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“13 Degrees Pisces – Full Moon – September 4 2009 – Be Watchful!”


I don’t usually notice the full moon, as I find the transit usually passes me by without even a hello.  I know a lot of people are affected by phase of the moon, especially the medical profession and the police, who are very busy during this period of time.  I have many friends in this field, that don’t believe in astrology, but will tell you when the moon is full without looking up in the night sky.  This particular Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces has Mercury square to Mars and Pluto; with Mercury in retrograde in a few days, besides Uranus opposing Saturn.  Mercury retrograde is enough to make one cautious, but with the Moon in Pisces our sensitivity and instincts are heightened and our ability to categorize the situation is hampered to say the least.  Our instinct to empathize with others has taken a back seat to our need to save our own private world from its self-made follies.  The problem is we don’t have all the facts at our finger tips, and if we did, mercury retrograde and the full moon will tend to help us to confuse the issue at this time. 

Pluto is challenging our perception to our situation, and the solutions we may come up with.  Our actions are halted by our inability to conceive the right solution to the problems.  The need to change has been in the works for awhile now, and if we hadn’t started before, we must be careful that we are thinking clearly and straight forward.  Uranus opposition Saturn has their own tricks up there sleeves when it comes to confusing the issues, so fasten your seatbelt.  Prepare for a wild, confusing and interesting ride toward and to an unexpected final conclusion to where we thought were going, but had not ended up anywhere near where we hoped for.  The best we can wish for is to do our best, and to know that the final result is what we need for the future.  Be aware of important messages during this time, and make sure you understand the communication, and what the proper action is to be initiated.  The messages may be sent to you personally or it may be signs that we as humanity should take heed.   Depending where the full Moon. Mercury, Uranus and Saturn hits in your chart, is the area of concern.  No matter where this hits in your natal chart, know it is going to be an exciting wild ride, and hold on to your hat, and especially to your money belt.  

“Pluto in the Second Solar Return House – Renewal & Change”


After experiencing Mars, Saturn and then the Moon one after another, I was apprehensive to think what Pluto would do in the second house of the solar return, but my apprehensions where unfounded.  What I realized was that going through difficult times was much easier then anticipating the difficult period of time ahead of one’s experience.  The old saying “be careful of what you wish for” makes a lot of sense, since by anticipating, in actuality we are unconsciously creating the situation one doesn’t want.  In a way I think it is important to know and understand the future, but at the same time, not to over emphasize the negative, in which our mind can bring into reality.  Now that some feel Pluto is no longer a planet, can it still have meaning to the astrological community?  Some may drop it, but my earlier studies of this planet have made it difficult for me to give up the friendship to an old friend with such wonderful myths and legends connected to it.


Pluto is the mythological bird that destroys itself by fire and resurrects and renews as the phoenix to a new more powerful life.  With Pluto in the Solar Return second, one has made a conscious choice towards change.  Whether it means an increase or decrease in finances is the choice of the individual in the direction he chooses.  Unlike Mars and Saturn in the second, the choice we make is our own, and not necessarily directed by own mistakes or Divine intervention, to teach us what we need to learn.  The change is not only important at this time, but monumental for our growth and development of our financial future and happiness.  This change has been in the works for many years and the fore going years have helped to direct our need, our attention and our understanding to see the light for the future.


Taking the traditional astrological positions, Pluto is not to be considered. There is no planet in the second, so that the rulers of the second and third must be considered, if we are to predict the up coming year as far as finances are concern.  Jupiter the ruler of the second in the fourth house is in opposition with Saturn the ruler of the third in the tenth. In reality a change in career or direction is eminent which would show fluctuation in finances occurring.  Like Pluto the individual needs to take the old structure of what was comfortable and make the change for renewal to something better.  All in all, as a modern astrologer, Pluto only confirms that renewal and change is essential at this time for future happiness.



“The Planet Ruler of Two Signs Will Bring Out the Differences”


Having my ascendant in Virgo with Mercury in Gemini conjunct Uranus in the ninth I have always considered Mercury the ruler of the first house and the Lord of my chart.  I think of myself as a mercurial person through and through.  One of my problems was Virgo, as I never felt I was outwardly that sign, physically or in action, as the first house should show the world, what I am like.  Neptune in Virgo in the first gives me a dreamy and airy appearance in stature and in my thinking, so in time I began to think that the Neptunian qualities were over powering my Virgo traits.  As I began studying Morin I realized that the rulers of the cusp must be synthesized with the other planets if one is to develop an accurate picture of the person’s personality and future.  I realized that Mercury was the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, and that one was in an earth and the other in an air sign, and both mutable.  I began to see how Virgo’s ability to be pragmatic, articulate and organized was slowly coloring my thinking in certain areas because of its position on the cusp of the first house, and was making Gemini, who was more carefree, to become more of a perfectionist as far as thinking was concerned.  I began to see, that at different times and in different situations, that each sign would have their day in the sun.  I noticed that Gemini would let my thoughts and ideas wander, but as soon as I decided on a thought, then Virgo would step in to bring order to the idea and make it practical.  My thoughts were systematize; my physical world was sloppy and disorganized.  This made more sense to me, and I realized, I truly was a Virgo in my thinking, and that was important in accurately delineating my chart.


After this eye-opener I began to wonder about the other signs, where a planet ruled two signs and how they colored each other.  The following are some keywords for the traditional rulers of the signs and how they may affect each other:


Mercury           Virgo                                       Gemini

                        Earth – mutable                       Air – mutable

                        Articulate, pragmatic              Information, communicator


Venus              Taurus                                     Libra

                        Earth – fixed                           Air – cardinal

                        Stable, beauty                         Balance, artistic


Mars                Aries                                        Scorpio

                        Fire – cardinal                         Water – fixed  

                        Spontaneous, assertive            Intensity, extremes


Jupiter             Sagittarius                               Pisces

                        Fire – mutable                         Water – mutable

                        Striving, visionary                   Caring, wisdom


Saturn              Capricorn                                Aquarius

                        Earth – cardinal                       Air – fixed

                        Authority, responsible             Originality, consciousness


These keywords become more apparent when in the first house, but are more subtle throughout the houses where one must consider the sign and the house that it is, in aspect to the planet.  As one begins to apply it and develop more keywords, one begins to see how important this is and what a new slant it gives to any chart.  Although it may color it very slightly, it colors it enough to give it an interesting twist and a difference to the outcome.

“August 20th New Moon in Leo – Let the Lion in us Roar!!!”


On August 20th 2009 the first New Moon at 27 Leo 31 occurring at 3:02 a. m. Pacific Daylight Time following three eclipses in a row, will be a very special time to start or continue any new project.  Like all new Moons I feel it is a special time to remember and to renew our dreams, and to visualize our prosperity and happiness for the future.  This is not like the aphorism “Is the glass half empty or half full”, in a New Moon period it is the pouring of the liquid into the glass, so it is definitely increasing.  Especially during these difficult times, if we are to survive and prosper in the future we must built a firm foundation in our mental attitude and actions that would suggest to the Universal Mind, and to remind ourselves, of the goals we are working towards.  This is the right time to write that check of abundance (refer back to my article “Law of Abundance – For What Its’ Worth” posted April 30 2009) and to meditate and visualize our wishes and dreams.

The following quote is by Stephanie Austin published in the Aug/Sept issue of The Mountain Astrologer.  It expresses my sentiment, and I couldn’t express it better.  “The New Moon highlights the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius, reminding us that the more we become who we really are , the easier it is to find our team – those who are playing by the same rules and aiming for the same goal.  This rare conjunction marks one of the major milestones heading toward the Age of Aquarius – the age of liberty, equality, and freedom for all, the age of unity in diversity.  Unity does not mean uniformity: it is the synergy generated from the expression of each unique individual.  United, we experience peace and abundance: divided, we fall into discord and destruction.  Jupiter in Aquarius increases understanding and tolerance, making it easier to see beyond superficial differences of gender, race, or religion.  Chiron in Aquarius helps to heal the wounds of ignorance and fear.  Neptune in Aquarius dissolves the barriers, borders, and beliefs that keep us from recognizing our interconnectedness and our divinity.”  “The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 28 Leo tells us that we have numerous options: “Many little birds on a limb of a big tree; a wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities”.”  Thank you Stephanie Austin for your enlightening thoughts.

This is telling us, if we are to achieve our desires, we either keep our wishes and dreams to ourselves, or to surround ourselves with people of like mind who will help strengthen our determination to reach our goals.  Those like minds of our peers striving towards a unified goal, does not mean our individual goals are not attainable.  The best way to really see what we really desire, is to begin to understand who will really are, and where we are going.  This is one of the reasons I began my study of astrology, to get better acquainted with the real me, and it has been an adventure, which has never been dull.  Remember during this period there are many options and potentials to choose from, and if we keep a clear mind and surround ourselves with people of like minds, the path will be evident and the goals accomplished.  So in this New Moon in Leo, let the lion in you give out a big roar and bring your hopes and dreams into reality.

“Venus and Neptune = Beauty and the Good Life”


At work there is a young woman who loves beautiful things and the good life, but does not have much money, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she looks and talks.  Her clothes look like a million dollars, and I know for sure that is because she is an expert shopper and knows a bargain when she sees one.  Although she may not go out that often, she certainly treats herself to the best when she does.  To me and to her she has achieved the good life and she is satisfied and happy with her lifestyle.  I began wondering what planets and signs gave her the appreciation of beautiful things and the fashion style that seems to be part of her personality and makeup.  The usual Venus, Taurus, earth and water signs applied to her, but there seem to be something more.  Her attitude was a joy of living that extended to her whole being.  Then I saw it, it was the way she saw her sexuality and the high esteem and respect she held for the people in her life.  Venus ruler of the eighth house was in the fifth house trine the ninth house, which gave her a system of thinking about how her life must always bring her joy and contentment and fun.


Her sex and love life was held with joy and the need to experience every nook and cranny of what it could offer.  Lust was not the first priority; it was the fulfillment of the attractiveness of two people reacting with each other that was essential.  In fact everyone she came into contact with was an instrument of information which helped her to enhance the loveliness in her life.  Her wonderful attitude of those around her, helped to develop the innate sense of taste she was born with.  It was not the intensity to live life, but the need to explore her joys that help develop her love of beauty and the desire for the good life.  Lust would have only given her the need for possessions, where joy and love gave her the need to appreciate the beauty and the art of it all.  She didn’t need a lot of money to surround her with good taste; she needed the ingenuity of her mind to get to where she wanted to be with her limited resources.  The ascendant being in Libra with Neptune in the first house at the angle in aspect to Venus in the fifth helped her use her imagination and creativeness to bring about the things she wanted and needed.


This I realized applies to all of us who wish to appreciate the beauty around us and to develop good taste.  Good taste can be learnt, but class can only be obtained by having joy and the love, where one begins to have the appreciation, gratitude and respect for life.  Respect, appreciation, and gratitude are essential in giving a person class in this world, and having class gives one the appreciation of art and culture and how it intertwines in our lives to make us happy and peaceful with ourselves.  So what are the important planets besides Venus and Neptune that gives us visions and creativeness, it is the moon making a beneficial aspect to the ascendant or the ruler of the ascendant.  The ascendant may be what we want the world to see us as, but the Moon is our inner and more secret self, and only those close to us, get a peek to that side of our personality.  If the Moon is in harmony with the ascendant, Venus and Neptune, the ability to see life in a more optimistic attitude will help the person to be more open to the world and allow the world to teach them their secrets.  That is how taste and culture comes into our lives by example from others.          

“Mercury, Jupiter and Awareness = Opportunities”



In these times where luck seems to have taken a furlough, we need to use every talent and trick up our sleeves to keep our jobs and the money we have earned.  For those looking for positions, being in the right place at the right time is more then luck, it is being aware of everything that is going on around us, that helps us to be where we should be, to take advantage of what is being offered.  The one asset people have forgotten in this new computer age in obtaining and bringing their dreams to completion in my opinion is awareness.  Awareness as described by the American Heritage Dictionary states the following: “1. Having knowledge or cognizance.  2. Archaic. Vigilant; watchful.” 

The one thing I have observed with human behavior today that causes the lack of awareness, is that we are not living the moment.  We are apparently listening to others, while our thoughts are elsewhere.  We give answers or commands before we hear the question, and we make judgments before we see or hear about the situation.  I have noticed people being interview trying to give a good impression and not noticing what was going on around them.  My thoughts on this are, if you are not aware of what is going on around you, how will you solve problems that may come up?  When this economic crisis came upon us, many of the experts didn’t see it coming.  A few of the scholars did see the dire consequences and tried to warn us, but many of us didn’t listen or hear it.  We didn’t hear because our own world was more important then the World as a whole.  The benefits of awareness looses its’ powers when the Me comes first.

In thinking about this I began to wonder what planets connected to the ascendant or lack of, would be important in determining how we use our awareness.  Mercury is my first choice for it teaches us the need, that communication is the main source of growth for any civilization, and Jupiter shows us that working and thinking together, proves the axiom that there is strength and inventiveness in numbers.  When Mercury and Jupiter is near the ascendant in the first house and is not in detriment, and or is making an aspect with the first or planets in  the first, you can be sure you will be conscious of what is going on around you at all times.  Any beneficial or malefic aspects with these two, no matter what house they are in will show how we use awareness in our daily lives.  If we see in our charts that we loose sight of what is going on around us, all we need to do is to be more attentive and more consciously sensitive of what is going on, to take advantage of all the good that is available.  We need to use the Mars energy to keep alert and conscious and the Sun energy to stay on course and the Venus forces to see all aspects of what is going on so one can make the right choices.

The following is taken from “Key Words for Astrology” by Hajo Banzhaf and Anna Haebler.

Mercury stands for mind and intellect, for the theory of combinations, speech, communications, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, orientation, facility, analytical and logical thought, and the manner of judging and deciding.  Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams.  Mercury also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn.

Jupiter represents trust in life, the belief in life’s meaning, the ideals and values of a person, and the search and discovery of personal meaning in life.  It also stands for the forces of growth which gives life its impetus, promotes thriving, good fortune, and prosperity, and especially benefits the development of the personality and broadening of individual horizons.  A person experiences everything Jupiter touches as being rich.  Jupiter also means dignity, wisdom, belief, hope, morals, grace, convictions, confidence, trust, affluence, wealth, and growth, success, future, optimism, generosity, expansion, justice, reverence, goodness, goodwill, and abundance.

The central theme of the ascendant or first house is the development of the self as the expression, the assertion, and affirmation of one’s own personality.  The first house experiences self as the natural focal point of the environment.

When we consciously use awareness, luck and destiny seems to be on our side and opportunities abound, because so called luck is fleeting, and opportunities when missed are gone forever.  Being alert and having a clear mind is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for it helps us create our own successful destiny.

“Mercury Retrograde Sept 6th – 29th 2009 = Stay Alert!”


When Mercury goes retrograde I usually try to be cautious with my communications and transactions with others.  From when I first started my astrological studies I have experience this period many times and have realized that one cannot be too careful, if one does not want to be frustrated or disappointed.  I am writing about this since the retrograde follows so closely after the longest total solar eclipse we have had this year.  If we were wise during the recent important new moon, we would have started something new in our lives, which we would not wish to derail from its’ course.   This type of astrological event always brings out warnings from astrologers to be careful at this time, but especially during this month with Saturn opposition to Uranus, which may muddy the intellectual waters.  Retrograde begins September 6, 2009 at 6 degrees of Libra to September 29, 2009 at 22 degrees of Virgo.

Mercury stands for mind and intellect, communication, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, analytical and logical thoughts, and the manner of judging and deciding.  Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because the key issue here is focus as defined in “Key Words in Astrology by Banzhaf & Haebler”.  Its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams.  The planet also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn.

With Saturn opposing Uranus, change is in the air, as was witnessed in the last election between McCain and Obama and the change continues as the economical climate deepens in our lives.  The traditional ways of thinking about things have fallen way to new directions of doing things.  What we thought was tried and true, may no longer prevail, and what we thought secure have failed us.  If we are to live through this time period without frustrations and delays, one has to be cautious and clear with our thinking and our actions. During every retrograde period one is always mindful of every step, it is especially important with the allure of Uranus and Saturn in opposition, which may make us side step our original decision for that which appears to be new and better.  We must be careful that the change we make is in our interest or are we following our peers to achieve their goals.  Being aware of our thoughts and actions should be our number one priority during this period.  We must be attentive to the fact that there might be delays and frustrations, and keep our dreams and directions in tack and on the right track.

The last Mercury retrograde for this year will begin December 26, 2009 at 22 degrees Capricorn and end January 15, 2010 at 5 degrees of Capricorn.  One does not need to fear the retrograde; one only needs to understand how to work with it, for our benefit.  For those born with the mercury retrograde in their chart, it is a friend in deed, a home out of the rain during the storm.


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