“A Good Horary Question or Reading has an Ending, a Beginning and a Surprise Middle”

My love for astrology and its different predictive methods has been a long love affair with many happy, gratifying, and satisfying moments.  One that comes to mind happened recently that gave me reason to rethink and to reevaluate in how I see, think and reason things out.  Horary astrology has always been an interest of mine, especially since I discovered and joined an egroup devoted to the subject.  As I read their discussions, it continues to confirm and validate my belief that everything in the Universe is connected and is responding and working with one another.  As my studies are on going, I began to realize that horary was not going to be easy for me to master at this time, but I hope to sometime in the future.  Horary is like a birth of a new born baby, in which one needs to anticipate the preparation, the care and the precautions to provide the best circumstances to ensure a healthy child.   This is very true when one is formatting the question to be asked, one needs to take safeguards and keep in mind, to be clear in our thoughts and to be precise about the information we are searching for. 

With this in the back of my mind, when I came across a situation that I was not able find a solution for, I sought help from an expert Christine N. Davis of “Ask Christine Astrology”, whom I greatly admire from reading her articles in the Mountain Astrologer magazine.  Horary is the art of prediction, by giving birth to a question concerning the problem or situation, by noting the time and the place when the situation was understood by the astrologer.  Horary charts were the major delineation used over natal charts during the early days of astrology, as the destiny of one’s life was depended on one’s place in the social hierarchy one was born to, which pretty much determined one’s fate at the time.   When I formed the question and sent it on, I was surprised and upset with myself when I received a reply from Christine that the query was confusing.  In relooking at the inquiry, I was disappointed that I allowed my stress to interfere with my thinking from being more precise.  This taught me a lesson and made me reorganize what was bothering me, and to what I really wanted to know was happening. 

The funny and queer thing about the whole situation was that after arriving at a more precise and clearer question, my stress eased and I felt better about the whole thing.  It seemed to me that as soon as I was clear to myself, what was actually bothering me; the path became clearer in want I needed, which eliminated some of the fears and unknown factors which was plaguing my thoughts.  Although I didn’t have the answer at the moment, the surprise was the amount of relief which came from understanding my real position concerning the matter.  This gave me hope that with any circumstances I will encounter in the future, if I could understand what was troubling me, the answer may not be clear, but the path I need to take will be.  This would be my first step to success and in accomplishing my goals and hopes.  In summing up, when one decides to ask a horary question, obviously something is near the end and something is on the horizon and the astrologer is going to give one, the possible outcome.  The surprise middle comes from the querent, in how one will deal with the solution in one’s thoughts and one’s actions.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and if you would use this predictive method in your life when needed?


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  1. Posted by mimitabby on April 22, 2012 at 8:16 am

    I have used horary before. In the early 1980’s I had an astrologer who would do a chart for me, so more than once i asked her. She actually helped me find a cat who was treed by a dog (the prisoner of a prisoner) who was chained up. I had been looking for days… I tried to learn horary myself and joined the astro.com forum for it. But I made too many mistakes (you know, it really is complex) and i couldn’t handle the way I was berated for them (and I didn’t want to mislead anyone with my bad advice.) There are so many confusing aspects of it for me; including not using the planets past Saturn. Anyway, Please learn what you can!! it’s a great method and can be very useful

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  2. Posted by Andrea on April 23, 2012 at 1:11 am

    Wow you said all i have felt for sooo many years so precise its not scary anymore. Really i have been on this personal quest for ever and seems like poof in the last couple months full speed ahead answers as well as im not crazy , just extremely naturally gifted and even better now can relax in my knowing .. hee hee so estatic my energy has been fed. Thank you for filling in my final pieces to move forward.


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