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“Check Your Emotions at the Door as Mercury Enters Retrograde on June 26th 2013”

Mercury stands for the intellect and the way we utilize it in our lives. It also represents communication, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, analytical and logical thoughts, and the manner of judging and deciding. Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because the key issue here is focus as defined in “Key Words in Astrology by Banzhaf & Haebler”. Its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams. The planet also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn. Mercury in Cancer is combining our emotions and feelings with the way we see and bring things about. With the planet in retrograde at 27 Cancer 3, beginning June 26th 2013, the Universe is directing us to check our emotions at the door as we undertake any situation, so we can pay attention to what is happening at the moment.

The cycle of Mercury Retrograde is about three times a year, and before we know it, or wish it, it has quickly passed and just as quickly, has returned again vying for our attention. One only needs to question anyone who has experienced the trials, tribulations and chaos that retrograde can create and one will hear endless stories that will amaze. My problem is whether our emotions on the subject has been so bent out of shape that the legends and the myths that have come out of it, may be more fiction than facts. Is the embellishment a help or a hindrance in getting one through this period safe and sound? How much of the experiences are real facts and how much of it is our imagination? A Retrograde period in my opinion is when caution, carefulness and retrospection is a necessity to avoid glitches, personal misunderstanding, flawed, disrupted, and delayed communications with ourselves and others.

Although I know there will be delays and disruptions that we can not avoid during this period, I do believe much of the frustrations and stress we experience is sometimes caused by our own carelessness in our thinking, action and especially how our emotions are expressed and carried out. With the retrograde in a water and cardinal sign, it is reminding us to monitor our emotions, impulses and actions to avoid frustrations and disappointments. That haste mixed with emotions makes waste, is no idle saying. The necessity to make things happen is our priority at this time, and possibly without the forethought and preparation, which at other times, would be our usual procedure. Whether it is the action of others, or actions instigated by our own emotions, ambitions and desires, the keywords, are caution and alertness in everything we do during this period of time.

“The Sabian symbol for the 24th degree of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 24 A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south This is a symbol of the soul’s necessary decisiveness in the basic allegiances of life, here emphasized in the terms of practical or everyday relations. There must be a mediation between the competing demands for immediate attention to various transient needs, and for some consistent or overall goal which will bring an individual’s efforts into a cohesive pattern. The inner capacities must be disciplined continually for the sake of a plethora of outer opportunities. The keyword is inception. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for organizing and exploiting the self’s potentials, and when negative, a devastating sense of ineptitude and estrangement from reality.

This symbol speaks to me in that the woman and the two men symbolizes the emotional, nourishing, mental and physical nature of the human being working in unison towards knowledge, enlightenment and accomplishment. In balance and in harmony with one another, they are of one mind in working towards one goal without upsetting the equilibrium of the whole, suggesting unity of purpose and cohesiveness. The south symbolizes the source and the concept of integration and the ability to see and to grasp opportunities, when it knocks. Our advantage during this retrograde period is our ability to stay alert, aware and to anticipate any difficulties or trials that may come about as we participate in the moment. This Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is demanding us to check our emotions at the door if we wish to fly through this period without any complications that will disrupt and sidetrack us from our goals and wishes. As in all spiritual groups, rituals and exercises, if one is to succeed, one needs to set aside the emotions.

Retrograde Begins
June 26th 2013
6:07 am PDT 23 cancer 7
Retrograde Ends
July 20th 2013
11:22 am PDT 13 Cancer 22


“The Choice and the Order of the Astrological Keywords Determines the Clarity”

I have many fond memories of the hours I have spent in class instruction from a person who looked more like she should be teaching cooking on television, instead of astrology.  As with trying to be a good cook, one always needs to have the basic knowledge and skills of the kitchen, before venturing further if one is to be competent enough to complete a meal that one might enjoy and feel satisfied with.  One of the basics my teacher emphasized was the importance of keywords in delineating any chart.  Keywords and our ability to work and to combine them are the fundamental rudiments needed to create and weave a picture from the aspects of the planets with new and different insights.  She gave us many examples of unusual ways to tie the keywords together to give diverse view points.  As one puts into action these methods, they become so part of one’s routine, that in time one forgets when and how it all began.  As time goes by, we begin to simplify and pass over some of the important steps to hasten the process.  This definitely happen to me, as I was gently reminded about the past when I was reviewing my class notes.  I have totally forgotten about what steps I have dropped or lost through time using keywords until they were brought to my attention again.

My renewed awareness of the subject matter came to the forefront as my interest in the early astrological writers has increased.  With my concentration and curiosity becoming more intense in the method the early stargazers used in determining and delineating a chart with such precision, I began to notice how subtly the keywords were used in their delineations.  What clinched this for me is when I read an article by David Roell of Astrology Center of America, whom I deeply respect, giving credit to the keywords for his excellent interpretation of the chart of Howie Mandel.  One thing I felt my teacher did not emphasized enough was the use of the elements and the essential dignities in choosing the keywords and the importance of their level of influence in their reaction to each other.  When assigning keywords to the planets, signs, aspects and houses, the condition they are in, in respect to the whole chart needs to be considered before making any judgment.  Arrangement of the keywords in the order of their strengths is another important consideration, as this will subtly influence the delineation.  What I have noticed is that these subtle forces are like Trojan Horses which can and are the deciding force of victory or defeat.  In other words the subtle influences can make a difference between a good or better interpretation of any chart.

I have also been taught that to get a quick analysis of the person of the chart, the best way is to evaluate the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant of the chart.  The Sun giving the essence, the Moon the giver and who nourishes, the ascendant is the picture of the person the world sees.  For an example in my own chart Virgo is on the ascendant with Gemini on the midheaven, the Sun in Taurus and my Moon in Gemini.  Mercury is happy and works well with Gemini and Virgo, while the Moon is nervous and the Sun in Taurus is indifferent.  In arranging the keywords, Mercury attributed to Virgo and Gemini are first, then follows Taurus, which is the subtle key to it all.  I have never felt that Virgo represented me; as most astrologers assumed I am a Gemini and I never was too articulate about my appearance or my surroundings, and this always befuddled me, until I saw the importance of keywords.  Knowledge is important like the chart indicates, but a possession not being put to good use or appreciated is not in the nature of the bull.  This makes Taurus the Trojan horse which upsets the applecart.  The choice and the order of the keywords determines the clarity, as my own chart has definitely given me more meaning, compassion and understanding of myself.  This is the power and the gift of the keywords.

“Mercury, Jupiter and Awareness = Opportunities”



In these times where luck seems to have taken a furlough, we need to use every talent and trick up our sleeves to keep our jobs and the money we have earned.  For those looking for positions, being in the right place at the right time is more then luck, it is being aware of everything that is going on around us, that helps us to be where we should be, to take advantage of what is being offered.  The one asset people have forgotten in this new computer age in obtaining and bringing their dreams to completion in my opinion is awareness.  Awareness as described by the American Heritage Dictionary states the following: “1. Having knowledge or cognizance.  2. Archaic. Vigilant; watchful.” 

The one thing I have observed with human behavior today that causes the lack of awareness, is that we are not living the moment.  We are apparently listening to others, while our thoughts are elsewhere.  We give answers or commands before we hear the question, and we make judgments before we see or hear about the situation.  I have noticed people being interview trying to give a good impression and not noticing what was going on around them.  My thoughts on this are, if you are not aware of what is going on around you, how will you solve problems that may come up?  When this economic crisis came upon us, many of the experts didn’t see it coming.  A few of the scholars did see the dire consequences and tried to warn us, but many of us didn’t listen or hear it.  We didn’t hear because our own world was more important then the World as a whole.  The benefits of awareness looses its’ powers when the Me comes first.

In thinking about this I began to wonder what planets connected to the ascendant or lack of, would be important in determining how we use our awareness.  Mercury is my first choice for it teaches us the need, that communication is the main source of growth for any civilization, and Jupiter shows us that working and thinking together, proves the axiom that there is strength and inventiveness in numbers.  When Mercury and Jupiter is near the ascendant in the first house and is not in detriment, and or is making an aspect with the first or planets in  the first, you can be sure you will be conscious of what is going on around you at all times.  Any beneficial or malefic aspects with these two, no matter what house they are in will show how we use awareness in our daily lives.  If we see in our charts that we loose sight of what is going on around us, all we need to do is to be more attentive and more consciously sensitive of what is going on, to take advantage of all the good that is available.  We need to use the Mars energy to keep alert and conscious and the Sun energy to stay on course and the Venus forces to see all aspects of what is going on so one can make the right choices.

The following is taken from “Key Words for Astrology” by Hajo Banzhaf and Anna Haebler.

Mercury stands for mind and intellect, for the theory of combinations, speech, communications, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, orientation, facility, analytical and logical thought, and the manner of judging and deciding.  Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams.  Mercury also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn.

Jupiter represents trust in life, the belief in life’s meaning, the ideals and values of a person, and the search and discovery of personal meaning in life.  It also stands for the forces of growth which gives life its impetus, promotes thriving, good fortune, and prosperity, and especially benefits the development of the personality and broadening of individual horizons.  A person experiences everything Jupiter touches as being rich.  Jupiter also means dignity, wisdom, belief, hope, morals, grace, convictions, confidence, trust, affluence, wealth, and growth, success, future, optimism, generosity, expansion, justice, reverence, goodness, goodwill, and abundance.

The central theme of the ascendant or first house is the development of the self as the expression, the assertion, and affirmation of one’s own personality.  The first house experiences self as the natural focal point of the environment.

When we consciously use awareness, luck and destiny seems to be on our side and opportunities abound, because so called luck is fleeting, and opportunities when missed are gone forever.  Being alert and having a clear mind is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for it helps us create our own successful destiny.

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