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“Does the Natal Chart Indicate Destiny, Choice or Body Language?”


If astrology works and if it does predict correctly in our lives, then it must indicate that there is only destiny at work and as individuals we have no choice or decision in our future.  I bring this matter up after listening to some very respectable astrologers discussing the matter, defending both sides of the issue.  The following essay is my thoughts on the matter, and you as the readers have the right to decide what your conclusions will be.  In one respect I feel there are some parts of our future that is definitely destiny, that part of our life which we have no control of.  For example the family we are born to, our physical appearance, and our surroundings et cetera.  It is as if our soul and spirit is represented by a sail boat floating down a stream toward the lake of life, we might not be able to change the direction, but we can decide where we want to stop on the way down stream.  We also can decide how fast we want to go and if we wish to pass other boats.

Many years ago I had an astrological reading which stated I would live way into my nineties, which brought a couple of chuckles deep in side of me.  I didn’t want to express disrespect for the respected astrologer, that I was amused.  Later during my studies in astrology I learnt from “Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice – Matheseus Libri VIII by Firmicus Maternus translated by Jean Rhys Bram” that the ruler of the chart, which in my case was Mercury, indicated a long life into the nineties.  My point is, that part of the reading I can not change, but how I live my life is my choice.  How I keep my health, and whether I bring crisis or stresses into my world that might shorten my life span is my decision.  To me my world is partly destined for me in which I can not change, but I can decide how and the way I will travel the road in the direction which I can not change.  How I go through life is my choice, I can sail through it with a smile, with a positive attitude or go through life in the reverse.  I am the captain of my own boat and I can make the rules I wish to abide with.

I have noticed on my travels through life that I tried to use positive thinking to work with my subconscious and consciousness to bring the desired hopes and wishes to manifestation, but I found that my body language told another story.  When I thought I was giving an air of confidence, my body language showed insecurity.  This body language, and not destiny, helped to keep away the dreams and wishes which I was working towards.  Be careful not to blame destiny for our troubles, when it is just that some of our planets have not kicked in and started to do the work they were suppose to.  I noticed that as soon as my progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter my attitude and my body language began to change.  Remember whether we like it or not, people tend to judge us by our body language and action, and not by what we are outwardly saying.  The big lesson here is the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” can not be denied.  Now, to succeed in our dreams, we need to take the knowledge and wisdom of our natal charts and to combine it to our dreams and aspirations, and to make sure our body language and actions is equal to our hopes and dreams.


“Neptune and Hunches Involved with Mercury and the Moon?”


An article in the New York Times, July 28, 2009 by Benedict Carey entitled “In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable Assets” , in which the government is doing a study on our soldiers in Iraq who are surviving the war using their hunches to avoid danger and dangerous situations.  The top story was about Sgt. First class Edward Tierney, acting on an urge while leading a patrol, gave a command to fall back right before a blast.  The headlines got me to thinking what planet or planets handle intuition, psychic perception, and hunches.  Of course, the first planet that came to mind was Neptune, but if you were a traditional astrologer, might it be Mercury and or the Moon?  The following dissertation is of my own making and how I see it for myself.  You may disagree and that is okay.  I am talking about hunches or short psychic impressions one gets on any subject.  I compare hunches to Twitter; they are short little messages to the brain to tell you what they think of the situation at hand.  It is not like being psychic or a clairvoyant where one receives a whole story on a situation.


To me hunches are more than psychic impressions with the paranormal which would involve Neptune, but being observant of all that is going on around you is a necessary ingredient.  Having your psychic antennas always on, and being able to digest the information and to put it all together takes Mercury to be in control.  Is that all?  Not so fast says my book, how ones’ emotion plays its’ part, is a big component in whether we even receive the message, or if we did, what significance would it have in our lives.  The emotions color how we accept the message and it controls our body language, and our body language is what other people respond to.  I am wondering whether some of the messages we are receiving is body language from others, because it is their emotions on display.  Our emotions can deceive and get the best of us, and make us do things we might not want do, so Mercury needs to be in the picture to balance out the playing field.  Too much thought power without some emotion is the same as too much emotional without some clear thinking, just bad chasing after bad.  The important thing is the balance of Mercury to the Moon, so that the antenna that is picking up from the psychic wave length (Neptune) can be deciphered correctly and be to our benefit.


Seeing how this works out in ones chart, check the signs, the houses and the aspects they make to one another by the three planets and then to your Sun.  This doesn’t prevent one from screwing up the messages, but helps one to understand how you perceive your intuition and the way it works in your life.  Neptune gives us the ability to see and hear from the other worlds, but it is like a basket full of colors which Mercury and the Moon have organized into the rainbow ending at the pot of gold which is represented by the Sun.  We need to have gratitude and respect for these planets which bring us our hunches which at times can be our lifesavers.  Although hunches can help us out of dangerous circumstances, they can also bring us into conditions which one calls lucky or born with a silver spoon.  So next time you have a hunch that you act on, remember to thank your lucky stars and planets for the advice and guidance.


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