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“A Step in the Right Direction is to Avoid Starting A Project During the Moon Void of Course”

My first teacher made very little fuss over the moon being in void-of-course, and said it was similar to Mercury going retrograde, where one should avoid starting a new project. At the time she emphasized that one needed to take time out, to contemplate and to rethink what was going on. One was required to become aware when the event would take place, and to pay heed to the effects it may have in one’s life. Little else was mentioned. I never gave it much thought, as my concerns turn to other areas of astrology that caught my attention and interest. Throughout my years of study I read about the fears one should have, but for some reason it never titillated my interest. Until recently, when I experienced my own thoughts on the matter, as the void of course was on going. It so happen as I was reading a discussion on a horary question on one of my egroups, my thoughts wander about what would happen if the moon was void of course in one’s natal chart? Would the promise that might be indicated by the delineation be the same as in a horary? That nothing will come of it?

As I searched the internet for information I came to the conclusion very little was actually written on the subject, and although there were many sources, most said the same thing. Nothing really extensive, but many sources were very concise to the possibilities and the headaches that could be in store for one. What little I came across for the delineation of the natal chart were quotes taken out of the works of Dorotheus, Firmicus, Al-Biruni, William Lilly and others. I have always found the translations of these great writers, very black and white, with very little grey areas for our modern world. Usually I find that I need to reread the text over and over, in order to feel I might begin to understand what is being said. Sometimes I find myself reading a modern text, and suddenly realized an old text I read months back, finally made sense. Realizing I have to spend more time and research on the effects of the void-of-course on the natal, before I can really work it in my delineations. I decided to renew and to review my knowledge and information of the effects it may have in our daily lives.

The Moon in my own chart is in Gemini, because of this, there are times I see the planet in an intellectual way, and at other times I feel it very emotionally. This is one reason, every month I write about the ways, the new and full moon affects each one of us. To me, the moon’s energy is the subtle background music in our lives that affect our feelings and our actions without us really being aware of it. As I feel the energies of the different moon phases with its subtle influences on our lives, I am beginning to see how the void-of-course energies in its own ways may be just as important. The moon makes a complete cycle through the twelve signs every 38.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign. Void-of-course is the period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while it is transiting in a sign and the moment it begins to enter the next sign. There is a moon void-of-course every couple of days, but the length of the period of time varies widely according to the aspects. The length of time can last a few minutes or hours, or a day, or even more. I actually do compare this cycle, to the Mercury Retrograde period, only that it is more frequent, more subtle, and more enjoyable to experience and to learn from.

I think of the moon as reflecting the lights and energies of other planets especially of, the Sun. That isn’t to say that the Moon is not as important of a light or is not equal to the Sun. Where the Sun is concern with itself, the Moon is concern in nourishing and being the support to others. So when the Moon is not in aspect, it appears alone and is not doing what it can do best. It works with the other planets and brings the best out of them. Having no one to care for before it enters a new sign, its main purpose is with its own welfare at the moment, and this is new and confusing for the Moon. Insecurity and carelessness mark this period of time and the Moon seems to have lost its grounding in making major, important and tangible decisions. Setting aside the decisions, this is an excellent time for insights, relaxation, fun and exploring the world around oneself. For me, I took to rereading a very difficult spiritual book which suddenly became clearer, not that I understand it, but I was able to appreciate the content more.

In conclusion, it seems to me, a step in the right direction in dealing with the Moon void-of-course is to avoid starting any project. This is not to say we cannot revisit and review other projects that are already in the works. What it does mean is that we must take care of the information we have and to be aware that we may not have the full picture at hand. Any decision needs to be done with care and caution, especially at this time. Expecting that things may turn out differently than what we hoped for and dealing with it, is crucial if we are to succeed. However, with the right attitude, this period can be quite creative, exciting relaxing, restful, meditative and resourceful. This is mot the time to make a decision, but if one must, make it with thoughtfulness and vigilance. With as much wisdom one can muster up, is a help. Thinking consciously instead of carelessly is essential. We can get through the Moon Void-of-Course with flying colors by being intentionally aware of how its energies work and to work with it.

“The Sweet Art of Doing Nothing and Doing it Well Says 20 Aires 40 New Moon on Apr 10th 2013”

As we approach the first new moon after the spring equinox, the aspects in the night sky appear to me like the calm before the storm, that is about to descend upon us. It seems to be giving us a breather space to get our house in order. Allowing us a quiet-time in order for us to concentrate to get what we will need, done. We may be surprise what it is asking us to do. In this atmosphere the 20 Aires 40 New Moon at 2:35 am PDT on April 10th 2013 is telling us to practice the sweet art of doing nothing (il dolce far niente) and doing it well, as the foundation for a better future. The action we need to take is no action at all, but the action of being. This thought, in my opinion is expressed to the fullest by the Italian culture in their love of life, beauty and of course, in their enjoyment of food. Is it actually telling us to do nothing, or is it is telling us to have a busy-free moment, just to be in that space and to live it to the fullest?

With much of the activity of the aspects being concentrated in certain areas, much of the noise and chatter to vie for our attention is lessen at the moment. The question that comes to mind, is the Universe telling us to make a concerted effort to get what we want done at this time? Or is the Universe telling us that we need to begin to experience the moment as it is, and to see the moment for what it is? With the busy and the complicated world of cyberspace, having some time to oneself is a luxury, and something we need to cultivate. Allowing oneself time to do nothing, is one actually being in a void, or is nothingness more difficult than we can imagine in achieving it? By being in the moment, even if we are supposedly doing nothing, we are feeling and experiencing the moment as the Universe has created for us. In that instance we are in communion with gratitude with our maker and in appreciating the gift of we are given.

“The Sabian symbol for the 21st degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 21 A pugilist entering the ring This is a symbol of a complete lack of personal sensitiveness. There are here the raw elements of experience, primarily on the side of self-realization as man exhibits full confidence in his own powers and seeks the support of that audience the world will always provide for the spectacle when anyone is willing to risk major fruits of achievement. Implicit in the symbolism is a need to be up and at the business of life. The keyword is exertion. When positive, the degree is a mobilization of the self’s capacities in a concentrated attempt at self-establishment, and when negative, blind rebellion and a willingness to squander every resource on pseudo values.

This symbol is timely as it speaks to us, reminding us that when we achieve expertise in a chosen area, one gains the sense of self confidence to take risk and criticism. It also alludes to a need to be actively involved in life or where the action is or where it supposedly is not. On one level of existence, this symbol indicates one who enjoys controversy and challenge. What more of a test and a hullabaloo can come about when one appears to others to prefer the sweet art of doing nothing. Especially at this point in time, it seems one need to stride and to achieve for one’s happiness to prove one’s standing among one’s peers. This New Moon is reaffirming that we need to take action, but the action we need to take may be the very action that requires us to be in the moment. Allowing us to do nothing, but to be where we are. This New Moon with the Universe is allowing us some busy-free moments in supporting us in creating the foundation to face the challenges ahead of us.

“Discovering the Thesis of the Natal Chart and Concentrating on it will Astound”

I have always had the belief that everything created in the Universe is in synch to each other like the microcosm, which reflects what is happening in the macrocosm. Another example is what happens in the mineral or the animal kingdom is reflected in the human kingdom. So, I wasn’t too surprise, when I decided to take a writing class emphasizing the importance of sticking to the thesis of the essay in order to make a point that I would learn something that I would be able to apply in another area of interest, such as astrology. What did surprise me was how significantly it would affect my thinking in delineating charts. I think I was always aware of the fundamental process, but to have it spelled out for me, had an impact I didn’t expect, like a domino’s effect.

The following definition is found in the American Heritage Dictionary for the word thesis: 1.) a proposition that is maintained by argument. 2.) A dissertation advancing an original point of view as a result of research, especially as a requirement for an academic degree. 3.) A hypothetical proposition especially one put forth without proof. In class, in order to construct the perfect and compelling article, one needed to follow the proper outline to stay on course without too many side trips, which may weaken one’s position. The essay would have an introduction which would encompass the general thoughts with a short concise statement of one’s thesis. The body of the essay would be composed of paragraphs that included a topic sentence to support and maintain one’s position. The last paragraph was your conclusion, reinstating or summarizing the main points and one’s final comment.

How simple was that? Having not been in a class room for more years than I can remember, I had the attitude that this was going to be as effortless as gobbling down my favorite foods. What followed for me and my fellow classmates was humbling to our egos and our understanding of human psychology. Staying on course without veering was more difficult than any of us realized at the moment. What we thought was supporting our argument was actually weakening our point. Too many ideas brought up questions that were not actually related to what was being discussed. What I noticed in the class exercises, the essays that did not sway from the main theme, not only was more convincing, but the most interesting to read. Being concise and to the point is more difficult if one is not consciously aware of doing it. If we were to present a convincing proposition, we needed to discipline our choices, and stick to the topic.

It was mind boggling to me that as an astrologer I was doing the same thing. There was so much to see in delineating any chart that unconsciously I was running around the main points without concentrating on what really matter at the moment. Although I am capable to discern the thesis of the chart, which is usually the ruler, I would become sidetracked by all the other interesting aspects and planets along the way. A case in point is my own chart, where the ruler of the chart is Mercury, and had I concentrated on this planet as if I was writing an essay, I might have seen things differently in my life. Once I stuck to the topic that I was concern with the interpretation of my own chart became much clearer, more interesting, more exciting and more meaningful to what was important to me. Staying and concentrating on the theme, the chart expressed what was essential, without the frills that would usually confuse the issues. Hindsight is such an incredible teacher, but what is important is that I learn and grow from them.

In conclusion this has taught me a lesson that once we find the thesis of an essay, a dissertation, an argument, an astrology chart, et cetera, we need to support it without any unnecessary side excursions. Concentrating and sticking to the topic will ensure a better understanding of what we are trying to get across. This is not to say that there not many other important points to any situation or subject matter that need to be considered, but by concentrating on one idea at a time, we do justice to it. By staying true to the topic we have chosen, we will discover facts we may have consider as being insignificant, to be the clinching statements of our thesis. Being aware that as humans we tend to unconsciously embellish, it is imperative that we make sure the embellishment is essential to the issue, as it is critical in successfully conveying the thought. This is very true when delineating a chart, to stay with the thesis in order to make the delineation more alive, interesting, and accurate, and to the point.

“Grab and Hold on to the Winds of Change Says 6 Libra 52 Full Moon on March 27th 2013”

With the spring equinox behind us signaling the start of a new astrological year, a sense of hope and anticipation is in the air as we await the colors and the warmth of the season. The winds of March are reflecting the energy and potential of the aspects in the night sky signifying a whirl wind ride of action. In this atmosphere, arrives the 6 Libra 52 Full Moon at 3:28 am PDT on March 27th 2013 telling us to grab on and to hold tight to the winds of change and transformation that is coming our way. As the energy and the excitement of a faster moving planet come in contact with a slower moving one, it helps to magnify the intensities of its potentials. This makes it vital not to miss the opportunities when they present themselves at this time, and when they do, hang on to it for dear life.

With a group of planets and asteroids in, a stellium in Aries that indicate a concentrated and heightened level of focus in the beginning of a cycle. The need for the initiation of action and exploration to step into the unknown with hope and confidence, as one who has been there before, is crucial. The stellium is in opposition to the moon, creating a need to push and to pull, to make things happen and yet at the same time is the support that is needed when the going gets tough. The aspects are not just asking for action and change, but are subtly pointing to the need of transformation in the way we see things and the way we hope to accomplish anything. It is not telling us to throw everything out, but to rearrange it in a way that it will be more meaningful. To put it bluntly, the stars are telling us to get rid of the clutter and work with what is important.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 7th degrees of Libra and for the Sun in 7th degrees of Aires is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 7 A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks This is a symbol of the creative division of labor between the functions of man and nature, and of the dual constitution of the soul in its responsibilities of conservation on the one hand and of developments on the other. There is here every capacity for a control of events through a nurturing of the things which are desirable and a rejection of those which have no immediate value. The keyword is shrewdness. When positive, the degree is a high competence in administering the duties of normal experience and a very special skill in protecting the self’s real interests, and when negative, a complete personal ineptitude in the face of life’s everyday and recurrent complexities.

Aries 7 A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once This is a symbol of a creative division of labor within the self, such as distinguishes human kind from the lower orders of life and enables any individual to participate in the experience of many interpenetrating realms of reality. There is capacity here for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient. The keyword is proficiency. When positive, the degree is unlimited versatility and a special gift for divorcing the things of issue from whatever lacks immediate pertinence, and when negative, a tendency to defeat all self-competence in an unintelligent scattering of interest.

This symbol is speaking to us to keep things in focus and in perspective in order to maintain the proper balance between opposing forces, thoughts and ideas. To see each thing in its light in order to protect and nourish the weak and at the same time preserve the position of the strong. The key here is the balancing act in using one’s good judgment, one’s vigilance, one’s alertness and one’s awareness to achieve what one is aiming for. It is also telling us of our versatility in functioning competently in more then one area of expertise. As this Full Moon approaches we need to remind ourselves of our assets and liabilities and to begin to work with them to be ready for the whirl wind of change and transformation. By being prepare and ready to take advantage of the opportunities, the changes, the transformations, we will be able to grab on and to allow them to become realities in our lives.

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