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“Will Being on the Very Edge of the Orb of the Sun Cause a Sunburn or Tan?”

My study in Astrology seems to be “The Never Ending Story”, which sounds like a wonderful title for a movie and book.  Like the story, astrology is an adventure.  The books that are available today on the stars are endless without a dull moment with new, interesting and exciting areas to be explored, no matter what your interest and expertise is.  Always leading to discoveries to enhance the knowledge anyone already has under their belt for further understanding and growth.  Within the last thirty years with the growing interest in the translations of older astrological material, the field is a gold mine to be harvested and devoured.  One can not pick a better time to study astrology, with so much available and with the ability to access the information without much difficulty or wait.  There is no excuse for not having a well rounded general knowledge of what is being offered, as much of the descriptions and information are available on the internet.

Recently I ran across the book, “On The Heavenly Spheres – A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar and Luis Riberio” which is laid out as a textbook with a systematic approach for study.  One of the best books at the moment for a general overview of what traditional astrology has to offer.  For those who have started with the modern approach and wish to understand what traditional astrology has to offer in this contemporary world, this book may give one the clues?  Not only will this textbook allow us to discern whether we want to continue with this branch of astrology, it will give us the origin and history of the astrology we work with today.  I have always felt that for us to develop, to progress, and to grow into new areas of our studies, we need to know where we came from.  Understanding our roots gives us the knowledge and foundation to expand into the unknown.  The authors cover all the rules and steps in delineating a chart, even those we don’t use as much, or have modified for today’s lifestyle. 

One of the rules I worked with in the beginning was the orbs that were allowed when the planets were making an aspect.  My first teacher’s attitude was that I needed to memorize the rules, but she always emphasized that the closer the orb, the more important it was.  Her attitude was, the wider the orb, the less influence it would have in the delineation, so therefore she saw no reason to pay attention to them.  If the orbs were larger then I thought they should be, I followed my teacher’s advice and usually ignore it.  This mind-set was easy for me to adopt.  The ancients thought the wider orbs still had an influence, a subtle coloring that modern astrologers, including myself, did not take into consideration.  This subtle difference gives a diverse picture when combined with other understated aspects of the chart.  My attitude about them has change after reading this book, because I saw results when applying the principles suggested. 

The orb of the Sun was larger then I remembered, with the orb reaching fifteen degrees on each side, totaling thirty degrees.  Following this rule my Sun conjunct my Uranus with thirty seconds before it was out of orb.  This made me wonder if my planet was too far from the Sun to be affected or was it in a weak state.  Mercury is conjunct my Uranus by one degree in the ninth house, but luckily out of the rays of the Sun and its harmful effect.  As I contemplated on what I learnt from the authors and began to look at the aspect more seriously, I came to the conclusion that Uranus was affected by the rays of the Sun.  As comfortable as I have become with myself in seeing things differently, I realized that I am very uncomfortable in relating these different and unusual ideas to others.  I see this as being under the rays of the Sun in which the confidence I have in how I think and how I see things needs work.  After serious consideration and pondering, I definitely have come to the conclusion that being on the very edge of the orb of the Sun may not give one a sunburn, but a tan, that lets you know that the Sun has touched one in someway.  It may have a malefic or benefic outcome depending on the planet or planets involved within the rays of the Sun.


“Is a Planet in Exaltation Showing Pride in Achievements a Beneficial Dynamic?”

One of my most memorable moments in my life was taking astrology classes in an elegant old brownstone in a once prosperous section on the upper Westside of New York City.  It was a group of about ten of us who met twice a month for almost two years to compare many charts of friends and the famous, in which we exchange ideas, thoughts and delineations.  Not only was I amazed by the diversity of personalities, but the variety of promises and successes shown throughout the charts.  Most of charts which had kept and fulfilled their promises were very obvious.  This storehouse of information for comparison gave me some moments of regret and sadness as there was only two trines and two sextiles in my natal map.  In the charts we were studying the beneficial aspects and essential dignities were abundant and overflowing.  In some cases the squares and oppositions was the benefic aspect to the individual’s success. 

I brought this to the attention of my teacher, and in her insight, she said, “the Universe may give us a difficult chart to work with, but in their wisdom they will give us an aspect that if we work with it, will help us through life’s difficult moments”.  At the time I didn’t realize how powerful these words were and the wisdom and truth that were within its meaning would support and carry me through some wonderful and difficult times.  The one thing I have learnt through the years in studying astrology is, it isn’t how many beneficial or malefic aspects one has, but how we work with the aspects the Universe has bestowed upon us that creates successes in one’s life.  We all consider our assets as beneficial gifts, but our liabilities are also gifts, and if we understood how to use them to our advantage, then the magic of creating our hopes and desires would be within our grasp.  My gift from the Universe was Jupiter in Cancer, exalted in the eleventh house.

Jupiter being the only planet in exaltation in my natal made me eager and interested in reading anything on the subject matter.  The following quotation comes from the book, “On The Heavenly Spheres – A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar and Luis Riberio”.  “In the astrological interpretation we might consider that an exalted planet simultaneously indicates value and exuberance.  If the planet represents an individual, it suggests someone respected and well-intentioned but with a tendency toward exaggeration and even arrogance.”  My original reaction was shock that a beneficial aspect would be connected to a negative trait, but with further investigation I realized I had jumped to the conclusion that we were talking about the natal.  The authors were talking about a horary chart and indicating the planet might describe the person involved in the question. This made me wonder if an exalted planet would describe our attitude on the area the planet governs in our lives.  Would it be as drastic as arrogance, egotistical selfish pride or more like wholesome pride of achieving what one puts his mind to?

Meditating on this I came to the conclusion, nothing and everything is neither all beneficial, nor all malefic, but a combination of both to achieve what we hope for.  Nothing is black or white, but all the different grays from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  If we didn’t have little wholesome pride of our achievements, the exalted planet would not be able to continue bringing it’s blessing into reality.   What I have come to the conclusion, it isn’t what is in the chart that is important, but what makes success or failure, is how we work with what is given to us, to the best of our abilities.  Success comes when we become aware that everything in the Universe is like the symbol of the yin and the yang encompasses good and evil, light and dark, et cetera.  We need the wisdom and the understanding that by working with these energies instead of against them, they will work with us to achieve our wishes and dreams.  Next time one connects wholesome pride with an exalted planet, just remember a beneficial dynamic may just be beginning.

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