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Respect and Appreciate are the Keywords for the 28 Gemini 43 New Moon on June 19th

As we are at the very beginning of the twenty first century and the time seems to be rapidly approaching the next century, we need to realize that nothing is ever going to have its usual or regular cycle that we will have become accustomed to, as that reliability has seem to have flown out of the window.  The norm or the customary has lost its allure to the cyber generation, whom are always seeking the new, innovative, and the must have.  So the erratic and the unusual will become their common place to hold their interest and attention, which is not surprising and to be expected in this world, which is changing as quickly as the velocity of sound.  This can be seen with the economical situation which seems to be winding its way up and down in an instant of a moment’s notice and the weather patterns seems to be taking their cue from the financial sector and is reacting without rhyme or reason with surprising and dismaying effects at every turn.

With this surrounding atmosphere and within a few days of the approaching summer equinox, the 28 Gemini 41 New Moon at 9:03 am PDT pm June 19th 2012 is expressing to us, to respect and to appreciate our essential good in all of creation.  With the essential dignities pointing to and concentrating on Venus conjunct Jupiter and the new moon phase in trine to Saturn and Neptune square Mars, it is asking us to acknowledge and to honor what we hold dear to our hearts.  What we consider the highest standards we choose to live by and the philosophy to guide our every step needs to take its position in the spotlight, and become a living testimony to what we really stand for and believe in.  We need to break out of our peer pressure and the preoccupation we have for processions, which we think will define us in the twenty first century.  To being true to our dreams, wishes and who we really are that have been buried deep within ourselves, which makes life worth living and at the same time fulfilling our purpose and destiny in this life.

“The Sabian symbol for the 29th degree of Gemini is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 29  The first mockingbird in spring  This is a symbol of the contribution of aesthetic experience to the strengthening of self at core, given emphasis by the skill in imitation through which any vicarious participation in life is enhanced.  Here man’s aspiration becomes articulate far in advance of his self-refinement, and as a result the promise in his given case may be manifest in achievements of which he would be quite incapable in normal course.  At the least he is called to attempt a self-revelation which will add real stature to his role in everyday living.  The keyword is quickening.  When positive, the degree is consistent stimulation to others in all human affairs, and when negative, annoying self-assertiveness.

This symbol speaks to us of an awakening of who we are, our ability, and our philosophy which is our foundation, and that which we may find support and help from, when all else fails.  It is a wake up call for action and urgency to pay attention to the talents and assets we have let lie dormant for inspiration and motivation of oneself to accomplish what we thought was once, impossible.  This symbol empowers each one of us that the creative power is within, and if we work with the laws of the Universe, our wishes will become reality.  It also is subtly reminding us not to allow our intuition in this day and age of the internet to lose sight or the use of it and the significance it has in directing our lives in the right direction.  So as we experience and meditate on the arrival of the 28 Gemini 43 New Moon on June 19th 2012, may we respect and appreciate all that the Universe has given us.

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