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“Relocating for Career Potential and Success an Impossible Quest or is it the Key?”

As far as I can remember I have always been artistically inclined and have enjoyed surrounding myself with students, artists, musicians, et cetera, as I enjoy the mental stimulus and the exposure to culture and the arts.  This allows my mind to grow and to accept new ideas and thoughts more easily and it gives me the opportunity to see beyond my limited area I call my space.  When I located a place to live near a city college and state university, I was quite happy to be in the center of all this energy and to allow it to take me into worlds of ideas I never would have thought about.  As the financial recession in the past few years is making an impact on this community, the imagination and excitement has taken their toll.  The students graduating are finding it difficult to find jobs in areas of their expertise.  A student about to graduate this spring was telling me that he was thinking of continuing his education to get his Masters and that by the time he received his degree, the job market should be in better shape.

This got me to thinking, about those people out of work with or without college education or trade and who are finding it difficult to find employment, what options do they have?  As an astrologer I believe the answer is always in the chart, one way or another.  One choice that quickly came to mind was to relocate to an area that would be more productive and conducive to their career.  This is often not an easy alternative because of family, friends and responsibilities one encounters in life.  Many graduates have less baggage then most who have been working for awhile, but still find it to be a major and difficult decision to make, leaving behind everything that gives them comfort.  Thinking about this I remember when I was younger and had decided on a career, my choices was easier as I needed to relocate from my place of birth if I was to pursue my dreams.  Luckily for me, the decision was between two cities.  The Universe must have been behind me and directed me to the right city, for with hindsight the location not only had opened doors into everything life has to offer but also allowed me to be open to other thoughts and ideas I was not familiar with.

If one was to decide to relocate to find employment, what would be the best way to go about it?  I have decided to place myself in the shoes of a recent graduate with no prospects insight, and to see what steps I would need to take to insure success in this endeavor.  As an astrologer I have encounter people who would relocate for a couple of days during their birthdays, if their solar return for that year is shown to be a difficult year, to a location that had brighter prospects.  Using astrology they found the place that seems to bring about better results.  These people are convinced this method works, and if this works, why would it not work to find the right place for career success?  There are astrologers trained in helping one to relocate to an area that would be most productive for the individual.  My first step would be to consult one of the certified practitioners to see what cities I needed to concentrate my efforts on. 

If I felt confident enough in my own astrological skills I would buy and study “Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps – Finding The Best Places to Live & Travel” by Elliot Jay Tanzer.  I recommend this book as it is well written and well organized.  Having decided what city was my choice and first pick, I would begin to send out resumes and learn everything I could about the place.  Living with the internet and the search engines, information and addresses are at one’s finger tips.  My next step would be to visualize that I was being sought after by the best company in the area.  At the same time I would still be knocking on doors locally and working on innovative ways to make my resume stand out.  Reading everything in my field of choice is a must, and to be up to date of all new developments concerning my area of proficiency.  Now after all that work, one must allow the Universe to do its part in the adventure. 

In this new adventure I am not saying one is required to relocate without a job, what I am saying is that one can send out resumes, until an employment offer is on the horizon.  When the company is willing to pay for your expenses for an interview, then you know the company is serious in finding the best person for the position.  When the job offer is definitely on the horizon, it is then one truly needs to decide whether you really want, and are willing to relocate, and the reason for it.  The important thing is that if one decides to take the job, one will gain experience and in time will find the right situation in the city of your choice.  Relocation for one’s vocation may bring more blessings then material success and many unexpected happiness, in areas one never thought possible.  My personal opinion is that relocating is not for everyone, but for those who will undertake it, and it maybe the key to their success, and not the impossible quest.

“To Let Go and Trust is the Theme of the 29 Leo 25 Full Moon on Feb 18th 2011”

On February 18th 2011 at 12:36 a.m. PST is the last of the five Full Moons in a row that are in the last degrees of a sign.  Besides being predisposed to the sign it is about to leave, it is starting to be influenced by the sign it is moving towards.  This particular Full Moon initiates the first of six Super Moons this coming year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth.  During this time I personally believe the energy is subtly felt and experience by those who normally don’t feel the affects of the Moon, and those who normally sense it, as a period of extra inspirations and intuitions in their lives.  These two aspects give this Moon an extra boost and importance as the vital stepping stone in advancing and achieving our goals we need to accomplish during these difficult times, with the malefic aspects of Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto, and Saturn square Venus still lingering in the night sky. 

The state the economy is in is demanding transformation in our daily routines, and the direction our life is aiming towards needs to change.  This particular Full Moon period is offering important keys and solutions with confirmations of issues confronting us.  Some of us have already placed our decisions and changes into action, while others are still deciding on the best plan for action and what is really important.  When the decision is finally made, the aspects of the planets are telling us to let go, and to trust the Universe to accomplish the goals we are reaching for.  We have planted the seed of our wishes, and we must now allow the seeds to produce their results.  We must have trust in the steps we have taken, and that our efforts will produce the results we are looking for.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 30 degrees of Leo and for the Sun in 30 degrees of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Leo 30  An unsealed letter  This is a symbol of the spiritual integrity of all things in and of themselves, dramatized here by the remarkable extent to which reliance may be placed on the discretion of others in even the most trivial details of day-by-day living.  Suspicion is a poison to the mind whenever it becomes a set of temperament rather than a normal competency in applying the lessons of experience, and in consequence man must trust his fellows in general and in spite of his frequent disillusionments in order to discover how far he may do so in every given case.  The keyword is confidence.  When positive, the degree is exceptional skill in wining and holding the respect of everybody, and when negative, a genius for indiscreetness.

Aquarius 30  The field of Ardath in bloom  This is a symbol of the spiritual integrity of nature herself, dramatized by Marie Corelli’s mystic meadow of ancient Babylon as an ageless and special challenge to modern life.  Everyone may count on the inherent friendliness of the universe, and in consequence on the capacity of man’s destiny to endow him with fruits of his good rather than his bad works.  The individual ultimately must rely on the world in which he finds himself, and so should live in such fashion that a reliance on him in turn is both possible and inviting.  The keyword is continuity.  When positive, the degree is self-illumination through exceptional service to others, and when negative, witless reaction to fantasy.

We need to understand and realize that everything created in this world is interconnected and interdependent on one another.  It is the trust and faith that each of us has their part to execute and to accomplish, that we can and will fulfill our mission in this world.  When we begin to function for the good of the whole, then we will have the conviction and confidence that all will be as it should be.  The decision and direction once made should be allowed to manifest when the time is right.  Once we place our thoughts and ideas into action we need to release them into the hands of the Universe and then let go, acknowledging all will be in its right place at the right time.

“As is, is No Longer the Norm with Uranus in the Solar Return Second House”

It appears that the financial recession is taking a lot longer to bring to an end then the financial experts have hoped for.  This is no surprise to astrologers, especially those in the field who specialize in the financial aspects of the art, as they have been predicting a slow recovery from the very beginning.  Even being an astrologer and having foreknowledge, one is not immune to the stress and frustration the global community is experiencing at the moment.  I decided to take a quick glance at my solar return for 2011 and found Uranus in the Second House, which gave me some uneasiness and alarm.  I did not fully comprehend the chart at the time and the stress and fear began to build up until I resume my study.  That was my big mistake, which I wish to at this time to forewarn my readers not to jump to conclusions before doing an in-depth study of any chart.  As a student of the art I should have know better, but the climate of the time has created the environment we respond to, even if we have the knowledge to react in a more constructive manner.  After giving my self the time to really research Uranus in the Second, I realized that what we think we see, is not always out in the open, and that we need to look beyond and underneath what we see, to get to the nitty gritty of the matter at hand.

Uranus in the second house of the solar return chart indicates a change or disruption in one’s earning power and financial situation with minor or major alterations that can be either positive or negative which may occur more then once during the coming year.  One’s priorities, ideas, philosophies of life, attitudes, morals and values are changing and are surprising us by the unusual and unexpected directions it is taking.  The changes and disruptions in the person’s life are initiated and or approved by the individual, rather then by outside circumstances.  Some of the keywords associated with the planet are uncertainty, sudden change, disruption, upheaval, liberation, restraints, innovation, shattering old structures and thoughts, et cetera.  Uranus in this house creates the need to bring about change, not necessarily for an increase in financial benefits, but for the sake of change.  Whether these changes we place into action are considered minor or major, and or for better or worst is depended on the aspects of Uranus in the natal chart in comparison to the solar return chart.

The first steps one needs to take in order to realize whether Uranus in the solar return second house is benefic or malefic, is to understand the condition and environment it is in, and the aspects it has with the other planets in the natal and return charts.  Which house is it in, in the natal chart, and the aspects it is making with the solar return Uranus?  Is the planet working at its full potential in either chart, if not, how does it affect the final outcome?  Is the ruler of the sign of the natal Uranus compatible and in what aspect is it making with the ruler of the sign of the solar return Uranus?  Is there any aspect to the angles by any of the planets either in the natal or solar chart that would strengthen the influence of Uranus to determine the final outcome? 

Working with the above thoughts I was able to determine that in the long run I will eventually benefit from having this planet in my second house.  I do want to state that it really isn’t important whether Uranus appears to be a benefic or a malefic, as any kind of change or disruption we have in our daily routine brings frustrations and fears.  When going through upheavals of any kind, whether minor or major, the situation works on one’s nerves and it is difficult to appreciate the outcome, until the finish is insight.  I must say that knowing the outcome will be beneficial, does encourage one to continue to the finish line.  One thing I have noticed that when Uranus tends to be more malefic in a person’s chart, that at the end of the year the person still feels he or she has accomplished something, even though he or she did not achieved the goals hoped for.  The so called failure of the project becomes a stepping stone for future endeavors.  With the planet Uranus in the solar return second house life is never as is, but is a challenge to create a better future.

“13 Aquarius 54 New Moon on Feb 2nd 2011 Brings in Gratitude With Attitude”

The 13 Aquarius 54 New Moon on February 2nd 2011 at 6:32 p.m. PST, like all new moons is a time to begin new projects and thoughts for the coming month.  This is especially timely as this New Moon brings in with it, the start of the Chinese New Year of the Hare or the Rabbit.  The year of the Hare should bring a more calming effect then the previous year, but that does not mean the difficulties and tribulations have gone away, but they are expressing themselves in ways we weren’t expecting and hoping for.  As all New Moons are a bit precarious, because we are beginning our journey in darkness, our plans must be well thought out, if our actions are to turn out successfully.  With this moon phase the need to give gratitude and respect to all, even the ordinary and to everything we take for granted, is timelier then ever before, if we are to come up with solutions that will bring success to any project we are working on.  We need to be grateful with an altitude, and by that I mean, that our gratitude should not just be words coming from our lips, but should have action behind it.   When we are truly grateful of something, we begin to understand and realize why we are thankful.  In this mood we become receptive to all the positive thoughts and actions that surround us and being in a positive state of mind, which will then attract more positive thoughts, actions and behaviors.  We need to bring the sacred out of all the mundane, ordinary objects and thoughts from there spiritual abode and into the open, and allowing them to take on new meaning and respect in our world.  Realizing that everything has its’ place and purpose in this Universe of ours.

“The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

14  A train entering a tunnel  This is a symbol of life’s normal expectation in the performance of community services or in the refinement of social divisions of labor, and of the utterly natural participation of self in its more impersonal relationships with others.  Here is the basic generosity of human personality in an eagerness for any or every new path of experience, or in a readiness to share its skills or its talents as these have been sharpened by actual employment and thus are fit for further usefulness.  The keyword is courtesy.  When positive, the degree is man’s gift for meeting the most exciting of demands on his various potentialities, and when negative, uninspired conformity to limitation.

With this sabian symbol we realize that we as humans need to put gratitude into action and have it bring forth its fruits.  We must separate the selfish gratitude that will manifest limitation in all forms, and demonstrate that true gratitude includes the whole humanity, as we are all part of the Universal Divine creation.  Having gratitude with altitude, we allow our conscious and subconscious minds to honor all that was created from the lowest to the highest.  In the eyes of God, everything is equal.   God has granted us the ability to express gratitude and its many possibilities and it is our duty to bring it into reality with all its various potentialities.  In other words, “Gratitude with Attitude” should be our keyword.

“An Astrologer Like a Great Actor Creates the State of Mind ▬ To Be or Not To Be”

As we begin the New Year, many people including myself have a list of New Year resolutions we hope to accomplish in the coming months.  How this tradition got started and whether it really does any good in our life is questionable, but it is something we may or may not look forward to, but tend to have a list ready when asked.  As I have grown older I realized if I am to finish any of the projects, I need to be realistic on what I want to bring to fruition.  Many times I think I have started projects to please others, instead of trying to accomplish something that would really please me.  As I begin the year 2011, I recognize the most important thing I want to perfect in the coming period of time is to be a better and more predictive astrologer.  To accomplish this, I plan to do an intensive study of the classical and traditional astrological material that has been translated into English.  Normally when I find an area of study I find to be important and enlightening, I try to convince everyone to do it my way.  I am not sure if my state of mind has become more mellow, or has wisdom taken hold of my consciousness, but my thoughts to bring others to my side of the conversation, is not as important, any more.  What I do find important is that what ever idea, thought or project we wish to accomplish, we do it with intensity and for the love it.

I consider myself, a modern astrologer with more then a curiosity for all the other avenues of astrology, with the traditional pulling at my coattails.  The different avenues and approaches the study of the stars has to offer, only makes the art that much more diverse and interesting.  I don’t think any one approach is the right way for every one.  We all have our own ways of doing things, and certain things work better for us then others.  Finding our groove and working with it will be a key to a successful and a satisfying life well lived.  It is not the area of astrology we study that is important, but how we approach the topic at hand, which will determine how proficient we become in the subject matter.  I have come to understand that learning all the rules and definitions will give me a handle on the subject, but understanding and being in tune with the chart was missing.  As I contemplated on this I remembered that my other great love is the movies, theatre and watching great actors at work.  It dawned on me that we must be like the great actors who are so into their character that we don’t see the real actor, but the character he or she is portraying.

This made sense to me as memorizing rules and aphorisms of the planets, signs, aspects and et cetera will give us the foundation for delineating a chart, but it won’t give us the subtle difference to the essential motivation of the chart.  It is not just being able to give further details on the delineation of the signs, planets, and aspects, as astrologers and those interested in astrology, but to be the chart itself and to feel what it is feeling.  To be so involved and connected to the chart that chart takes on a life of its’ own.  Understanding and feeling how the planet feels in the sign it is in, and the house it is in, and the fundamental feelings that is brought about by the aspects with the other planets.  Some planets and signs are considered hot and dry expressing a certain nature and disposition, and we must understand and feel what it is like to be in the company of a different temperament.  Is there a problem and what that situation would create?  Understanding these differences may be very slight and subtle, but that type of delineation, separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  My final comment is that if we are to really understand and delineate a chart with intuition and insight we need to be the chart inside and out.  We must be like all great actors and become that which we are interpreting.  At the moment of consultation, one should not be able to tell the difference from the consulting astrologer and the chart that is being delineated.  “To be or not to be” is the state of mind any individual, whether amateur or professional should have in delineating any type of astrological chart.

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