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“The Sextile and Trine Aspects ▬ Use it or lose it”


The adage “Use it or loose it” is not use as often as it once was.  I think it is due to the world of electronic technology ever moving forward, and our need to have the newest gadgets.  We are so immersed in the technology, that the human aspect of life, the need for human contact is replaced by texting or instant messaging.  The necessities to have expressions of joy or sadness are not needed as it can not be conveyed in the text message.  Our abilities to react to others are determined by our ability to be comfortable by all the gadgets one can become proficient at.  Our wishes to be on face book or YouTube is more important then a great dinner and conversation with a few close friends.  The sad thing is that our ability to be creative and innovative is determined by our need for something to entertain us, rather then the need to improve our lives.

The requirement to have gadgets to make our life simpler has also made us lazier in trying to work out the difficulties we face in our daily lives.  This makes the Trine aspect in our charts a Bermuda Triangle, a disruptive danger point in achieving our goals.  These days we want to make life as easy and carefree, with as little effort as possible.  The aphorism “No pain, no gain” is not the flavor of the day, and would be looked down on today. We have all kinds of gadgets to take the pain for us and give us the benefit without the effort.  The miracle pill that will reduce your waistline and weight, and you still can eat all you want with no exercise or effort.  If you don’t like the look of your face, just have plastic surgery or a face transplant. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new world we live in, and I am like the next guy, looking for the newest advance in technology, but I have observed that we have lost our way when it comes down to our direction in life.  We no longer seem to experience the moment as much as we go towards tomorrow for the next excitement or entertainment.  When one looks around, one sees a rebellion with small groups seeking to return to a simpler lifestyle.  We see groups, like the slow food movement, the return of ballroom dancing and the return to vinyl records with all the clicks and pops, etcetera.

It is also happening in astrology where small clusters of astrologers everywhere are studying the old traditional classics to bring more substance to their delineation of the charts.  We need to understand how we got to where we are, and to use what we have to achieve our desired goals.  To keep things simpler and to experience the moment should be our new saying of the day (“Live the Moment”).

We need to understand, that the aspects are an integral part of our makeup and how we use or not use them, determines how well we function in this world of ours.  Our success in this life is not what assets and talents, or lack of these we came into this life with, but how we put them to good use, for our benefit.  The squares and opposition are hard to ignore as they push their problems right into our faces, and we can choose to ignore them by pushing then aside, or decide to correct the situation with new solutions.

Unfortunately the sextiles and the Trines are not as aggressive, and their presence is not at all as noticeable.  In this twenty first century world these aspects get lost with all the new fancy gadgets.  The talents and assets these aspects have given to us, lie hidden in this fast paced world until we uncover and use them.  It isn’t easy to discover them unless we go looking for them.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s’ cover”, is the proverb we should apply in judging ourselves.  Unless we look into the pages of the book, we won’t discover the essence of our true self.  After discovering our self, we must nurture it and let the whole world see and reap the benefits from it.  The bad thing is if we hide the light under a bushel, we loose the benefit of its presence.  So take heed, to try to understand what kind of magic the beneficial aspects are providing for you, so that you may use their gifts before you lose them.  Once gone, they are gone forever.


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