“Revisiting Saturn in the Natal Ninth House betwixt Delay, but not Deny”


Many months have passed since I written an article entitled “The emphasis of Saturn in the Natal Ninth House is Better Late Then Never”, and had many comments, which have confirmed my thoughts on the subject, but has also made me dig deeper into what else lies hidden in this quirky planet in this position in the chart.  I began to realize I have a love, hate relationship with Saturn, Gemini and the ninth house.  It is strange how Saturn evokes an intense emotion which seems similar and more appropriately assigned to the characteristics of Pluto.  I love it in Gemini and in the house it is in, but at the same time I hate it intensely and wish it could be simpler.  It has confused me and has made simple things complex, and made me execute things beyond the call of what I expect of others and myself.  It becomes a problem, when one interprets and delineates Saturn’s qualities with what the ninth house represents and what Gemini has to say for itself with the concept of delay, but not deny. Saturn demands structure, steadfastness, limitations, conscience, stamina and consistency.    The ninth house denotes foreign lands, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, higher studies, legal systems, information, and teaching.  Gemini represents communication, inquisitiveness, adaptability, versatility, and an interest and curiosity in everything.


I began to revisit the subject as I realized that what I discovered was missing late in my life, had begun a passion with an energy and force of its own, and a satisfaction, joy and confidence I had never experience before in my life.  It was so amazing I began to wonder if I could have discovered this excitement and its magic earlier.  Or did I have to wait for the right time, as everything in the universe seems to be were it should be, when it should be.  Was I right, in trying to use astrology to see if I could have been able to uncover my passion sooner?  Looking at the ninth house and the planets within, which should have given me a clue, but instead I missed it.  Was it because I wasn’t to know before the right time, or was it stupidity and misjudgment on my part?  I have always known that I had an active imagination with Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth, but I never related it to a possibility that it could ever be connected with something I would enjoy doing and using.  Was I seeing the descriptions as just words with a set meaning and not giving them a broader and wider interpretation, my down fall?  For example was I seeing the word teacher as a description of a person in a classroom, and left out the possibilities of teaching through other communicative possibilities, like story telling for example in a relax environment? 


I am sure there are more ways than one to see the word, such as a guide or a creator, rather then just an authoritative figure of the subject.  A dancer may instruct and inspire by only the movements in a performance, without ever saying a word.  Now that is a very different way of seeing teaching as an idea, through sight.  Since it seems in my chart that it indicates that I had flexibility with my decision and directions in life and was not set in my ways.  Could I have had the opportunity to have developed my passion earlier, even if I had not recognized its importance of it at that moment in my life?  Thinking about it seriously I have to say no.  Knowing myself, since I felt I had no skills in this area until I was forced into it.  Discovering the possibilities it could offer to me and opening doors to opportunities I never imagined, expected or hoped for, spurred me on to work with it.  Although I have always felt that the Gemini in me, always loves to show off, especially the skills it is proficient in.  It tends to be very shy and unsure of it self when treading on unfamiliar grounds.  Having unfamiliarity and no confidence in the subject was a big stumbling block.  Would I had discovered my passion, had I not be pushed up against a wall?  The answer is no.  What I think happen, was that the force that pushed me was Saturn.  Saturn does its thing when it wants to, and at its own pace.  So my belief is that Saturn may delay until the time is appropriate, but not deny it, if we are open to accept and receive it.  What are your thoughts?


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  1. Posted by Pisces rising Virgo Sun on May 6, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    I hope you are correct. I had never traveled overseas until my 53rd birthday and went to another country for work. About the same time I broke up with my overseas boyfriend. It started out over the internet but we did meet and seemed the perfect match and lasted for a couple of years. But I was also in a cadent 6th house emphasis based on profections.

    My Trigon lords have changed over so that all my water and earth are now ruled by Venus so I am hoping life improves based on that.

    My Saturn is in the fixed sign of Scorpio AND in Saturns bounds in my 9th house. Mars was the first half of life Trigon lord and now it’s Venus so I remain optimistic.


    • Posted by linknjoe on May 6, 2012 at 7:06 pm

      Thanks, I hope and think so. It happen with my profection was in the ninth house and mutable. Yours might need a little push.
      Keeping my fingers crossed for you


  2. Posted by Trina on May 9, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    It looks like you are living out your Saturn in Gemini by using these posts to present new ideas and ways of thinking about things at a higher level, if you ask me? And through doing this you are gaining more structure on your thought processes. With mercury conjunct uranus, I would imagine your thoughts and ideas come in spurts and maybe when least expected but this is contradictory to the fact that saturn demands structure. It is a lifelong process for you to balance the two opposing forces, maybe?


    • Posted by linknjoe on May 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm


      Thank you for your visit and insights. It is true that it has given me more structure, because for the first time I needed to organize my thoughts in order to communicate them. In doing so, it has given me the confidence to go further, but it has nothing to do with finding my true love late in my life. It proves to me that Saturn is a malefic with a touch of humor and justice. Although I must say writing the blog helped. You are very right in your delineation and I am grateful for you contribution to my thoughts.


  3. the delay is process is so long dt u lose faith in urself…. yes dt happened wid me… coz wen i m putting my 100% even den i m nt gettng positive result den it means i shuld try somthng else….

    yes dt was my mind set

    bt when i did my homework on mr. saturn
    n studied its placement in my chart
    in 9th house
    dats when i got to kno why d delay is happeneing
    although m only 22

    bt all my pals who r nt even deserving r gettng success n not me…. y coz of mr. saturn… i hate it….. coz its frustrating u do everythng u cn n even den u get nothing…..
    bt thnx to some people who came in my life n
    helped take right decisions
    n dey helped me stay positive

    orelse i had lost all my faith, confidence, hope

    i want wat i deserve …. nothing more den dat….
    bt unfortunately staurn couldnt even manage to give me tht..

    n now i hv stopped worshipping….. it doesnt makes sense
    when der is going to b delay
    even god cant help it den why shuld i go to god … n waste my time

    well dear… all my sympathy wid everyone who has saturn in der 9th house

    lots of love


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