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“Planets in the Second House Creates Knowledge and Knowledge is Power!”



As one continues to listen to the news about our economical recovery, one begins to wonder why a financial astrologer wasn’t appointed to the cabinet in the White House, as his predictions of the economy might have the same percentage of truth as some of the top economical advisors in the country have so far.  Individual average citizens are suffering, listening to information that should be helping them to ascend from under their financial difficulties, but unfortunately, what they are hearing has no basis in reality.  For those looking for jobs or trying to save their homes, the government has allowed the scams to continue to operate and to prey on those in desperate needs.  When one is at one’s wits end, any desperate miracle sounds good, and the problem at these times is that our ability to think straight and clear, is impaired.

I am beginning to realize, if we as individuals wish to survive this period of time and to enjoy a more prosperous era, we must begin to understand how the second house in our natal chart will reveal how we see our assets in relationship to how we really think of ourselves.  Most people understand the second house to represent the finances, possessions, personal resources, our values, our skills to generate income and our ability to feel secure in our surroundings.  It is also our physical voice, speech, singing and the presence that gives the command to the first house of “I Am” to the “I Have” in the second that allows all to know we are here to stay and to be heard and noticed.  This house also plays host to the ability to use and make practical the knowledge learnt from the third house of communication and the ninth house of mental exploration into religion and philosophy.  Remember, knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge is power.  Knowledge is more powerful than all the money in the world and the mighty forces of any enemy’s army.  Knowledge in the second has a strong survival instinct, and will use the assets and potentials of this house to become practical and useful for the individual and the world at-large.  Knowledge is a possession and is comfortable, happy and productive in the second house.

The first step in delineating the second house is to discover the sign on the cusp and its ruler, and if there is any planets in the house, and if not, if the opposite house has any planets that would reflect its influence in to the second.  The sign itself will give an indication of how active it is and if it feels comfortable in this house.  The next step is to see where the ruler, the planets in the second, and if no planets, the planets in the opposite house are, and to see how strong these planets are.  Are these planets happy and strong, or are they weak?  This will give one a good idea how well they will perform for you, and what kind of aspect are they forming with the other planets in the chart.  This will let you know how your money will be earned, and will show you what assets will work for you.  It is true that the tenth house will show you what field one would excel in and if one would achieve one’s goal, but the second will tell you in which way and how you will excel in it.

The following is some keywords to help you delineate the planets in the second house:

            Sun                  Confidence, vitality, security, surety

            Moon               Nurturer, instincts, intuitive, fluctuating, and inconsistent

            Mercury           Communication, clever, resourceful, faulty presumptions

            Venus              Beauty, taste, surroundings, artsy, equilibrium

            Mars                Assertive, aggressive, readiness, defensive

            Jupiter             Optimism, expansive, success, independent, carefree

            Saturn              Restrictive, structure, responsibility, lessons

            Uranus             Creativity, originality, inventive, sudden changes

            Neptune          Imaginative, idealism, transcendence, illusive

            Pluto                Transformation, powerful, rebirth

Once you work with these keywords and the signs, more keywords will come to you, and you will begin to see what you need to provide the financial security in your life.  In my own chart I have Libra on the cusp of the second with Aries on the eight without any planets in either house.  With Venus ruler of Libra in the tenth house in Gemini and Mars ruler of Aries in the sixth in Pisces, which indicates although I would work in the arts that it was important how I use my mind, and that what ever career I would pursue, I would give it my all, with Mars in the sixth.  Venus in the tenth also indicated that if my job wasn’t artsy, it needed to make me feel all was in equilibrium.  Sometimes we don’t see the talents we really have because we are so critical of ourselves, but the second house will never lie about what you can really do when it comes to providing the foundation for growth.  There are talents and assets lying dormant in thus house, we only need to recognize the potential and give them the chance to be used.  I hope this will lead you to new adventures and to think out of the box when it comes to your financial security.



“Your ruling Planet ▬ the Matchmaker?”



I have always wondered why there are times we can meet someone, and totally feel comfortable.  Is there a mental radar involved?  Or is our intuition so in tune that we can evaluate the situation that quickly?   Maybe we are seeing the aura of the Person and are relating to it?  Whatever the answer is I felt the charts must have shown compatibility between the two souls, but was there a quick way to look at the chart and come to the same conclusions.  I decided to look at the charts of friends and people I like, to see if I could find something.

One of my astrology groups suggested I check for the ruler of the chart (Hyleg) and its’ role in the delineation, which I found quite interesting and totally forgot that I had studied it awhile back.  Modern astrology seems to put the ruler of the chart in the back seat, but Bonatti and Ptolemy gives it importance.  Although I consider myself of the modern school, I do feel, we have thrown out the baby with the dirty bath water.  So I tried to incorporate traditional astrology in my thinking, and one day I hope to be an out of the closet traditional astrologer.  From my early studies of the art, one of my teachers told me that the ruler of my natal chart was Mercury which confirms Bonatti’s school of thought.  Since the early days I have always related and worked with Mercury.

While going through the charts of friends, etcetera I noticed they all made some aspects to my Mercury.  The benefic aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, trines) tend to be some of my closer friends, but I did notice it also included the hard aspects (squares, oppositions), and in some it seem to challenge and inspire me.  I don’t know if this works for everyone, but it certainly made sense to me.  I began to surmise that the ruler of my chart indicated the most important direction for my life, and that I would relate to those that felt the same way.  In looking at a couple of friends who considered themselves as couples I noticed that this theory worked.  Now I am wondering whether the ruling planet of the chart in aspect to a planet or ruling planet of another’s chart could lay the foundation of a good relationship, either platonic or romantic.  Maybe our ruling planet is the Matchmaker, especially where the ruling planet of one chart aspects the ruling planet of the other?

The ruling planet is found in astrology today by considering the ruler of the ascendant or you can check into the works of Bonatti or Ptolemy, and if you have Solar Fire software, it will give you the ruling planet from the old masters.  The following are the keywords for the ruling planet in the different houses.


1                    Adept at initiating activities

2                    Defines self worth through money and material possessions

3                    Drawn to activities involving intellect, travel or communications

4                    Strive to create a solid family base and home life

5                    To take risks, especially in relation to children, romance, fun and sex

6                    Service and work oriented

7                    Activities that include the partner or others

8                    Sexuality and being most comfortable in working with other resources

9                    Activities involving religion, philosophy, culture or law

10                Works hard to build a reputable expression of life

11                Involved in social and humanitarian activities that impact life

12                Private individual drawn to activities that stay behind the scenes

I hope this works for you, but I must admit that my matchmaker made me a match that has lasted many, many years.  A toast to your ruling planet, the Matchmaker!

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