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“Check Your Emotions at the Door as Mercury Enters Retrograde on June 26th 2013”

Mercury stands for the intellect and the way we utilize it in our lives. It also represents communication, mediation, tactics, knowledge, mental flexibility, analytical and logical thoughts, and the manner of judging and deciding. Mercury is also the negotiator between the conscious and the unconscious mind because the key issue here is focus as defined in “Key Words in Astrology by Banzhaf & Haebler”. Its powers of thought support the recognition and understanding of the images of the unconscious, such as dreams. The planet also represents expression in speech, curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, and a certain readiness, ambition, and ability to learn. Mercury in Cancer is combining our emotions and feelings with the way we see and bring things about. With the planet in retrograde at 27 Cancer 3, beginning June 26th 2013, the Universe is directing us to check our emotions at the door as we undertake any situation, so we can pay attention to what is happening at the moment.

The cycle of Mercury Retrograde is about three times a year, and before we know it, or wish it, it has quickly passed and just as quickly, has returned again vying for our attention. One only needs to question anyone who has experienced the trials, tribulations and chaos that retrograde can create and one will hear endless stories that will amaze. My problem is whether our emotions on the subject has been so bent out of shape that the legends and the myths that have come out of it, may be more fiction than facts. Is the embellishment a help or a hindrance in getting one through this period safe and sound? How much of the experiences are real facts and how much of it is our imagination? A Retrograde period in my opinion is when caution, carefulness and retrospection is a necessity to avoid glitches, personal misunderstanding, flawed, disrupted, and delayed communications with ourselves and others.

Although I know there will be delays and disruptions that we can not avoid during this period, I do believe much of the frustrations and stress we experience is sometimes caused by our own carelessness in our thinking, action and especially how our emotions are expressed and carried out. With the retrograde in a water and cardinal sign, it is reminding us to monitor our emotions, impulses and actions to avoid frustrations and disappointments. That haste mixed with emotions makes waste, is no idle saying. The necessity to make things happen is our priority at this time, and possibly without the forethought and preparation, which at other times, would be our usual procedure. Whether it is the action of others, or actions instigated by our own emotions, ambitions and desires, the keywords, are caution and alertness in everything we do during this period of time.

“The Sabian symbol for the 24th degree of Cancer is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 24 A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south This is a symbol of the soul’s necessary decisiveness in the basic allegiances of life, here emphasized in the terms of practical or everyday relations. There must be a mediation between the competing demands for immediate attention to various transient needs, and for some consistent or overall goal which will bring an individual’s efforts into a cohesive pattern. The inner capacities must be disciplined continually for the sake of a plethora of outer opportunities. The keyword is inception. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for organizing and exploiting the self’s potentials, and when negative, a devastating sense of ineptitude and estrangement from reality.

This symbol speaks to me in that the woman and the two men symbolizes the emotional, nourishing, mental and physical nature of the human being working in unison towards knowledge, enlightenment and accomplishment. In balance and in harmony with one another, they are of one mind in working towards one goal without upsetting the equilibrium of the whole, suggesting unity of purpose and cohesiveness. The south symbolizes the source and the concept of integration and the ability to see and to grasp opportunities, when it knocks. Our advantage during this retrograde period is our ability to stay alert, aware and to anticipate any difficulties or trials that may come about as we participate in the moment. This Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is demanding us to check our emotions at the door if we wish to fly through this period without any complications that will disrupt and sidetrack us from our goals and wishes. As in all spiritual groups, rituals and exercises, if one is to succeed, one needs to set aside the emotions.

Retrograde Begins
June 26th 2013
6:07 am PDT 23 cancer 7
Retrograde Ends
July 20th 2013
11:22 am PDT 13 Cancer 22


“A Step in the Right Direction is to Avoid Starting A Project During the Moon Void of Course”

My first teacher made very little fuss over the moon being in void-of-course, and said it was similar to Mercury going retrograde, where one should avoid starting a new project. At the time she emphasized that one needed to take time out, to contemplate and to rethink what was going on. One was required to become aware when the event would take place, and to pay heed to the effects it may have in one’s life. Little else was mentioned. I never gave it much thought, as my concerns turn to other areas of astrology that caught my attention and interest. Throughout my years of study I read about the fears one should have, but for some reason it never titillated my interest. Until recently, when I experienced my own thoughts on the matter, as the void of course was on going. It so happen as I was reading a discussion on a horary question on one of my egroups, my thoughts wander about what would happen if the moon was void of course in one’s natal chart? Would the promise that might be indicated by the delineation be the same as in a horary? That nothing will come of it?

As I searched the internet for information I came to the conclusion very little was actually written on the subject, and although there were many sources, most said the same thing. Nothing really extensive, but many sources were very concise to the possibilities and the headaches that could be in store for one. What little I came across for the delineation of the natal chart were quotes taken out of the works of Dorotheus, Firmicus, Al-Biruni, William Lilly and others. I have always found the translations of these great writers, very black and white, with very little grey areas for our modern world. Usually I find that I need to reread the text over and over, in order to feel I might begin to understand what is being said. Sometimes I find myself reading a modern text, and suddenly realized an old text I read months back, finally made sense. Realizing I have to spend more time and research on the effects of the void-of-course on the natal, before I can really work it in my delineations. I decided to renew and to review my knowledge and information of the effects it may have in our daily lives.

The Moon in my own chart is in Gemini, because of this, there are times I see the planet in an intellectual way, and at other times I feel it very emotionally. This is one reason, every month I write about the ways, the new and full moon affects each one of us. To me, the moon’s energy is the subtle background music in our lives that affect our feelings and our actions without us really being aware of it. As I feel the energies of the different moon phases with its subtle influences on our lives, I am beginning to see how the void-of-course energies in its own ways may be just as important. The moon makes a complete cycle through the twelve signs every 38.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign. Void-of-course is the period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while it is transiting in a sign and the moment it begins to enter the next sign. There is a moon void-of-course every couple of days, but the length of the period of time varies widely according to the aspects. The length of time can last a few minutes or hours, or a day, or even more. I actually do compare this cycle, to the Mercury Retrograde period, only that it is more frequent, more subtle, and more enjoyable to experience and to learn from.

I think of the moon as reflecting the lights and energies of other planets especially of, the Sun. That isn’t to say that the Moon is not as important of a light or is not equal to the Sun. Where the Sun is concern with itself, the Moon is concern in nourishing and being the support to others. So when the Moon is not in aspect, it appears alone and is not doing what it can do best. It works with the other planets and brings the best out of them. Having no one to care for before it enters a new sign, its main purpose is with its own welfare at the moment, and this is new and confusing for the Moon. Insecurity and carelessness mark this period of time and the Moon seems to have lost its grounding in making major, important and tangible decisions. Setting aside the decisions, this is an excellent time for insights, relaxation, fun and exploring the world around oneself. For me, I took to rereading a very difficult spiritual book which suddenly became clearer, not that I understand it, but I was able to appreciate the content more.

In conclusion, it seems to me, a step in the right direction in dealing with the Moon void-of-course is to avoid starting any project. This is not to say we cannot revisit and review other projects that are already in the works. What it does mean is that we must take care of the information we have and to be aware that we may not have the full picture at hand. Any decision needs to be done with care and caution, especially at this time. Expecting that things may turn out differently than what we hoped for and dealing with it, is crucial if we are to succeed. However, with the right attitude, this period can be quite creative, exciting relaxing, restful, meditative and resourceful. This is mot the time to make a decision, but if one must, make it with thoughtfulness and vigilance. With as much wisdom one can muster up, is a help. Thinking consciously instead of carelessly is essential. We can get through the Moon Void-of-Course with flying colors by being intentionally aware of how its energies work and to work with it.

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