“The Wisdom and Solutions is Within Illuminates the 14 Sag 13 Lunar Eclipse on June 4th 2012”

All around the globe in the ancient world, eclipses of any sort has frightened, confused and excited mankind for millennia.  Today we have become so blaze that we no longer cower in the wake of it, but see it as phenomenon to behold as a side show from the Universe.  As the night winds begins to blow, cooling the evening from the scorching rays and heat of the sun during the day, the second eclipse of the year in the form of a partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sagittarius 13 at 4:11 am PDT on June 4th 2012 is happening.  The moon is stating and illuminating the fact that the wisdom and solutions to our difficulties and problems, may lie within, instead of looking outside of ourselves.  With this phase of the moon in trine to Uranus, square to Mars and in opposition to Venus and to Mercury, it is reminding us, that it is in  how we think, view and take action in any situation that confronts us, that will be the difference from success and failure.  Our successful accomplishment may not be apparent to ourselves or to others, but our inner self will know what path we have taken or need to take.  We may not win, but neither will we ever lose, if our purpose is connected with noble and spiritual ideas.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 15 degrees of Sagittarius and for the Sun in 15 degrees of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 15  The ground hog looking for its shadow  This is a symbol of the creative interest of the immediate set or drift of the potentialities on which he must depend.  Here is his direct rehearsal of experience through an anticipation of eventualities, or an unhesitating and thoroughly practical trial and error.  Implicit in the symbolism is a consistent sensitiveness to straws in the wind, and a willingness to make any amount of self-adjustment in order to capitalize on the situation of the moment.  The keyword is reassurance.  When positive, the degree is a natural talent for determining the proper course of action or reaction in any given issue, and when negative, lack of self-stability and ingrained timidity.

Gemini 15  Two Dutch children talking  This is a symbol of the creative interest of man in the broad range of potentialities on which he may draw.  His rehearsal of experience  here becomes vicarious and a matter of childlike or unconditioned familiarity with the simple contributions of the self to its milieu at root, thus facilitating a more effective grasp of life on every practical or everyday level.  All relationships are reduced to common elements of background and skills.  The keyword is clarification.  When positive, the degree is self-confidence of spirit by which man is able to establish himself advantageously at ease in any possible situation, and when negative, extreme provincialism and inability to communicate ideas of any moment.

This symbol connects and works so closely with the message from the aspects occurring in the night sky, in that it is saying to us to trust our higher intuition and its keen sensitivity in seeing beyond what the physical appearances allows us to understand and to comprehend.  In so doing we connect with our subconscious in our attempt to see into the future or predict possible outcomes.  In this way we develop the willingness, flexibility and the ability to make whatever changes that are needed to accomplish our objectives, wishes and hopes.  The keyword here is investigation, to look before we leap into the abyss.  In this way it gives us a head start in the right direction.  Our special capacity and ability to connect and bond with others with the same interest and concern, will help us to improvise something together to achieve a successful conclusion, we would not be able to achieve alone.  Our greatest gift from the Universe is our ability to grow and learn from challenging difficulties and situations.  As we experience the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, may we go within our own holy quiet place and remind our selves that the wisdom and the solutions are within.


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  1. Posted by Pisces Rising Virgo Sun on April 15, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    And using Hellenistic methods the Sun and moon both fall within the bounds of Venus.
    Venus who is in the same sign as the Sun and also in the bounds of Venus herself and in opposition to the moon. The Trigon ruler (determined by sect lights) of the Sun is Saturn where I live as the eclipse occurs at 7:11 am on the east coast giving a Gemini rising. For those where the sun has not risen yet the Trigon ruler will be Mercury. The Trigon ruler of the moon will be the Sun. Here is a link to Trigon rulers. It is determined by whether it is day ruled with the sun already risen or night ruled when the sun has yet to rise.

    Here is a Trigon Lords graph. You’ll see the words Classical Scheme of Triplicity Rulers above it.


    Then to see bounds (also called terms or limits) These are the Egyptian bounds.


    Here are some great articles about Hellenistic time Lords.


    That gives two more elements to bring into a delineation of a chart.

    As always I love reading what you poist Lincoln. Thanks!


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