six minutes.  Eclipses in ancient times have long been held as bringers of evil such as earthquakes, tsunamis, bad weather conditions, riots, revolutions and public discontent.  On a personal level it brings a need for change, and on the emotional level, a need to change old habits and to develop new surroundings, friends, and pleasures.  Being in the sign of Cancer concerns memories of the past, finishing a project, family, foundation, security, and safety.  As it is happening in the critical 29th degree, a sense of urgency and completion is on the horizon, and we no longer wish to look back, but to the future and what it brings.  We are standing on the edge of the cliff, like the fool in the tarot card looking skyward towards the new sign of Leo, in which the sun is the ruler.  We are becoming aware that we must secure the future if we are to the have the happiness and joy we seek.


“The Sabian symbol for 30 degrees of Cancer taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”.  A Daughter of the American Revolution   this is a symbol of the enduring background in human relations as essentially dependent on an established tradition, and of a willingness to maintain it through a sharp rejection of any modifying influence of unsympathetic times or events.  The emphasis here on an outer conservatism carries with it an implicit warning against any mere resistance to change, and also stresses the need for a life which is exemplary through its faithfulness to standards of proved worth.  The keyword is INHERITANCE.  When positive, the degree is an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit, and when negative, the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.” 

This statement implies to me that every soul, idea and thought must be cherished and cared for that all may partake in its’ freedom, joy, and independence.  This Eclipse does not only bring a fresh start, but a responsibility to develop, nurture, and to share the bounty, and to remember where we came from.


In seeing how this eclipse effects our natal chart, we must first take note, if it aspects in any way, (especially a conjunction or an opposition) to any of the angles, and if there is any major aspects to the natal planets.  Also take notice of which house it is in and if it is making any aspects to the rulers of the surrounding cusps.  Although the eclipse may happen in an empty house and make no aspect to the chart, how it affects us will show up by any aspects made by the two rulers of the house and the house meaning.


Keywords for the effect of the Solar Eclipse on the angles and houses are as follows:


First House – Personal identity, physical appearance

Second House – Values, self worth, knowledge, finances

Third House – Communications, siblings, short trips

Fourth House – Family, home, foundation, end of a project

Fifth House – Self expression, fun, play, romance, children

Sixth House – Work and service

Seventh House – Relationships, partnerships, marriage

Eighth House – Other’s resources, sexuality, death, inheritance

Ninth House – Inspiration, philosophy, religion, education, journeys

Tenth House – Careers, honors, position and reputation

Eleventh House – Wishes, dreams, ideals, friends

Twelfth House – Inner feelings, spiritual, hospitals, institutions


This Eclipse is our chance, of not only making changes that impact our own lives, but changes that will benefit mankind and the world united as one.


“Horary Astrology – Does one need a yes outcome?”


While I consider myself a professional astrologer, I feel as most astrologers do that we are eternal students, continually learning and growing, in all the different areas of our expertise.  Horary astrology is that kind of study that no matter how long you have studied, you realize there is more to learn down the road.  John Frawley is one of the many traditional astrologers around whom I would love to emulate, has taken the traditional horary studies and has made it understandable to his students, and through his books, the public.  I am on several horary yahoo groups, and I can’t tell you what a learning experience it is, and even though you think you have learnt everything, something new and exciting, always pops up.


I have noticed that although some of the questions asked have a definite yes or no answer, there always is a story behind the story.   Since the question being asked is always very important to the querent, the person is always anxious to hear the final outcome, and usually doesn’t hear the narrative.  Sad to say, but I feel if we had paid more attention to the plot and not the answer, our decisions may be different and our delineation to the question, more in tune to what the person really wants to know.  As an example of this, a person asked if the ex-partner would be at their children’s important family gathering.  In delineating the chart the reasons where quite clear why the person wouldn’t be there but the event would turn out well, if not fabulous.  As it happens I think the real question, was the outcome of the party and the people involved, not the ex.


I think it is quite similar with questions for a new job.  The description of the job and its relationship to the querent are more important then the outcome.  What would happen if it showed the individual was up f0r the job, but there seemed to be a question whether the person actually wanted this particular situation?  Or what if it shows complications to the job and it would delay the hiring until a later date.  The question then would be if the person would wait for said position, or take another one that is offered.  The background always seems to give a clearer view of what is happening at the moment, and if we can break away from the emotional involvement with the question, we might see clearer what our decision should be.



 My advice to anyone having a horary question delineated is to listen to everything being said, since a no to your question may be the right direction the Universe has for your future.  A no will lead you to other paths that may lead to greater opportunities then expected.  The narrative will always give you clues to your question, if one will look for them.  There are modern and traditional horary astrologers available for consultation, but one must choose wisely.  Remember that even knowing the outcome of the future, the future is still in our hands, and that the final choice is always ours.



“Morin on Receptions – Not a Party, Okay!”


The following aphorism number fifteen taken from Astrologia Gallica Book Twenty – Three by Morin, the first translated from Latin by James Herschel Holden, M.A. and the second version updated by Anthony Louis in his book “The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns”.  Following the two versions are my comments and thoughts on the subject.

15. If a planet in the radix is in evil aspect to another comes in the revolution to the evil radical (natal) aspect of that same planet, and there is no reception between them by house or by exaltation, it will be very evil, but less so if there is reception; but if it comes to a good radical aspect of the same planet without reception, it signifies no good from this, [but] with reception, a little good, in which one can hardly trust.  But if a planet in the radix in benefic aspect to another comes to the revolution to a malefic radical aspect of the same planet with mutual reception, a great good [accomplished] by contrary means is signified if the determination is to good; [but] if there is no reception, evil will happen, no matter what determination of the planet is.

15. If in the revolution a planet forms a stressful aspect (e.g., square, opposition) with a planet that it also stressfully aspected in the nativity and there is no reception between the two planets by domicile or exaltation, then bad things will happen.  Reception, however, can mitigate the harm of such an aspect.  If two planets form a stressful aspect in the natal chart but form a favorable aspect (e.g., sextile, trine) in the revolution, little benefit will accrue or, if there is reception, there will be only a small benefit that cannot be counted on.  If two planets favorably aspect each other in the natal chart but stressfully aspect each other in the revolution but are in mutual reception, there will be benefit through contrary means; with reception, however bad things will happen.

Reception is a condition where one planet is located in a sign where a second planet has astrological dignity, for example, a sign which is the ruler or in which it is exalted, or where the second planet is the triplicity ruler.  A mutual reception is a condition where two planets are each located in a sign ruled by the other and this is a beneficial condition, lending harmony and stability to each (Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo for example).

The Oxford English Reference Dictionary states that the word reception: the act or instance of receiving or the process of being received, especially of a person into a place or group.  The thing I realized with astrology or any subject one wishes to study is to keep things simple, especially the keywords that will open the doors to greater understanding.  If we look at the word reception and change it to the keywords “I like you and I accept you” or just “I accept you” the interpretation of the aspects become clearer.  When two planets are in hard aspects with each other, but in mutual reception and because they like each other may not do as much harm to each other as expected.  It is similar to the fact that I don’t care for your political ideas, but because we both are ardent advocates of soccer; your political stance takes a back seat.  The phrase “I accept you” or “I like you” takes on new meaning with beneficial aspects, as an aspect will give you extra benefits you haven’t thought about.  “I accept you” is like a fountain of joy that keeps on giving.

The same is true with planets opposing each other in opposing houses, but are in mutual reception, can bring more surprises then realized.  It may appear malefic; such as a person is being laid off during this economic downturn and finding that the person’s hobby and interest will become the source of one’s income.  A reception may not be a party in the normal sense of the word, but brings its’ own party favors to the event. 


“The Natal Moon Exposed – Ooh – La – La”


Interpreting the Moon in one’s natal chart, is more then seeing what sign and what house it is in, it is in the understanding of the nature of what the Moon brings to one’s personality.  The Sun gives the essence and energy, the ascendant the individuality, but the Moon gives the hidden personality that nurtures the soul in the chart.  The Moon ruled by Cancer represents our deepest personal maternal instincts and is responsive, receptive, reflective, and is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions to things.  The Moon is both our inner mother and our inner child and is our protector to keep us secure, comfortable and safe from the world around us.  The Moon at its’ fullest potential is sensitive, creative, imaginative, adaptable, intuitive, introspective and nurturing.


The next step in the delineation of the Moon is what sign, and which element of fire, earth, air, or water and which of the modality (cardinal, fixed or mutable) the sign is in.  Keep in mind, the ruler of the sign and its relationship and aspect to the Moon.  This all gives you a picture of what one is working with, but this is not all, since the Moon goes through phases from new to full, so the degree of the planet will show us more of how we react and respond to situations.  First find in what phase the Moon is in your natal chart, then look to the degrees to use the following descriptions.  By combining the two, one comes to a fuller understanding of the real you.


First quarter (new) – zero to seven and a half degrees of the sign

It is the first three houses of the chart where the initiative is from the individual who has come into his own and has suddenly realized what is important, as a being.  They will know early in life what direction they want to guide themselves into and are able to start projects and hopefully leave it in good hands to be finished.  Theses people are the starters and energizers to any ideas and can start one project and go on to others at the same time.  They need to learn not to always think of themselves as number one without consulting others first.


Second quarter (waxing) – seven and a half to fifteen degrees of the sign

The next three houses are involved and like the fourth the foundation has been laid where the person has strong goals and needs and prefers a home life and career where they are out in front and have the attention and status like the King lion and his pride.  Whether in the work place or at home they need a place of their own to express their individuality and personality to be successful, but they must be careful of not using others to further their own ends, rather then the common good.


Third quarter (full) – fifteen to twenty two and a half degrees

The seventh, eighth, and ninth houses are involved where the individual realizes that they need a spiritual foundation to build relationships and friendships that will help each other to achieve their individual goals.  The wisdom comes from the fact, that to succeed we need to work together as a unit to achieve our individual desires.  Things will come together and be more successful in the middle years (forty to sixty years old).


Fourth quarter (waning) – twenty two and a half to thirty degrees

The last three houses give closure as the sense of already achieving the final prize, they tend to cooperate to finish projects already begun by others, and to reorganize and sort out problems left undone.  They will often follow their hunches and intuition and work well in groups then alone, but they do need to know that they have completed the job, well done.  They may appear childish and naïve in their later years, but out of the blue they will achieve success in something unusual and completely individual.


By expanding the keywords and meanings to the houses involved, you will be able to give more understanding to your interpretations of the Moon, and its hidden agenda that will bring success in achieving ones’ goals and dreams.  Remember too, that the interpretation of the Moon must be combined and related back to its aspect and relationship to the other planets and angles in the chart.  

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