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“Planets in Conjunction Like Mercury, Are Neutral”

One of the greatest lessons I learnt in my journey through life came early through a mentor who taught me if I am to ever be successful in life and in any career I needed to be observant to everything, especially of those involved in my life, and the events around me.  He made me observe people in how they ate and to their body language, and then try to come to a conclusion of what their lifestyle would be like and their possible needs in this world.  This observation has become second nature to me, and I noticed that two of my co-workers who are managers were so attuned to each other in their work habits that I wonder what I would find comparing their charts.  To my surprise and delight there was six conjunctions of the planets, that made them think so alike, it would be hard to tell where one began and the other left off.  Was this the kind of chart that would make for a Happy Ever After Ending, in a way yes, and in a way no.  As a work team these aspects would make them hard to beat, and if given a free hand would be able to come up with successful solutions sooner, as they thought as one.  If this was a love relationship with passion in tack, it would be a prince and princess fairy tale story with a happy ending.

I began to wonder what would change, or what would be needed to take a real friendship or work association into a love relationship?  As I began to think over the matter, I realized it was not only the timing, but the outlook and the attitude of the individuals involved.  I came to the conclusion that each individual needed to go through and pass the excitement of passion and sexuality of a relationship into the realization of what keeps a union together.  When we realize that a relationship is more then passion and excitement, then we go to the next stage in building towards a future in living together in harmony.  This is where the conjunction of the planets comes into play, and makes our ability to be attuned to each other, a passionate and exciting tool to build on.  The conjunction is like Mercury, neutral until it aspects another planet.  The conjunction assumes the role of sympathizer and empathizer with the planet that it is conjunct with.  As I have said before it is like two people standing side by side, we feel one another and are strengthened and energized by their support.  If the conjunction aspects another planet it may indicate a possible love connection, then the potential is there.  When the progressions indicate the event, it may be possible for it to become a reality.  I say possible, as I feel that we as individuals still have a choice in the matter.

This aspect makes great work partners as they are attuned with one another and are able to still have their own point of view, and because they are able to be sympathetic and empathetic with each other, they can quickly compromise to make things work the way they want, to have a successful undertaking.  In my opinion, what makes a successful relationship, whether it is business or love, is the ability to feel attuned with and trustful of the other person involved.  The conjunction of the planets involved, whether it is two benefic, malefic, or one of each, is the trust that each will do its part in the aspect.  Trust is the keyword that we can expose our real self to another individual to encounter their sympathy and empathy and to build a relationship with a firm foundation for a lasting future.  So when the passions have subsided, remember to look for the link and construct upon the connection of the conjunction to building a future together.  One last thought is that any relationship, no matter how successful the stars say it will be, all relationships need to be worked on to come to the successful end like the fairytales foretell.

“Traditional Versus Modern Astrology or to Unite and Reorganize Our Thinking?”

As the 2010 begins to roar and start on its path through the Year, the pageantry of the old traditions to bring in the New Year comes to mind.  With all the gadgetry the twenty first century has given to us, many of the old traditions and pomp still has its’ magic and hold over us.  Many of the traditional rituals and customs which are very familiar to us will be difficult for some of us to give up.  I began to wonder, do we need to give them up, or is it important to keep the rituals going, so that we can remember where we came from.  And to remind us that in these modern time, these old traditions and rituals really still work and have their magic.  The funny thing is if we look around us we seem to be turning back time and reviving old rituals into new ones to fit into the new age.  I am not sure if the financial downturn has caused it, or are we trying to return to things, thoughts, and activities that once bought us into a comfortable state of mind.  Thinking about this I was beginning to surmise that this might be the reason traditional astrological writings from the earlier centuries are making a comeback with modern day astrologers.  I am not sure it was because of the internet, but the interest in old manuscripts is spreading and I for one, hope to take advantage of all this knowledge floating around.  We may have many modern things to take us into the future, but we need to remember many of the old ways of doing things still have validity in time.

That I find holds true with everything, especially astrology, and I think if we want to understand the stars, we must remember not to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water, as we update the astrological information and knowledge for the future.  One example is the traditional definition for a conjunction of a planet in a chart, made more sense to me and gave my delineations a crisper and clearer picture of the individual.  Modern astrology considers the aspect, a benefic and a help to the other planets.  While traditional astrology says the same, it explains the planets as two people standing side by side giving the meaning and definition that the two planets support each other, not necessarily backing up each other as in the benefic aspect of a sextile or trine.  Although the meaning might not seem to be that different, it is different enough to change the delineation, especially when considering the chart as a whole.  Particularly when one of the two planets is a malefic, the other planet may have apprehension of what kind of support it will get and if it might be destructive to its plans.

In My chart I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the ninth house, which I always thought that the two planets were inseparable and always needed to work together if they were going to benefit me.  But looking at it from a traditional sense, I realize the two planets can work alone, knowing that they always have the support of the other, giving them the confidence to accomplish things by themselves.  Or when the need arrives they work together as a unit, and succeed in combining their efforts to come up with something quite unusual.  Seeing it in this light one becomes more attuned to which planet’s energy is influencing one, at any one time.  At times, one will notice it to be a double or triple whammy, depending whether the planets are working separately or together.  This is only one example why one should be open to the traditional astrological material, as it will help us to be more proficient as a practitioner of the stars.  This is my opinion, but my real feeling is, if you are one or the other, and it works for you, that is all that really matters.  Combining the two systems not only makes me happy, but works for me, and gives me a deeper and clearer meaning of myself.  So what side you take isn’t really important, as long as it works for you, and that one realizes that astrology works and it also proves there is a Divine Power.

“Planets, Aspects and the Overlords—Oops!!!!!”


In reviewing the meanings of the major aspects, planets make, I realized that through the years I have developed my own method in understanding their influences upon the chart.  For me in using this method I no longer see an aspect as favorable or as a hindrance, but as an aspect to be integrated and to be used to its best potential.

A conjunction is an aspect in which two planets or more are close enough, that their energies are connected together.  For example Jupiter and Venus would exert a generally fortunate influence, where as Mars and Venus would exert a more active and intense influence.  One should see it as two people standing side by side in a circle looking towards the center; they support each other and feel the influence of the other, but can not see each other.  To me this means the influence is only an advantage if we are aware of it and put it to good use.  A conjunction can only promise an effect, to bring it into reality one must work with it.  To help give more meaning to these aspects I have given planet Mercury as the overlord to the conjunction as it is the planet that tends to take on the influences of the planets it befriends, and this is what a conjunction does.  These overlords are keys to a greater understanding and expansion of the aspects.  Working with them works wonders in ones interpretation of the zodiacal chart.

An opposition is 180 degrees between two planets, is referred to as the aspect of separation.   It is regarded as challenging and tends more to signify inner conflicts between internal and external factors.  The opposition can represent one’s own inner conflicts which are influencing us or some outer source pushing us to make a decision. The opposition indicates a stand-off where it is impossible for the two planets to function simultaneously, one will dominate.  The overlord would be Mars as it represents strength of will for action to fight the obstacles in life and to penetrate the world.

The square is 90 degrees between two planets, and is regarded as challenging and inharmonious.  It is the most difficult of the hard aspects because if we imagine we are one of the planets and the planet who is squaring us is represented by another person who is to the side of us and this person is pushing us side ways.  The opposition, the person is either in front or in the back of us pushing us forward or backwards which is more conducive to our thinking.  The person pushing us side ways is trying to redirect our direction and we apparently are putting up a fight until after much struggle we decide to turn in that direction.  The squares are the dark nights of the soul, but if we get through it, the accomplishment we achieve is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The overlord for the square is Saturn which represents structure, steadfastness, limitations, security, stamina, and consistency.

A sextile is an aspect of 60 degrees between two planets, is traditionally regarded as beneficial.  The sextile drops opportunities in ones lap, but we must develop the potential handed to us to receive the rewards.  The overlord is Venus the symbol for love, feeling, harmony and one who can bring and merge things together.

The trine is an aspect of 120 degrees between two planets, is considered harmonious and an easy flow between the two.  Its aspect is good fortune, as the two planets really like one another.  Just think of it as a silver spoon in the mouth as everything comes together with ease.  The overlord is Jupiter, who is most generous and has much dignity, wisdom, hope, morals, affluence, success, and abundance.

There are more key words one can find for the overlords in other sources, but the more you use it with the aspects, they will begin to reveal more of their secrets.  Your interpretations of the chart will come alive and be more meaningful.

Regards and may the overlords be with you,


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