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“The Lovers’ Sextile Versus The Empress’ Trine”








“The Lovers’ Sextile Versus The Empress’ Trine” is a somewhat stylish title, if I say so myself, but in actuality there is no contest to which is the beneficial aspect.  Most astrologers, including myself would say the Trine is the most helpful, but after the following thoughts, one might change one’s opinion.  Astrology like the other occult sciences deals with numbers and their symbolism and relates everything back together.  As Morin taught, everything has its’ meanings and the ability to understand the relationship of all the planets and the houses, to one another is the key to the delineation of any chart.

The Sextile is sixty degrees between two planets with the number reduced to six.  The Trine is one hundred twenty degrees between two planets, or two sextiles apart with the number reduced to a twelve, then to a three.  The spiritual meaning of the number Three deals with the holy trinity; the past, present, and future, just to name two examples.  There is a need to express yourself creatively, independently, and to consider the direction you are going to take towards your future goals.  The number Six reveals solutions for us in an organized method aimed towards diplomacy when dealing with sensitive situations.  The number Twelve deals with an important spiritual completion to a project such as the twelve tribes, the twelve houses in the Zodiac, etcetera.

The three in the Major tarot trump is The Empress card (Venus the ruling planet) which shows a beneficent pregnant Mother Goddess giving birth to all potential concepts and forms, capable of existence in the entire cosmos.  The number six is the Lovers card (Gemini the ruling sign) which is essentially the attraction of ideas.  The twelve is The Hanged Man (Neptune the ruling planet) which signifies one who must undertake a journey of growth.

Sextiles is the easy flow of energy between two planets that gives the individual the ability to accomplish much and the opportunities are easily accessible.  This does not mean that it will be laid in the person’s lap, but that the person still has the responsibility to make it happen.  The Trines are approximately four Signs apart and are usually planets found in the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.  The aspect is similar to the sextile and is more favorable, but the down side is the willingness to do little with the gifts.  One is blessed with minimal effort and the presence of the trine helps to balance out the other less favorable aspects.

What is the conclusion one comes up with is that both aspects are favorable, depending on how we put it to use.  Step back for a moment, and you will realize that although the Trine is more favorable, it is also the aspect that is our Achilles’ heel, which may bring our down fall.  The Sextile pushes us to look around our environment and to make decisions for a better future.  It reveals the hidden talents and assets that are hiding under our insecurities and brings them to light.  Like the Lover card the lovers create a third point in the relationship which is the two becoming one.  They no longer think as two separate individuals but as one unit in the universe.  The Trine is made up of two sextiles, telling us although we have a silver spoon placed in our lap; we better put it to good use to get the beneficial rewards.  A sextile to a third point produces a Yod which is the finger of God or Fate, telling us to direct our thoughts to a central point or cause.  So as with a trine, it is telling us to secure a firm foundation for the future we want   With past experiences I have come to the conclusion that the squares, oppositions and sextiles are easier to work with in achieving the potentials in our chart.


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