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“Venus and Neptune = Beauty and the Good Life”


At work there is a young woman who loves beautiful things and the good life, but does not have much money, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she looks and talks.  Her clothes look like a million dollars, and I know for sure that is because she is an expert shopper and knows a bargain when she sees one.  Although she may not go out that often, she certainly treats herself to the best when she does.  To me and to her she has achieved the good life and she is satisfied and happy with her lifestyle.  I began wondering what planets and signs gave her the appreciation of beautiful things and the fashion style that seems to be part of her personality and makeup.  The usual Venus, Taurus, earth and water signs applied to her, but there seem to be something more.  Her attitude was a joy of living that extended to her whole being.  Then I saw it, it was the way she saw her sexuality and the high esteem and respect she held for the people in her life.  Venus ruler of the eighth house was in the fifth house trine the ninth house, which gave her a system of thinking about how her life must always bring her joy and contentment and fun.


Her sex and love life was held with joy and the need to experience every nook and cranny of what it could offer.  Lust was not the first priority; it was the fulfillment of the attractiveness of two people reacting with each other that was essential.  In fact everyone she came into contact with was an instrument of information which helped her to enhance the loveliness in her life.  Her wonderful attitude of those around her, helped to develop the innate sense of taste she was born with.  It was not the intensity to live life, but the need to explore her joys that help develop her love of beauty and the desire for the good life.  Lust would have only given her the need for possessions, where joy and love gave her the need to appreciate the beauty and the art of it all.  She didn’t need a lot of money to surround her with good taste; she needed the ingenuity of her mind to get to where she wanted to be with her limited resources.  The ascendant being in Libra with Neptune in the first house at the angle in aspect to Venus in the fifth helped her use her imagination and creativeness to bring about the things she wanted and needed.


This I realized applies to all of us who wish to appreciate the beauty around us and to develop good taste.  Good taste can be learnt, but class can only be obtained by having joy and the love, where one begins to have the appreciation, gratitude and respect for life.  Respect, appreciation, and gratitude are essential in giving a person class in this world, and having class gives one the appreciation of art and culture and how it intertwines in our lives to make us happy and peaceful with ourselves.  So what are the important planets besides Venus and Neptune that gives us visions and creativeness, it is the moon making a beneficial aspect to the ascendant or the ruler of the ascendant.  The ascendant may be what we want the world to see us as, but the Moon is our inner and more secret self, and only those close to us, get a peek to that side of our personality.  If the Moon is in harmony with the ascendant, Venus and Neptune, the ability to see life in a more optimistic attitude will help the person to be more open to the world and allow the world to teach them their secrets.  That is how taste and culture comes into our lives by example from others.          

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